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I had 2 Custom Shirts. Valentina's eye for detail helped make the fitting perfect. She also helped with the material choices. This made my choices very easy. A very good outcome

Product Quality
Customer Service
Return Claim MadeNo
Store LocationGeorge St
Sizing True to size

Terrible customer service

(I had to repost here because they just deleted it off their Facebook page without solving the problem).

Four months ago I first visited Institchu George St and since then I’ve gone through 2 hilariously mismade suits, 4 ‘fashion consultants’, a customer service manager, and now I have 1 week until my wedding and they can’t even tell me when (if?) it’ll be ready for collection! Abysmal customer service. I’m never going back, and I’m making sure everyone who asks about the wedding knows why.

It started with fashion consultant number 1. She seemed pretty useless, in a benign kind of way. She couldn’t provide any information other than “good choice” or “great choice” when discussing which fabrics I wanted. Fair enough, I mean they take the measurements and the ‘tailors’ weave their magic.

Next time my best man and I visited for fitting and payment we instead get fashion consultant number 2. He said we needed to get higher quality fabrics because otherwise it would look weird. Was fashion consultant number 1 incompetent or was fashion consultant number 2 trying to up sell us? I don’t know, fine let’s go with the expensive fabric. It’s for a wedding and it needs to be done right.

We book an appointment to collect our completed suits. Somehow a booking for two people becomes a booking for one. Not a great start. Then we get to my suit. The pants are way too tight, while everything else (shirt, vest, jacket) is grossly oversized. Even if I doubled my weight I’d still be swimming in the thing. I have no clue how this happened. I can only guess someone didn’t know the difference between inches and millimetres? My best man’s suit was not much better, but at least his jacket was salvageable. Sales consultant number 3 apologises and tells us sales consultant number 2 made a mistake. Takes some snaps of the misfitting garments so they can be remade. By the way, he says, I can have the pant altered soon. Would I like to come in to collect ‘just the pants’? Just the pants? Why would I possibly want just the pants? Sure they look nice, but I don’t often go to work rocking a t-shirt and suit pants.

Wait a really long time… My fiancée calls up Institchu and asks when the suits will be ready – ‘soon’ – they say. But don’t worry, if there is an unexpected problem they will have time to do a final remake. Although that certainly won’t happen. (Ha!)

I visit again, this time with sales consultant number 4 ([name removed]). He excitedly collects my re-made suit. Opens it up. They got the size pretty good this time. And remade EVERYTHING in the wrong colour. Rather than concentrate on my concern, you know, getting a suit that fits and is a single colour, sales consultant number 4 asks if I might want to have the vest or suit as a backup, just in case. But I needed to decide by tomorrow (so they can resell it?). I mean, I’d like them to do their job and my priority at this point isn’t to help them out. [name removed] helpfully asks if I would like to take just the pants home. No thank you.

At this point the customer service consultant ([name removed]) gets involved. I get some waffle about a rush order and not to worry. You might think elevating my complaint would improve the process. You’d be wrong. It now means I have two clowns to deal with during the whole ordeal. They have no idea what is going on and always try to bring the conversation back to how great the suit will be while my inbox is spammed with marketing material.

I should mention during this time they managed to screw up my best man’s suit jacket. The sales consultant tried to pass them off as fine, because if you stretched the sleeves out with your hands they were the right length. A solution that works for every part of the wedding except presenting the rings, the photographs, any dancing, literally any part of the wedding in which you don’t rigidly have your hands by you side. Then they make the sleeves too long. Finally just right. And at this point we realize the cuffs for the shirt are way too large and flaring out. The sales consultant again helpfully tries to pass it off as a fashion style or some crap before agreeing to actually fix it.

