Faulty Dometic Windows in Jayco Silverline.

We have a 2016 Jayco Silverline Outback. Having worked hard to afford a luxury van, we are very careful to follow all manufacturers instructions. While sitting in a fully enclosed shed between trips the bathroom window developed cracks, top and bottom. The dealer where we bought the van, Jayco and Dometic have all failed to help in any way. The Dometic employee continually accused us of using chemicals to clean the van with, that must have damaged the window. I assured him verbally and by email that was not the case and if it were, why was the damage to only one window??? I have seen reviews from other owners stating the same issue. Beware of Jayco's windows, they will not admit to faults.

Purchased in March 2016 at Brisbane Camperland for $72,000.00.

Value for Money
Cleaning & Maintenance
Mileage 20,000 km
Exterior Build Quality
Interior Build Quality


We bought this caravan in November 2016 brand new. Parked it at home - NEVER USED for various reasons. 3 windows broke on 1 side - nothing we did - just appear to be heat stressed. Told the Dealer - they did a lot of huffing and puffing and nothing happened. They have the van and keep blaming the window manufacturer who in turn said it is out of warranty or maybe you used the wrong wash product on the caravan that caused only 3 windows to break. Amazing they appear not to want to tell me what material is used on the windows and show me any test results to confirm the suitability of said product for the task they are made for. And getting management of Jayco to do anything or at least get in contact with them is really difficult. they are TEFLON to customers. would I recommend Jayco NO WAY.

Purchased in November 2016 for $68,000.00.

Value for Money
Cleaning & Maintenance
Exterior Build Quality
Interior Build Quality

Great looking van however its been plagued with faults.

Our 2014 Silverline was supplied to us with existing faults at the handover. Thought it would be easy to get them repaired. How wrong where we. It took months to get into a dealer to have it repaired & they did a shocking job. It then went to an independent repairer to have it done correctly. A wall then swelled due to a major water leak. The selling dealership carried out the repair & its still not completely finalized after 18 months. Jayco are great value for money however product quality & service is appauling. Going to Melb Caravan show this weekend to find a replacement. NOT a Jayco. been there done that .

Purchased in December 2014.

Value for Money
Exterior Build Quality
Interior Build Quality

Comfortable & looks the part but only skin deep

Jayco have managed to get some things right, handling excellent, comfortable yes, materials used second class sat dish hopless in wind similar to local tv antenna both are sloppy or not fitted correctly reception drops out in wind.
I had cause to move the infa red sensor for the SatTV as it was around the corner from where we sit only to find that the shelf holding the radio & sat king units were fitted with double sided tape.(REALLY) While doing this I noticed the wiring hidden out of sight was a pigsty as it is above the fridge.(BIRDSNEST)
We to have had issues as we are on an extended trip so far across 4 states having warranty repairs fixed seems to be just to much hassle for many of the dealers or is it that Jayco don't like paying for these?
Warranty repairs are the responsibility of Jayco under consumer law yet when trying to have the Aircon rectified 1 dealer told us we didn't have the temp set correctly. The same dealer who we had booked 5 weeks prior had 4 warranty issues to attend to 1 was the aircon didn't manage to fix any yet on delivery in the morning we had to accept a minium charge.
How to turn customers against a brand as we are seems the only dealer who is interested is the 1 where the van was purchased.
We are out of pocket for 3 nights accommodation while our van had the Aircon fixed by a refrigeration company not Jayco they didn't want to know us.
Would we recommend Jayco NO look else where seek a company who TAKES RESPONSIBILITY and look behind the facade. When you spend approx $90k for a product you are intitled to expect a quality item without defects seems the QUALITY CONTROL IS THE CUSTOMERS RESPONSIBILITY for Jayco

Floor PlanFront Club Lounge

An off-road family apartment

I love this caravan. I upgraded from a 21.65/4 silver line outback. Just went to the dealer to buy a cover for my old one after washing it. Chucked the young fella on the bunk bed and he went spaz. Me and the missus are like “ we’ll have to get bunk beds at some point”. We got offered a sensational deal since it was the demo with all the fruit so took it.

Couldn’t be happier. Has an incredible amount of storage which far surpasses the 21.65/4. Has a storage door with access to the bottom bunk. This is incredibly handy to access the Same storage from inside and outside. It has so many toolboxes and storage we used to have to pack the old one carefully. With this one there’s no shortage of space to chuck stuff. I haven’t ever filled the storage in a trip there’s always space left over.

