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Great van, poor fridge

We purchased a new JAYCO 17 foot EXPANDA touring van in May 2018 but on our first trip away in June 18 found the fridge did not work. Jayco took the van away to fix it and on our second trip in Sept 18 it worked. On our third trip away in January 19 the fridge stopped working again and we then had to take the van/fridge to be fixed. When we got it back, we double checked to see if it worked and guess what ? It still did not work.

We demanded Jayco replace the fridge this time but they blamed Domedic for the fridge problem. In the end they replaced the whole fridge and so far it works. Jayco Sydney were great and the van as a whole is great but the Domedic fridges seem to be a problem. If the fridges are no good get a better make of fridge. It’s Jayco’s Reputation not Domedic that’s on the line.

Purchased in May 2018.

Value for Money
Cleaning & Maintenance
Exterior Build Quality
Interior Build Quality

Jayco Provides No Service

Our May 2016 Expanda Outback Caravan is delaminating along the drivers side in several areas covering the front to back of the side. Jayco have advised is could have been caused by many factors although their recommended repair has confirmed it is a manufacturing fault. They have advised the van is 3 years old, when the matter was raised in Dec 2018 and booked in for inspection in January 2019 it was a long way short of 3 years old. Don't buy a Jayco you will be left out of pocket and they are obviously only meant to last 2 1/2 years then an in excess of $42,000 caravan becomes a throw away item.

Happy camper

Just thought I’d add a review on my older version of the Expanda . Purchased second hand in my local area (horsham ) was originLly from horsham jayco. I read lots of reviews before I committed to buying and I’m glad the horror stories didn’t cone back to bite me. Maybe older vans were built with better quality materials I’m not sure but our Expanda is as solid as a rock. No problems with anything other than aging canvas ends as expected. Everything inside is well built and durable. For an 11 year old well used van it’s held up well. Tows like a dream on the back of my 2014 Prado, wouldn’t even know it was there. kids love it, very spacious for our family of 4 and with the awning out and walls down it’s a really big area. I will eventually move up to a newer hard lid model in the next few years. I’m over all impressed with The Expanda a big van when set up but compacts down enough to fit in my shed for storage.

Fantastic van

Great van and loads of space and yes there are are a few imperfections but you get that in a hand made Australian van.
Fantastic value and have great resale value

I'll never buy another jayco

Less than 12 months old, can you believe the following list of faults? A/C replaced after going to 2 repair agents, oven finally replaced after 5 attempts to fix it, the fridge faulty, fan added then faulty again, then fridge replaced, then faulty again, after a lot of running around the cooling unit was replaced (on a new fridge??) But its now not cooling on battery. The following was also faulty- speakers faulty, canvas leaks, awning leaks, ensuite leaks, leaks from all over the van, wheel arches falling off, drawer latches replaced, gas cover latch cracked, boot latches faulty, water tank metres don't work, 4 attempts to get water flowing from taps and shower, outside shower leaked, water pressure valved replaced, awning didn't close properly, list goes on and on. 58 thousand dollar lemon and good luck trying to get anyone involved in repairs or management calling you back. Worst purchase of my life. I am away and have and will tell everyone i come across don't buy a JAYCO.

Workmanship - not quality!!!!

Just slow down 5% Jayco. Listen to the customer - it’s a thing! It’s not the materials or the product. It’s all just care factor. Silly annoying assembly errors that really take from the product. if I wanted third world assembly quality I would have bought it! Everything about the van says Australian Engineering. Except the finish. Too much unnecessary NQR. And annoyingly a long list of silly things just not quite enough to be worth a trip back to the dealer. Just a shame really. 5% slower it could be so fantastic.


I will start by saying we do like the van as a whole and yes it’s value for money!
Good job on the suspension works very well, however when I went wandering around underneath it’s difficult to believe it has been assembled in Australia. Simple things like Not getting wiring caught between things wiring so tight in one area and coiled in another, earth cable is held by 3 stands of wire, then there’s the plumbing looks like it was thrown in need I go on Oh and why not put screws in straight or at least enough to hold a cupboard on the wall and yes I could go on!! Come on guys a little pride in our work would go a long way.

Great Value caravan

Great value caravan. Comfortable and well built. Great for a family and easy to tow due to the reduced traveling size. Great van to get out for a quick trip or an extended getaway.

Good floor plan but beware of Jayco when it comes to after warranty help

Love my expanda but whenever i have had to deal with jayco for advice or spare parts i get a different story. Spoke to Jayco head office about sourcing new locker door and they said they couldn't manufacture one for caravan that was 4 years old. Spoke to a dealer and they said no worries and ordered the part from jayco and I got it few weeks later. Also had an electrical problem which i now know is just a moisture issue which seems is common but Jayco head office wasn't interested in helping to diagnose the issue.

happy happy

yes very happy with new van have done just 2 short trips so far, that work thing is getting in the way, roof latch just outside door is a hassle, need awning slightly open to lock this one, maybe I just need to get used to it, ( had 3 vans over 15 yrs ), like the bunks and fold out only 1 end, suits us perfectly.

Great Caravan, Great Value

Value for money, upgraded from a 2012 expanda which we had many enjoyable trips, only downfall was ground clearance so we changed for the outback package. First trip was to Shark Bay where the van was home to 4 adults and 4 children. The van towed well, was very comfortable and everything functioned as it should have. The finish on the Jayco stacks up very well against more expensive caravans. I didn't give it 5 stars due to position of television cable box which gets knocked by the mattress, will have to pay for re-positioning at first service.

