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Hairstyla HSS200

Hairstyla HSS200

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Great and easy to use

It is great! I really l9ved using it. I bought in three months ago and have been using it everyday. It It light, easy to use and works very well on my hair.

Purchased in February 2019 at Kmart Retail Stores for $79.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Hair Care
Hair Length Medium
Hair Style Wavy
Straightening Time 8 minutes


Recently went on a trip and purchased the small Hairstyla from BIG W it is very small and compact produces amazing results, takes about ten seconds to heat and you achieve straight locks in one go!! Really compact and small size to fit in the corner of your suitcase, if you can, keep the cardboard roll that it comes in, so you can tuck it in the suitcase fully protected!! Very easy to use, I get better results if my hair is slightly damp as the results last longer, also add a small amount of hairspray before going out.
NO damage to hair whatsoever as it heats quickly and evenly.....Oh and if you forget to turn it off (but you shouldn't) It turns itself off after a small period of time
Very satisfied with this product and very happy to use it; as opposed to using the hair dryer from the hotel and carrying two sized brushes with me.

Used about 3 times before it died

I am getting an Err message only a couple of months after I purchased it and have used it maybe 3 - 5 times all up. It has not been dropped or mishandled in any way. Unfortunately I have lost the receipt so probably can’t get a refund. Don’t waste your money!

It’s great works well

Its very easy to use heats well- but I never get that shiny glossy finish like when my hairdresser straightens my hair !! But good for a quick straighten - I like the bag it comes with to store it in . Purchased at Myer on sale

Did not work for me.

This brush heated up quickly and was really hot - almost too hot to handle well. The results were not great on thick curly hair but would be better on normal wavy hair.

It's amazing

Im Am so happy with this purchase it was a gift from My daughter and she hasn't put it down.
It's so doesn't snag the hair or leave it or feeling yukky or burnt out.
It heats up so so quickly. I Dont have to Take two hours doing my thick hair and its easy to hold without burning myself

What a time saver!

Having waves plus curls is hard. Then I tried this bad boy out! So glad I picked this up! It heats up nice and fast, I warm it up hot hot hot whilst I brush my teeth and it's good to go. I still section it off like I would with an actual straightening iron, and go over it maybe 2-3 times, depending on how well I blow dried my hair. Hair snags a little bit, not that I really feel it but I do notice it on the floor, I'm cool with it. Cleaning isn't easy, but highly recommend using a long damp rag and wipe it diagonally, picks up a lot. Would buy again!!

Works well

Bought this as I am lazy and don't have time to do my hair with a toddler and baby. Works OK and can generally last the whole day and keep my hair in a decent condition. However, it can take quite a few brushes to get my hair straight as I have a thick amount of hair.

Wow! I wish I had found this sooner!

Wow, I only bought this last week, and it has completely blown my mind at how great it is! Has already saved me so much time each day! I really wish I had bought it sooner. My hair is quite thick, so I use it on the highest temp setting, and love how it works on my hair. I used to dread straightening my hair becuase it took so long with my older GHD. It heaps up in 30 seconds, and also has an auto switch off if you forget to leave it on. It doesn’t snag on my hair at all, as long as you brush your hair with a regular brush first. I still need to section my hair, however not as much as with my GHD. Such a time saver & does a fabulous job on my hair - love it!

Lives up my expectations.

I recently purchase a hairstyla. I was scepticle to purchase less known brand sine previously only used known brand. I am fully satisfied since it heats up really fast for me. my only problem is i always accidentally pressed the button for the temperature which annoying at times but other than that everything seems fine.

Straightens but not that effective

This product heats up quite fast and it's quite easy to use. However, it does snag on the hair and it definitely doesn't work as well as a straightening iron, especially if you have a fringe that needs straightening. I have really long and thick hair, so maybe it loses the straightness when I get to the bottom half of my hair. It might work better with shorter styles. I'm not sure if it's worth the price or if it's any better for your hair compared to straightening irons.

Didn't expect it to work so well; it did!

I am happy with the results from this product - normal hair straighteners don't work on my very thick and wavy hair but this one does. It's super easy to use, and it heats up quickly. It is very comfortable to use, it doesn't burn the hair and doesn't snag. For the price, it's a great investment.

Not A Great Experience

I bought one for myself and one for my daughter in-law. For my daughter in law it works great, but she has thicker dark hair (Asian). For me it was terrible i have blonde thick hair. My hair kept getting snagged in the bristles and snapping. it didn't straighten the hair, it just seemed to make it look worse. It did heat up quickly, but that was about the only good thing it did. I returned mine, the daughter in-law kept hers, she is happy.

Great to use

I am very happy with my hair straightener because I have very long and dense hair this straightener works brilliantly on my hair it is very easy to use it doesn't damage my hair and heats up pretty quick as well definitely recommend.

great hair straining brush

This hair stratning Bush is great it leaves mmy hair feeling soft and smooth with no kinks it also leaves my hair shiney it's easy to use and easy tobdtore

Quick and easy.

Happy but not perfect. Heats up within a few seconds, does not snag on my unruly, frizzy hair. Result is not perfectly straight but, it is tidy. Need product in hair to stop frizz otherwise looses shine within half hour. only downside is the placement of the buttons, they are easy to bump up and down as it is where I normally grip for optimum control of the brush. Most probably not a problem for those with less unruly hair.

Great for curly hair

This is really great for curly hair. It really smooths it out and makes it look done without too much time and effort. It doesn't really straighten my hair as such just smooths out the frizz.


I have very curly hair and it gave me a smooth straight sleek finish, heated up very fast, has 15 different tempratures and was so easy to use, and very good value for money...I just brushed my hair, sectioned it off and away I went, took me less than 10 minutes

Works OK

I got this as a gift for Mothers Day. It does an OK job of straightening my hair, not as sleek as using a traditional hair straightener but a lot easier to use. It is quite heavy but it does heat up very quickly. I do find that my hair snags on it slightly and I am sometimes left with wispy bits. It comes with a lovely travel bag which is good.

A good item.. for the cost.

Heats up very quickly. Very easy to use. An excellent item which I can use on my daughter. Works well. Probably not as good as some others around....but it's value for money, as it wasn't too expensive. Easy to use on children.

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Questions & Answers

Hi all just wondering if any of you know how to fix the hairstyle product when it says error or err when I plug it in?
No answers

My hairstyla keeps saying 'err' everytime I put it on and because of this, I haven't been able to use it. Does anyone know how to fix this?
No answers

Can this be used on wet hair?
3 answers
Nope, the guide does say not to and I think it wouldn't dry the hair, and ruin the brush.ok, thanks very much - that's very helpful JessicaIt should be used only on dry hair


Hairstyla HSS200
CategoryHair Straighteners and Hair Stylers
Max Temperature229°C
Price (RRP) $119.98

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