The trade off with the bunks was a smaller bathroom since I only go there to crap and shower it’s not a problem compromise. The mega storage offsets sny concerns there. Who wants to go away in the caravan and spend time in thebathrooom anyways.

The club lounge fits my whole family including the grandparents for dinner quite comfortably.

It also looks mad with the custom graphics kit. With the sat dish and antennae up it looks like a space station. And epic one at that.

Rows incredible behind my v8 WH and my SRT. Can still pull this epic beast with my new trackhawk so happy days.

Also love the outside entertaining unit and generator storage.

Floor Plan25.78-6

Poor quality control ex factory.

We owned a 23ft Sterling for 9 years with only 2 warranty items which were fixed very easily. We bought a new 21ft Silverline late last year and have had nothing but problems with it. We have had to have a total of 36 separate defects rectified under warranty, most of which should have been found and fixed prior to the van leaving the factory. The Jayco service centres and staff have been very helpful in dealing with our problems and managed to rectify most of the faults at the first attempt. On our most recent trip of 7 weeks we had to visit 5 different Jayco service centres in two different states. This was very time consuming and frustrating, to say the least. I sent the Jayco National Sales and Service Managers an email detailing all these faults and suggesting they should review their quality control systems and all I received in return was an email from a customer relations advisor thanking me for my feedback and understanding my frustration! Hopefully all the faults have now been fixed and we have many future years of happy camping however I fear the worst as it is now out of warranty. I used to recommend the Jayco brand to one and all however I now advise people to be very wary of the quality of their products and to get it thoroughly checked prior to delivery if they buy a Jayco caravan. We have spoken to many other Silverline owners on our travels and most have a similar tale of a considerable number of defects in the first few months of use. Apart from the above, the van is very comfortable and tows well.

Floor PlanFront club lounge.

Silverline Consrtucion First Class

We have a 24.75 Jayco Silverline Outback 2015 Our first trip around was around Australia 3 months and 25,000 k 95% on tar sealed roads,its our third trip around the block all in Jayco vans.we have only had minor warranty problems. The construction is first class we had a B Double hit the back of our van with some 100 mile an hour tape up job we drove away B Double needed 2 large tow trucks, I have photos.
I can not speak too highly of our Silverline only one problem we have been unable to fix, we ordered our van with 3 water tanks, but the pump wont suck water from the 3rd tank at the back of van, and never has.

Jayco Van Beautiful

We have travelled most of the country in it, on all sorts of weathered roads and in all sorts of weather conditions, including cyclonic - no leaks, however she isnt a fan of the wind! The height on the van makes it difficult to tow on extreme windy days - which is fairly normal I think.
It tows beautifully otherwise, and with the brake lock system ( tried and tested) this is an amazing piece to ensure the van does not leave the road. Other than some issues with the springs initially which Jayco have had changed under our warranty, we are having an amazing experience with our Jayco van.

So many problems, poor build standard

Where do I start , freezer won’t freeze we were told freezer in Caravans are not meant to freeze , 9 months later lots of return visits we had it all replaced , bed broke, ensuite door falls off had to go back twice before it was fixed , shower not draining, leaking roof and windows , brakes not working properly from day one only just repaired a month ago , sink popped , hole in fibreglass , water leaking out of shower, cupboards dropped, table edge ver sharp , rip zip on chair came away , that’s a few of the issues we have lots more issues latest is windows cracking while van sitting in driveway. Are we happy with our Silverline the answer would be a big NO

Floor Plan21.5 with slideout

Solar a no no.

Just found out our 2018 Jayco Silverlines panel system is only good for 2/3 days free camping, even with full sun. We used 2 hours tv and one set of lights for the same time and when necessary, the water pump. Jayco advise this is about right! Whats the use of solar panels if you can only do 2 days, and have to carry a generator.

Faulty wiring

Found faulty wiring in my three year old Silverline Outback 25ft we ordered and took delivery in October 2015 there were some lights not working when I went to check the van prior to going on holiday. 10amp light fuse was blown. As I am and electrician I proceeded to fault find why?? Found the wires supplying the shower LED and exhaust fan had burnt through the wires insulation and shorted the active and neutral wires together. You could see evidence of a burn but lucky the fuse blew. Could have been worse if the van caught on fire. The two wires were squashed, that would be due to factory installation within the ceiling. This is our third 25ft Jayco and never had anything like this before.

