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if you're looking for a professional bank move on !!

very little banking knowledge
very unhelpful to questions of any complex nature
branch staff seemed not interested at all to requests
unable to comprehend simplest of requests and consequences of not doing so
concept and written statement of values of heritage bank is great unfortunately not upheld

Customer Service
Review TypeGeneral Transactions

Term investment and setting up a family trust

Been with the bank for about 2 years with an investment. I have found the bank to be great. Informative, helpful and a can do attitude. I set up a term deposit with the Brisbane cbd branch which went really smoothly. I then needed to set up a family trust fund. I had been to the big 4 and come out with headaches, confused and angry as their policies changed almost daily. I then went into the Kippa-Ring ring branch of heritage, the staff were very helpful and more than happy to help me set up a family trust with them. I was in and out of the branch within 30 minutes. Thank you Heritage Bank, and thank you to your friendly, helpful staff. Keep up the great work

Customer Service
Review TypeBusiness Banking and New Account

how dare you,wish i could speak to the ceo

how dare you say,customer firest,im trying to invest a millon,dollars in cash,and geting a round around,already have over 250 thousand,with them,this is a outrage,will pull the lot out,and go to the the big 4,dont trust them,there branch managers,have no idea,dont put your savings .or retirement funds,with them,they have no idea,have let me down,ask a simple question,and the answer,i dont know,be aware,asked a simple question,and they say we think,stuff them,be aware people,if you travel outside qld,your gone,stuff them,and you will end up with money in your account,but not sure,if you can draw,lost a million from me.

Customer Service

Like talking to a brick wall - Blame the customer

My credit card details were recently compromised so I called to report/confirm this with Heritage.

The lady I spoke to initially was compassionate and helpful.

I had been waiting 7 days now and I am wondering where my new card is and when It will arrive my mail.
I recently moved to NSW (which they are fully aware of) The card is still not in my possession 8 days later and my direct debits and regular payments are not coming out of my account and I am starting to be hit with penalty fees and my credit score is being affected. I also cannot access my funds. They suggested I transfer my money to a friend to access it...

I called them to see if there was anything that could be done on day 7 after reporting the fraud and ordering a new card and they simply said there is nothing they can do and that I should have requested the card be sent express post as it can take 10 days or so.

I then called morning of 16th March asking If I will be able to be reimbursed for the late fees I will be penalised with as a result of my card taking over 8 days to arrive and Colin (the rep I spoke with first) said "no, Its because you have used your card details on a shady website", I was in shock and asked to speak to a manager. (My card was compromised on Gumtree advertising furniture during a move, not dodgy at all).

The Manager (Sam) was sitting next to him in the call centre and said he heard the conversation and covered for his colleague twisting the storey around. I tried to speak and was rudely shut up and told that "it is his turn to speak and my turn to listen". I asked to speak to another manager and he advised me he was the highest in charge in the centre on the day. I asked for a manager to call me back Monday (as nothing I was saying was being heard) but he didn't listen. Brick wall service.

Every time I tried to speak he would say " have some respect and listen to me" I was speechless! He then ended the call by saying "if you have nothing else to say I will terminate this call".

How can you possibly talk down to your customers like this and expect success? I have never had such an awful experience at any business (even a car yard).

I no longer want to have anything to do with this bank and its horrible reps. I will be closing my account as soon as possible.

Customer Service
Review TypeGeneral Transactions

"ichoosegift" Visa card issued by Heritage Bank

worst giftcard product ever! beware when you use the card, here is my experience with my $50 gift card - (1) it will charge you $1.2 for telephone activation. (2) if you enter the PIN wrong - it will charge $0.15, so next time when retype the correct PIN, you won't have sufficient balance! and it will charge you $0.15 again! in a nutshell - activate the card online only, and make sure you write down the PIN !!

Customer Service
Review TypeGeneral Transactions

Online transfer

Slow to do anything hopeless if U go into.bank takes for ever to get seen to not reliable with online payments slow as compared with the big. Banks needs a shake up

Customer Service
Review TypeBusiness Banking and General Transactions

Didn't give a damn

Went for a home loan through heritage bank and at first they seemed great, very friendly service. I had gone to see them the day I signed my contract, from there I got passed from person to person to handle my application right up to the final days of my contract and then told that they would not be able to help...an answer that they could have give within days instead of weeks. I don't mind the fact that they couldn't help with the loan, what I have been extremely unimpressed with is their apparent lack of interest in making simple checks, taking days for a promised call back I came away feeling as though I was simply a joke to them. If you are a small business owner I would strongly suggest you look elsewhere.

Customer Service
Review TypeLoan Application

People first a joke!

I have been with this bank for past 10 years. In the last few years all they do is hit you with fees and take money from any advantage they can gain.
Hand in your pocket while smiling at you an absolute disgrace don't touch them.
My accounts will now be changed.

Very disappointed

Had money in a fix term account. At the end of the term they posted me a check for the whole amount which I never received. Went to the branch and it took them 2 hours and 10 phone calls to head office to write me a check. They had no clue what they were doing.


I've found Heritage Bank to be fantastic, they have been more than helpful with our two mortgages, our credit cards and the odd occasions we make large cash payments / withdrawals. Their staff have always been friendly and welcoming and the branch manager seems to pride himself and the staff in branch on customer satisfaction... This was a refreshing change after dealing with NAB who told us they couldn't give us a <80% lvr loan because we don't spend enough.

It seems the experience depends largely on the branch you are with however, I recommend you go into the proposed branch and talk to them before signing up but as I've said our experience has been fantastic.

