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Hush Puppies
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Hush puppy darwins what a rip off

I've worn these for 4 days the leather is peeling at the crease bought at harris scarfe threw out receipt and box. What crappy quality. Money back i doubt it

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo
Sizing True to size
Product Appearance As advertised

Fake leather. All about profit.

I bought a pair of the Torpedo style because a previous version lasted years. The new pair started to crack and peel after 6 months. This company is now in the hands of sharks.

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo
Sizing True to size
Product Appearance Not as advertised

Hush Puppies

Hush Puppies: I started to wear Hush Puppies around 18 years ago. They were wide, without rocket restrictive front ends and perfect for my wide foot. While not cheap, in the early days I found that they had a habit of cracking across the sole (three pairs). Another pair I bought, the uppers departed after four weeks wear. I got four years from my second last pair. The last pair stated to delaminate (peel) after two months. Cheap $5 leather belts will start to fail after a week's use, I expected better results from a $150 shoe. Perhaps a $30 pair from a discount store would be a better buy.

Product Quality
Sizing True to size

Best Shoes ive ever had, outlasted other brands X5 times, Highly recommended

As a Car salesperson, on concrete and bitumen everyday, with over 25K steps everyday, these shoes are now 1 year old, and still in great condition , they have outlasted other shoes ive had by more than 5 times, and so so comfortable. The Best by far.

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo
Sizing True to size
Product Appearance As advertised

Will never buy again

I have lost all respect of the Hush Puppies company. I will never buy Hush Puppies again. They are not made from leather as stated on the label, instead the leather is reconstituted thin layer that is pealing off. The sole is also decintigrating. How embarrassing for my poor husband see this happening to his most comfortable shoes while attending a special event.

Return Claim MadeNo

Avoid at all cost

Like many others here, I purchased a pair of Hush Puppies Repute. I only wear then for weddings and funerals, so very seldom.
Last week after attending my fathers funeral, I noticed that the surface of the leather was all peeling off. It states leather upper but this is obviously false advertising and they should be held accountable for misrepresenting their product. As my previous hush puppies have lasted for years, I too have not bothered to keep the receipt. I paid $139.95 for this rubbish and will never buy the brand again. My daughter is very hard on her school shoes and I bought her a pair of Ascent and they have lasted over 2 years. Unbelievable! The first cheaper brand I bought her lasted 2 weeks!
Lesson learned, avoid Hush Puppies shoes

Terrible Quality

Like others have said, the “leather upper” on my shoes has cracked and peeling. They’re now in the bin.
I’ve used Hush Puppies for many years, purchasing from Harris Scarfe, however not any more! Mine had issues after 2 months. I would have returned them had it not been a 250km trio each way (I live in the country).

Not sure why the hate, mine are excellent

Not sure what everyone is talking about, I've had 2 pairs of 'tactics' and they've been great. First pair lasted a number of years of everyday wear and the new pair are going just as strong. They're on special at the moment so I'm going to buy another pair to keep as spare.

Comfortable shoe but very poor quality materials

Bought a pair of black shoes for work that are marked as having a leather upper. The shoes were comfortable from day one however after only 2 weeks the outer surface started to crack and pieces started to progressively fall off. The shoes are a little over a month old and am looking to get replacement shoes because the cracking and damage is so bad.

What a shame, because they are a very comfortable shoe but let down by very poor quality materials and at a price where you can get other brands that are made of better quality leather and not leather with a PU skin..

Unacceptable Quality, Unsafe and potential Defect

Purchased pair of black rub terminal Hush Puppies from David Jones on 24/07/2018. Prior to purchase I inquired whether boots were of good quality and had durable, non-slip soles and good support for purpose of hospitality work as bartender. Was assured they were of good quality for the purpose I required. After 3 months, the boots soles had completely worn down significantly (they originally have quite a thick sole). After 4 months, the sole on one boot just under the front pad of the foot has completely worn through entirely to the point that there is a 10cm hole where the pad of my foot actually comes into contact with the ground. Boots not of acceptable quality, not fit for purpose and became unsafe due to the non-slip coating being worn completely after 3 months use. Do not think it is reasonable for $149 boots to deteriorate this rapidly.

Hush puppies..Use to be a quality product.

Hush puppies were known to me to be a quality product and bought shoes in the past that would last for years. Recently I saw a hush puppies leather handbag and thought it to be a product of quality that would last many years.

I'm not a regular handbag user ..so was absolutely disgusted yesterday when I saw that the bag was torn at the bottom..I have not even had the bag for 3 month. Just not acceptable..I would like to add photos of this product..please provide this review option thanks.

Fake leather shoes ?

Just bought a pair early this year, initially very comfortable.
HOWEVER, it is weird that the leather cracked and started to peel off after a few month of wearing.
I wear to work everyday, work in office. So not much activity.

Cracking leather not a good look (is that fake?)
Then I come to Product Review and found out there are SO MANY complains about similar issues.
Well, I add mine to the statistics.

