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Bad service

Bad service.
I recently bought a Turnigy TGY remote control, web page was priced in Aus$ when i proceeded through to pay for this item, Hobby King changed the price to US$ then converted back to Aus$ and the price went up by $4. I know this is not a large amount but when done to every transaction there is a large RIP OFF to all customers, Postage has been so slow 12 days up to now across Australia!!!! i have purchased large items {motorbike exhaust} from USA and they were delivered in 9 days. Take notice of the other post regarding this company do not buy from Hobby King pay a little more for customer service.

Return Claim MadeNo

Should be closed down. Their refund policies are criminal.

I bought a hobbyking skysword off this site because their youtube videos were captivating and pretty much sold me. I must admit I was regretfully hasty. I've been in the hobby industry for 8 years now and really know my stuff so take it from me when you read this. NEVER BUY OFF HOBBYKING!! I received my skysword along with 2 6s lipo batteries. I was really excited to get it up in the air. I assembled it. Assigned the channels on my sanwa sd10g transmitter and powered it up. Immediately 3 servos failed. 1 of the elevator servos was stripped indicating that it was a plastic gear servo. Now who would make a high performance 6s jet using plastic gear servos let alone poor quality servos??!!. I also noticed that the servos were warped indicating that they were of very poor quality. I went to put in a claim through hobbyking and it required photos to proceed with the claim. Problem is the pics had to be under 2mb. Wth?!! A pic that takes 2mb of data is around 2 megapixels. I have nothing that is that poor in image quality so I escalate a claim through paypal. Hobbyking agreed to give give a refund if I sent the plane and lipos to their head office in Hong Kong within 5 days of this email!!! For starters it is illegal to send lipos via airmail and the box was over 105cm so it would cost me a fortune in ocean shipping which would never make it to Hong Kong in 5 days!! On top of that. It's illegal to send lipos overseas!! Now the warehouse it was sent from is 28 Shelley Rd Moruya NSW. Obviously these bloody crooks do their best to make it very hard
for you to exercise your rights as a consumer. I must admit. I shouldn't of headed the warnings people gave me about these dodgy fools. NEVER EVER AGAIN. NEVER EVER EVER BUY FROM THESE GRONKS!!! God knows i never will again. Btw. The owner is Australian.

Return Claim MadeYes
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Update: as I was replacing crappy servos. The esc went on the blink do to the control board being faulty!! Even the inbuilt ubec failed. This piece of crap is dangerous!!!

NEVER buy from Hobbyking. Customer service is nonexistent!

3-4 years ago I bought quite a bit of stuff from Hobbyking, (I mean thousands of dollars in gear) and at the time, it was all pretty OK. Their shipping costs are a ripoff, compared to most other online sellers, but the products were reasonably good.

However, in the past 1-2 years, their products and service have gone to the dogs.

15 months ago I bought 3D printer filament. Had no probs with filament purchased elsewhere, but the Hobbyking garbage clogged, split, and was absolutely terrible.

They returned it, fine. But refused giving me a refund, instead crediting me towards another purchase.

So, I bought a Firstar 200 RC aircraft. First flight, the prop sheared off. I mean within 10 seconds. This was 12 months ago.

So, went to order a replacement. It's a special size no one else seems to have, so went back to Hobbyking. After all, they sold it. Wouldn't they be expected to have spare parts?


No props. At all.

So, contacted them, and was told they were on back order. I should wait for a few weeks and check.

I waited and checked for 6 MONTHS! No backorders.

Finally fed up, I told them I was going to the ACCC as the product was not fit for purpose when spare parts aren't available.

They eventually got back to me with an "alternate" product. Not very close, much larger, diff pitch, but since I had nothing to lose, went and ordered it.

Again, their shipping is a rip off. $9 for two tiny props 10cm long, weighing almost nothing, costing $6 each, from AU warehouse (and over $40 from China warehouse???). So, to make it worth while, I ordered a transmitter case for another $15, since there was only $1 difference in the postage cost.

Box eventually arrived. Case inside, And a sealed postage bag....which was empty.


So, the entire reason I ordered this was the props. I didn't need the case. It was more of a WTH purchase.

Tried claiming through their disputes process. They kept posting it was progressing, or being assessed. Now it's "completed". Yet they never once got back to me, advised what was happening, and they still haven't refunded my money!

