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Suspend profitable traders

IG Markets in Australia are criminal. I was a premium client with them until in 2016 they suspended my trading purely because I was profitable. I was profitable trading CFD's and Binaries. They take the other side of clients so if a client is profitable they aren't making money (don't give me the nonsense they make the spread).
I have since traded profitably for a friend and my mother, but they quickly restricted that trading then suspended it.
They are a scam if they only take clients who lose money, which is what they do. They are happy to let inexperienced traders lose entire life savings, yet suspend legitimate traders who are using their service for the reason (they claim) to provide it.
ASIC and the Ombudsman are pathetic, almost corrupt, so it would be helpful to get numbers and form a group to take on these clowns. I can detail and support my claims too. I am not a sour grapes trader who's lost money.


login in account at multi devices at the same time, no security issue

you can login IG account using a few different devices without warning or kick out other device. like you can use mobile phone login then use laptop login, then you can login another mobile. etc, it is unable to kick out other devices. there is not security issue.

No problems with as share trader

Ive had no problems. Ive traded, deposit and withdraw fee free. I trade more than once a month, so no account fees. Service on phone good. Tax statements free too.


IG Criminal Broker DO NOT USE

IG is a criminal broker that will resort to all means to take your money. I have used them for CFD trading. They are always trying to make you fail from interfering with the platform so you can't open and close positions, log you out of the platform, cause spikes, take positions against you, and alter their data feeds to name a few. They have clearly influenced their reviews on Trustpilot which was around 2 and now over 7 this year. Why ASIC allows such a company to operate in Australia in light of their ongoing criminal behaviour I don't know.

Terrible company and terrible service

Lured me in with cheap brokerage some time later slammed me with $50 "non use fees". Service department is a joke and is either incompetent or just not willing to discuss issues.
Website is poorly designed. You don't even have direct ownership of the shares.

You could overlook a few of these issues for the cheap brokerage. But I wouldn't recommend IG to anyone after my experience and introduction of these fees.



Terrible costumer service.
Always a drama when you need to call them or request anything.
They have blocked my account with any reason and have requested to withdraw my money, based in absolutely nothing. Very disrespectful.


Nonexistent Customer Service

Steer VERY clear of IG, their support over online chat is totally unhelpful and over the phone pretty much inexistent as they place you on hold forever. I have called them 3 times in the past 7 days and could literally not get through to ANYONE after waiting 40 minutes each time. Do yourself a favor, save yourself from the stress and take your money elsewhere. Seriously!


there service is terrible and they just hung up on the customer when it gets to hard for them
they dont answer the phone and when it gets to hard they just leave

It is a scam!!

Has anyone tried to move their portfolio of shares from IG to another platform? It is the most difficult thing in the world! I am trying to do this and they are making it as difficult as possible. If anyone (probably not from IG) can tell me how I do this, please help!
My reason for leaving - the same sneaky $50 quarterly charge that increased from zero to NOW $50 in the last couple of months.


3 significant negatives to consider!

1) You do not own the shares! - Go to the Share Trading terms and agreements. The shares are held by IG and you nominate them as the trustee to manage the shares and securities on our behalf. Payment is made after their settlement process terms are fulfilled.

2) 50$ per quarter fees unless certain conditions are met.

3) No dividend reinvestment despite it being promised last year.

I am in the process of choosing a better agent, with better terms and cost structure.


not good

They have introduced 50 dollar subscription fee recently! To escape that we are supposed to trade three times in three months!!. Not a good website anyway. So, Bye Bye IG


Sneaky fees - trying to rip you off

They will sneakily introduce fees that weren't agreed on at the time of signing up. The platform itself is horrible as well. Don't sign up, there are better options out there that won't try to rip you off.


A Myriad of IT Problems and IG Just Don't Care

They keep getting worse and worse and do absolutely nothing when IT issues are reported to them. 3 different platforms to trade on:
2 Web Based platforms, one old and one new.
1 Mobile Based platform.
If the new platform was so good, why is the old one still active? Because the new platform is terrible! Viewing trades on the old platform is not as good and it's less user friendly. But the old platform has it's own issues, the charts don't work because it uses Flash player (which is a real pain to use on Chrome) and there are many peculiar problems like not being able to place trades when you should.
The mobile platform doesn't show correct dollar amounts for the stop loss value when entered and only one stock can be viewed at a time when wanting to execute an actual trade. There is also a terrible lag to stock values every time you move between screens and log in so it might take several seconds for prices to update which is a real burden when wanting to move between different screens many times.
There are many other peculiar things which occur between all platforms. For example the stock price might jump all over the place in weird ways and the price being shown as lower than the indicated low price for the day.

The bottom line is these peculiar things are a massive problem when attempting to trade in a timely manner, when seconds matter. And when trading shares is so reliant on a good IT platform to use, then avoid IG at all costs.


Trap you and then ring you dry

Had a small account (<$100) that I forgot about, opened up to -$100 due to fees that they added without notice, I can't even close my account now! They were charging me 150% the value of my account every quarter without notice! AVOID!! Go and use Bell Direct or anywhere else if you value your money!



50 dollar a quarter fees no thank you! also i shouldn't have to send more than 10 emails to withdraw my money from the account terrible customer support with extremely bad english obviously overseas customer service 0/10

Scam platform - avoid at all costs.

This platform runs on scam advertising - they advertise as having 0 subscription fees, then once you've joined and have holdings with them they will charge you a $200 annual subscription fee.


I thoroughly agree with other reviewers. I have been trying to close my account for several months now and IG refuse to give me my money. IG state they rely on European Regulations which state I must prove whom I am. NOTE: European Regulations have no validity or jurisdiction in Australia. I believe IG has a BREXIT Headache. I have sent in three different bank statements and IG deem to find fault with all of them. I have been dealing with IG for some time and I have provided IG with details of my Australian Passport and Australian bank accounts. BEWARE - IG take opposite positions to those of their 'Clients'. Due to high risks with derivatives I believe IG has a liquidity problem and cannot service obligation when they come due. If you purchase IG records from ASIC, IG does not have a CEO in Australia. Two of the nominated directors for Australia live overseas (UK and South Africa), where the Company Secretary [name removed] lives at [details removed]. IG is very cheap and this is reflected in their poor customer service and refusal to provide profit on trades. SAVE YOURSELF MUCH TIME<,TROUBLE AND MONEY and use another broker. IG is a scam. IG also appears to be illiquid and may be placed in liquidation by Australian courts.

Snake Oil Salesman

They lured me into going with them for their respectable brokerage fees, and inactivity policy. Within a few weeks I get hit with a $50 a quarter fee!!! So annoyed right now, because in the process of transferring my meagre few thousand dollars in shares I'll be losing more money. Get a grip IG!


I had an open position which was in profit and when I tried to close it I couldn't due to a "market closed" message even though it was during an open trading session. What a surprise that I could then close it some time later when my profits were eaten up. Damn criminals, absolute criminals. Do not use this company to trade!!!

Beware of $50 Subscription Fee!

One thing that they failed to informed us on the website is $50 subscription fee that is charged quarterly! Yes it's $8 broker fee, but you have to transact at least 3 times in a quarter. Beware! Especially if you don't plan to continuously transact for the whole year!

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