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These people are advertising positions that don't exist. How can they continue to get away with it?
I'm ring Fair Trading tommorrow because this is very very poor. It appears to be a common theme.


WOW! Now I know why It felt like I was wasting my time... and questioning whether I was applying to job vacancies that didn't exist. Becoming disheartened and distraught, wondering as to why I was not getting any replies or even confirmation from Hays staff that my application has been received. After reading the sheer volume of reviews comments who all shear a similar disappointment and distrust with Hays recruiters It is now clear to me what is going on. Over 200 people gave the worst review a company could ever get and would have been 100% unanimous if it wasn't for a couple of fake reviews like on page 1 with 4 stars titled THEY KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING... Nice try buy a couple of guys trying to pass their review of as some recent candidate who claims to be an immigrant (nothing wrong with that) however in trying to pass themselves off as one they have an inconsistent vocabulary and writing style. Going from a broken English to one with good grammar and use of comers, and "quotation" marks that spell check wouldn't do. Have a careful read through for yourself and if you are a well-spoken immigrant like me you'll know the difference.

Bottom-feeders of the recruitment world

As a professional with senior experience and highly qualified; I can say this agency is the most unprofessional agency I've ever encountered. The lies they spin are beyond belief and are insulting. Do not waste your time. I've had numerous exceptionally poor experiences over recent times; and now enough is enough - never again. Recently I was approached about a role that I was an obvious fit for and they chased, and chased me. I declined the offer to apply as the money didn't align with my experience or the job requirements. The role had very senior requirements and including managing a team and pay was not aligned with that at all. So, I declined. They came back with a XXK higher figure within a heart beat and pushed me to be available at short notice - like even that day. At our meeting the ( recruiter (who was fresh out of uni) drops the figure by XK in a blink..What??? Then advises me to be available immediately for interview. Then like all other reviews here; they ghosted me. No one word for over a week; no return calls, no return emails, and no voice mails left. Finally get the most pathetic email from a junior recruiter confirming what I already suspected ; saying the role had been filled internally ( another common tactic they employ often). Total waste of my time and effort. Only a day later, I see the exact same role advertised with a different title and exactly the same job brief. They are absolute liars with no respect for professional people. I hope employers discover how appallingly they treat candidates and use another agency. Their conduct is disgraceful.

Lies and deceit

Alicia Serada has been lying to cover her mistakes at Hays in Perth for a long time.
She will give you a dishonest description of roles then when you arrive at the placement it wont be what she told you .
When you call her out on this she then gets aggressive and tries to discredit you with dishonest false information to employers.
She will lie to you and lie to the client,it seems to be Hays culture she holds a department head position.
Avoid Hays and Alicia Serada.

Absolute Time Wasters

The amount of fake jobs that Hays recruiters post is unbelievable. They have no sense of right and wrong and believe they're not accountable to anyone.
Here's a little tip I learnt from an honest recruiter: when a Hays recruiter (or any recruiter) calls you and asks you to come in for an interview, ask them about the name of the company that's offering the role. If they refuse to provide it then the role is fake and they're just trying to meet KPI's.

No communication from Hays recruiter

I applied for some jobs with Hays in Southport. The recruiter was I. Touch quickly, getting me to do tests etc so she could put me forward for a role. After the interview we were told we would know a result within 24 hours. After 5 days I called and emailed to hear if not been successful. No attempt to advise me of this. I then reached out to seek assistance finding a role quickly. This was 2 1/2 weeks ago and my email has not been acknowledged or replied to! Very amateurish and bad

Worst experience

I have been with them from last three months. They don’t have good management staff and after doing three shifts in a week I only paid for only one shift. I have sent them heaps of emails regarding my pay but my problems are not solved and atlast I have to ended up with a decision that I have to quit this job :(

Not worth it

They waste your time they say they have work available but never assign you work even if you call everyday and if you can’t make it they blacklist you without warning

Time Wasters & Terrible Recruitment Agency

These Time wasters will refer you to horrible work places and gives false and misleading hopes.
They will rush you to finish online assignments and tell you that the company is not hiring anymore.
I got really good job opportunities from other agencies.
Avoid this place at all cost, They are a good example of a really bad recruitment agency.