So, talked to their "Chat online" people who ever so kindly offered a refund on the 2x props....but NOT shipping. Because I ordered a second item, which I didn't need, but cost me an extra $1 so what the hell, they said I wasn't eligible to receive any refund on the $9.50 it cost to ship the props they didn't send, and I'd have to pay it a second time if I wanted them to send the props on another order. So, spent $35. Didn't get what I ordered, and they offered me $8 refund. Unbelievable.

So, lodged Paypal dispute. Again, they sent tracking info showing the item arrived, but how that possibly helps is rubbish, given the fools didn't actually put the items IN THE BOX. Then refused again to offer any refund on shipping for the goods they didn't send.

So, still fighting Paypal for a refund on items not received. Ready to take the entire matter to the financial ombudsmans office.

So, do not buy from HOBBYKING! There's other Chinese sellers out there, like Banggood, and even Aliexpress, who at least do the right thing by you if they screw up. Hobbyking sell garbage products nowadays, their customer service is non-existent, and heaven help you if you have a problem!

You've been warned...

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Seems Paypal agreed with me, and not Hobbyking. Partial refund of props and shipping received thanks to Paypal. Guess you lose, Hobbyking...

Good prices but , Looks suspect .

I intended to purchase a E bike OR E bike conversion kit , however the site kept telling me they could not post to my postcode without any reason why so I cancelled my purchase before paying .

Abusive and nasty staff who are vindictive and liars

If I could give no stars i would. This company is the single most incompetent entity I have ever had the misfortune of coming across.
They lost my package and have I ignored all my contact. The only help I got was, go to the courier and sort the matter yourself. I spent 6 days trying to resolve it with parcelforce and finally got the proof I needed that the courier lost my package.
I sent this to them and they just ignored it and said they were waiting for another method from me which I never got asked for. It’s just one excuse after another. No one will speak to me. Even though I have asked on multiple occasions. It have left me with no choice but to contact my solicitor on Monday morning to have this resolved as i have now run out of time to purchase again for my sons main Xmas present. They have officially ruined his christmas. I feel my rights have been violated.
I am disgusted at this level of disregard and level of customer service (none). I wouldn’t recommend anyone to purchase anything from these clowns.
Unless it was within the UK. This package was from Europe so be very careful how you order as it’s easy to get it wrong and be misled.
Thank you hobbyking for ruining our Christmas and disappointing a young child beyond belief. You are an absolute disgrace.

*Update: it is now the 15th dec and this so called investigation has still not been resolved. The replies are inaccurate as I paid early December and arrived 5th December. I have the proof of this parcel not being delivered but they are not interested. They are still asking me to run around doing things for them and being the 15th dec I am currently running out of time to purchase a similar item for my sons main Xmas present. Well done hobbyking. If you had been doing your job since first contact I wouldn’t be so sick with stress right now. The most unpleasant transaction ever.

Update: customer service representative has lost control of the situation. He has responded here and not read emails correctly showing the offer of compensation by parcelforce. losing control of his words. As you can see by the capitals in the text, not the most calm and collected customer service representative. Calls himself a team leader! Stay tuned for more updates. I have asked to speak to a manager but been refused every time.

Update 17/12/18: was offered a refund today from a female worker at hobbyking called [name removed]. I was happy that I was finally listened to, although I had to email the CEO of hobbyking personally first. But a few hours later, the representative who was losing control the other night emailed me and after I said I was happy with his colleagues resolution he said this....

Hello Liambarrington,

I hope you're joking mate... after all our correspondence you feeling the way you do makes no sense. Well, a replacement order is on its way to you and that's that.


[name removed]

What great customer service skills this person has. Calling me mate and like it or lump it basically. The other day he told me he was a “team leader” and today he has said he is a manager?! And when I asked to speak to one the other day he said I couldn’t. But apparently he is a manager? And for the record he is the one replying here and probably will do shortly as he cannot resist getting his 10 pence worth. Is this ever going to end?

Update: our learnered friend [name removed] has now deleted all the messages he has written on here to cover his tracks. Absolutely shocking and unprofessional. if anyone would like to see transcripts and snap shots of previous messages please request them.
He has said that I will not be receiving a refund now, although I have arranged an alternative for my son after the information I received earlier from his colleague [name removed] (more money out of my bank just before Xmas) I will be sending it back immediately. If I had not caused such a fuss and resulted to methods such as this, I would have got absolutely no where.

