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BEWARE Foreign Object inside Container! Poor Quality!!

I purchased the chocolate flavour from Chemist Warehouse Online, it took 1 week to finally arrive. (Slowest online purchase experience - that's another story). When it did arrive a large white chunk of plastic was inside the powder. I have no idea what it is!!!

Contacted both Chemistware House and IsoWhey...3 weeks on I am still stuck with my contaminated container - completely useless! A replacement still hasn't arrived, between the two companies they cannot work out decent customer service. I would have expected a refund and express shipped replacement for wasting my time.

Buy another brand like I did. Don't waste your time!

Purchased in May 2019 at Chemist Warehouse Online Store for $28.00.

Additional Physical Activities Sport
Weight LostNo change

I look forward to this each morning, sometimes twice a day

Tried Banana and Vanilla. Both good but I always add fresh ingredients and play around with natural flavouring. Today I mixed one heaped scoop of vanilla powder, added a lady finger banana, a peeled and chopped pear, a quarter of a paw paw to 300ml of Almond coconut milk in the blender. After blending I added half teaspoon of cinnamon and gave it another few seconds blending, ( you can add a couple of ice cubes to blender if you wish) . Its delicious and full of good stuff and helps me avoid animal protein. Give it a try.

Purchased in April 2019 at Chemist Warehouse.

Additional Physical Activities Cardio and Sport
Weight LostYes

Strong chemical taste

I really wanted to use this as it didn't have added folate, like some others do. (My body cannot process the synthetic folate used in food manufacture - can't even buy a loaf of bread that's not an over-priced organic loaf).
Firstly it wouldn't mix, I had to get the stick mixer. It looked really thin.
It tasted so strongly of chemicals, that I didn't drink it until I read reviews on if that was normal. I suspect it's one of those things like the 'gene' for coriander to taste like soap, etc etc.

So I figured out that it was safe, as some others experienced this. Then it was so thin, it was like having a glass of water. Not filling in the least, and almost nauseating in flavour. I threw in some rice bran and a couple of drops flavour essence, just to make it drinkable. I think I'll look for something else!

Purchased in March 2019.


all good so far

Been on IsoWhey for about 8 weeks and lost around 6kgs, tried chocolate, strawberry, coffee and mango, all good, most times I have breakfast and lunch shakes and normal food for dinner. I have fruit or Carmen bars (10g protein) for afternoon munchies. I am excising moderately 5 times a week, I was not heavy to start with but wanted to tone up from too much gym bulk in upper body, I cannot complain of the product. I have milk or water to mix in a hand held plastic shaker, I reduce crap food and no alcohol and the product does what it says, but it requires the user to be disciplined as well.

Goal is 10kg so well on track.

Purchased in January 2019 at Chemist Warehouse for $34.99.

Additional Physical Activities Sport
Weight LostYes

Good results in short time

I have tried the chocolate and vanilla flavours. I found both a little on the artificial flavour side and not very filling so I improvised to make it go further. Add 1 tsp psyllium husks (it thickens it), 200ml coconut milk, 15 frozen blueberries and a couple of ice cubes. Totals 166 calories. The taste is ‘ok’ for both flavours but I think I ever so slightly prefer vanilla. Beware, I can’t take this product at night as it messes with my sleep but maybe that’s just me. At this stage I have 1 replacement meal per day, sometimes 2 if I had a bad day calorie wise the day before. My loss after 3.5 weeks is at 8.9kg which is a great result for me as I’m in my 50’s with a slight physical disability and limited exercise capability.

Purchased in January 2019 for $29.95.

Stomach, chest pain and vomitting from a single dose

Bought at suggestion of Doctor and specialist to lose weight BUT How the hell can they sell this stuff, one single carefully measured dose gave me terrible stomach pain not too far removed from stomach ulcer pain my chest got terribly tight and uncomfortable actually thought I was having heart issues, I was extremely nauseas and even my lip was trembling as if I was about to be sick. I tried one dose the next day with the same effect, because the Docs had encouraged me to buy this stuff I tried a third time a few days later with the same effect. Wouldn't wish this stuff on my worst enemy. The taste is crap too so no compensation for the pain & suffering.

FlavourIvory Coast Chocolate

Love the strawberry

Love the strawberry ( not so fussed with the choc as the flavour isn’t very strong )
Leaves me full and energised for my workouts. Highly recommend and was easy to purchase online

Purchased in January 2019 for $23.00.

Additional Physical Activities Weightlifting
Weight LostYes

Pre mix for better flavour and texture

I have used Iso Whey on and off for a few years, and its my go to meal replacement when the kilos creep up. It is best if you pre mix it with a blender of some sort (I use a nutribullet) so that the power dissolves and thickens. Leave it in the fridge for a while to thicken and chill. I mix it with 200mL of low fat milk for a milkshake consistency, and for a thickshake I add half an avocado. I use the ivory coast chocolate and add a small teaspoon of raw cacao powder for a slightly bitter chocolate flavour. For a treat I mix it all up (cacao and avocado) and freeze and its like a bowl of chocolate icecream.

Hope these ideas help :)

FlavourIvory Coast Chocolate

Extremely happy with Isowhey

I have purchased and used the vanilla flavour with milk and a fresh banana for breakfast for over a year. I found it great and was able to drink it easily. I found some other shakes too thick and not drinkable. My weight loss over 2 years has been about 25kg inconjunction with a healthy diet and exercise program. You do the math about a kg per month but it's staying off. I have tried reverting to eggs or oats for breakfast but revert back to my shake. I felt Isowhey was one of the healthier options in shakes based to reviews of the Drs behind it but that's my opinion

FlavourMadagascan Vanilla

Opened container. It was only half full. I struggle to see how something promoted as good for you, i

It is in deceptive packaging that damages the environment. The plastic container was only half full. A "healthy" product wouldnt do this.