Hays Hurstville, absolute worst customer care

Placed at a temp assignment, ongoing. Over 6 months I received 2 SMS messages from them. 1 to confirm that I arrived & the 2nd three months later saying hi ???? Issues arose was too scared to flag. Did 6 months with this company being paid level 1, but doing level 4 work. Absolute joke this agency have no interest but the bottom line. When I complained I was told they would not help me anymore? Unbelievable so they made massive profit from my 6 months

Time wasters

A consultant from North Sydney Hays called me up after seeking my resume on SEEK. I went in for an interview only to be told I 'wasn't quite right for the position' she had in mind. Also, to be on their books, I would need '6 referees' because I had a lot of contracts on my resume. I didn't even call them in the first place - they called me only to waste my time. From then on I have ignored every call from them.

The agent is not really supportive of their contractor

I was on contract through Hays for a one year contract until recently when the contract was up for renewal I contacted my employer and was told that the contract would not be renewed and that was three days before the contract expires. I was unhappy with the situation so I email my Hays representative. Unlike the other hays consultants, many faced in this forum I got a call from my hays representative, she tried to convince me with the storyline it wasn't my employer's management at fault with my contract renewal, it wasn't their fault that only 3 days notice was given. When I told her if I did not contact my manager the previous day I would have kept in dark the whole time until my contract expires. Netherless to say this girl continued to run her storyline. I was eventually fed up with this line of discussion and told her that I would not accept such a lousy storyline and agree to disagree. This sort of non-supportive behaviour is actually having me thinking about not using Hays for my future search of employment. I have no problem that they could not reverse the situation but at least show some support for the contractors that work for you and in a way paying your salaries. A proactive job agency would be the first to find out about any possible contract extension at a much earlier stage rather than wait for the last minutes, in this case, I was the first person to find the outcome further underline the fact they are more interested in earning the commissions.

Job Seekers are unhappy but are Companies happy?

I have applied for many jobs and left phone calls that are not returned. How can they get the best candidate for the client if they don't speak with them?

Worst agency In Sydney

They will tell you a different story as to to what the employer will tell you. Anything to get candidates on their books. There’s a reason for the high turnover of staff.
Avoid at all costs.

They know what they are doing.

Hays in Sydney - I have been working temp with Hays several times, working directly with two of the oldest and most experienced recruiters in Sydney. Even if I’m an immigrant and I’m not a scientist. They always offered me good roles, well paid, for top companies and government. I admit, all these bad reviews are shocking. We, as candidates, are not perfect either. And I consider myself a very difficult candidate: I often “dictate” my rules and conditions, I change mind several times (deciding not to sign contracts last minute) and I never listen to recruiters tips. But we all should learn to understand each other’s job and respect that. All I known is that job agencies are selling and people inside are sellers, what do you expect that they really give you super top jobs?!? They also get paid to fill difficult roles for difficult people. You will eventually get better offers from them but you will also need to show that you are reliable, otherwise you will make them lose clients and money (and they also risk their own job). I do agree that hey are a little bit racist in Sydney but I also agree that Hays is one the best agency. Even if my relationship with them ended in a bad way, I had a good experience, they always been there for me. Everything must be said.

Money greed

As long you are working for them, prepare every single document and expect nothing in return.

They are your best recruiters.

Highly professional, gives solid feedback on your resume and always call back after submitting your application. That's what they claim but reality is other way.

I gave them the benefit of the doubt only to be EXTREMELY disappointed

I was told by a friend not to go with Hays (they have a bad reputation) but I thought they were better than that and decided to apply with them. I gave them the benefit of the doubt thinking they were better but I was disappointed.

I had to call multiple times just to get through to [name removed]. [name removed] was fine, but when I tried to contact him, there was a woman on the other end (I had called about 2 times and on the 3 call, a woman picked up) and she told me off saying something along the lines of ' I saw what you did there, it doesn't look good on you! for taking the initiative. I was polite, used a soft tone and was not rude in any way. She practically yelled at me.

I managed to get through to [name removed] for the first round of interviews but didn't make it through to the second round. I understand if it was my fault because I was late.

Terrible agency to deal with

The company needs to be shut down. They scam unsuspecting people and send them to terrible places to work knowing that the place they are sending these unsuspecting people will ruin them.

Their word is worthless.

It is perfectly okay to not contact candidates if we're not successful. But if we're shortlisted, advised we're "strong candidates" who will "definitely" have their applications put forward... why the ghosting?
It makes no sense and leaves you with no credibility. I hope you are a candidate one day and understand the effects of your words but lack of actions.

Not impressed with their recruitment process and professional etiquette

The recruiter was very pleasant during the interview. However, they ghost you after an interview despite telling you; "you're a strong candidate for the role" and "will put you forward to the client".

I was not impressed by the lack of courtesy to inform me the progress of my application. I've sent several emails following up but no response.

If recruiters at Hays continue this method of recruitment, they will just further damage their reputation.

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