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Fast delivery and OK product

I ordered the 3 wheel balance trike for my daughter on a Sunday and received it by Friday so was really happy with the quick postage. It was easy to assemble and looks cute. My daughter loved it and was happy to go straight to the park for a test ride.
While it is very cute, it is not a quality piece that will stand the test of time, however for approximately $100 I wasn't expecting too much in terms of quality. I will be happy if we get a years worth of riding out of it.

Product Quality
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Still don’t have my product

I ordered and paid for a kids table set in Sept 2018. It was advertised as 1-2 days dispatch.
After a week of no delivery I followed up and they told me the new delivery time would be end of November! 2 months later is a huge difference.
A month later they call and tell me it will be early December instead!!
I called the day before delivery in Dec and they told me the new timeframe is January 2019. Had I not called no one would have given me an update.
Terrible Service! Learn how manage to customer expectations, compensate when you have fallen
short and inconvenienced and learn simple supply/demand principles!

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Up until now I still do not have my product...

buying a baby wooden walker

Their products are lovely and expensive. But I found the customer service to be lackluster at best. Its as if they don't care about good relationships with customers. My inquiries to them were dismissed without any discussion. I can respect a decision of a company even when I don't agree with it but I find speedy and airy dismissal unnecessary. I would not recommend. I suggest find a company that cares about people and good service.

Amazing business!

I recently purchased the kids piano and I couldn't be happier with the customer service! Highly recommend their amazing products.


STAY AWAY DO NOT BUY OFF THESE GUYS Purchased a white Mia bed wanted a linen fabric style and the staff stuffed up my order and are refusing to correct their huge mistake.
I have taken this complaint to ACCC & fair trade the ombudsman as they still haven’t replaced my little girls bed.
Their websites has no selection box for either the linen or PU leather style I called spoke to the staff to check I was getting a linen one to only have them send a PU leather I called a few days before my order even left the warehouse to be told fabric linen is coming.!
My docket says white Mia bed neither PU leather or linen that’s why I called to ask to ensure it would be or do I need to do anything else to ensure I ordered correctly and this was when I was told they will ensure it’s the fabric linen make as it does come in both.
I told my delivery guy I wanted to refuse my order as it came in split delivery not just one order after checking the bedhesd was a PU leather and my delivery guy was even happy to just take bed back put refused to save them paying for a return delivery.
I figured they could send me the correct one and save on extra delivery cost instead they wanted me to pay for both another delivery and return of the PU leather one here as I live in Sydney.
They have not apologised for the mistake. No manager has called to say sorry or correct this huge error
Fair trade is on the case they even said their site is so deceptively definitely is misleading customers and they leave you in limbo so they get to decide whether you get linen or a Pu leather. It will be a stock balancing for their sales as well.
This is their mistake melody is so rude and the staff are the laziest people I have know to say the least.
This will go to courts I haven’t opened my boxes fully other to check it was a linen fabric and so now my little girl has no bed they know I sold her cot she’s on the floor on her mattress and they haven’t replied to my emails or return any calls this is disgusting.
I’ll never purchase off these guys again !!!!!

