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ING Home Loans

ING Home Loans

2.3 from 90 reviews

Don’t look after loyal customers

We have been with ING for 13 years. We noticed that the interest rate we were paying was 1% more than the advertised rate. Made numerous attempts to contact them, but was always told they would phone back (July last year). In January attempted again. Tried to brush me off as no one available. Said I would hold, which I did for 10 mins. After a lengthy discussion, our rate was reduced by .75%. Yesterday, we received an email saying it is being increased by .15. %! Really ING? Called this morning. The ‘customer service person’ was Very rude. Explained my case, and was promptly told do what’s best for you and maybe find another lender.
Mmmmmm.......not happy. Have since found another lender happy to offer us a great deal. See you later ING.

Don't do it!

Having refinanced from ANZ who were treating us with disdain, we have unfortunately had the same experience as others. Two days after settling we have received an email to say our rate is going up from 3.68% to 3.83%. And it is higher than the advertised rate of 3.73%. The paperwork was a little tedious to deal with but I will be strongly considering changing again. The rate is still better than ANZ but i wonder how long that will last. Another rate rise and we will be switching. Of course I can't get through to speak to anyone about our loan. Not happy!!

Don’t trust their website rates

Bad customer service. They are not friendly and horrible enough to hear on 24/12/2018 from their professional lender “I can’t waste my time as long as you don’t have the minimum deposit“ without give advices or even listen to any alternative plans. Their actual interest rates after settlement will not be as previously advertised. Don’t deal with them and avoid rough chat and hidden costs. Their offers on the website only and not fact when you come to deal with them!

Rip off merchants to loyal customers.

I have just found out I am being charged 4.8% interest on my variable loan, whereas a new customer would be charged 3.73%. That's where loyalty gets you with ING. Customer service and fees are fine, it is just their rates that are repulsive.

Customer service is the worst - maybe ING should consider outsourcing their customer service elsewhe

I moved to ING a year and a half go because they were offering the best deals. Their home loan rates and everyday accounts were excellent. It’s a bit weird but I had a lot of trouble with the home loan staff, they were unnecessarily rude and condescending. I complained and got someone else. So the home loan application process was unnecessarily difficult. Once they got a professional, it was easy as I think my loan is very small and it’s easy for the banks to give me a loan. Then I was happy because everything worked well and I didn’t have to deal with the customer service. But then suddenly without any warning they just jacked up the interest rates on my home loan. This was 0.40% higher than what they were advertising to new loan applicants and what I was on previously. I messaged then and said I would leave if they weren’t reasonable and lower their rates to what other customers were getting. But they just called me at inconvenient times and left the 1300 number to call back. Anyway, I left them and joined another bank. The kicker was when I got called by a lady requesting feedback. I told her that the customer service was so bad. I liked all the products that ING were offering (except for the home loan when they jacked up the interest rates) and I was really reluctant to leave but because the customer service was so aggressive I couldn’t stand the disrespect. I also told her that when I was with ME bank they reduced their interest rates when other banks reduced theirs. She laughed at me and said “I don’t believe it”. I was shocked by this type of behaviour as it is quite remarkable that Australians would treat other people like this. Perhaps this is a symptom of a toxic work environment at ING. It sounded like they were Australia based staff but give me a well behaved professional person from India or Phillipines any day over this “local” customer service. I was expecting international level of service from an international bank - not the worst Australia has to offer. Australians don’t care about your accent as long as you are professional, honest and polite.

Mediocre service from this bank.

I would suggest don't bank with ING as I recently refinance with them looks like they offered really a bad and poor service.

I never gone before for HECS-HELP debt and when I applied for refinancing home loan with ING, I never ticked HECS or mention in my application but their system is reporting I have HECS debt.

I called this bank many time spoke to customer relationship officer and staff over the phone but still same message noted for new credit card application.

How a crap service! I suggest please see their review here before deal with them, I could have done this before going for mortgage with them.

Easy to deal with, quick to answer phone

We’ve been with ING for 4 years. Even with rate increases, the rate is still competitive. You will find most banks have an intro rate & will increase it within 12 months. most difficult part for me is the max you can take out at an atm in 1 day is $2,000. And to transfer money to a non- ING account takes 24hrs to process.

Do not deal with them

I cannot stress how horrible this bank is. Don't deal with them. The market great deals that change soon after you sign up, whilst still advertising great rates and fees for new people. No customer service.

ING Charges existing customers higher rates than what they are advertising!

ING Charges Existing Customer Higher Rates than what they are advertising in their website.

I got ING Orange Advantage variable rate home loan in late May and settled in early June. At the time when I apply, it is 3.68% in ING website.

After only 1 month, my rate is increased to 3.78%.(the following is a screen shot on 2018-07-15)

So I looked at ING website, the rate they are advertising is still 3.68%!!! (the following is a screen shot on 2018-07-15)

It seems that ING is charging their existing customer higher rate than what they are advertising! And the rate increases so quickly! I can see some previous reviews saying the rate could increase by 0.2~0.3% after 1 year.

This is really dodgy! You shall never trust their advertised rate!

Increase of home loan in less than a year

Really unhappy with Ing offering new customer a nice low home loan rate and increasing the one of their existing customers! Doesn't give any reason why and won't offer anything. Plan on moving to an other bank soon! This is just a rip off! They just want to catch new customer in a trap! Totally unreliable!

