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Their word is worthless.

It is perfectly okay to not contact candidates if we're not successful. But if we're shortlisted, advised we're "strong candidates" who will "definitely" have their applications put forward... why the ghosting?
It makes no sense and leaves you with no credibility. I hope you are a candidate one day and understand the effects of your words but lack of actions.

Not impressed with their recruitment process and professional etiquette

The recruiter was very pleasant during the interview. However, they ghost you after an interview despite telling you; "you're a strong candidate for the role" and "will put you forward to the client".

I was not impressed by the lack of courtesy to inform me the progress of my application. I've sent several emails following up but no response.

If recruiters at Hays continue this method of recruitment, they will just further damage their reputation.

Worst interview experience ever

Recruiter simultaneously told me to relax my nerves while picking apart my appearance. This was for a cleaning position, she said that people were 'lining up' to get. It's all a lie

WORST of the WORST!!

Avoid @ any cost!! WORST recruitment agency i've worked for. Just treat you as a number. Try to get every single cent from you possible while advertising as paying 'generous award rates'. I was paid bare minimum and when i asked about it, i was told they no longer will update my details on the system.

It’s designed to fail!

You realise each Hays recruit is a reject from the real employment & they know it... If you are any good your fellow “Hays mate” will blame you for his stuff-ups & they have it planned before you arrive.

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For employers who go through Hays, good luck you pay the most for a drugged out or insecure worker that just makes an easy job hard for you....pay the most at Hays only for the headaches (carpentry & joinery sector may god have mercy)

Customer service - what service!!!!??!

Husband worked n/w QLD & only way he could speak with HR Cairns was if he turned his mobile # to private (this was tested a number of times by himself & other contractors). If their #’s were visible, they weren’t answered!
He was mobilised from Brisbane (as was advertised FIFO) & once on-site story was changed that it was FIFO from Cairns only & he was to pay own flights home (he needed a job so we accepted it).
For anyone looking to use Hays, get EVERYTHING in writing (esp. mob & demob conditions ie excess luggage for tools etc), make sure u make note of conversations had whilst employed (a few times he was told that certain things hadn’t been discussed when they def. were) & try to get 2 contact #’s for the office!
I can honestly say he will never work for Hays again & I will not recommend the company if asked!!!!

Don't waste your time with these liars.

Pathological liars, they'll give you a 9 month job job in construction and it turns out to be domestic. 3 months later and after having to buy tools like ladder hammer drill and drill bits, sorry guys we've run out of work.
Hey I'll put you on this job $40 an hour only to be paid at $38.
Like previous reviews said promise the moon and deliver crap.
Hay - Use and abuse.

Horrible. Condescending

I signed up with Hays, Collins Street Melbourne before moving from North Queensland. I was given a Skype interview with Amy at the Collin Street office. Throughout the interview, I sensed that she was condescending in relation to where I was living at that time (a small regional town). She continuously kept asking me to wear the corporate uniform and present myself well as though I have never worked in a professional environment.
Upon moving to Melbourne, I finally received a date to come into their office. Mind you, I have been in frequent conversation with Amy via email, and going through two stages of the interview process before finally attending the one-on-one appointment, that was rescheduled twice at this point. Our email and phone conversations have been hopeful and the job seemed promising. I was going for an entry level internal role at Hays Recruitment.
Once at the interview with Amy, she asked a few more questions in relation to the job opportunity applied. She then invited her manager who wanted to speak to me. The manager further integrated me with the same questions, and claimed that I had no sales experience for the job. ( I have three university degrees and come from a strong professional background, including sales and stakeholder management experience-which is a given in my line of work ). This was an entry level role, and Amy never mentioned about my lack of experience for the job, in that month we have been communicating with each other. Not only that, the manager then said the job is no longer. This then naive and young 20ish year old single woman having moved to Melbourne with only her suitcase, in the name of opportunity, felt disappointed by their ingenuity and deception.

Useless! Dont use.

A waste of my time!!

Called Hays with regard to a job. Advert had contact in which to call from Hays. I called the number given for the contact, got someone who said the person wasn't available and was told would get a call back. Never did get that call.

Applied online through Seek, never got any response.

Called a couple days later about another job. Person on Hays end was very rude sounded like she didn't want to be there. Did not read my cv correctly because she requested information that was already on cv.

As soon as i read the reviews online, i was like OMG what have i done...

