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Harvey Norman The Flooring Specialist

Harvey Norman The Flooring Specialist

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Never ever buy novacore

We had this nova core product installed about a year ago. The first day it had marks all over it. Our very light weight dining chairs which all have a soft bottom scratch it just by half lifting them up and out from under the table. Its supposed to be catch resistant. The product bends like paper and is missing half the thickness. We had the rep out Stewart, and his report came back saying we had damaged it. Its faulty plain and simple. They now have a new product which is twice the thickness and doesn't bend, thats what the product is supposed to be like but they released it such a hurry they must not of tested it properly or they just thought they'd make some money off suckers like us before their proper products comes out, I will be telling everyone I know and using every review site I can to tell people about these crooks. I run a business and have hundreds of customers in the building industry so they picked the wrong person to rip off.

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Not flooring experts at HN Aspley QLD

Not Flooring Experts at HN Aspley QLD...

Just bought hybrid flooring in November and had the HN sales person tell me that it was for putting over tiles. It was quite expensive so assumed that was true.

When I had my measure home visit, I had a different person do a few quick tests and said the floor ‘might’ need a ‘little’ prep in some areas, but seemed good enough for this flooring. I was never told the prep would be an extra cost or if absolutely required.

The installer came (really nice guys) and explained that almost all tiled rooms are never flat, and showed parts of my tiles that would cause issues.

The installer recommended ripping up all my tiles or prepping all the tiles with a compound.

As HN didn’t do the proper investigation, I had all the product inside my home already, the installer there ready to lay it, but the tiled room not acceptable and advised that laying it would void any warranty associated with it if he continued.

On top of that, it was quoted to do a toilet room downstairs too. The installer highly disagreed with doing that due to a water area, so I agreed with the expert over a sales guy. Still, paid for a room that shouldn’t have been done.

He was also annoyed as this would be now two days wasted where they have no work due to the whole floor needing prep and possibly delay everything even more (I’ve been waiting 4 months already - booked early December being told February was the earliest).

So rather than wait, I agreed to pay an extra $2800 for the installer to prepare the floor...

After already paying a premium price for a flooring that I was told goes straight over tiles. Obviously you can understand that I’m pretty upset about the extra cost.

If the sales people had told me the right thing, I could have just purchased a nice (but cheaper) laminate flooring and wouldn’t have cost me so much.

I’m just distressed and upset about the whole thing. Expecting everything to be fully paid and just needing an install now, then being told I have to pay an extra $2800 to actually get it done.

I just don’t have words to explain how upset I am...

After a discussion with the manager (Luke), he seem unsympathetic and was happy to tell me how it’s my fault that I proceeded and I had the ability to return the product. He told me terms and conditions stated that floor preparation is a cost that is covered by me (which nobody said when they were doing it). True I had the option to stop and say “no”, but I had already waited 4 months for this install, and only found out at the last minute that it wasn’t what they told me it would be.

Thank you, but I hope this gives future buyers the ability to be aware of what they’re getting into.

Sorry HN, but I really didn’t want to make this public, but you just didn’t care about a customer’s bad experience or try to even sympathise.

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Wonderful experience from start to finish.

We recently brought Godfrey Hirst hybird vinyl floor planks in 320 Sunlight from Harvey Norman Liverpool Mega centre store. Rhynal was our sale consultant. I found him to be very friendly, informative, he knew his products & what he was selling. He answered all our questions & concerns so it made our buying experience much easier.
Our floor installer was Junior Papalii & his team. OMG I can not tell you how much I am impressed by Junior & his team. They went above & beyond for us. Junior took so much care & attention to details on his workmanship. He was honest & guided us throughout the process but also let us choose what we wanted. It really impressed me that he even went out to the hardware store to buy an industrial fan to help our floor leveling compound to cure which he didnt have to do but he did because he cared about getting the job done right & getting good results. We had abit of delay on our part (not his) and Junior was great. He gave us time & came back to complete the job when we were ready. I can not thank Junior & his team from FASI Floor pty Ltd & Harvey Norman Liverpool Floor specialist store enough for giving me such a positive experience. Absolutely love my new floor. They look stunning! Highly recommend HN Rhyand & Junior FASI Floor pty Ltd to anyone who needs new flooring done.

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Service all the way at Bunbury Store

We recently replaced some woollen carpet in our house from the Bunbury Store. The product was excellent, staff keen to secure custom. Carpet Layers Alexandra and Drasko finished off doing an excellent job of laying the carpet and a great experience. Based on our experience we would recommend this store.