Hi Julie, Thank you for your feedback and response. We are disappointed that you feel that we have not reached your expectations with our service as we pride ourselves on delivering service that is professional and respectful. Your original purchase was made by yourself online and has been fulfilled as per your order. We are not disputing the fact that you have been in contact with us in regards to your order and that we did confirm that the bed is a "true" upholstered which it is. Below is the online description that provides all customers with the necessary information to make an informed decision and purchase. MIA King Single Upholstered Bed This stylish king single bed upholstered is available in both a Natural Linen Look & White PU Leather like material. This quality bed will enhance any bedroom and is so easy to assemble. As per your order we have supplied the bed that you purchased and we have advised you that we are happy for you to return it on your own accord for a full refund less original delivery fee or for an exchange for another bed that is suitable.  We have advised that we do not manufacture a White Linen Bed, only a White PU Leather like material, as described in our Product Description. This information has also been passed onto Fair Trade. You are most welcome to contact us to exchange or return your new unused bed, as per the terms on our website Kindest Regards, HipKidsSue & Melody I called your office at HipKids to ask before ordering & after my purchase was done I had noticed my proof of purchase was not very clear on my docket I was very concerned and confused. I understood you were providing me a white fabric natural linen king single Mia bed!!!!! As well asking prior to delivery on the Tuesday before it left the warehouse, I asked three times so honestly how many checks before someone picks me up on my wording & belief of the TERM natural upholstered white bed should not be saying upholstered should say a Pu leather tufted designs ONLY They never actually stood up to say oh no sorry to inform you this colour white really only comes in the Pu leather style and our other colours are available in a material. (NATURAL) IN VARIOUS COLOURS!! So pending how you interpreted the saying and that the cream to should not be a natural saying either try a beige material.. How about when asking about upholstery the staff underline the information in the true wording The white bed is only available in a Pu leather only and when I had asked if it were a true line fabric material I was told yes ! Confused about it I checked and was assured so how can you blame me or anything other customer ? Will it be so hard to provide a selection box ? The mistake is that I wasn’t EVER informed or correctly told that the white is only available in the PU leather material (only) the wording BOTH has it grey in this quote to as like many others whom have read your add previous before me all have to in terms seen it like me you get a choice of both !! You should seriously overlook the wording in this ad as natural does not just mean light cream material. The picture on the website also looks like a true natural fabric. So to me a natural is a cough sofa lounge fabric like most of your kids lounges on the website this is where your staff NEVER ONCE told me in this form nor has anyone else fully understands your add and the legitimate information is honestly not clearly correct as my docket never truly showed me anything but upholstered which both materials do come under this headline. We read it as it has a natural look and the white also comes in a white Pu leather but not the other colours with the leather just white Do you understandably see how this can be determined both ways ???????? I’ve always understood upholstered natural being a fabric not plastic cheap leather faux vinyl in a sofa/chair/accents/lounges. I honestly believed the both natural linen statement did come in a natural (white) as well and Pu leather.... This leather material statement it’s quite misleading or blur to the actual point where mistakenly taken in both designs If in the first place had they corrected the term (linens) Pu leather I felt I was purchasing a linen bed I honestly never wanted any leather Fuax or cheap fake materials, many other kids boutique stores make the material beds in pink,grey.cream, however I wanted white after the Logan blanket was canceled I did ask if it was of fabric or linen and said no & thank god it was out of stock as I honestly never wanted any Pu leather designs either with the box I hate them. So the question still remains why are you blaming me and why is this my mistake why am I having to pay for extra delivery cost to be paid and why do I now have to fix the mistake based on the fact your website and staff that falsely mislead me with information and had clearly on herd sale money in my question so i think you should out of responsibility change your ad your website & fix my situation from the website that has everyone confused about the true available choices Clearly the legal system will have to make the determination in this situation to be resolved , which shows how badly customers satisfaction and loyalty will not be on your priority on this occasion. Thank you kind regards back Julie

Terrible product breaks upon assembly

This product is cheap and nasty. So poor in quality it cracks when being screwed together. Company refuses refund stating all damage needs to be reported prior to assembly when it in fact breaks on assembly and over time. Almost half of panels cracked over a period of 2 months.

Will never purchase from this company again.


Take so long to receive!

I ordered in January buy still waiting for delivery (its nearly June)!
I will not order again in future at all.

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Hi Jane, We are sorry that you have not yet received your order and appreciate that it has taken longer than expected. Unfortunately, sometimes matters beyond our control may result in there being a delay in arrival. We are equally disappointed if items are delayed and customers expectations are not met and would like the opportunity to discuss your order with you. Could you please send us your order number so we can contact you, alternatively you can contact us on (03) 9816 8588 to discuss some options that you may find suitable. Apologies for any inconvenience and disappointment caused. - The HipKids Team

Cheap Quality Toy Box

I Purchased a toy box for my son's birthday and to my dismay, was not up to standard. Although the initial appearance is modern and nice, the particular toy box I received was of cheap quality timber with multiple scratches and cracks, the screws included were much too small to actually hold anything together plus the rails on the lid had no holes drilled in. Very disappointed and was looking forward to buying more items from this site but being the first time buying from Hip Kids, it has left a bitter vibe and will not be coming back and will be informing my fellow parents of my unfortunate experience.

