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Hyundai Excel
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great little get about car

Very great little car, basic transport and very handy.

Hyundais engines are very reliable and good on fuel. The only time I have seen people have problems they neglected basic maintenance.

If you are in need of a basic get around car this is a great choice for the budget concious.

Date PurchasedNov 2012

Best pile of cr@p ever.

So cheap. You can pick these up for beer money.
I've owned my 1996 excel for 18 months. It cost me AU$500 with rego and it had been thrashed!

But it just keeps going. 285000km on it's original clutch!
I had to swap out a front wheel bearing but other than that and standard servicing (I do myself) It's cost me nothing.
I even tow a little boat with it.
Great on fuel, handles well. Just does it's job day in day out.
Yes it's cheap. The dash is cracking. Its a small, dated budget car so not exactly the safest in a crash, if I crash it they'll probably have to clean up what's left of me with a mop.
Its low compared to more modern hatch backs and gets to the knees on getting in and out. It doesn't have cup holders etc...

Parts that will fit in a toolbox are free from the wreckers (not condoning this) And at 20+ years old expect to replace plastic bits (door handles etc)
But if you're handy on the tools these X3's are a piece of crap to work on. Simple and cheap.

As far as it goes as a pile of old crap to get you from A to B. You can't go wrong.

Date PurchasedSep 2016

Excellent small car

Super cheap to run, $40 to fill up the tank. Has enough power to navigate around town, overtake safely etc.
Never had any reliability problems and is at 220k km.
Used to carry heavy loads, flat tow cars and never complained. Won't find another car as capable or as reliable at the price these are being offered.

BadgeSprint Twin Cam
Date PurchasedNov 2016

Cheap, sure. Mighty expensive to fix though, and mine needed fixing often

I moved to Toyota Corollas about 8 years back now but I still haven't forgotten my first car. Such a petrol waster for the size and measly power - I could barely get up a hill if I had to go 80kph+. The parts are really expensive because they need to be imported so as soon as it got a few years old it cost a fortune to service because there was always something that needed fixing! It is a good first car I guess. I would buy a second-hand cheapie and just run it into the ground. No way i'd pay factory price for anything like that car. Good for learner drivers too ;)

Date PurchasedNov 2008

Great little car and inexpensive

Bought one that had 200,000km on the clock and out of the 6 years I had it, was timing belt once, waterpump, alternator and one CV joint. Just changed the oil every 10,000km and was good as gold. Sadly her life ended recently as a writeoff from someone reversing into her in a car park and hitting the main body ie a cut and weld job, so would of written off, but she still had life into her at 291000 with original gearbox, engine and clutch. Guy who hit me replaced me with another one with 11,000km less on it so we will see how this one will go but seems like it was looked after the way it runs. The new one (99) has a A1 dashboard though my 98 writeoff had a very bad dash as in cracks. AS long as you change the oil every 10000km you shouldn't have too many issues. Both have been manuals also.

BadgeTwin Cam both models
Date PurchasedJun 2010

Solid little beast and cheap as chips

I have had excellent service out of manual excel -purchased 8 years ago and it ticks along just fine.
It has never had but the minimum of servicing and apart from a dodgy window mechanism -driver's side-
has never failed.
Plenty of power from a gutsy little motor and lots of boot space.


great car at a great price

I have a 1995 excel x3 it has done 330000 kilometers with original motor still going strong the handling is great it has a pokie motor, cheap on fuel and insurance i would recommend one to anyone, fantastic car, i would buy another one in a heart beat, they are great learner cars easy to drive quick little motors, i chipped mine and added induction and exhaust upgraded combined with 98 octane and it keeps up with a vtec all day


Cheap and reliable

Bought it when it had 30,000 (1998) now has 400,000. I still love it- easy to drive has never let me down. Many interstate trips and some off roading as well. Up until about 300, 000 i hadn't replaced a part. The last 100,000 i have replaced both CV driveshafts, clutch slave cylinder, ball joints and front struts, rear muffler, alternator, valve stem oil seals, water pump and radiator. As a mechanic i only paid for parts about $1200 all up. Easy car to work on didnt take much more than 10 hrs for the lot. In servicing for its life i have replaced filters and oil irregularly and spark plugs when the engine misfires (around 100,000). The clear coat has peeled and the paint under fades, so what I like driving it as a form of reverse snobbery- seem to attract attention from cops for "random breath testing" these days- i'll keep it till something major stops it.