FlavourIvory Coast Chocolate

I don’t know exactly how it works but I don’t care!

I’ve just started Isowhey, 10 days in and have lost 2.8kg. Goal is 68-72kg so only a minimum of 3.2kg to go. I’m still in my first tub, strawberry and it is delicious, tastes exactly like a strawberry Oak milk.
Besides replacing my breakfast which was usually around 11am, I haven’t made any other changes and have been to an all you can eat Pizza Hut, had Spaghetti for dinner and even had Chinese takeout and still lost weight.
I’ve never tried a diet anything before and don’t think I’ll try anything other than isowhey as it works so well for me. I bought the first tub on a whim as it was half price from Chemist Warehouse, they have it on special again so I’m off to buy the Coffee flavour.
One side effect I have is feeling very thirsty. I am someone who has always struggeled to drink enough even with trying but since I started Isowhey, my mouth is so dry that I had to drink! I’ve read it’s a side effect of ketones. While this issue might be a problem for some, especially those with heart conditions, it was a welcome to me because now I know I’m drinking enough water too.

FlavourStrawberry Smoothie

1 week in

So far I am on my first tub of chocolate Isowhey. It is a little bitter, but not so much that it isn't enjoyable.
Very thin consistency. I put the milk in first and then add the powder and shake it up in my shaker. I have my shake with milk, 2 times a day at breakfast and lunch. I have a protein bar and banana as my snacks thoughout the day and I just eat whatever we have bought to make for dinner.
On the weekends I'm a little more relaxed about what I eat.
Not sure if I've lost any weight yet as my boyfriend took my scales away from me ages ago when I became dangerously obsessive about my weight. I'm not going to weigh myself until I see physical differences. But I'm only a week in so I'm not expecting results straight away.
I have a lot of trouble sticking things out so to be a week in isquite an achievement for me. I tried lite n easy meals and stuck to it for 2 weeks. I've tried other meal replacement shakes but was always hungry. Surprisingly I don't often feel ovely hungry outside of meal times. Just snackish occasionally.
On the whole, so far so good.

FlavourIvory Coast Chocolate

please help

I loved it , but I came out in hives I was using the vanilla tasted great and had started to lose weight but now I can,t drink it I would love to know if there is an alternative. A WHITE

FlavourMadagascan Vanilla

Nourishing and Sensible

I watched a friend loose alot of weight so I decided I would try it.
Strawberry is my favorite now I am not using it to totally lose weight I use it to maintain my weight because of its nourishing content.
I use water and have only one a day.
I enjoy it.

FlavourStrawberry Smoothie

Low sugar good, Reduced amt in container bad

I loved the fact it had reduced sugar, and less sugar than many other meal replacements.
The taste was OK, as I tried the Caramel, but to be honest have preferred the taste of other meal replacement products better.
Was definitely more effective in getting the weight down than other Meal Replacement products.
My BIGGEST MOAN was as a previous reviewer said my container was only 3/4 full, so that upset me.


Works for me

Have been on this shake for a while, lost weight, feel full and taste is ok. Fav is chocolate, had all of them. Choc not as tasty as before but still ok. I mix with fruit and yoghurt in morning. Replace two meals a day with shakes and have whatever I want for my meal. Losing weight this way. Drink plenty of water. Best shakes on market according to my pharmacist. Read labels much better then other brands also. Best prices for me is chemist warehouse. Always have sales on these.

FlavourIvory Coast Chocolate

My go to breakfast

I have been using IsoWhey for a number of years now. Not as a diet program but as a quick and easy breakfast when you don’t feel like much. Mixed berries and a banana are added and sometimes turmeric. I just love it. Favourite flavour is coffee.

FlavourClassic Coffee

Want to be sick AND starving?

I ordered the chocolate and the caramel. The taste was great. Kind of like a melted sundae. The calorie and carb counts are on point. But it has 2 very big flaws:

(1) It states it's a meal replacement. It's not. It's a snack replacement. You will only feel full on this product if you already eat very little. I countered this by adding a tsp of psyllium husk which definitely helped.

(2) There's a warning on the container that was definitely not given in the description on the site I ordered it: 'excess consumption may have a laxative effect'. No kidding. Considering it says on the pack that you should only have two 200ml serves a day, if you are using this as a meal replacement, you will exceed the limit in no time. Especially if you are using water.

Yes you will lose weight if you are overweight. But you will be literally starving. As in, your stomach is completely empty and you have excess acid. You will NOT fill full for even 5 minutes drinking these servings as they are. Not even a little. And you will be rushing to the toilet after the 3rd 'meal'. Don't trip! There's not enough leeway for that!

As a low calorie snack twice a day, add psyllium husk and you're good. But without that it's been a horrible experience. I'd love a refund on the two containers I purchased as they're not going to waste. I forced myself to give them a 3 day trial. They're in the back of the cupboard now. What a waste!

FlavourIvory Coast Chocolate

It works if you stick to it

Started isowhey a few days ago. I've altered it a little. I have 3 shakes a day with water and a big salad with lean protein like tuna or chicken. I have lost 2.5kg in 3 days. Lots of people complain about the bland taste but that's due to less sugar in the shakes. Strawberry and salted caramel are my faves. Banana is ok. Vanilla and chocolate not nice at all. Only side effect for me is it can make me a little gassy. But I think that's a small price to pay for a decent product.

FlavourStrawberry Smoothie

Great taste

This product works. I’ve lost 1.5 kg this week and am using almond milk. I through in a shot of espresso it keeps me going for about 3-4 hours before I’m hungry. It tastes really pleasant compared to other brands I’m about to try the vanilla and add blueberries for fun.

FlavourIvory Coast Chocolate

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