I follow up with [name removed] because calling the customer seems quaint now days. She’s ‘on top’ of everything, but she didn’t know about my best man’s jacket alterations. So clearly not on top of everything. Says the suits are about to be shipped. It can take a week and customs could hold them up – beyond their control, unfortunately. Don’t make customs out to be the problem when you had to remake the suit twice. Besides, it doesn’t have to take a week to ship something from China. I just checked and google says 1-3 business days is possible. I tell Institchu to use the faster shipping. The bunch of cheap don’t because they care more about saving a few dollars than providing the service they’ve already been paid for.

Fast forward to last Thursday. I call [name removed]. Where is my suit? When will I have my suit? He doesn’t know because DHL [shipping] doesn’t provide enough information. More waffle about how he was aggressive on the fitting and the suit will look great. I’m sceptical at this point. I ask if someone can call me the next day (Friday) to provide an update. He has a day off, but [name removed] will call. [name removed] does not call. I try calling on Saturday. No one answers.

Today is Sunday and I want one question answered: When will my suit be ready?

Product Quality
Customer Service
Return Claim MadeNo
Store LocationGeorge St
Sizing Very small
Product Appearance As advertised


From the first fitting with Valentina to picking up my suit, the professionalism and assistance provided to me was excellent. I could not have been more happy with the service.

Product Quality
Customer Service
Return Claim MadeNo
Sizing True to size

Not what I thought

I recently had a suit and 2 shirts made by institchu. I visited their Melbourne showroom to be measured after reading their website about their Savile Row trained tailors. I had the items delivered to me rather than the showroom.

On delivery is when I found out that the items are made in Asia, not in Australia. The delivery slip said it was coming from Korea. There was no mention of this on their website.

When trying on the jacket the sleeves were way to short so I made my way back to the showroom where an extra 2.5cm per arm was added. Again it had to be sent away for this. Originally I designed a jacket with a shawl lapel and 2 buttons. After ordering I was told I couldn't have 2 buttons on a shawl lapel. When enquiring about this at the showroom, I was told its because they are not bespoke, they use stencils to make the clothes.

So this for leads me to believe they are seamstresses in Asia using stencils, not tailors making the suits, as any tailor would be able to add a second button to a jacket.

The quality of material is great but you are paying the extra premium for their showrooms and locations, not for a tailor making your item. You could order online from multiple companies and have the same quality fabric made to your measurements in Asia for half the price.

I won't be using them again. Just my 2cents worth for whoever may be interested.

Hi Paul, Thank you for providing us with your feedback, we encourage all feedback to ensure that we are striving to consistently improve on our product and service. InStitchu is transparent with information regarding your purchasing decisions, and we are passionate about how and where our custom, tailored garments are made. We do not use stencils in our construction process, each garment is made from scratch to your design and measurements. Your garments are constructed by our expert Tailors in China at a world leading facility that we chose after conducting extensive research across Europe and Asia. We selected our HQ in China, ahead of anywhere else in the world for its superior technology, infrastructure, precision, product quality and consistency that is unparalleled anywhere in the world. We also have an expert Tailor Team at our Australian HQ that make customer garment alterations when needed. All of this information is made publicly available within our FAQs online. We do not have a Tailor Team in Korea, your garment may have passed through Korea with DHL on it's way to Australia. All InStitchu garments are customisable and made-to-measure, from scratch, to your specific measurements and design—we offer a made-to-measure service, we do not offer a bespoke service. You can find out the difference between bespoke and made-to-measure and read more about our custom, made-to-measure service in our FAQs online. Traditionally a shawl lapel jacket design has one button and this is why we offer one button for shawl lapel designs. I hope that I’ve managed to answer your questions and clear up any confusion, please don’t hesitate to reach out should you have any further concerns or questions, I am here to help and we hope to see you at a Showroom soon. Kind regards, ShannonThanks for your message. I pulled this from your FAQ . Specifically, custom, means you can choose every detail, big or small, from the fabric, to how many buttons, to which buttons, to the collar, to the cuff, to the pick stitching and so much more–your order will be custom made exactly to your specific design. So in reading this I should of been able to order 2 buttons on my jacket, as your FAQ says you can choose every detail big or small. From your comment saying; Traditionally a shawl lapel jacket design has one button and this is why we offer one button for shawl lapel designs. This is contradicting the whole custom order process, not letting someone customise their suit cause its not traditional. Maybe change your wording in regards to what you can customise. In regards to the where it was made, I fully admit I did not see that on your website.