This is just my honest opinion -I recently had to join Hays to get a temp role. It took 2 hours online to apply - upload all your ID documents, then upload a picture of yourself holding the ID! There was less paperwork needed to get my Australian Passport! The job was in Brisbane CBD but the Hays agent running the role was based in New Zealand - oddly. She NEVER answered the phone when you called her and never once returned messages i left/ or returned emails. Her name was [name removed]. If you are lucky to get through to someone in ANY of thier offices in Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane, i noticed they are always either british, Kiwi or Irish? Why i have no idea. Literally every person you deal with is foreign. I remember asking someone, are you based in London? As i was confused. - almost everyone i have spoken to there is british. I could honestly barely understand one agent's thick Northern London accent. I'm not being rude - that was honestly the reality. I was PROMISED a call back from [name removed] at least twice ( one irish girl said " She is on the phone and will call you within 10 minutes - i promise ) - it never happened. They lost my documents and also lost my referree details twice, even though i applied through thier own secure online portal. They were asking for my referee details AGAIN after i had already been working for 2 weeks full time! They said " It must have been with someone in the other office - send it through again please "
To give them credit, they were a lot nicer in the end, but that was only after i finally snapped at them as i had had enough of being ignored by them. It was really stressful dealing with them, disgraceful, and how this company is still in business is beyond me. The almost 190 one star reviews speak for themselves. I would NEVER take a role with these people ever again. When i am looking for jobs on SEEK, if it says Hays, i don't even apply even if the job is interesting or not as having to deal with these incompetent people again would cause too much stress.

Shouldn't have given them even one

Jobs for which no experience is required is reserved only for the PR candidates, which is not fair with students who are working hard to get in the career. Very discriminatory approach of this agency.


Applied for a role got a call and was asked to meet the agent next day..went 15 mins before scheduled appointment.The girls at the reception were extremely racist and they didn’t even bother telling the agent that was here or waiting to see her.Anyway called agent she came out and apologised that she wasn’t aware I was there.Anyways agent said she will send my CV to the employer and get back to me next week.Emailed agent asking for updates no response from her.So dodgy I wonder if that role actually exists or they are just making up jobs to increase quantity jobs advertised.Its about time to complain to ACCC for being bunch of racist rude people with no professionalism.

Terrible offensive service

It’s all about how much they can make money from you, working for them feels like slavery work, you not protected and you get the least hr rate plus extra charges from the company, they never understood my potential or capabilities and never referred me to the right job kept referring me to contract work and when I ask how much you offering me they ask me how much I NEED per hour?? I find that offensive and untrustworthy, and if they don’t get answer from me or a higher rate then they turn around an insult you saying sry we think you not capable of doing the job ???

Not responding

Have seen lots of jobs posted by Hays, no response at all after I applied.

Nowadays received their linkedin message for a role, I replied, then still no response.

Is is a real company?

Hays are in the business of making commissions, not getting you a job.

Add me to the long list of people on here who've had a bad experience.

Submitted application for job listing. Got a call back the same day, missed call as was at work so returned it next morning. Consultant not available so left a message.

Same deal next day. Still no call back

Finally a callback three days later... left a message saying that she was returning my call as i'd left her a message. Seemed to have forgotten she had called me first.

Finally got through, only to be told i don't have the experience they're after.

Looked up the consultant only to find it's yet another young 20 something year old who has questionable amount of life experience.

Saw a job listing for a Hays consultant today. It talked about meeting sales targets, and earning commission.

This is what Hays are all about. Making money. It's not about finding you a job. It's about them making $$$. This means they're unmotivated to call people back, they'll forget you as soon as they find another applicant.

I've had similar experiences with Hays in the past. Always young, entitled, and with attitude.

Go read the reviews for people who have actually worked for hays and you'll find some shocking stories about how they pay below the industry standard and have poor business practices.

This company is so bad the ACCC should have investigated them.


Terrible recruitment agency

Back in my day I used to temp for Hays mostly the Burwood NSW office, and they always had work, I was kept busy all the time with lots of temp work.
Now its the absolute worst!
The consultants are rude, they take messages only for no one to return your calls.
There is no communication between the consultants at all.
I made a complaint to Hays Head office about what happened with myself and a friend whom registered we both got offered the same job!!
Nothing happened, my poor friend had been taken for a ride, and I was left with such poor service from the consultant only to be yelled at.
I do not recommend them at all.

They just don’t respond

I had never dealt with Hays before so was quite surprised and disappointed when I entered all of my information into their online system, registered for alerts, and applied for roles ...and then never received one call or email from them. I’m not sure what kind of business model they use or exactly how they secure candidates, but based on my experience I wouldn’t be recommending their services.

The absolute worst! And useless consultants CAIRNS

My consultant is very very rude! Does not call me or give any feedback, has not sent my resume to any employer! I can provide my resume for proof! Don’t waste your time with these people

Hays Canberra - No support for candidates

In the past Hays really looked after me. I went on to permanent employment through two temp placements between 2001 & 2007 & I had regular meetings & catch ups with my amazing agents.
I don't know what happened but now they are cold & do not care at all about their candidates. From what I hear they only care about their KPI's and are driven by their commissions. I was regularly in touch with them, they knew I was desperate for work, but in the 18 months that I was loyal to them, I only went for one interview which & wasn't successful with.

I am skilled, experienced & have a great CV. Luckily for me I moved to another agency who could see my worth straight away. They helped to rebuild my shattered self confidence, put me forward for a range of roles & within a week I've been offered a job.
Just a tip, the smaller agencies often have different priorities!!

Waste of time.

I have been in contact with a recruiter for many months with no assistance and only acknowledges she will reach out when positions are available. I apply for positions through the website and notify the recruiter with no response. Complete waste of time like many recruitment firms and would advise you are better to look yourself.

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