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Jayco Journey

Jayco Journey

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Buyer beware if you are thinking of buying a Jayco van.

We purchased our Jayco Journey, brand new, in Nov.2014. The roof leaked so badly that we had to have a whole new roof installed. Jayco did cover this cost as it was in warranty, however when they replaced the roof they attached the awning incorrectly, with one side longer than the other, so it never rolls up evenly, we also have stress cracks in the grey trim panels at the back of the van. They have refused to repair these faults as the van is now out of warranty & say that these problems are caused by general wear & tear, not so, as the van is always kept undercover & has never been off a sealed road. I have contacted Vic.Consumer Law, & have been told that they are in breach of section 54 of the traders act, but I have to get a 3rd party assessment of these faults & then follow it up again with Jayco, but my husband’s health is not that good, so Jayco are going to get away with not fixing our problems, so my reason for writing this is just to let everybody know that Jayco’s after sales service is terrible, a big zero, especially if your van is out of warranty. So if you are thinking of purchasing a Jayco DONT. If I could give zero stars in a review that is what Jayco would get. We are both very disappointed & angry with Jayco. They have also caused a lot of stress to my husband, that he can ill afford. JUST DON’T BUY A JAYCO..!!!!

Purchased in November 2014 at Bayswater Jayco.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Car ModelMazda BT-50 MK1 (2006-2011)

Suspension Problems

2018 Model 1 trip only undertaken completing 14k trip on black top.
- Tyres scrubbed out unroadworthy
- Suspension requiring replacement multiple components
- Nowra service center problematic told to wait 3 mths for replacement tyres and components

Never again

1st service part 2

Because of the multiple problems our Journey has we had to leave it again for repairs over Christmas, the van is not even 6 months old and has spent more time in the shop then travelling. The new problems are.
wall paper peeled off, apparently mouldy boards were used and this is the reault, total strip down of internal of van.
arial winding mechanism dropped out.
external and interal screws snapped leaving the lifting arm inside unstable and the bracket lockdown outside unstable.
husbnd side of van flooded this time and the boot filled with water again.
Screen door has very cheap door jam material on it and the bugs get in
plastic has come away from each corner of the pop up part of van allowing everything in
safe has been put into an area old people cant get to
window atruts do not always work
rang the seller, not really interested
wrote aimilar above on Jayco Australia face b ook page, they are not interested.

Advise, do not buy, better to buy 2nd hand of these at least you know the problems have already been addressed.

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It is now 9 weeks since we left the van with the RV centre, half of the jobs were not completed and when we looked at the van it was in such a stained and filthy state it broke my heart, what we paid for 7 months ago is now only worth 20 grand. But take heart, Jayco Australia still do not take responsiblity for the repairs on a new van by repairers they choose, and are a sub company of Jayco Australia. I am now forced to take a complaint out against them with Fair Trading, ovoid this mob like the clap, you will end up poorer for the experience.

Very bad Customer Service for a new van

I am disgusted with Jayco

Our new 2015 Outback Journey was ready for pick up in June however because of illness we had to leave it at Nowra for 2 weeks. One would have thought that the company would have fixed the cupboard misalignment before sending it out as part of their quality control and worse case RV centre should have (they had the time) fix the cupboards before we picked it up.

We were told we could have it fixed at first service.

We paid 43 k for this van, I expect quality not excuses.

We discovered that the van also leaks onto one of the beds (mine) I took photos showing the leaking into the cupboard and onto the bed along with another problem where the led lights on the 4 external corners of the van filled with water (water and electricity do not mix).

I sent customer service an email, I am still waiting for a response, that was over a month ago.

I also filled in the customer feedback survey, stating all of the above, their response was, thanks for filling that out here is a cheap crap key ring for your problems but no acknowledgement of the problems.

Would I buy Jayco again, no, their service ethics suck, their build ethic sucks and their customer service is deplorable.