Don't do it

I agree with all of the reviews of being slugger with ridiculous legal fees and increased interest. Going to refinance as soon as I serve the minimum period. Worst. Mortgage. No branches and charge for everything. Regret following the advice of a mortgage broker who makes thousands from commissions.


Ok this is what they do. They attract you with a low rate and they will send you a notice of increase after a month. It has happened to me twice! Still happy overall that is why the 3 stars

Raise rates for old customers, give attractive rate for new

Called them to request that they match the new offer that other customers are receiving and was told that I am already receiving a good rate (even though the % repayments is above the advertised customer rate). ING need to be much fairer and provide consistency in the rates provided rather than trying to milk the loyal customers. Clearly their decisions are not based on any form of ethics.

ING absolutely suck if you are not a 'New" customer

Absolutely do not care about customer loyalty - New customers get a completive rate. Existing ones get screwed. Don't bother with their products. You will eventually regret it when you decide to leave.

Get you in with low rate then raise rates

As per the title, started a loan with ING in Sept 2016 to then have interest rates raised on my loan within a month of joining with no explanation. The interest rate on the loan was then raised another six times within two years of starting the loan. Each time there was no explanation even after requesting it. I do understand that a couple of the increases would have been due to regulatory changes.

On a couple of occasions I’ve had to call them because after raising my rate I discovered the same product offered to new customers for less. ING did eventually match the interest rate but only after a bit of back and forth. Shows what customer loyalty means to ING.

I would have given one star but when dealing with their call centre their service for the most part is very good. Their technology is also a positive with only occasional bugs but can be slow to implement new features like Face ID while my other banking products already have.

I wish I had opted with the one other lender I was deciding between and hope to one day have the satisfaction of taking my loan elsewhere.

Increased my home loan interest rate within 9 days of signing me up

Did not trust the reviews and went for ING orange products - I have settled my home loan exactly 9 days ago fooled by the low interest rate on offer and I just received an email that its already going up by 10 basis points. Its a scam the low loan rate to suck you in.

Customer loyalty is irrelevant

Been a customer of ING Home Loans for almost 10 years. Never missed a payment date.

Still working although past retiring age with no outstanding debts.
Sought a small increase in my loan ($20,000) to complete final touches to an extension being carried out.
When declined I wrote to complaints pleading my case. A complaints department employee called me which was a waste of time as all see could say was it is policy.
Requested to speak to a manger and was promised this would happen. After a week I am still waiting for a response.

This is not how to cultivate good client relations or promote loyalty.
Duncan Cowie

50% Increase in Annual fee....

50% Increase in Annual fee... that says it all.. Price rise on 12 of July and my fee is charged 12 of July?
Coincidence? I doubt.

Added 060618.

I since spoke to them about this. They offer no reason for the increase except that its cheap in comparison to some others. So they get you cheap and start increasing once they think you're caught. I also did a google review on them and received a response from someone offering an African email address to resolve the issue. I.e their google maps account had been hacked (or always controlled by someone else). Not so much as a thank you for advising them of that either. You can check google maps for proof of this if you want.

Their security and response time to such issues raised don't inspire the slightest bit of confidence.

Good and Bad

I do recall them being somewhat unkeen to deal directly with me if I was going to go to a broker (which I didn't, and have never for a number of personal reasons). I unfortunately was moving from another bank, which 'matured' on the Fixed rate on Christmas eve or near enough, which mean I somehow didn't settle with ING until 18 Jan. Sadly, that meant rate rises, but it was the same at the bank I was leaving, markets do what they do. I have found the web interface seamless, as is their app, although I do wish it showed when the fixed term expired. I did JUST call to ask what the rate was when I started the paperwork and when I signed, and when he couldn't find it, he said someone would call me back. Less than half an hour later, he rang back and confirmed the rate I signed at, and the prior rate; and I was mistaken, between Sept 2016 and Jan 2017 the rates fell for fixed term, so good news?!

Slow process. Lacks communication. Hides charges.

Lack or no communication when dealing with Home Loan Team. Hopelessly slow & cumbersome home loan approval process. Doesn't tell you about all charges before getting pre-approval these charges show up after you've put a deposit and while getting full approval. When you can't say NO. You only get 5-7 days for gaining full approval after you've put a deposit. One team member says document is not required. Other team member comes back requesting the same document late in the process.

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Questions & Answers

I have recently signed up with ING for my home loan and am confused. Every fortnight, a "repayment amount" gets deducted from there everyday account and "credited" into the home loan account. Is this the principal payment only? And then does interest get deducted again at the end of the month? thanks
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if you signed up for principle and interest repayment then your repayment should include both principle and interest in every transaction.

How long does it take for approval?
3 answers
I think ours was only a few days, it then took about another week to get the paperwork completed and signed with money transferred.From memory it took about less than a week. My property was appraised so if you don't need that done it would be quicker. I arranged mine through Mortgage Choice and it was really very simple and not time consuming from my end.For me there was a problem with their valuation of the property I was buying. The valuation was below the purchase price, which was not an issue for me, what was an issue was that no-one had bothered to tell me until I chased things up. If you go with ING and really I wouldn't if I was you then be prepared to keep on them to keep things moving. Have a look at some of the other reviews on here regarding interest rates, they are slow to decrease when the RBA drops and quick to increase them once they have you signed up.

Are you able to tell me the current variable home rate is?
2 answers
5.43%Whatever ING tell you count on it being more. When rates were reducing they were always the last to pass it on, now they are increasing they are the first to raise them. I have a loan with them and now I regret it. They are an internet based bank so it is difficult to speak with anyone who can make a decision.

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