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Banking made easy

I have been consistently impressed with the ease of usage and benefits of banking with ING.
Recently I was refunded the $2.90 charge for using an ATM and I was very pleased.

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Downright rude and pushy

Downright rude and pushy. Couldn't explain why deposits could not be made into my loan account when in credit. Told me to open another account from another bank then transfer funds in. Why? Whats the difference?

Customer Service
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Beware of the high interest bonus trap. I am losing the interest bonus because a BPay transaction will not count

They disqualified me because I was one transaction short of using the card to tap on a EPOS machine even though I made over $7,000 in payment and over ten transactions with my account. They never specified that a BPay transaction would not count and in two months I lost over $200 in interest bonus. They are a bank not to be trusted. I will close my account and move to another bank.

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Crap customer service

I have been trying to open an account including everyday account, savings maximiser acc and a joint acc with my partner. I have had to call numerous times for help and found them to not be helpful at all and very confusing. They are not clear and don’t give clear instructions on how to help. I feel like they expect you to know how to do everything and feels like they have only been working for ING for a few days.
The only reason I am continuing to get through this is for the damn interest rates on savings acc and other benefits otherwise I wouldn’t bother. Waste of time!

Customer Service
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May i add i have also applied for a credit card and have been waiting for an approval for a few days. I have submitted everything i need but have not received a single call from ING to update me on how its all going. Such a let down on your customer service.

Unhelpful and hard to deal with, broken promises

Joint the bank as promised easy transactions, but they are worst - only via phone (right now on phone for 40 min already, not sure when will be resolved) or long few pages forms which only can be physically printed, all few pages you have to fill in ( over 30 questions), then scan and then mail or email.

While on the phone, the staff clearly trained to blame you in everything - they have terms and conditions, which are making your fault in pretty much everything, and they will keep making up things blaming you.
AVOID! the worst sharks I have ever seen

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Rate Rises

ING have been fairly good to us over the period of our home loan but a recent double interest rate rise that was unexpected has dropped my opinion of them. We have been banking with them for over 10 years and I received a letter notifying me that our rate was going up - 2 weeks earlier?? Who does this. Disappointed!

Customer Service

Best bank ever

Been with ING for 10 years now, have always found the service to be excellent and the products are perfect. Banking App is also brilliant and allows be to do everything I need.

Customer Service
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Really good bank!

I have had my mortgage account with ING for a year now since I purchased my home. The banking app, the online banking website, customer service (the few times I had to call) are all second to none. Additionally, ING reimburse you withdrawl fees and overseas payment fees.
Only negative I can think of is the the $299 annual fee but that is offset by the reimbursements.

Customer Service
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Useless for young people

It can be very difficult to open an account with ING as a young person. Their requirements for secondary identification (proof of name + residential address) are extremely limiting - only accepting bank statements, tax assessment notices and bills. As someone living at home, I do not have any bills in my name, and my bank statements and tax assessment notices all go to a PO BOX (for privacy reasons). When speaking to ING's customer support (which albeit, is decent), they simply said "change your address with your current bank than and wait until you get a new statement". This could take months to come into effect (depending on how long it is until your next statement) and doesn't address the real problem: that is that ING should accept more types of proof of address. As polite as the customer service agents have been, I was essentially told that if you are a young person living at home, who is concerned about privacy and security, "go f*** yourself".

Customer Service
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Never had any issues

No issues and have been a customer for about a decade. Good service when I call them and can do most of what I want to myself by using the app or online banking.

Customer Service
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Age Discrimination

Tried to open a Orange One Credit card and was knocked back because I did not have a PAYG payslip. I am retired and have both a pension and a separate Superannuation account which gives me a good income. Yet after entering all the detail they required online I ws knocked back. I contacted their call centre and was told their lending criteria is that you have to have a PAYG slip to be eligible. I explained that I have a Pension from which tax is withheld but that does not count as far as they are concerned.