Floor PlanOutback Silverline

Our second Silverline

We purchased our second silverline in July and love its ease of towing and layout. The slide out bed allows great room to move about. This 2018 model however h as had a number of issues the worse being the fridge door. We are now on our second one..this is a shame because its the best operating fridge we have had. This pf course needs to be addressed by Dometic.
Secondly we have had three of our cupboards lock up which Jayco agent will address but have to put up with it for 2 months while travelling.
Then there is a similar water filling issue and spurting & spluttering taps as Blog said on his post. The system seems to be sucking air all the time.
Sometimes decorative is not always best and maybe stop trending so much.
We do a lot of free camping and just love it..good shower and heaps of internal storage.
Our Jayco dealer at Orange NSW has been very helpful with all faults

Floor Plan21.5 slide out bed

Problem after problem

We purchased our 2018 Jayco Silverline in march of this year, we have had nothing but problems, water tanks not filling completely, tv stopped working after 1 week, we had 13 problems in all in the first 3 months, left it until the service as 3hrs away, thought we were sorted after travelling down main highway hatch door opened cracked the side of the caravan, screws were loose on almost all of the outside doors, to make it worse were told it wasn't their fault.....remember just had a service!! The owner dealer we had to deal with was extremely rude, not the first time i might add. Since then the awning lights, one section is fading door jams stuck, and tonight just found the front panel is coming off the fridge door. NIGHTMARE they are a lovely set up, but who is doing the QC. Would like our money back, such a dissapointment. If you have any sense don't buy. Only interested in the money not the customer who has to deal with all the crap that comes with these caravans.

Floor Plan21ft

What a great van

This is the 2nd van we have owned. We were initially cautious as there were a number of comments about the Jayco build quality.
Our experience so far has been fantastic - we purchased a late 2016 24foot silverline , the finish and build quality is superb. The service we received from George Day in Perth made the experience even more enjoyable.

Floor Plan24 foot

It is a caravan park van not a free camping van

The quality fit and finish is good. So far so good with reliability. The van is very comfortable and easy to tow.There is a serious shortage of outside storage which is very important

Floor PlanSilverline

I could live full time in this van

We had the usual teething problems of a new van, faulty valve, crooked shelf, all minor, and Jayco(Kings in Hobart)stood by the product they sold to us, a new 2017 Silverline,23,5" slide out.
Tows well is extremely comfortable, loads of storage, independent suspension is great, quality fit out.
Large comfortable couch and dining separate.
Very HAPPY vanner.

Floor PlanSlide out lounge and bedroom

Excellent - The BEST

Quality is number one - everyone comments on the finish and how good it looks. Replaced a few small screws in the front kitchen cupboards - loose doors but all good now. Would recommend to any one looking for a slide out caravan
Very has never let us down - Spent four days at the country music festival - No problems with running out of water both of us showering twice a day. The solar power system is perfect for living off the grid.
The most comfortable van we have owned - We have had seven vans before this one.
Very - Best by far - Sits behind our tow vehicle like its on rails

Awesome Purchase by US!

Love our Silverline. Initial shakedown trip to Yamba, two huge storms with hail, no problem, no leaks. If you are considering a Silverline, go for it. You might have a few minor issues but they will happily be addressed by your Jayco Dealer (well ours were - Jayco St Marys are awesome).

We used to have a Sterling, which was also fantastic. For the amount you pay for these vans, you get so much. Don’t be put off by the ‘Negative Brigade’. Lovely Silverline!

Floor Plan21.65.4

Comfortable but with minor issues

We bought a 2015 Jayco silverline outback from caravan land. We are extremely happy with the van and we have had many exiting and awesome times in the van. We often will pull up next to other more expensive off road vans that are really interested in our van come and look at how nice and spacious it is and probably regret not looking at the silver line outback.

We can outstay almost anyone due to the comforts inside. I have modified it to have an external sat dish port, Xbox, Apple charging stations, wide screen tv and wireless tv repeater. The wireless tv repeater works by sending audio and video over radio, I’ve got a battery stand for the tv and as such we can move the tv anywhere about 10m-20m around the van without any wiring. Good for watching news on the beach while having dinner.

It’s extremely good to tow I’m using a lifted wh 5.7L V8 grand cherokee and I can still over take on the road. The alko anti sway unit works great.

We are now looking at a larger 25 foot version because we now have a family (made in van) and the new layout includes some bunk beds. We take 3 cats everywhere and they have their own overhead compartments for beds and they also love going camping in it.

We have always driven the van hard but always looked after it. After several years of use we are able to maintain it to almost new state. We understand that the nature of vans means there are always some minor defects which need addressing. A lot of the time we will reengineer a solution that works better for us. For the defects below I note whether Jayco fixed it under warranty or we fixed it ourselves

We had the following defects in the first year.