Hush Puppies Inferior Leather

Purchased 2 pairs of Hush Puppies roughly 3 months ago from Myer, paid cash for the tranaction and now have lost my reciept. Myer didn't want to know about it as i didn't have proof of purchase. I contacted Hush Puppies direct and have had the same issue. No reciept and they won't help. I always wear these comfortable shoes as i spend a lot of the day on my feet. The leather shoes have cracked on top of both feet and also on the sides which i submitted to Hush Puppies Aus office. They will not rectify the problem and offered me an appology. Regardless of the reciept they can see that the shoes are new and faulty. Hush Puppies is the Brand not Myer. Spending over $100 per pair i would expect better communication and footware from them. Ohh well I will find another comfortable pair of shoes that lasts longer than 3 months.
My advise is don't buy Hush Puppies shoes! They SUCK!

Insulting manager, bad quality sandals

I bought Beige sandals with a front zip, loved them, so comfortable. The zip got stuck on the right shoe, had a terrible time getting my foot out. Took them back to Eastland HP manager, she had them fixed & said if it happens again bring them back again. It did happen, same scenario, took them back, new manager, no wouldn’t fix them, said it was wear & tear and even told me off for missing phone call, infering I didn’t care about the shoes! I said I’d like her senior staff number, she back tracked and said she’d take them to the repairer, then phoned me, saying couldn’t be fixed, come & get shoes as I should feel free to try elsewhere for repairs, infering she’d pay. I took them to the same repair man who fixed them straight away, she refuses to pay saying now, that they’re too old. The casual staff have informed me that these sandals were worrisome when stocked in store (the zip mechanism). I’m taking it further as I’m so disappointed in the service as well as the quality. I’ve been a returning customer, for a few years, as is my mother.

HP Quality is Going Down Down Down.

I'm 94Kg and 185cm. Probably 6-8Kg over my best weight for height and been wearing HP's for about 7-8 years after having to give up on other shoes due to bad sole quality. I'm not "fat", I don't look overweight and I am physically fit and cycle 150Km plus a week.

The higher tech Hush Puppies are what I have been purchasing and used to get about 2 years out of them, but now with the relatively new "Bounce Technology" I'm getting about 8 months before my feet absolutely kill me from the bouncy bubble things underneath. The upper and soles still looks great visually.

Usage: clinical desk work all day with walks of 20m a couple of times an hour. At lunch I might walk 600m or so a few times a week indoors on polished concrete or shallow office carpet.

HP's previous higher tech HP's used to last a long longer. Sorry I don't recall what that previous tech was called.

My last purchases were "Cole" boots Size 11. I also have "Terminal" boots that were purchased just a few months later (no Bounce Technology) and these were more comfortable from the start.

Bad quality- leather peeling off

Shoe type:
Hush puppies Boots
Bought when: 2 months back( office wear)
Price: $130

My 2 cents:
It is very comfortable to wear and light. Shoe sole is good.
But the problem is shoe leather starts to peel off by the second week.
Now it looks messy and I am planning to buy another shoe.

If shoe sole and comfort is all you are after, go for it.

Shoes just fall apart

Men’s bounce shoes worn twice went to get them out of the cupboard to wear and the stitching had all come undone and a part of the sole fell off!!, Hush puppies didn’t want to know about it as I sent them pictures etc showing the shoe was hardly worn and the problems and told them I don’t have receipt as they were 18 months old and there answer was I need to take back to retailer with receipt so obviously not going to help me. These shoes were quite expensive too. Also heard a friend had same problem. WILL NEVER BUY HUSH PUPPIES AGAIN as there obviously is a huge problem with them that the manufacturer doesn’t care about.

Split soles both shoes after 10 months use

I used to rave about my old Hush Puppies but last year I bought some new ones for $180.
Extremely disappointed with these. What have they done? These used to last a lifetime. Now they're just pieces of crap.
I stepped into a puddle yesterday and it was then I noticed my socks felt wet... I looked at the soles and saw splits on both shoes. The soles are hardly showing any sign of wear but the splits are right across the width...
Very poor form Hush Puppies.

An old customer not returning

Since turning 70 years old, I bought myself another pair of Hush puppies. I have had them before and have always been happy with the quality and comfort. These new ones have only been worn to about 6 weddings, 2 funerals
and a few times out for dinner. They are kept clean and in the box in my wardrobe. Last weekend I wore them to my Granddaughters' wedding and after returning home noticed that the "Leather" had cracked right across the top of one of the shoes, making them now unwearable as the crack is quite noticeable.
I do not have receipt and after reading most of the reviews here it would not do me any good anyway.
I had thought these would be the last "good" shoes I would need to buy, to wear for maybe a few more weddings, a few more funerals, the last one being my own!!!. But no, I have outlasted them and will have to buy another pair to attend my final funeral. Unfortunately they will not be Hush Puppies, as mine have already gone to the big shoebox in the sky..... R.I.P Hush Puppies.

Very Comfortable, Quite durable

A friend of mine saw a pare in an op-shop. A second hand, well loved pair mined you. I have had them for ages now and have not had any problems. Grip is good for oxfords, very comfortable and quite durable. The only downside is the patterning. There are many betters.

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I bought a pair of bellies a month ago. Since then then they’ve been hurting, I thought the shoe biting will pass away in a few days but no, the bellies have caused extreme damage to both my feel, what help could I be expecting from Hush Puppies?
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Please let me know which are the various leathers the hush puppies shoes are produced? I have been an user of hush puppies since twenty years,enjoyed and enjoying,pls answer
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You could ask google...

My Hush Puppies boots are leaking water. I can not find where the water is getting through to the inside and soaking my socks. What do I need to do to fix the leaks? Tony Baker, Rotorua, New Zealand.
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