Home loan joke

New costumer of heritage after being recommended by my home loan broker. Since day one it has been one big fiasco. It has taken close to 5 months to go from pre approval for a home loan to formal approval. Heritage have constantly lost documentation and then demanded replacements, been able to process documentation with in a reasonable time frame, have lied constantly about deadlines and time frames(it will be finished by Wednesday...1 week later still not complete. This bank have a blatant disregard for costumer care. I could go on and on. I can honestly say I have never dealt with such an incompetent bank.
I will never be using them again and will be re mortgageing at the first opportunity. I recommend strongly to anyone looking for a home loan to look elsewhere


I have been a customer for 23 years and in those years my children have also become members and until the past couple of weeks very happy with the service..anything I have needed has been attended to..

.We have 6 Car Insurances
2 contents insurances and one building and contents insurance..My 3 adult children have had housing loans visa cards cheque accounts and many more..I have a term deposit also..One of adult children requires a personal loan to buy her brothers car..Absolutely no reflection on the branch who were wonderful, the final say rested with the Head Office..they wouldn't lend it to her, not with me as guarantor, nor with me going with her on a joint loan..NO NO for a personal loan of $11k...I am just so disappointed with them. My son now is questioning as to whether or not he should bother to apply for a housing loan....

Another rip off institution in Australia

I have been with heritage for 13 years, the problems have started happening in the past 3 years. I have two accounts I only transfer money when I need it. Somehow over $1000 has gone missing, no one there can account for this I was told to circle the transactions that don't add up. I did this only to find that they somehow change the date of the transaction to the date it clears, how is this legal is beyond me. On top of not being able to transfer money overseas through them they are far behind most, then again not much to expect when you're in qld let alone Australia. It seems that Australians just put up with being ripped off and treated like garbage. Oh and travel insurance I paid for three months worth was told I can cancel any time, I came back one and a bit months early. One staff member cancelled it said I would get a call from them and a refund. Went in a month later to find out what the go was, only to have another staff member say no you don't get a refund it doesn't work like that. I will be changing my bank to bank of america. At least they don't rip me off. Tired of businesses in Australia charging double and more of what it is elsewhere nothing but a bunch of convicts.

Dont do it

With bank 5 years. Bank charge a lot of fees and will drain every cent they can out of you. Most certainly put profit above all else. Will smile at you while they have their hand in your pocket. If you have s problem rude and don't want t know about it. Worst bank ever.

Limited services useless for being in major shopping centre

I have been with this bank more than 20 years. I recently tried to deposit some money. I went at 5.45 pm on late night shopping night and found the bank had closed at 4.30pm where it used o be open till 6pm. Then I tried to make the deposit in the ATM only to find this service had also been discontinued. This branch is in a major shopping centre, it beggars belief the poor service they offer customers.

They are Ok but they need to step up their game

I applied for a home loan with this lender and they took ages to provide response during each stage(Pre-approval, valuation, unconditional approval). Initially they did wrong calculation (apparently their calculator was not updated) which reduced borrowing capacity by $30k. I was eventually conditionally approved for $395k.

When I shortlisted property, I was only looking for a loan of $350k but they they decided that my property is in high density area so they asked me to fork out extra $16k as a deposit. Luckily I had some additional savings otherwise I would lost my initial deposit and fee paid for building inspection. Overall it took close to 2 month to get this loan approved.

Awful bank with incompetent people

Got my home loan with this “bank” because of a personal recommendation... Worst. Move. Ever.

Got preapproved for a home loan, signed my contract, told the bank and then they they ring up and say ‘oops, we made an error, you need to come up with $10k before noon or you’re going to loose your deposit” -> What???

Now I have been waiting over 4 months to transfer my mortgage out and to another bank... 4 months!!!! Absolutely incompetent, unprofessional and antiquated bank.

Do not even entertain the idea of using heritage.

Load and Go Visa Prepaid Credit Card from Australia Post

Truly disgusting is the only way to describe the fees on the Load and Go Visa Prepaid Credit Card that I bought from Australia Post. it's totally and absolutely outrageous. I will not be using this product ever again!

Excellent staff and customer service

Very helpful staff, very reliable, can not fault the Victoria point branch. Excellent to the point my whole family now are customers.

Absolutely Perplexed

Very slow application process, months in fact to find out they wouldn't do a very basic refinance lend of $300000 for a house worth $700000 with a proven income of $130000? Go figure ? Don't bother wasting your time look elsewhere.

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Questions & Answers

Are heritage and westpac linked? For bank transfers?...
1 answer
If you mean Westpac does owns Heritage, it doesn't. But if you mean can transfer money between the two, yes you can. And like other transfers, you have to check with both to see what you need to do.

Heritage Bank offer me 1.40% discount to life of the loan. So my interest rate is 4.03%. Should I trust them? Never heard of this bank in VIC.
1 answer
Yes I believe the bank is as sound as any other bank is. All the Heritage Bank needs to do is to practice what preaches, and assist the people that go into their bank, who wish to change large value notes of current Australia currency to smaller denomination. Otherwise I think the bank is quite secure and operates as other banks do.

Address for heritage bank in sydney city?
1 answer
I think that you will find there are no Branches in NSW as of yet. Heritage have branches in Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Wide Bay Burnett area & the Darling Downs (Head Office is in Toowoomba). I was looking for a branch in Canberra a few years ago. You can search here for ATM locations, Branches and mini-Branch locations. http://www.heritage.com.au/Branch-Locator.aspx

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