I had my 1996 Hyundai Excel for 17 years

When I traded my X3 Excel in it had done 220,000 Km. It still had the original exhaust, water pump, and rear brakes. The air con was still working. Apart from replacing the window washer, and the drivers door handle, the rest was just ordinary servicing. (e,g, timing belt, engine oil, top hose, tyres, disc pads.) I serviced it myself and it was pretty easy to work on. I only traded it in because the heater sprung a leak and I felt like I deserved a new car. Last time I checked it was still registered and on the road at 19 years old! It did nothing really badly, though I'm a big guy and the seats were uncomfortable for me for long distance driving. Obviously I was happy with it to keep it for 17 years! Great durable car!

I just thought I'd add (February 2018) that my old Hyundai is still being registered and so is still on the road and is now heading to 22 years old!

Date PurchasedJul 1998

ive got the 95 exel 5 door

The only problems ive had are normal ware and tare have the auto it generally runs awesome never had problems with gearbox hard to work on for home mechanic but generally a greay little car yes the window regulator stuffs up but simple to fix the door latches break but 30 buks get new one outside ones but hey its an old car they run well cheep on gas spare parts are regularly avaliable but check ive buying one check cv joints they dam expencive



Excellent first car. I'd had my excel for 2 years before I actually got my license. It sat in the driveway never being moved only had the engine turned on roughly once a month. Was still perfectly fine when I started driving it every day. It's a fantastic car never had any major problems only had a broken piece of my break which cost only $4 so I wasn't worried. Back seat is just large enough for a baby seat. Therefore lots of room and a large boot. Perfect first car.


cannot complain:)

i absolutely adore my excel:)
i have a 1999 excel twin cam sprint , manual drive:) it is very economical e.g $50 to fill my tank with Premium 98 octane fuel.
parts aren't very expensive,
very very reliable, iv had mine for 4 years and (fingers crossed) has not left me stranded,
its got a very zippy engine and quite quick for a small engine:) especially taking off at the lights,

a fantastic first time car, very easy to learn in, would recommend it to anyone and everyone :)
easy drive, non expensive, quick for a small car

BadgeSprint Twin Cam

Very good car

About 3.5 years ago I purchased my 95 Excel for $550.00 of Ebay, it had 165000K,s on the speedo it now is coming up to 300,000K,s as I drive 100ks to work and back everyday and see family on weekends in Sydney. This has been a good car on fuel economy about 850Ks to the tank I have not had any thing majorly wrong go with it, only the window regulator on the drivers door keeps braking and also the paint has faded and peeled on the roof and bumpers I have seen other Hyundai with the same paint problem ,so it must be the protective seal they put on the paint when they spray it when it was made . Other than that I am happy for the price that I paid for it and hope I can keep it for another 20000oKs.
Good fuel ecomony and powerful
Paint is fainted and chipped also window regulator keeps braking


Keep on stalling while driving

My daughter bought her first car Hyundai Excel Sprint about 8 mths ago and since about 5 mths ago, its started to stall while you driving, at traffic light etc. Waited for about 15 mins to start again, changed crank sensor, coil pack and still having problem. We are at our wits end. She had enough of it and bought new Suzuki Swift.
easy to park
keeping on stalling, breaking down, things fall apart


Great car

I've had my 2000 model Excel Twin Cam for only 6 months but i have to say its been one of the easiest fun to drive cars i have ever owned, Sure the paint work isn't the best ( But I've learnt its not how it looks, but how it goes that's important! but it loves to go! It had 189xxx k on it at the time i bought it, and i replaced all belts at 194xxx, It has never given me any trouble,

It can handle most big hills with the air con on and boy is that air con cold!
It is very good on fuel, half a tank to the nearest capital city 3 hours away and back, and so easy to park.
All in all a fun car and one i'm planning on holding on to for a while yet.
Fuel economy, easy to drive
With the 3 door hatch, access to the backseat can be tricky for putting kids in car seats etc. Can be a bit slippery to handle on wet roads

BadgeSprint Twin Cam
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Further to what i said previously, I've now had the car for close to three years, It has done two longer ( 4 hours+ each way) drives without a hassle, and at 216 xxx km, still going! It has had the shocks replaced ( General wear and tear though) and the starter motor was replaced about 15, 000 k ago, and you couldnt fault the car at all considering the age and km on it.. Even came off better in a rear ender than the newer Subaru that hit it!