Exceeded expectations

Coming from George and King Perth to InStitchu, I cannot be more delighted about my first order experience. The new store was easy to find and they had exactly what I was looking for, from the choice of fabric to the various other options that came with it. All the designers I’ve dealt with were wonderful, knowledgeable and very helpful. The quality of my tailored shirt definitely exceeded my expectations and I will definitely be coming back for more.

Great showroom experience

Great showroom shirt fitting experience!
Bruce is very knowledgeable and generous with his time. Just picked up the shirt - looks great- looking forward to wearing it out this weekend.

Satisfied customer

Exceptional service. From design through to the finished product(s) Ken (Brisbane) fully involved me throughout the entire process, providing regular updates and projecting a high level of professionalism. The finished product(s) are a real testament to the George & King by InStitchu team. Very happy with my new ‘bespoke” suit & shirts. Thank you. Highly recommended.

Excellent customer service

For our wedding we designed a custom suit and shirt at Institchu with the help of wedding specialist Ann Tran. Ann took great care and provided an excellent fitting tailored to my preferred fit. We also experienced incomparable customer service from Shannon Norton who personally made sure we were satisfied with the outcome. I would recommend future grooms to get their suits made here. I will definitely be coming back! I am never buying shirts or suits from anywhere else ever again. It's not much more than buying off the rack so it's definitely worth it to design the suit to your exact liking and in your exact measurements.

Perfect suit that I wanted

Karim served me what a gentalman easy talking to gave me a lot of help picking a suit I’ll be back thanks a lot Karim I’m definitely going to be best dressed for my Christmas party.

Ticks all the boxes and perfectly!

I have been a repeat customer at the George Street, Sydney showroom for the last 12 months. The team run an amazingly slick operation, which is no doubt a reflection of Georgia’s great management. The consultants and Georgia have an amazing depth of knowledge. Each consultation I have there is an education in formal dress, which I find rewarding. And the clothes, WOW! I’ve never been able to find a suit and shirts that fit absolutely perfectly. I strongly recommend you try these guys for your next suit and shirt needs. Price, style and fit are all truly outstanding. Great job to all the staff at George Steet SYDNEY showroom.

Awesome Service

Great service, knowledgeable and friendly staff, delivery on time and to order. Met every expectation as quoted and discussed. Highly recommended.

Once again great service and a good product

Just pick up my second suit from Institchu and with help from Adam Cremona it looked great and fits fantastic.
Thanks Adams

The people at Institchu have absolutely amazing

I took my son here for a formal suit the guys and girls at InStichu catered for my sons every need. Nothing was to much trouble I would definitely buy from here again.

Suit and Customer Service Beyond my Expectations

I was first introduced to Institchu NY by a friend after I saw him wearing a well-fitted suit with an amazing red pastel liner. Although New York City has a number of custom suit makers to choose from, I was already sold on Institchu simply based on what I saw. Within a week, I had made an in-store appointment and my wife and I met with Mary Kate soon after. She was amazing! Both patient and professional, Mary Kate helped me understand everything from suit cut to lapel liners. Far more went into custom designing a suit that I had imagined, and Mary Kate didn't miss a beat.

After we left, I began receiving weekly status emails from Institchu letting me know where my suit was in the design, cut, and completion process - pretty cool.

Sooner than expected, I received a call from Mary Kate letting me know that my suit was ready for its initial fitting. Having arrived a few minutes early for my appointment, I found Mary Kate meticulously working with another customer. Fortunately for me, Tim was there and quickly stepped in to help me assess its fit. Although I was beyond satisfied, Tim suggested - and I agreed - that the pant length needed a slight alteration.