Ex display Durafly Tundra

I recently purchased a Durafly Tundra... It arrived damaged, I contacted Hobbyking and explained the situation,,,, They listened and explained they were hobbyist as well and understood me being upset..... they looked into my purchase and FIXED IT INSTANTLY . THANKS HOBBYKING

Absolute rubbish service and rubbish products!

Got myself a beautiful new bixler 3. Packed well. Came with a broken camera mount and snapped off rudder servo horn luckily on the rudder and not aileron because I was able to land the plane safely.
I contact hobby king and the incompetent moron refuses to help me claiming its crash damage. CRASH DAMAGE for a plane that never crashed!!!!

The broken servo horn led to the cable coming lose and the propeller catching it which ripped the rudder horn off (easily fixed) but meant I had to land without rudder. Again not an issue. To prevent further damage I killed the motor. It's a glider. Again no problem. BUT after a perfect glide in landing this fool is trying to claim its MY fault that their shoddy workmanship and crap service broke a non customer serviceable part without an impact!

Set that aside. Terrible customer service which is to say NO customer service. You get referred to a call style centre who will love chat with you. All while taking a ton of time to reply when you have a real issue.

Avoid hobby king at all costs!

More misleading prices

Purchased two items - one stocked in HK warehouse, the other in Aus warehouse. Prices/shipping shown in Aud. Completed as one order. Paid with credit card instead of PayPal this time to try and avoid the conversion rate ripoff - still got slugged an extra $9 Aud over the order total on the bank statement!

Fraudulent Price Listings

Website shows Australian Dollars. That should be binding or don't show it.
HK uses US Dollars, so prices differ due to Exchange rates.
HK gives US dollar price to Paypal, and AUD price can jump ~ 5% up from listed website price.

Fraudulent practice, don't show Australian Dollar price if you can't back it up.

Shocking postage charges and very poor service.

H.K should learn from some off the other companies selling on E.Bay e.g. I ordered a model plane from Banggood on a Sunday and it was at my front door on Wednesday,now that's what I call service.H.K use a courier company called Fastway, what a joke my order took over a week to get to my door from just the other side of Australia.I will never buy from H/K/ again .Why don't they read our reviews and get a clue!!!

Poor web page and no stock.

They used to be good, Now no communication, Very expensive postage and never have stock. Never again will I buy from HK.

Worst website, selling from Aust warehouse in USD and more

The website is not friendly for a low end machine, infact it freezes some. Their app is useless in my opinion.
They have an Australian warehouse but, quote incorrect exchange rates for USD to AUD in their website so when you go to paypal and your bill is in USD, the paypal exchange rate pushes the cost up more.
Today, they are advertising free postage with criteria. My order met the criteria but every time I went to pay by paypal they wanted to charge me $28 for postage. Then I got onto "live chat", they weren't helpful at all. Then I tried FB messenger and I'm still waiting to hear back.

***NOTE: if you purchase through paypal and your order doesn't arrive by the quoted date you can start a claim for a refund through paypal****

Good luck


Ordered a Drone for my Son's birthday. At checkout paid for express post 5-14 day delivery. Currently at Day 26 with no Tracking no. able to be given and no adequate response from them. Never again!

Postage too slow

As is common with Hobbyking you pay up front including postage and as I write I’ve waited a month for 3 batteries to arrive and still a no show. I thought it might be due to the wonderful service we now get from Australia post now that their service is second rate but this one even outdoes them.

Last time they get me !

very good on service but a bit short on communication

I ordered seven items on the night of 22 Jan 2018 for delivery to Mount Martha, VIC. They arrived by AP courier on 29 Jan, all items as ordered (total AU$70). No problems there.

I was a little disappointed that I did not receive a notification of posting nor of the tracking number. A minor blemish given the prompt delivery.

For those customers who whinge about HK not being as cheap as O/S prices, give them a big positive for the quicker supply if they have it in Moruya!!!

