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Hawkers Sunglasses

Hawkers Sunglasses

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Faulty Sunglasses - No response

I’ve purchased sunglasses several times in the past from this company with no issues other than that the glasses scratch VERY easily.

I ordered another pair in their recent sale and they arrived bent. Made contact with them via their custom service form, no response had been received after 2 weeks. Tried emailing them too, also no response.

No contact phone number. Paid a premium price for faulty glasses and there’s now nothing I can do about it. When they’re good, there good. But if there is an issue, don’t expect a response. Not worth the gamble in my opinion.

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeYes

Blood sunnies

The owners of this sunnies brand are the responsibles of a massive corruption scheme in South America. This sun glasses company is just a money laundering vehicle for all the stolen money from Venezuela. This company represents what is wrong with this world these days and its owners are just plain criminals with lots of money.

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo

Sunnies made with stolen money!

This company was built with thousands of millions dollars stolen from the Venezuelan treasury under the scam of a contract that was intended to improve the Venezuelan electricity industry. These people took the money and got away with crime. For money laundering purposes, they created Hawkers. These people are responsible for the continuous power shortage in Venezuela, which reached its peak last week. During a prolonged shortage that lasted 5 days, at least 50 people died, including premature babies and people with special needs who were disconnected from medical equipment. DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT!

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo

Blood sunglasses!!!!

While people is starving to death in the streets of Venezuela, the owner of this brand, fleed the country and funded this startup with stolen money as product of shady businesses done with Maduro's government. Facts are all over the news, just need to google for "Bolichicos"... be mindful, these insignificant sunglasses are made with the blood and suffering of Venezuelans

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo

Be mindful of this: the sunnies this company sells are made with the stolen money of a dying country

If you want to buy this glasses, if they are good or not I don't know. What I do know is that the guy who owns this company stole the money of a whole country as part of the largest corruption scheme in latin american history. You might think is not a big deal but it actually is: the money he stole was for upgrading the electricity network of Venezuela. This upgrade never happened (but he certainly charged us for it) and now we had the longest blackout in history. And a blackout might not sound like a big thing but when you notice that at least 24 people died as a direct consequence of this blackout I can tell you it was a huge thing. Premature babies, people in intensive care, under dialysis treatment and similar stories, they all died as a direct consequence of the fraud guys like the owner of hawkers glasses did. So no, I do not recommend you to buy the sunnies this company makes. They are stained with the blood of Venezuelan people.

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo

Feel the guilt of wear stolen money

If you want to wear sunglasses made with stolen and corrupted money. Go for it. The current owner is Alejandro Betancourt has been investigated for channel stolen money from Venezuelan corrupted contracts in this company. This company is money laundry. Check their social media channels and you see it for yourself!

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo

The best brand I have ever owned.

I have a problem with my nose and can not wear most sunglasses as they are too heavy. When I do find ones I can wear they often break very easily. These are fantastic quality for a extremely affordable price. I now have about 8 different pairs.
Sometimes the website can be difficult to find the whole range. But you just have to be patient and go through every collection.
Thy also have great promotions as well.
Very happy and fully recommend!

Bought few glasses, but it took more than three weeks, still not delivered.

Stated reasons: Due to the high volume of orders, not able to deliver on time.

That's why I am giving 1 out of 5, not due to the product, but due to unable to provide the goods within the specified time.

Need improvement: Customer service, Avoid delays or follow up with the customers by sending notifications (email or SMS), and contact information details.

Never buy from Hawkers

2 months ago I bought a pair of Hawkers from their website.

Immediately after placing the order I emailed them, as my unit number was not included in the autofilled address on the website. I asked them to amend the address to include my unit number.

I got no response and the next day they shipped without responding or amending the address.

So instead I changed the address through Australia Post. In the end the address was incorrectly labelled anyways so the package was returned to sender.

Hawkers held onto it for a few days, and I tried to contact them, but again, zero response. They sent it again, same problem again.

After several weeks stuck in the post, the package was again returned to sender as it was mislabeled for a second time.

All of this could have been avoided if they read their customer's emails, and I spend 6 weeks waiting for my sunnies with no updates from the company. Now they have them, no contact about a reship, radio silence from the company. Worst customer service I have ever experienced!

They took my money and never delivered, and never responded to any of my enquiries.

Good value sunnies

I've bought a few pairs of Hawkers over the years and I really like them. They are good value, particularly when you buy the 2 for 1 deals they often advertise, where the price is only competing with infinitely inferior servo sunglasses. Not sure what sunnies people on here were expecting for their money but I have been extremely satisfied with my purchases from them, and they always arrive within 2 days of purchase.

Low quality glasses

Bought 3 pairs. All of them quickly broke at the swinging arm joint (...probably has a better name sorry) and part of the lens film came off one pair when they got wet. Low quality glasses.

Also they keep hitting you with hard to unsubscribe spam after you buy.

Don’t buy from hawkers!!!! Total scam!!

I bought a pair of sunglasses from them and I got the sunglasses with a different packaging, no case, no cleaner! Even though I paid for the premium shades with case and cleaner inclusive. No contact number! No email address!!! It’s a scam

Never received sunglasses but they took my money

Bought the 2 for 1 special, but never received any glasses. They happily took my money but refuse to respond to emails and provide no contact phone number. After reading other reviews i honestly think it may be a scam seeing as it has been over 2 months with no response or refund.

Have purchase from them at least 5 times

Had absolutely no dramas with Hawkers Australia. Have used them about 5 times and spent at least $500+ BETTER THAN I could imagine


I purchased online. Three pairs. One was faulty on arrival and they have refused to replace them. They did say I could buy another pair and they'd waive the postage. How kind of them! Do not buy from HAWKERS.

Fifty shades of shady

Got sucked in by the 2 for 1 sale, products were sent to an incomplete address (upon reading other reviews this seems like some sort of stalling tactic). As countless others have mentioned, no address, no contact number, no response, no anything. Extremely unprofessional and bordering on scam-like, considering they happily have my money. Companies like this don't deserve to exist, responsive customer service can easily iron out any supply issues (if that's what's going on?). Hawkers clearly don't care.

Robbed! SCAM! Don't both wit them

Bought my sunglasses over a month ago. Never arrived and have not replied to multiple emails.
Tried message on instagram and facebook but after the first reply there has been nothing.
ROBBED! Don't bother with them.

Bad company

Bought 2 pairs of sunglasses, contacted several times to return no reply. Found return address on website. Returned and weeks later still no refund, contacted again no reply. Ended up having to get PayPal to retrieve money, hopeless and won’t buy from here again. Quality of sunglasses no good either

Won't send returns label

The first time I bought sunglasses from Hawker they were fantastic! Second time I didn't like the styles I order so I requested a returns form twice with nothing in response. I've messaged on Facebook with no help! I just want to return my sunglasses!!

This company is a joke. Don't be fooled!

I did order a buy 1 get 2 sun glasses as they promo but is been a month i haven't receive it yet. they send you a false email about the tracking and they still haven't send it. I ask Australia post and that what they said. They will ask you to contact them but its so impossible to contact them. Hopeless customer service. They avoiding all the all the inquiry so people cant get in touch with them...

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