Customer Service
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Kids playing in the grown ups area

I put 170k through this institution last financial year, my debt is less the 18% of that, excellent credit rating and they won't look at me for a personal loan. I asked why and they said "We can't share our application process"

Customer Service
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Personal Loan - absolutely pathetic

After applying for a small personal loan of $10K, I was patient initially waiting 10 business days for them to review the application. They then requested more documentation (even though I earn more than $200K and demonstrated that), and then I was told it was be another 5 business days to review this. Are they serious? I called up and the customer service rep told me that every time a change is requested, it is 5 business days! I straight up told them to cancel my application as this is a joke. The funny thing is she didn't even care or try to save me as a customer!

Customer Service
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Very happy with the service

No fuss.
User friendly mobile applications
Competitive rates for home loan
Great customer service which is available for extended hours everyday.
Love doing banking with them.
I recommend highly to anyone

Customer Service
Review TypeLoan Application and New Account

No fuss! Great service.

We love ING. Had no issues setting up, and the no atm fees are great. we added up we could waste over $100 on atm fees a year with other banks. And when we had our cards stolen they were quick to act and reimburse lost funds. App is also very user friendly. thanks ING.

Worst Joke Around!

Do not go near ING! You will get nothing but issues and stuff around for weeks on end. At one also being blocked from using my own money and transferring to a usable bank!
Constantly need to verify ID to access and take 3-5 days per document but really more like 2 weeks!

Much better than the rest

Been with ING for about 5 years. Linked Maximiser & Orange Everyday good for getting Interest in the Maximiser & being able to transfer immediately to Orange Everyday immediately for every purchase from a cup of coffee up.
Next day refund for use of any ATM especially overseas excellent.
Debit card good except for car hire. Not accepted as if car damaged on return car company cannot access funds if amount not in debit card. The only reason not given 5 stars. Support good.


Only complaint is that the online platform seems to often be glitchy or just not working. Mobile app seems to be better. But this is quite annoying that often when i log on i have to re try in 5 minutes. Strange and scary that a bank dosnt have a reliable online platform..

Great rates great app

I love using ing
Good transparency in all products
Use any atm and get that pesky fee refunded instantly!
App is great

Removed my access from my account

After several years of being their customer, they removed my access from my account although I have got money in it. I called them and they told me that they had sent me a msg to check my inbox to provide some verification ID and since I haven’t provided that, they cannot unblock it. I sent my ID to them and never heard back, call them back again and they said that they team wanted MORE EXPLANATION and will contact me! When I asked when I’m going to be contacted they said it might take several business days!!!!
If you want to trust a bank with your money, think twice with this one as they don’t have any branch, their only Customer service is via phone with terrible customer service.
How can they remove my access from my account without formally warning me????
There are several other banks out there which have removed international transaction fees or ATM withdrawals. I wouldn’t bother with this one again!

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Questions & Answers

Would ING be a good bank to open a savings account with? I do not want to withdraw money, just save it. I'm trying to choose a different bank than my normal one so I cannot have instant access to it, to avoid temptation.
1 answer
No, I would definitely go to Westpac and open a Westpac eSaver and go down to the branch then ask them to put a block on it so you can only withdraw at the branch so avoid temptation like I do.

Does anyone have real life issues with ING on Term Deposits?
4 answers
Have not used them for term depositsYes - we have a number of term deposits split by bank, amount and timing. Although ING have a secret limit of 9 term deposits per customer. Too bad they don't make this known to you until you try to open the 10th. Their excuse is flimsy - "it's because that's the limit" they say. Wow, now I'm convinced by that logical adult response. Rates are ok-ish and systems are good. Customer service is patchy, as per the above example.Thanks SteveB. That's assuring.

What I would like to know is ing as safe as Austrslians big four banks
2 answers
Short answer is no, it isn’t. When I have a problem with anyone of the big 4 (I’m with 2 of the 4) there is a branch I can go to and I can speak to a “real” live person. My experience so far with the big 4 has been one of trust, they ring back when they say they will. They respond to queries and complaints. This might not seem like a big deal, but trust me when things go wrong you want an actual person.All banks in Australia are covered by the Federal government savings guarantee up to $250,000. If you have more than that you need to split it up between different banks. I'd be more worried about ING (and others) changing their rules for bonus interest rate and the maximum amount you can have in the account to keep the bonus rate. You need to monitor them all the time to see when they change the rules otherwise you could lose out on hundreds of dollars in interest in the month.

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