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Hi, We are very sorry to hear of your concerns and disappointment with your toy box purchase. We have sold many and have only received positive feedback, so we are just as disappointed that you are not happy with your purchase. Please can you contact our office on 03 98168588 or email sales@hipkids.com.au with your order details and concerns? We are here to assist so please contact us to discuss options available to remedy the situation - Hipkids Team

Amazing service (especially for this time of year)

I placed my order with Hip KIds Tuesday and it arrived Thursday. I am thrilled to bits. I will not hesitate to order more in the future

Quality & Beautiful Design.

Beautiful design & quality product. We have just purchased our second Hip Kids product & are just as impressed!

Delivery was super quick & we can't wait for our little one to open on her Bday!

Great balance trike

Our 2yo son loves the balance trike from hipkids. I love that it converts into a balance bike as he grows. It was really easy to assemble and delivered really quickly.

Great quality

The kids activity table with storage is great quality and something that will last for years! Struggled to find a table with adequate storage for all the small pens and crayons and this one ticked all the boxes.

Easy service

A good first experience. The toy box is nice looking and great quality - nice and sturdy. Love the safe close lid which is perfect for my 1yo. Website was easy to use and fast shipping. Arrived to me in Melbourne in a few days.

Love hip kids products

Love hip kids products already told so many of my friends about it if there order is in stock it's out to u with it the next two to three days And if not in stock they let u know there date stock arrive before you purchase... love that they have after pay which makes it easy for everyone... I'll definitely be shopping from them again next I think will be my girls beds can't wait

My favorite childrens store

I have purchased numerous items from children's furniture, decorative items and toys everything has been exactly as discribed amazing quality and beautifully designed with children in mind so definatley durable along with being stunning.

Fantastic products & service!

Absolutely love my kitchen and kids craft table. The craft table had a few scratches on it when it arrived and I (being super OCD) emailed customer service asking about it. Within a few hours I had a phone call from lovely melody who offered to send me replacement parts asap! AMAZING!

Great item

Great items and great free gift with purchase was a bonus, loved the availability of afterpay to help pay it off also.

Great website, would use again & recommend!

The website was well layed out making it easy to navigate, select my item & purchase. Additionally great communication. Delivery was prompt and it was easy to track my item. I would definitely recommend to friends & family.

We love our balance bike!

We had a great experience purchasing a bike from HipKids. The team were fantastic and extremely helpful throughout the whole process!


From picking a gift for my granddaughter to getting it delivered was a delight. I will definitely use them again

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Questions & Answers

Where can we get sheets and pillows for the MIA double bed?
1 answer
Hi Sorry, your question has gone to a reviewer, not Hip Kidz.

Hi, I was about to order one of your bikes but wonder whether your customer service and product quality has improved at all? There are a lot of negative reviews and I don't have time or energy to put myself through such an experience
1 answer
Hi please focus on the positive reviews. We have 118 positive reviews on this website and are currently rating at 4.5 stars. We have been in business for 9 years and have sold thousands of products and unfortunately in retail you cannot please everyone even though we honestly try too. I can assure you we take pride in customer service & products. We stand by them. We offer 1 year warranty on all our products and will provide after hours support if required. All you have to do is pick up a phone or if your in Melbourne come and visit us at our showroom in Melbourne and you will be able to see for yourself thanks David HipKids

After reading these reviews, I am starting to get a bit worried that I won't receive my order on time for my 3 year olds birthday. I ordered a 2-in-1 balance bike 16 days ago and tracking is "unavailable" on the website. Apparently "dispatched". What are the average time frames people have found when ordering these bikes? I live in a capital city, so not remote or difficult to deliver.
3 answers
Hi, If you are concerned I would ring them direct and advise that you cannot see the tracking online . If should only take a few days from dispatched.Hi david here from hipkids please you do not have anything to worry about. Please ring us on 0398597316 and one of our staff will more than happy to help and track your parcel. Its probably just a system issue that you cannot track your item online which I will follow up. We have been in business for eight years and have sold thousands of products to thousands of happy customers we wouldn't be in business if we didn't sell quality products and look after our customers. Unfortunately in retail you cannot please everyone. Please also pay attention to the majority of reviews on this website which are positive. If you are still no convinced visit our ebay store 'hipkidsstore' it has over 5000 left feedback and we are sitting on 99% positive feedback last time I checked as well as all the product reviews left on our website by happy customersHi. I didn't have a problem with delivery times they were prompt & I live in Brisbane.

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