Never Again

We bought a 1997 Excel sprint 3dr auto for our daughter back in 2010 with 130,000ish km's on the clock, that first year was fine until a taxi stopped suddenly while driving (wet day at about 30km/h) the car slid straight under it (the taxi was fine though). So a new bonnet, headlights and some D.I.Y panelwork later we sent it off to our oldest son in the city, wouldn't you know it that the auto transmission goes (delayed change to 2nd, no overdrive and no reverse), we brought it back home (200km trip and no overdrive, it was still going 110km/h in third!) and got a 2nd hand trans put in.

It handled horribly in the wet weather and would slide sideways if you him the tram lines while turning a corner in the city, fuel economy was horrible, if it rained the spare tyre space would fill up with water, hills were it's worst enemy. The car only lasted 2 years until someone hit it and it was written off, never buy this car unless you like spending money for nothing.
Cheap to buy.
Unsafe, bad brakes, air con was horrible, bad fuel economy, son called it a girls car, constantly breaking down, cheap plastics, heater was stuck on in 40 degree heat.


Small and reliable but does have a life span.

Ive had my excel since i was 16, im now 28. I learnt to drive in it. It has done me well up until the past few months. Since november i had had the left front wheel bearing replaced 4 times. And my transmission went a year before that. Unfortunately cars are not built to last forever but Hyundais were known to have wheel bearing issues espescially the 95-98 models when they first came out. My car is now heading to the wreckers as im now having trouble with the motor and other bearing and considering age and how many kms its done it has been a great car.
fuel efficient, reliable,
wheel bearings,

has anyone had any problems with constent shaking and the smell of fuel? may be slipping into 4 cylinders then 2?i used to have bad shakes when i used E10, as soon as i went to premium it stoppedSpark plug leads

Fantastic Little Car!!

I've had my hyundai since my Ls at 16 so have had it for 4 years now, only other owners was my Dad and my Auntie. Absolute fantastic car, can get to Perth and back (from Albany to Perth WA is 450km so just over 800ks per tank) on one tank, never broken down but its not the best on long trips, especially when having to overtake. I have recently been going up to perth once a month for tafe and it has only now started having engine problems and i am NOT a lead foot and it has been serviced regularly so don't know why.

Either way I recommend it greatly for anyone who wants an easy to park car that goes great in the city. I will miss my excel very much as I am selling it to upgrade :(
Pros: Cheap, Fuel Efficient, Zippy, lots of room front + back, and very easy to drive.
Cons: only 2 doors, Window Regulator continually breaks + slips out the rubber as well as air con uses to much power and cant get up hills without high revs when its on, and again the revers gear issue.



Overall i purchased this car about 3 months ago and it costs me approximately $50 to fill the tank with 540km approx, that's pretty cheap considering fuel is not hitting the $1.60 mark
the car is cheap to run, mechanically reliable, great value for money, easy to zip around in.
Plenty of boot space if you fold back the rear seats.
They still look great for there age, i highly rate this car for people on a cheap budget who need a reliable and economical small car. Ideal first car for light driving.
The Hyundai Excel i have to say is the most economical car i have ever driven especially with todays fuel prices
very small and everything looks cheap yet simple



I have had my 3dr Sprint for 8yrs and even though sometimes I think of getting a new car with more mod cons like power steering, AC etc, I really can find no reason for trading in the best car I have ever owned. I have hardly had to do any repairs and those I did were not expensive. I keep it regularly serviced and it repays me by being reliable and cost efficient. It has great guts going up hills and overtaking Sunday drivers. I would recommend this car to anyone that wants a reliable car for travel, not as a status symbol.
Reliable, economical, speedy, great on corners and lots of leg room with a HUGE boot.
Would prefer a 4dr to a 3dr


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