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What is involved signing up with your service ?
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Hello, Please phone our office 32200171 and we can have a 10 minute call with you and explain briefly our process. Kindest regards, Linda Prescott.

Hi there, can you recommend an agency in Sydney who provides the great professional service you do? Wonderful reviews.
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Hi, We had a gentleman from Sydney inquire a while back who asked the same question as yourself. At the time I phoned a few different agencies and the stand out was “Rose” at “Your Perfect Partner” (https://www.yourperfectpartner.com.au/) I asked her some key questions and she seemed genuine and she truly cares for her clients. I hope this helps you. All the best! Linda Prescott. Director Ideal Introductions.

How much are your fees fir women to join?
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Hi Sandra, Thanks for your question. Our fees vary depending on several different aspects. You are best to phone us directly, have a quick 10 minute call so we can understand your personal situation and give you a more accurate indication. To give you a bit of idea right now, the following plays a big role in the Level of Service that will be best suited to yourself. Criteria - How easy you are to introduce to our current database and what type of person you are looking to meet or is best suited to yourself. For example the stricter you are with criteria or if you are in a demographic where there are more women than men, or you have certain criteria that makes you a little harder to match that will play a big part in what service is going to work better for you. IE the more selective you are, the more matching time required as the Dating Pool is smaller, so generally higher level or Personalised services are required. Support - Are you going to prefer to have a Personal Consultant, working one on one with you. They will give you Feedback and Evaluation prior and after your introductions to ensure you are really comfortable and knowledgable in the Dating process and putting your best foot forward... Perhaps you have that aspect completely covered, and simply want to be put in contact with like-minded people. Some clients are happy to work with a Team of Matchmakers as their criteria is broad and quite flexible, relying on our suggestions. Time Frames - The length of Membership and time frames between introductions differ from each service. Hope this helps somewhat. Kindest regards, Linda Prescott. Director Ideal Introductions.

Dear Ideal, I am a young man of 23 with cerebral palsy who is seeking to make a friend. I am bright. I keep myself fit and I think I'm pretty handsome. I live in Nelson. What do you think my chances are? Oliver
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Hi Oliver, thanks so much for making enquiries with us. Unfortunately we only introduce south east Qld so can't help you at this stage. Nelson is such a beautiful part of NZ. My brother actually got married in the church on the hill 20 years ago. You sound like you have good confidence so keep looking and don't give up. Kindest regards, Linda Prescott. Director Ideal Introductions.

What is the cost?
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The package I bought was the one without the personal makeover, iirc, but was suppose to have quite a few options included. It costs me close to $3000. The package with the personal makeover costs a lot more. I could not remember the standard plain package, I think it was around $500.Hi Maree, Re your question about cost. I can't remember exactly but i think it was about $1500 or so. They have a number of different packages depending on your requirements. The way it works is that each package offers you so many introductions. I only used about a third of mine to find what appears to be the right person . For me it was not about the cost, but more to speed up the process of finding a person that matched my criteria. In my opinion I could be here 12 months later and still have no one, which was what was happening before i joined. So if you would like to start meeting people quickly then from my experience this is a great way to do it, cost is irrelevant. Good Luck Dennis.Hi Maree, the cost varies greatly depending on the level of service you require. Everyone's needs and wants are different. The factors that are taken into account are membership time, frequency of introductions, number of introductions, your criteria and requirements, whether you would like to work with a personal consultant or are happy to work with a team of matchmakers, whether you would require a dating coach or feedback evaluation reports after each introduction, whether you require a make-over or whether you would just like to be enrolled and don't need any assistance except being putting in contact with like-minded people. All prospective clients are required to meet with us in person and everyone will be discussed fully. Our fees range from $220 to $3995. We are fully legislated through government so most of our services offer a payment plan over a four month period. Hope this helps. Kindest regards, Linda Prescott. Director of Ideal Introductions.

Hi, I've just viewed your website and saw the article "The Dating Doctor". In this it says amongst other things "Linda, who is in the process of writing her first dating book, shares how to make love last in the noughties". I was just wondering if this book ever got released/published?
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The book is still a work in progress. It will eventually happen. Over the last 5 years it has taken a few different turns and been put on the back burners a few times when other more important things have occurred within work. Currently we are working with business consultants and the book is one of the things we are discussing. After reviewing the pros and cons of publishing a book we are now thinking that it may become an e-book.Thankyou for the prompt reply. If/when it eventuates, will advice of release be posted to the website?Definitely!!!

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