Just another online store and not the best

I have used HK for multi rotor ( Drones as he US prefer) and 3D PLA printing filament around 12 months ago HO showed plenty of stock from Colido, eSun and own brand - but amazingly as the current "craze" for 3D printing in the rapidly increasing numbers of machines appearing out of China; HK do not seem to be stocking Colido anymore and the other brands are out of stock almost hours after they are seen as "In Stock". Now, you don't need to be the smartest business manager to see that increased sales are running stock out fast - then take note of the trends and re-order MORE of the fast sellers. It does not happen. I suppose it could also be that in the pre boom we have in 3D, that these suppliers were happy to deal with HK whereas now... they have more and perhaps better outlets as the likes of BangGood and even the devils own GearBest outwardly try to improve their status from cheapo online stores with crap quality products! The same could be said in my other "hobby" quadcopters or multi rotor. The big frame camera caring quads- sell less as the incomers get into the smaller racing and free style competitions - or have ambitions to become youTube stars... add to that that most countries, led by the US seem intent on legislation that makes it extremely difficult to find a place to fly - so that being the case and add the decline in RC model fixed wing and heli's - HK will sell less and therefore hold less stock of the slow movers... while this is logical from a business standpoint - the 3D printing filament problems they create for me be almost never having stock..means I shop elsewhere and HK lose my money.

Don't Have a Lot of Stock Nowadays

In times past, HK Australia had loads of different models to order (be it planes, helicopters or whatever). Nowadays they seem to have cut back significantly on this. Don't get me wrong, HK are still great for accessories, tools and other miscellaneous items but they are lacking in the actual range of models. This is a pity as HK used to have some awesome models I would regularly buy from their Aussie warehouse. Nowadays, they do not. Such a pity as I used to like getting new planes cheaper from HK than I could at a hobby shop.

OK with variety but no longer best in price

I have purchased over 20 items from Hobby King over the years. In the recent years the prices get less competitive if the postage is added. As observed by others, the prices are usually in USD but you can click AUD option (or other currency). Most annoying thing is that Australia warehouse does not stock a lot and many items must be sent from overseas warehouse ... so the postage is higher and so the delivery time would very a lot, from a few days to weeks.
Just to sum up: Have a good variety of hobby items/small tools/equipment but sometimes it can be frustrated in ordering.

First class service

Ordered on Wednesday, shipped (Moruya)Thursday, delivered Monday. Complete tracking info supplied, goods as ordered. Kit now assembled and test flown. I did find the ordering process a little tedious but later found out that they track you, cookies, location etc and if you have these turned off or on high privacy setting you will struggle. My advice...pay with PayPal only not credit card.

Hobbyking livechat dummies

hobbyking webpage to buy zippy compact 2200mah 2s 25c lipos would estimate shipping but refused to update total or give anything but pickup at moruya warehouse option.(impossible for me). informed them over a week ago, they saw the problem and said it would be fixed. tried repeatedly last 2 days, no joy. messaged them also. livechatted again today, got told there was no problem, tried different browser, different computer, all checkout options, still wouldn't allow me to buy and ship to my address. basically got told it must be my fault. absolutely hopeless! never again....wasted too much time already!!

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hobbyking can suck a big one. ive bought thousands of AU dollars worth of gear of them in the past. But now they dont have a presence in australia anymore. ill go somewhere else. Thats the thing with aussies mate. support us an we will support you. Abandon us and we will drop you like a we have done with holden and ford. HOBBYKING< YOU SUCK
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Hi Jeremy i am surprised that you have given 2 star....... my anger is directed at there poor excuse on the way the customer is charged, When browsing there site goode are price in A$, in every other site i have purchased from whatever the country if the price is A$ that's what you pay, i was charged extra $5 after conversion to US$ then Back to A$ and Hobbyking responded that it was due Paypal. As far as i am concerned this is total deceit and fraud to all customers.

Why, when placing an order in excess of $60, do you continue to adjust the postage-free amount by various amounts, including several of $1.00 above the $70 mark. This is a major turn-off and I just cancelled. What is the postage-free mark? No means of contact and a 'could't care less, rip-off attitude"!
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This site has strange way of operating , good prices BUT it would not sell me the item I was trying to buy as kept saying they can not post to my area . I would stay clear of HobbyKing till they improve things .

Hi my boy brought me a fly sky FS-T6 control he though he was doing the right thing, this control has 6 channels will only work on planes do you ore do you now some one that can convert it to surface control i have tamiya track truck and i needed something with 6 channels? many thanks David Quinton
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Sorry David, out of my field of league. RussellP.many thanks for your quick response

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