Numerous defects on Jayco Journey van New 1st trip

Sinse !/4/15, broken latch on toilet door,fridge wouldn't start on gas(so much for gas certificate),numerous tries to close top and it wouldn't line up to close latches,1st time side window opened it fell out breaking strut,advised to go to Darwin dealer_ no dealer in Darwin, window has been taped up as my repairs may not be effective,head office assumed in book so he must be there,fridge repaired by Dometic dealer in Darwin who asked if we had drawers problem we said no.Left Darwin got to Litchfield (50km)and found drawer and clothes everwhere.Further south at Adelaide river met other travellers who said they were travelling with Jayco dealer from Ballarat who had so many problems he took his van back to Ballarat for replacement to continue his trip.We then discovered that our new van had been rebuilt with the 4 struts being relocated (holes eveywhere) and very very basic repairs made to the roof curtain and the rib left out completely.After making my own repairs to the draw that had fallen apart I discovered that the draw runners were too low and the draws would not latch so out came the duct tape to keep them permanently closed.The rear panel came away from the body so it is now taped up with 100mph tape to stop the ingress of water.The front boot seal is as useless as tits on a bull as the lid and seal do not meet and I found numerous items ruined by water including a spare set of wheel bearings.The roof erecting mechanism has been incorrectly installed and brackets are at odd angles.All the upholstery after only 5 weeks was showing signs of wear and now is a mass of balled material.Doors on the cupboards are miss aligned and have to be helped into their correct closing position,some of the draws etc are warped and wearing the cupboard faces.The laminex at the edge of the beds had to be reglued as it had come away from panel.1/2 way to its 1st service I felt the wheel hubs and they were red hot so at Dubbo for its 1st service I was told the brakes had been partially on all the time.The roof vent during rain allows for the ingress of water and to stop this I rolled up a hand towell to stop further moisture.As requested I will not mention any remarks etc by the company and its agents thru all of this.

Questions & Answers

Could anyone tell me how they like their 2019 Jayco Journey Outback?And in particular how the new remote awning is going ?
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I can say one thing only about Jayco, and that is BUYER BEWARE!!!!! We purchased a brand new Jayco Journey in 2014, and had to have the whole roof replaced due to leakage problems in 2015, which they did as it was under warranty (by the way their warranty is almost worthless, as they give you 1 year only and you might only use your van for 1 to 3. months in that year.) we are still having on going problems that Jayco refuse to fix now, but when they replaced the roof they attached the awning crooked (it being longer on one side than the other),therefore it never rolls up evenly. They say that it is wear & tear, how can that make one side longer than the other?. The new roof (pop top) does not settle down properly & we have had to have it re-seated twice (once by a Jayco Service Centre ( not done properly)& once by an independent caravan repairer. We also have 2 stress cracks in the grey panels at the rear of the van again “wear & tear” apparently, but the van has always been kept under cover & has never been off a bitumen road. We have also had numerous other small problems that we have fixed ourselves, changing all their tyres for light truck tyres as we were informed that the ones that were on the van were inferior, they wore on one side after very limited use/time So as I say think very carefully before you purchase a Jayco, of any sort, we are sorry that we have ours but can’t afford to change it either, so we are stuck with it, so as I said earlier “BUY BEWARE”

Does anyone have any experiences tor report re the 2019 Jayco Journey?
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I just ordered a Jayco Journey Outback 19.6.2 , previously had a Jayco outback camper ,no issues very happy so hoping this continues :)We are awaiting delivery of our new Jayco Journey 19.6.2.This is our 4th Jayco and have never had any problems.

We purchased a Jayco Journey slideout and picked up end August 2018. Have had 3 small trips with it and on last trip (week ago) brakes on left side of caravan kept locking up. Checked controller in car and altered settings. Had to drive 300kms home using gears mostly and when using brakes wheels locked up and were squealing and smoking. Okay, contacted our dealership (1 1/2hrs away) and they could not look at it for "6 months"!! Tried several other Jayco repairers in our local area, 3-4 months to look at it. Sooo, means we cannot use our van for safety issues if brakes are not working correctly. Cannot take it to another repairer or we void our warranty. Has anyone else had this problem? Or suggestions to help? Raelene
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We had massive leaks on our 2017 new van, took over 12 months to fix and it was a very poor job, when I went to pick it up after 2 months the van had mould all over it. We travelled Aus for 4 months, hit Young in the freezing cold, the wall paper peeled off, it had been poor wet marine ply they used and had degraded it. They fixed over the next couple of months. We traded it in as soon as we could. Dont buy Jayco. Service nil. Product nil. Care factor nil.


Jayco Journey
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