* Shower recess leaks under the lower edge. We resiliconed the bottom edge which we noticed is done in the new 2017 van.
* Inlet mains pressure regulator faulty. Smashing it with a hammer will get it going. Then tend to sieze up because they are not used all the time. We haven been going to caravan parks otherwise I would perform the following modification as the cable is for dropping mains pressure to not blow water fitting in the van. Insert 2 x T fittings, one on each side of the valve. Insert a tap between the T fittings. The tap can remain off if the cable is functional if not you can open the tap to provide some flow if it fails. We noticed that some caravan parks don’t have full mains pressure as such sometimes the regulator valve isn’t pressurized enough to work properly.
* Drawer catches not set properly causing drawers to open while traveling. We fixed some and Jayco have fixed some. Just need to adjust the top catch with some spacer material like strong cardboard or thin ply.
* Broken front window protector gas strut (broke while doing handover fixed immediately). Jayco fixes befor handover.
* Water piping was not correctly formed in bend radius causing pressure drops while using tanks we had Jayco fix this so they are aware of the problem. I redesigned the bend radius of the hoses on the underside of the van and had them modify it at my request. This was then fed back to the manufacturing was dept.
* bed hinges broken which allow lifting of the bed. We probably had the bed down when we opened and closed the expander. As such the hinges and pretty crap I got heavy duty ones and screwed and re- pop riveted them and now it’s extra strong.
* Silverline “I” bezel fell off. Handing this one back to Jayco with trade in.
* radio arial fell off. Bent it down to have clearance under trees need to make sure it on tight.
* carbon fiber looking wheel arch guard not glued properly would have come off. Made Jayco Glue it as it should have been picked up at manufacture.
* the catch which holds the gas bottle draw in didn’t hold causing the gas bottles to hit the door and fly open while driving luckily people we know where behind us. I have grabbed a ratchet strap and strap I round the bottle holder to the front park of the fixed bracket. It’s not going anywhere anytime it’s not really a hassle I noticed they have changed the mechanism on the new module but I’ll still put one of these on. Specially she goin down corrugated roads.
* Thetford toilet cassette upper door retaining latch broke. Took the top of the cassette down off and used a 2 pack export glue suitable for plastics to glue the mechanism back on. This breaks if you open and shut the toilet latch in the van too hard.
* front black window protector side which is for show not glued properly coming off. Black sikaflex adhesive needed.
* the fridge will beep continuously like the doors open if used for a couple of weeks under certain conditions like it’s hot and you’ve got the fridge running cold. There is a little circuit board in the door latch which builds up condensation across the terminal pins. This really gave me the crap at 1am we couldn’t stop it until I worked it out. To fix it temporarily take off the plastic cover where the door latches remove the circuit board and clean off the condensation. To fix it permanently conformal coat the board making sure you don’t coat the mechanism or terminal pins. You can contact me for help with this if you want.

We have many 1000’s of kilometers on the van. Looking forward to the upgrade.

Floor Plan21.65-4

excellent layout

Having recently purchased the 25ft Outback Silverline and travelled approx 12 thousand kms we are more than satisfied with this van. Sure every van has some problems, mostly minor.
However the one thing that is surely a manufacturing mistake is the entry door which should never have been fitted to this van. The glass section of the door has a magnet assembly glued to the glass to hold it open, no other stoppers are attached. Our door flew open 50kms from Canberra and smashed the glass to pieces.. Jayco were not interested in fixing the door and suggested an Insurance claim. The problem is you get a replacement glass plus reoccurring claims which in my mind is unacceptable due the fact of recurring breakage, as a few people have already experienced with simply getting out of the van on a windy day and bang goes the door and the glass. I have fabricated an aluminium replacement with a proper catch and also a hook latch to make sure the door does not open .
I personally would not recommend this van in its current state even though we like the van, if your'e not handy forget it. A recall is in order.

Floor Plan25 foot

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Questions & Answers

Has anybody topped up batteries with solar through the Anderson plug .?? 2018 model j hub .!!!
2 answers
Yes all the time when I’m parked in the shade. Make sure it’s got a regulator in series a lot of the external panels do some don’t. I wired up an Anderson with a fuse so I can pull out power or put it back inIt won’t show on the panel though as the shunt is wired differently

the water pump seems OK but will not prime, seals etc are great but pump won't pump, tips on priming please
No answers

We have the caravan stored in the shed for about 6 weeks without (inadvertently) turning on the 240V supply. Everything flat. Have connected to mains but battery not charging. Is there a little switch somewhere to reset? Silverline 2018 model 21.65.3.
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