The Good The Bad The Ugly - 3.5 Stars

The Good - Nice and light with a single axle. We decided the toilet was not important as we mainly do paid caravan parks. Awesome layout. 2 x adults and 1 x child. External shower is somewhat useful. Better fridge size then Jayco camper ranges (Swan etc). Better quality beds. lots of cupboard space. Quite an effective Air cond/Heater. Easy to tow being a pop top. Fantastic Re-sale value if kept in good condition. And it is all weather proof.
The Bad - Pull out Awning had to be refitted to the van as it was bolted incorrectly. Found this out when the awning had actually come away from the van and was dangling there in the caravan park. Quick manufacture assembly of the van means that the double/triple canvas stitching on the bed ends actually dont quite lap over the folded ends so some of the canvas is only single stitching. External Shower leaks will get that repaired under warranty.
The Ugly - CUPBOARD DOOR HANDLES CONTINUE TO BREAK. Extremely poor 2016 cupboard handle design. 5 of these have broken so far and it wont stop and there has been no communication from Jayco about replacing with another design. They will just replace the handle with the same one until your warranty expires. Then you will have to pay for them. VERY POOR.
Conclusion - Are we glad we bought it? Yes we are, this is our 3rd van. They have all been Jaycos and this was our first brand new one. Slight sour taste with the Cupboard Door handle scenario but overall we understand they are built to a price point. Unfortunately you have to pay more $$$ if you want more Quality.

2011 Expanda bubbling on Bed Lids!

Worst! Excessive bubbling on bed lids. It is a manufacturing defect however Jayco will not repair it. Van door hinges have snapped. Kitchen draw collapsed and slide hinges snapped. Overhead cupboard hinges have ripped out of the wood. Do not recommend to anyone. Jayco customer service is appalling.

needing some advise on expanda before purchase.

im looking at purchasing the jayco expanda 2017 model in the 20ft length, and just wanting some feed back about suitability for myself and family. I have 2 young active kids plus my wife and I . any input would be appreciated.

5 Years Old & Falling apart

I am getting bubbles appear in the hard lids of the expanda and Jayco won't fix due to it being 5 years old and outside the 12 month warranty period. Very disappointed that Jayco won't repair a known fault with their fibreglass and their Customer Service is terrible.

Stay away for Jayco Goldcoast

Well, if you wish to receive the poorest service delivery in existence, please purchase from Jayco Goldcoast. From the lack of pre-deliver check (acknowledged by the dealer principal by email) to a list of 21 faults in the first 4 months (purchased brand new 2016 Expanda), the Jayco Gold Coast experience will in comparison change your worst nightmares into a pleasant experience.....Disappointment guaranteed. The Dealer Principal is useless, the salesmen can not be trusted.....I will contact Jayco Australia next....If you want a pleasant experience, please stay away.....

Very disappointing

Very disappointing from the day of delivery cupboards falling off water tanks leaking to name a few as far as comfort it is very good as far as reliability is concerned I have no faith in this van and will be on the market ASAP

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Caravan has flooded twice due to faulty toilet connection also awning gave way from side of van on inspection only 2 scews holding awning to wall of van NOT good enough Jayco especially when you won't even return my calls

Awesome van, we love it!

My family and I decided that a Jayco expanda pop top was the best value for money. I did lots and lots of research only finding most on the Internet was negative.
Well I can trufully say we are totally satisfied with our brand spanking new 2016 17 56 2 outback. We have done a few trips with it and have not experienced any problems. The van tows extremely well, it soaks up the bumps and exerts very little feedback on the tug. I'm in the automotive trade and I appreciate good engineering and from what I can see with jayco they have nailed it. Well done Jayco and thank you for giving my family and I the opportunity to explore Australia.

Nice Van, poor workmanship

Jayco provided us a caravan with an excellent layout, great facilities and it was well priced. Jayco need to listen to their customers though as the workman ship on my van was terrible, from the silicon work to small leaks in the bed ends and awning, a pop-top that does not line up, ensuite that still leaks even after being to workshop several times, wheels that scrub as they are not aligned and the list goes on. All little things that a few extra hours and competent workmanship could overcome with a bit more care in the workshop.
On a positive note, the van tows really well, is strong, has reasonably good quality materials and fittings and includes a lot of convenient features.
It is not the quality of Jayco that let them down, it is the workmanship and after sales service from dealers such as the one in Adelaide that let them down. Jayco, please listen!

great van for the money

Bought our 2008 17.56 second hand from a family that clearly didn't look after it 9( had too much money). We have had a few minor issues with cosmetic things and trim etc but overall we cannot complain about it. It is the model without hard lids and we have been through heavy storms and had no issues with water leaking into bed. (Perhaps its how you put the fly up) i had a new fly made that goes all the way to the ground and we use the space inside like a storage closet for bikes etc. We absolutely love ours and honestly believe some people really expect to much from a caravan. Look at the expensive ones they use the same appliances and they still fall apart. Just went to our local van show today and was disappointed in the finish of $80 000 -100000 products. Definitely no better as far as quality control goes.

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Questions & Answers

I turn on my hot water switch to run hot water on electric and it trips my main power but it works fine on gas, do I need to change element and thermostat to prevent this from happening cheers Lee
No answers

Hi I have a 2015 outback expanda with twin gas bottles on the draw bar it came with a plastic cover from factory covering the bottles, I am constantly refitting cover every time we travel does anyone have a solution or should I just bin it.
4 answers
I have the open twin tanks without the covers . I’d bin it personally .Cheers for your feedback DanI would just bin it. We had one on our 2018 and it was more trouble that what it’s worth. Ours went to the tip Cheers Stu

Hi does the hot water heat up the mains without using tanks
1 answer
I mean does hot water system heat up my mains water without using tank water or do I have to fill up the tanks to get hot water


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