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Hozelock Auto Reel

Hozelock Auto Reel

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They are AMAZING

We now have 3 on our acreage property. One was given as a gift and we then bought 2 more (30mt retractable) because we loved the first 30mt retractable one so much. We love them, they are super tidy, durable, just all around fantastic, so convenient and easy to use,

Date PurchasedAug 2018
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Thank you for your review Rebecca. Yes, our new (grey model) certainly is of the highest quality and easy to use.

I love all of mine

I have four Hozelock auto reel hoses, bought over the last four years, and I use them all through the summer, and the two out the back in Summer and Winter. If I ever had to move I'd take them with me or buy four more. Great.

Why do I have to write more than fifty words?

Date PurchasedMay 2014

Hozelock Auto Reel Leaks Worse Than a Politician

Bought a 40m Auto Reel 2595 in June 2015. Now it leaks like a sieve from the centre spindle because the two white O rings are worn and need to be replaced.
Issue 1: When I bought it I registered the product thinking I would get the 3 yrs warranty extension for a total of 5 yrs warranty. When I went to the web site no record of my account could be found so I guess no extended warranty.
Issue 2: Unable to find any information offering after sales out of warranty service of Hozelock products.
Issue 3: No spare parts for the internals available from Hozelock. No information about size of O rings.
Issue 4: Hozelock warn against DIY repairs as only Hozelock Technicians are trained for this - But see Issue 2.

I guess the probable outcome will be that I throw away a $275 unit because Hozelock won't supply a couple of O rings worth about $1.00 each.

Will I buy another auto reel - very probably. Will I ever buy another Hozelock product - not a snowball's chance in hell.

Date PurchasedJun 2015

Waste of money

I bought my hozelock 30m Auto Reel nearly 1yr ago and it’s broke already.
Its got an extended 5yr guarantee, you just try contacting them though.!!! “Impossible” is an understatement, emailed them 5 times, phoned them on numerous occasions with them just cutting me off.
This is the Worst customer service I have ever received from any company...
Such a Shame as Hozelock used to do the best hose equipment going...

Date PurchasedMay 2017

Total rubbish don't waste your money

Bought one 30mt auto retractable unit great at first then leaked bad underneath exchanged under warranty, second ok till winter leaked again but i blamed myself for not draining it bought a replacement third pouring out same place still awaiting out come but if replaced straight on ebay and i will buy a Gardena my neighbour is smirking as his was cheaper.

Date PurchasedAug 2017

casingman John

I purchased 3 x 30 mtr hozelock hoses 4 years ago today all 3 are dead - I purchased 4 hoselink hoses 6 years ago and they are still working the same as the day I purchased them.
I found the hoselock hose reels can't handle the Australian conditions - for the last 18 months I had to hand feed the hose back into 2. The other hose may have been used 6 times in total over 4 years.
To anyone who works hard to earn their money, don't waste it on hoselock stuff. I have a shed full of the stuff that I want to get rid of. I will be changing the other 9 hozelock hoses over to hoselink when they die.
If you buy them for a short term job they are fine but, for the cost they should last much longer than 4 years. I look after all my gear really well so I'm disappointed and also disappointed with the companies response to the issue.
2 years and an offer to purchase more hoses at $176.00 each which to me is trying to buy your silence.

Date PurchasedOct 2013

Great quality! Never had a problem

I've had 2 Hozelock retractable hose reels for over 2 1/2 years now and have never had an issue. I use both daily and they haven't had any issues at all, they both retract every time without an issue, even with my kids constantly pulling on them. I'm very happy with the quality!

Date PurchasedMar 2014

Very disappointed

Very disappointed. Waste of money. We had problems from the start that just got worse and worse. It was troublesome retracing, now does not retract at all - you have to manually push it in (if it ever did work again it would take your hand off - but we feel very safe this will not happen) Will never buy another Made in England Hozelock rubbish. Buy another brand save yourself the pain of trying to us it just because to paid too much and cant throw it away.

Date PurchasedJan 2015

Not fit for purpose.

You expect an auto reel to automatically reel in, yes?
Mine did this perfectly for 3 summers. Then, bearing in mind this is only used during summer so 4-5 months of the year in NZ, it stopped auto rewinding. I piled it on the deck each time to get through the rest of that summer and the next one. Then it sprang a leak internally and would constantly drip, drip, drip, drip for ages during and after using. When winter arrived we took it off the wall and had a look inside (despite Hozelocks warning, my OH is perfectly qualified to do so).
The connections had failed inside hence the leak and the coiled spring had snapped in two places resulting in a complete failure of the metal spring. But that's ok, they offer a 5 year guarantee!
I contacted Hozelocks UK customer service as mine was purchased from UK and shipped to NZ at vast expense because the 40metre were not stocked here. I did not get a reply to emails, so I contacted the NZ reps Horticom. They are unable to help as Hozelock UK will not sell the spring as the tension is dangerous.
At NZ $400, they are not cheap and I certainly expected this hose from a reputable garden supplies company, to last longer. Ours is not stored in direct sunlight, and the hose was never left under pressure. I am really disappointed that they dismiss you instantly and are unable to offer any solution.
I now have a very large useless hard plastic case to dispose of and a 40 metre hose without a reel. :(

Date PurchasedDec 2012

No more stops - hang on....

