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Hisense HR6TFF527 (526L, White)

Hisense HR6TFF527 (526L, White)

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A Big Family Size Fridge

Having owned this for a few years now, I can honestly say that overall it is a fairly good fridge/freezer. It is very big, which is suitable for our five person family, and is usually very good at keeping things cold in both the fridge and freezer. That being said, owners need to be aware that a thermostat adjustment may be required during periods of extreme heat or extreme cold weather especially if the fridge and/or freezer are being repetitively opened (as my wife and kids do). During our first Winter everything was getting too cold in both the fridge and freezer and I had to play around with the temperature set buttons that are conveniently located inside of the fridge compartment. Eventually I got the settings right and then Summer hit where everything kept defrosting in the freezer and the fridge was not keeping things cool. So another quick press of the temp buttons and voila - no more problems.

The only problems I've experienced with this fridge is from one of the weak plastic door shelves broke off (we didn't bother replacing it) and just recently the crisper box cover/bottom shelf disintegrated all on its own during the night for some unknown reason. We have just ordered a replacement for $60.

Date PurchasedMay 2015

Good fridge, biggest size that fits in average spaces.

This fridge is cheap, cools well, doesn't frost up, and has huge capacity. No other 500litre+ fridge will fit in the space this does. It never needs the freezer defrosted. The only negative is it's extremely easy to dent this fridge. It's very quiet, and appears to cool evenly throughout the whole fridge. The plastic shelves are pretty brittle and break easy and the ice maker broke after about 6 months, as it refuses to release cubes. Getting old fashioned ice cube trays resolves the problem.

Date PurchasedFeb 2016

This one is good.

Yes,Hisense HR6TFF Series maintains a good temperature in all compartments, it is a Chinese brand and we like it. It is quiet and it is quite big. It is good size for my family. We can buy more food in supermarket and store it in the refrigerator. we love it.

Date PurchasedSep 2016

Great product - Going Strong so far

We purchased this product last year from The Good Guys and it is still going strong and never miss a beat. Storage capacity of 526L is excellent which easily caters for our big family. My partner was after silver colour and it perfectly meets our all needs. The only drawback is handle sometime become loose so you need to keep on tightening them periodically.

Date PurchasedAug 2016

Good value

A reliable brand, good size refrigerator for two adults and two children, maintains a good temperature throughout all compartments at all times, easy to clean interior, satisfactory storage compartments and shelving. Freezer ample space for a family.
Quiet motor however it seems on to run for long periods. Satisfactory standard warranty.

Date PurchasedDec 2016

Really good fridge

We bought the Hinsense HR6TFF527SD 526L. We have only had to for two weeks, but we are very happy with it. We had a look at Samsung and LG fridges in the same price range, but we found the Hinsense had better features compared to the others. Things like deeper freezer shelves and better shelve design overall won us over. Though the energy rating was one star lower on the Hinsense compared with the Samsung and LG models.

Date PurchasedJul 2016

Absolute Rubbish.

The saying "you get what you pay for" cannot be more true when it comes to HISENSE. Bought this fridge from Sheedy Muirs 18 months ago. It looked good and was priced reasonably. It has 3 years warranty and is still under warranty. It stopped working suddenly on a hot day yesterday as this week has been a hot week. All we had in the fridge were spoilt. We rang support today and it is terrible too. Basically got told that someone will come in within 2-3 days to assess it and make an appointment to get is repaired within 5-7 business days. Since it is Xmas and New Year, I will not get this fixed until next year and probably at the end of January. When I asked about the products that got spoilt I got told that I would be reimbursed but only if I have the receipts? Seriously?? In the meantime I got told I was on my own and too bad that I did not have a fridge and the family would suffer during this period. I would have expected better from this fridge and bought it because of the warranty. I will never ever buy Hisense again. I will be getting my money back and buying a well-known brand. My previous one was LG and it lasted 12 years but was too small for the family.

Very good fridge, half the price of the fancy ones

Good fridge, after 2 years started to have a minor issue.
Freezer is defrosting, water running down the panel inside the fridge, under the crisper out under the door onto the floor. Typical problem of this brand many others. To gain space the tray at the end panel on the freezer does't have enough slope preventing the water from the defrost system running through the conduit before frosting and tapping the conduit down to besides the condenser at the back bottom tray.
Easy fixing. Good service, very kind and professional on the telephone and reliable on appointment, fast. 2 1/2 years and still under guarantee!!...they give you 3 years when normally is only two. I would recommend this fridge very much.
Big, stainless steel, reliable. Good warranty service.

Bad Fridge

Would never buy this brand fridge ever again, and would not recommend to anyone. It's not even 12 months, should kept to LG, never ever had one problem with fridges. Hisense HR6TFF526 is not worth the money you pay for. For now on we get another fridge it will be LG, knew l should of stay with them.

Freezer is defrosting, water running down the panel inside the fridge, under the crisper out under the door onto the floor, Had a guy out to look at it, Inside the freezer the element has to be replace, it will take over a week to get the part, We have to turn the fridge off and let it defrost, the company won't replace the fridge with another one, until ours get fix, It's to bad to the customer.

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Questions & Answers

Freezer frosting up badly and freezer is not working, curdle milk we had in fridge. What could cause the problem?
No answers

the fridge is leaking from the back wall to the sipping to the bottom under the salad box then leaks to the floor. I can't find the drip hole to unplug . do I have to unscrew the back unit to find it?
1 answer
Really can't help you with this but why not call HiSense - they have an amazing customer service ( I also have a Hisense TV which had a minor problem and the call centre guy stepped me through re-setting it and now no more problems)..they speak English - based in Melbourne. Having that sort of back-up was a real surprise for me - they are open til about 7.00pm as well!

where is the external drip pan cant find it and no instructions in manual. leaks water over floor
1 answer
I'm not familiar with this model, but most fridges have a plastic "drip catcher" dish on top of the compressor at the back. It is not a removable tray like old fridges had. Defrost water drops into it, and the warmth of the compressor motor makes the collected water slowly evaporate away. If your fridge is leaking, it is often a blockage in the drain tube that carries defrost water down to this evaporation dish. The water backs up, then overflows under the crisper and out the door. Otherwise the drain hose might have been dislodged and isn't emptying into the plastic drain dish, or the dish is damaged or missing. Generally you can easily see the plastic dish at the back of the fridge, sitting on top of the compressor motor ( a rounded black box...) but sometimes it is hidden behind a plastic grille. Contact the manufacturer, then might be able to talk you through finding out what exactly is going on without needing a service call.


Hisense HR6TFF527 (526L, White)
CategoryTop Mount Fridges / Refrigerators
Manufacturer Warranty3 year(s)
Release dateMar 2012
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