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Infacol Wind Drops

Infacol Wind Drops

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CarinaPerth, WA

Infacol -》Alcohol and Sugar


The Australian Infacol version contains alcohol. That's why babies sleep so well. They are drunk! This can cause Sudden Infant Death. After a few times you baby is alcohol addicted and if you accidentally overdose it you kill your baby!

Purchased in February 2019.



  • 5 reviews

Can't harm


When my son was crying without stopping. I went to the nearest pharmacy who told me to use this as a try. Gave some to him, cries go on for another 15 min and stop. It s a good alternative to infant friend but not as effective i think. Always great to have something under the hand for colics.



  • 11 reviews

Helpful for baby wind !


When little one was younger we used infacol with every feed from about a month old till she was 5 months old . She was a very windy and unsettle baby and this really helped. Once she was a bit older I was able to slowly removed it from her feeds, we never had an issue with the product at all.


daniGoulburn Valley, VIC

  • 2 reviews

my daughter was hospitalized because of this product




  • 4 reviews

Helps my baby


This has been affective in helping my daughter release wind and gases. I prefer to give this on its own rather than in her bottle in case she doesn’t finish it.
Having said that I’m going to try Infants friend next to see if that helps also with her colic symptoms.



  • 4 reviews

Overall Good and worth a try.


Our Baby was only mildly suffering for a few weeks and we saw around a 50% improvement.
I have no experience with a baby with more than mild symptoms.
I'd suggest to give it a go and it may well work but remember to always ask a professional:)
Good luck parents at this exhausting/beautiful time in your lives.



  • 25 reviews

Helps baby burp!


We are using this in conjunction with Novalac formula & Dr Brown's bottles and bubs is burping really well at each feed.
We use it every feed (bubs is currently 5 weeks) and will continue to do so until he gets the hang of things. Find it most effective by giving it directly to bubs about 5min before a feed.
Purchased from Woolies.

Sharon E

Sharon EAU

  • 3 reviews

infacol review


I've been using this for my baby since she was 2 weeks old. She had alot of trouble with wind and since putting the recommended dose into every bottle she's been so much better. I really recommend it. I got mine from coles supermarket. I hope that they always stock it



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This save my sleep


This wind drops saved me with my daughter. When she was 1 month old she screamed with pain. I was about to change Formulas but a friend recomended this. I gave it to my daughter from 1 month old in every bottle until she was able to roll and be more active. It helped her burp faster. You just have to be aware that some kids might be allergic and vomit or something. Always check with your GP



  • 12 reviews

Good for new born


Really very useful when my new baby was 2 months old and crying lot.GP suggested and we tried give her surprisingly superb result with in minutes .Really very good and i prefer for new born if they have any stomach pain and they cry lot try with doctor's recommendation. Specially new born and breastfeed baby feel happy after drop.



  • 8 reviews

Just ok..


This product was ok. I wouldn't say its a "go to"..
Didn't really seem to do a whole lot for my kids. I preferred to rub their tummies or bend their legs up and down to release air. Having said that - i know a few people that have used it and swear by it.

Emma J

Emma J

  • 10 reviews
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Couldn't live without this product


Being a first time mum I was so skeptical about giving my newborn "medicine" but when she was struggling with wind and I could see her little legs pull pull up I knew I had to do something to help her. After being recommended Infacol I thought I would give it a try....reluctantly but Infacol was the only product that could help with my daughters wind. Without this product I may have gone crazy! Thanks a million!

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Lianne C

Lianne Cadelaide

  • 7 reviews

Not very good.


Does not work for my baby. Did not help his wind or anything. My baby still struggled to fart after giving infacol to him. Switched to infant's friend and that was far more better with results for my baby. I guess it depends on every child, but for mine didn't work.



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Someone suggested it as my baby was really colicky. I tried twice but then realized that babies only need breastmilk and certainly not something that can also be found in shampoo!
The theory behind it seems stupid and research does show it is not better than a placebo. I can't understand why anyone would want to give this to a baby.


karenn.elizabethPerth, WA

  • 24 reviews

Great for Colic but not for reflux.


Infacol worked really great for my 1st and 2nd kids who had bad colic. For my 3rd who had server reflux & colic was a no go. It made him projectile after big burps.
So i wouldn't recommend if your baby has reflux.
Other then that great for colic babies.



  • 5 reviews

Helps with wind


Baby struggles with wind but has been able to get it up much easier since we switched to Infacol from another brand of wind drops. It could be a timing coincidence with the change, but it really seems to help -partner can tell when I have forgotten to give them.



  • 3 reviews

Wouldn't recommend - baby projectile vomiting


Got infacol for LO (little one) to help with excess wind after swapping from breastfeeding to formula, after adding the recommended dosage of infacol to each feed over a few days LO began projectile vomiting. Today we stopped using infacol and have noticed a major improvement, no more projectile vomiting.
Wouldn't recommend using this product, it's very distressing to watch your baby be so sick.


StandardVictoria, Australia

  • 30 reviews



I was looking for a simethicone product when I stumbled on Infacol. The packaging says it can be used from 1 month onwards but our pharmacist said it was ok for newborns (ours is 3 weeks old). Infacol has really helped our baby girl with her colic, she used to have terrible colic and would not burp, she now burps really easily with Infacol. We add a drop of Infacol to every bottle top-up and it has been great, but don't use it excessively as it can cause diarrhea (we only feed bottle less than twice a day).



  • 17 reviews

Beware, not for reflux bubs!



AnnieAustralia, 3064

  • 9 reviews

Its working so far


My baby have really bad colic, crying and screaming during evening. i tried brauer its working before but i dont know why its stop working. I bought this infacol and give it to her before feeding, after feeding she made a big burp. So i will continue use this infacol every feeding.

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Can infacol be given to a one week old baby who is struggling with her wind.Her mum is breastfeeding but she is struggling to get babies wind up?

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Yes, visit coliccare.com.au

Amna D

Amna Dasked

Can infacol be given after every hour or two before feed to a 3 week old ?

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So we have a a 3 month and 1 week old daughter how do we use the Infacol wind drop correctly and can we use it if she has bronchitis?

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