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Easy to install Vinyl flooring from HN Malaga

I went to couple of shops looking to buy vinyl flooring that i can install myself.I went to HN malaga just to have look at their ranges /prices and I was surprised that they actually had a lot to choose from. I ended up liking their novocore vinyl range, which I could easily install myself, because I could click them together without needing glue or underlay. I was surprised that the salesperson went out of it's way and gave me a small demonstration on how to install it, very helpful. I asked him to give me his best price, as I have been to other shops and the prices were cheaper but the salesperson matched their price and I was very happy as this product looks far better than the ones I had seen. I am very happy with this vinyl and I found it easy to install, thanks HN Malaga.

New underlay not installed (until I complained)

I don't want to get him in trouble BUT I believe our installer tried to avoid installing our new underlay, possibly thinking we would never know. When I walked past the rooms that were getting new carpet (replacing smelly old carpet), I could see the new carpet sitting on top of underlay which didn't look new (with a slightly yellowed surface and old paper tape). But I wasn't 100% sure - it was exactly the same brand as the new underlay that we'd ordered (Harvey Norman Cirrus) and it wasn't easy to detect that it wasn't new. So I went outside to the installer's van and saw there were several rolls of new underlay inside the van. Also there was no old underlay in the rubbish pile, just old carpet. So I reminded the installer that we have paid for new underlay. He said he was going to ask if we wanted it changed, but why would he ask that when we had ordered and paid for new underlay?? So I insisted that the new underlay be installed. Well I kept checking back and could see it wasn't being done. So I said that I want to see the floor boards before he lays the new underlay. Still I could see it wasn't happening so I stood there for a while and watched him do it. Thankfully it was all changed and I'm happy now. But please be warned that this can happen. Do not trust your installer, make sure your new underlay is installed. I will upload a photo to show how the new and old underlays look identical, so it's easy to be fooled. The only differences are (a) the old underlay was taped where it joins another piece whereas the new underlay wasn't taped anywhere and (b) the new underlay is date stamped.

Customer Focused Care exceptional

I was relocating from Perth to QLD and our Sales Consultant went above and beyond with confirming our ETA and ensuring the fitter was fully informed and that my definite timescale for fitting of my carpet was on schedule- excellent Customer Focused Care From Harvey Norman, Osborne Park, WA. Thank you Hazel Ashley- you are awesome

No Customer Service

Recently visited a Harvey Norman flooring department for whole house flooring to be replaced. Choose from the carpet range and floating flooring range and asked for pricing, supplied sales consultant with plan drawings of all dimensions and contact details, was informed quote will be emailed withing a few days. No quote was received till complaint was submitted 3 weeks later then quote received was only for carpet and I was informed consultant had lost plan drawings. There is a lack of customer service and no focus. I contacted another flooring supplier and they attended a measure up and provided pricing very quickly and had exceptional knowledge to product recommendations.

Sunshine Flooring services were good

Just wanted to thank Harvey Norman flooring Charlie for all the work he has put together. Charlie always had everything completed in a timely manner… He was patient, always responded my queries, always kept me informed and explained the process well. Very impressed!

Caroet laying

Nice and neat job
No mess
Done to time
No extras needed
Great range of carpet
Good service
Will go back

The worst product quality and follow up service!

After purchasing a timber floor laminate and paid cash to their installer, My timber laminate product was clearly faulty and had planks rising in bubbles. The Franchisee insists that this because I have been mopping my floor, rather than use a special laminate floor spray!! At no point during the selection of this product was I provided care/maintenance instructions for this product!! The franchisee recommended that I make a claim through my insurance company and would not admit to any liability, stating that he would be happy for me to take this matter to VCAT!!! Don’t trust any Harvey Norman Franchisee, as it’s clear that once they’ve been paid, they no longer take responsibility for their products and its installation!!

Great service excellent product range

Big thanks to Damien, Greg and the team at Harvey Norman Flooring in ossy park.
These guys have done a few of our properties and have always offered excellent pricing,service and the job the layers do are brilliant. Seriously recommend

Carpet purchase and installation

I ordered and was quoted for carpet well in advance of the installation date ( 19/11/2018). The installers arrived within the timeframe provided and commenced work. Unfortunately, they ran out of joinery tape (I think that's what it's called) and so only 3/4 of the installation was completed. I'm still waiting for contact for when the remainder gets done. Now ordinarily I might have been a bit annoyed BUT the installers did a really good job, provide good advice and I'm hoping for a quick return to complete the job. If the installation HAD been completed in 1 go, I would have submitted a 5 star rating.

