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Hello, what about getting to dirt in corners, is Hizero effective with this?
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Hello, what about getting to dirt in corners, is Hizero effective with this?
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I didn't have any difficulty, the machine is pretty easy to manoeuvre - about as easy as a broom but does the mopping as well.Hizero has a 5mm dead corner, this means it gets very close to corners. I go one way and then reverse and go the other way to pick up anything very closeThanks

I have new carpet and old uneven slate floors and was wondering does the hizero go between both and will it vacuum & mop the slate with out damaging the floor or the hizero? Thanks
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It’s only for hard floors not carpets :)Hizero is only suitable for hard floors not carpet, yes it will do slate no problems

Hi, this machine seems to. E the answer to my problems. I have bamboo floors, tiles, and laminate in the kitchen. We have a beautiful Labrador who sheds a tonne of hair.. will this 4 in 1 bionic miracle suck up all the hair and mop st the same time?
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hi Jo the Hizero does not use suction, it uses a polymer roller to absorb liquid waste and sweep up hard waste ike hair. Yes it will clean all hard floors , wet and dry.. thanks

I have quite old uneven slate flooring, how does the Hizero go on uneven surfaces?
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The Hizero works fine on Slate floors. We do offer a loan unit that you can take home and try on your floors. This can be collected from any of our showrooms, please call 1800 662 301 to confirm availability.

Can this product be used on engineered timber floors? Bit worried about scratching and the water. Thanks
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the Hizero is safe to use on sealed timber floors, the polymer cleaning roller will not scratch your floors. it also uses minimal water. You can come into one of our showrooms and have a live demonstration, we have all types of flooring. www.hizero.com.au

Hello, Can the Hizero be used on unsealed porcelain tiles? Thanks
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Hi GemmaK, The Hizero leaves minimal water on the floor making it ok to use on unsealed porcelain tiles.

Do you need to add some type of cleaning product to the water?
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There is a cleaning product that comes with the machine. However I mostly use just water on my floors and that does a great job.thanks Barb for answering, let me know if you need anything, cheers Dino'

Would this replace my dyson cordless vacuum or would i still need to vacuum aswell?
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Hi Taryn, the Hizero is only suitable for hard floors, all types, you would still use the dyson on carpet, cheers DinoThe Hizero sweeps and mops, so no you would not need to vac first

I am looking at buying a hizero. My puppy is still toilet training, would the hizero be ok to clean up his wee’s? Is the cleaning solution an enzymatic cleaner?
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Hi Michelle, yes it will clean the mess but for hygiene reasons i recommend no or buy a second cleaning roller. If you were to use it for this purpose then dilute with water and use our detergent. and then do a full clean after use

Just wondering how it comes with dog hair?
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Our dog is hair free, but it does collect human hair quite well. What happens though is because it has a brush on the front, it loops around just like most vacuums would do but it's not as bad. I think it has something to do with the water, because more than half the hair ends up in the waste tray whilst a few get caught in the brush roller.Dog hair is fine. Shorter than human hair and ends up in the waste tray. Machine copes well with small things like dog hair, crumbs, fluff etc.

where I can register my Hizero ? I bought it from TVSN Channel Sydney Au.
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I'll check for you. I reckon they'll contact you as they watch this page. They seem very efficient.https://hizero.com.au/customer-service/warranty-registration/

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