Four days later my new custom fitted suit (and custom fitted shirt) were ready for pick up. The pants fit perfect, the shirt was well tailored, and the jacket exactly what I wanted - red pastel lining and all!

If you're looking for a high end, high quality, custom suit without the high end price, I highly recommend Institchu - NY. And if possible, book your fittings with either Mary Kate or Tim.

Thank you both again. Job very well done.


Great customer experience

Great service and advice too from Mel. Suit and shirt fitted perfectly and arrived earlier than expected. Highly recommend Mel.

Tailor Made Quality. MYER prices

It is worthwhile going into was so room once every year or two for remeasurement . I had my measurements adjusted and an excellent range of fabrics from which to choose. Great and skilled staff.

Good customer services

I wasn't happy with the manufacturing location of my suit and was under the impression that it would be made in Australia. As it wasn't, the customer service team quickly refunded me my money on return of the items order.

Horrible Customer Service

They gave me the bare minimum amount of their time for a $5,000+ order. Received the quote 1 week late then never heard from the Sales Rep in Brisbane CBD again... Went with someone else as customer service like this is unacceptable.

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Hi Hugo, Thank you so much for your feedback, we are sorry to hear of your experience at our Brisbane showroom. Our weddings manager would like to get in touch with you to find out more about what happened. Could you please email us at contact@institchu.com with your contact number so we can get in touch with you. Kind regards, Shannon.


I recently purchased 10 shirts from Institchu from their Brisbane office. Mayowa was outstanding from the moment I arrived. When my shirts arrived (French cuff) they were a bit tight as I wear a large watch, also neck size was a little tight. I went back to the store and talked to Mayowa. He had no hesitation in full replacement of all my shirts with a larger cuff and neck size. Shirts are beautiful top quality cottons and I have already been asked “ where did you get that shirt?”. More than happy to recommend Mayowa. As I said to him when I rang to thank him when my new shirts arrived? “ I look as flash as a rat with a gold tooth” in my Institchu tailored shirts. Thank you Mayowa

Mel Fernandez - Absolute Gem!!!

I first got in contact with Mel, Sydney Showroom, just over a year ago now and every time I have ordered from Institchu, she has been incredible. Attentive to detail, takes into account your personal style, and each item has been an absolute perfect fit. For all bespoke needs, I would recommend her hands down. Dead set game changer!

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Hi, I am getting married in March and my fiancée and I took our groomsmen to Institchu to see what they had to offer and get a quote. We were happy with the details but a little taken aback that they wanted full payment up front before the order would be made up. We feel a little vulnerable about paying in full as it potentiallyleaves you with no recourse to question the quality or workmanship. As a comparison, my wedding dress is a bespoke dress and is currently being made overseas for delivery in January. I have paid half the amount with the remainder due on receipt. I rang to discuss with the terms with the Institchu salesperson but she advised it was a company policy and she had no way to change that. Given that it is a substantial amount of money to outlay I was wondering what other people’s thoughts are on the issue? I see that the reviews are overwhelmingly positive with the final product and that is heartening at least. Thanks, Karen
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They have the perfect fit guarantee which should give you some comfort. The suits are bespoke also, but are far less pricey than a wedding dress. I would imagine that if someone paid 50% for a few suits but didn’t pay the other 50% it would result in substantial loss to instichu (no idea what their mark up is but I doubt it’s 50%). You can send the suit back as many times as you like until you are happy with the fit and you don’t pay for alterations. I’ve found the workmanship and materials to be of outstanding quality. All my best formal/business clothes have come from instichu, that goes for the fit, material quality, style and workmanship. I would be very comfortable if I were you. In my experience alterations take about 1 week so don’t leave it too long before the wedding to order so that you leave time for one to two alterations if needed. Also it takes a month for delivery so keep that in mind. Speak to Georgia at the Clarence St Sydney shop. She knows it all and should provide you with some comfort. Good luck for the big DayThanks for your reply Steveb. Appreciated.

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