Never buy carpet from then

Buyer beware! Do not purchase carpet from Harvey Norman. They will not stand by the warranty claims. Suppose to have a 25 year wear warranty with carpet i have purchased. Has started to wear in a large spot. Contacted them and it is "Pile Flattening" and not covered apparently. I will never shop with them again.

Lauchlin the manager is useless he had the wrong floorboards installed and says it's our responsibil

So we payed to have floorboards installed and wanted the same floorboards matching the rest of the house he has had the wrong floorboards installed and now refuses to help and says it's our fault. He is a useless manager I dont know how he has a job! All hes good at is ripping people off!! He should be sacked for being so useless

Good selection

Good selection and professional staff. Always go here as a first stop. Trusted Australian company that has never let me down.

Ten year warranty on carpet

I was very disappointed with the service after I purchased a whole house of carpet which was replacing a cheap carpet I was not happy with. In light of that I asked lots of questions and ended up buying a carpet with a ten year wear warranty to avoid having any problems. At the point of sale it was all good and I had purchased quite a few products from other HN stores without an issue. After just under 5 years my carpet was quite worn anywhere you regularly walked, I am very clean and there was only two of us living in the house so not heaps of traffic on carpet! I really believed if I contacted the store something would be done. Someone was sent out from the manufacturer and it was so obvious to me it was just a token visit and nothing would be done. Then to make matters even worse they told me the carpet just needed to be cleaned and then somehow it would magically not look worn. When I spoke to the manager of the store to relay my unhappiness, he told me I should have bought a more expensive carpet instead of that one. Unfortunately not a good experience and that store will never see me again

Allure clip lock flooring

We had purchased well over $15.000 had laid and delivered by Harvey Norman we have gaps opening around the house been told to put expansion joints we were not sold this product with expansion joints the store takes forever to ring back then to be told were not happy with the expansion option to be told they want to glue one coming apart the product was not climatised as say on installation directions please help

Harvey Norman Flooring -Bundall, Gold coast

Great experience . Great team of father and son - Neil and Cameron.
Good advice and sent good team to lay the Hard floor and carpet.
Easy to deal with .
Some confusion about the floor preparation but immediately cleared by Neil .
Post installation follow up call .
Hope they continue their great service in the future.
Sachin and Kshama ( Gold coast)

Thank you Dwayne and Gavin

From choosing the carpet we needed with Dwayne and having it delivered and laid by Gavin, it was a smooth and very professional process.
Dwayne knew what he was talking about and obviously had experience while Gavin worked harder than anyone we have seen and left a clean tidy and very well fitted carpet. We couldn’t be happier.

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I have been recommended Novocore Hybride multi layered plank that carries a 25 year domestic warranty by a Representative at Harvey Norman. I want to cover existing floor tiles. I have been advised that NO levelling is required. On the front cover of Novocare brochure it states that this product is '100% waterproof' and inside the brochure it states 'water resilient' in another!! I can only presume that the premium range is the waterproof product? I would appreciate any feedback that can be provided as to whether this product lives up to its promise. It would appear from the previous comments I have read on this post, that Harvey Norman, the supplier, or both have little concern for the buyer.
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I have novocore in my house. Its terrible its scratches so easily and looks so bad after a while, we tried to get it replaced but the Novocore rep said we damaged it on purpose which is just stupid who would damage their own floor, but that gives you an idea on how bad it looks. STAY AWAYThank you Margaret for your feedback - much appreciate.

Hi, I'm looking to purchase 200m2 of the Isocore Hybrid vinyl planks for my home. Can anyone give me any feedback on this product. Good , bad or otherwise .
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We were recommended novocare hybrid flooring by HN to replace our warping timber flooring in the kitchen but we hv read 1 negative review on novocare so not sure if we should even consider this.Has anyone had similar or other experiences on this type of floorings or should we stick to timber type?
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Avoid Novocore. We agonised over our vinyl planking product/supplier and made a grave error choosing this product. Despite slab levelling and achieving tolerances within manufacturers requirements, this product sounds drummy to walk on. The length of the plank is too long to create a firm hug to the floor. We have had it re-laid (after even more levelling) and the issue has merely transferred to other areas. The manufacturer is absent in the entire rectification process. It will not be long before this product is discontinued - watch this space.

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