I AM Dutch, so pardon my English.
Within 5 years the hose is unstoppable when using it.
The reel can not be repaired. Only thing left is to throw away.
No trust in this qua light for the same prince as concurrence. No coulance because no billing sheet.
I will shop around for a new hose.
We bought and oadt 115 euro's.
Conorm bank aConform


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Date PurchasedJun 2012

Internal hose/fitting failure after less than 12 months use

Purchased (on discount) in November 2015 but I didn't mount it for some months so it has been in operation less than 12 months. In December 2016 I noticed water leaking from the bottom of the reel housing when under pressure. This progressively increased until late January 2017 it completely failed and all water just gushes out of the bottom. Removing the side panel and hose entry point it is clear the internal end of the hose reel has come away from the internal mount point where the water goes in. Can't see the end of the hose as it has disappeared up inside the housing with only an internal reinforcing coil still visible. Other side panel has warning about unscrewing (presumably a strong spring under tension in there) so I don't plan to mess with it.

As others observed, internal hose diameters are quite small although I have not had issues with poor pressure.

A 5Y warranty that only applies if registered online is a con.

Date PurchasedNov 2015

Overpriced Hose Reel

Purchased two of the 30m auto reels from the failed Masters Hardware store. The first failed after 6 months( replaced under warranty) the second has failed just after 12 Months. Now the replacement reel has failed after another 7 months. When they did function the product was difficult and not easy too use. The supplied fittings all failed with a few months. Overall they are a very poor product selling at a premium price. I will never buy any Hoselock products again. Be Warned

Date PurchasedOct 2015

Hozelock Auto Reel-worthless 5 Year Guarantee-they Dont Sell Spares-very Expensive Throw Away

I have RH/Arthritis & can't handwind a hose so bought an Hozelock auto reel,I registered the 5 year guarantee. The hose no longer retracts so rang Hozelock, they say a reg number was sent by email, I never received it so Hozelock won't help. I have my purchase receipt. They wont even repair or sell parts.

Date PurchasedFeb 2012

A true throw away item!!

I have just thrown away my second 30 metre Hoselock reel in 5 years, my first one lasted 3 years before it would not retract at all, got a replacement for it no worries but the new one would not retract if there was any water left in in it, this one gave up completely after 2 years! Also the quality of the hose leaves a lot to be desired it was forever blowing out at the fittings and creases when it rewinds.

Fantastic hose can't live without it

I have had my 20 meter Hozelock Auto Reel for a few years and it has worked perfectly all that time with no issues at all. I would recommend this product to anyone looking to buy an auto hose reel. I bought mine new off an Ebay supplier.I take it with me every time I move house.

Hozelock products fail easily due to poor internal hose connections

My Hozelock Auto reel failed after a few uses. It became disconnected in side and it is extremely difficult to reconnect. The problem seems to be the very weak connection inside that joins the hose to the water outlet. I strongly recommend Hozelock fixes this problem as I can see this being an issue for all customers.

Hozelock watering products are OK for 1 year

If you want a low build quality, poor design, poor durability and something that will only last 1 year, then Hozelock is for you or Hozeleak as I now call it.
I have spent many hundreds of pounds over the years replacing garden hoses, sprinklers etc that fail after a year. This is not due to frost damage or mistreatment, but the very poor quality of the product.
In my opinion, hozelock take lots of shortcuts in design and manufacturing so they can give a massive mark-up and big ready-made displays that garden centres cant resist to the point of only stocking Hozelock products.
After vowing never to buy Hozelock, I am now replacing it with German Florabest which is cheaper and far better quality than Hozelock
So far everything from Florabest has been superb typical German engineering.
Next time when one of your Hozelock bits break, try and get a Florabest replacement, you will immediately be converted.
Low grade expensive rubbish

Not the quality I expected

Purchased Hozelock 2590, 30 meter auto reel April 2012. Thought I was purchasing a quality product - made in the UK. The reel has been carefully used, wall mounted but out of the weather etc. Just under three years and the auto reel no longer functioned. Contacted Hozelock who did not want to know anything about it and told us to contact where we purchased from. Bunnings could not have been better. They contacted Hozelock and once Bunnings realised Hozelock were not interested Bunnings allowed us to choose a different brand replacement off the shelf even though Bunnings had no obligation at all to do this as it was out of warranty. I expect a so called "premium" and "quality" (Hozelocks words) product to last more than two years 11 months. I do not recomend this product at all and if my experience was an example of Hozelock's customer care policy then I can't recommend any Hozelock product.

poor quality

Worked ok for a while....then case began to split and hose stopped retracting. Very expensive outlay for a garden hose that is poorly made. Better off buying a manual hose reel.


Junk. Lucky masters gave me a refund without a reciept. not made for Australian conditions, they are made it Britain.

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Can I get spare parts for Hozelock reel?
1 answer
Hi Frank, I have gone away from hozelock because I found these products can’t handle the harsh Australian conditions. You would need to contact the importer of Hozelock products and I wish you luck. I found their service team helpful but because my products broke just out of warranty they offered me a full replacement at a very small discount. Why would you buy a product that won’t last. I purchased 12 units and 4 died within 3 weeks of each other. 1 reel had been used 6 times during it’s life. I found the recoil mechanisms very weak. I’m afraid I can’t recommend hozelock to anyone. Best regards John


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