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If I could give less than 1 star, I would. Disgusting.

Turned off power for a 'maintenance defect' without any notice. Charged $500 to turn it back on. Told us they didn't know when someone could get out - couldn't even indicate a day or a time.

Absolutely disgusting that we were left without power in the middle of winter. No heating, no hot water, no internet, no power to cook. With kids at home, that's really poor. A 24-hour notice period would've been all that was needed for us to get the maintenance work fixed, without turning the power off.

Tradies in our area said they have been doing it to lots of homes lately and was not impressed by it.

Just terrible

In 2017 applied for a quote for two adjacent properties that were going to be built. Jemena came back at $125 for each new connection. So I decided to go with gas for the homes.
In 2019 ready to install and need a new quote. One property still quoted at $125.
The other at “in excess of $10,000”. Greater than 8000% increase.
I am given a time limit to accept but I ask AGL to query it.
I phone AGL every few days to see the response, which of course when it did come no body rang me from AGL and now I have to wait another 14-20 business days for a new quote. I contacted Jemena and left an appropriate review after another waste of my time phone call on the optional survey they texted me.
Received a call from A representative from what I assume is jokingly called customer care, she heard half the issue and couldn’t get off the phone fast enough. Cheers, why bother?
I doubt this review will change anything for anyone as the gas provider is a closed market.
I suppose the lesson is don’t install gas or move to any area Jemena is the power provider.

power outage - no communication

Absolutely no communication after a gas outage. I called them to ask why I had no gas ? and no one seemed to know till hours later and it was 1400 houses that were out. They came out 3 days later to assist with reconnections and did not wait till I got to the door.

Ripping off tax payers!

I reported street light fault since they are contracted to maintain the lights. They simply keep insisting that the light has been fixed several times. The code and contract says that they have to fix the light within 2 days however it is now 3 months and they have refused to fix this. This is a huge safety and security concern.

Terrible customer service

My gas were disconnected wrongfully. They had the meter linked to the wrong address. So now I'm without gas and have to PAY to get it reconnected urgently. I 'may' be able to claim the fee back! Rediculous. Plus I had to chase this the whole day, spending my time, doing their work for them!


I replaced electrical hot water & electric hot plates because off the Cashback offer I filled in the form & was sent 2 forms back telling me my forms were received & to ring on the 14th December if I hadn’t received my Cashback of $650, I rang on the 17th of December & was told that please wait a little longer as Australia post was taking up to 20days to deliver. I hadn’t received anything at the beginning of January not sure what date I rang again & was told I sent the wrong receipt & I was not entitled to a Cashback the staff I spoke to were very rude & to be told on the 17th that my visa was in the post & then when I rang again they said I was not entitled to it as far as I am concerned if Jemena want good reviews I would definitely change the staff, also my son rang as well & they told him to ring Jemena direct explaining I was a pensioner & needed the Cashback & I rang again & I got the same rude person so as far as Jemena goes I never want to speak to them ever again & would not recommend the company to anyone.

Worst service I've experienced

Due to an issue on the power pole in street, I can't get NBN installed. I've been Jemena to resolve it, but nothing happened in the past months. Jemena customer service keeps me waiting for nothing. Never seen such useless customer service. So impressed by such awful service.

Lazy and liars

We live in a large unit block. Whilst I am delighted that given our location and other reviews on this site, we don't have to directly contract to Jemena, they are the distributor for the area and are tasked with doing all the meter readings. Usually we get ONE day's notice of the attendance of the meter reader - this is not enough given they can't give a time and seem to expect you to be home all day.
The last one was done over the Christmas break and I am now glad I did not previously shift heaven and earth to be at home (I stayed back but was not able to stay all day) as it is apparent they still make little to no effort to gain the attention of the resident. I was at home that day, we did not have music or loud noise and there was NO knock on the door. When I walked past the front door, there was a card under the door and they were gone and bolted up the fire escape stairs to the next level (I heard the door close). I noticed the other 2 units on our floor also had cards under the door and I KNOW they were both home too.
When I made contact, they said they had tried to knock 3 times - blatant lie. Clearly they see a large block, over 100 units to get in and out of to do the readings and think it is just easier to pre-fill the ticks of "meter inside your premises" and put them under each door. I wonder if they read ANY of the unit's meters???? Lazy…..(note it doesn't even say "resident not answering the door" or something similar)

The Most Unprofessional Orgnization I have ever dealt with

Just moved into the area and had to wait for Jemena to come and install meter, they didn’t care that I was going to have no electricity for 2 weeks! I felt as though I was living in a third world country, not Australia.
After finally getting my meter installed I was unable to have it transferred over to my name, because according to Jemena they had a “back end problem” I lost count how many times I was told they were going to fix it and to give them another day, but nothing was ever done. It took them over a month to work out what their problem was and this is only because I was at the end of my tether and called the energy ombudsman, who finally got things moving along. It’s just as well I had an understanding builder who allowed me to continue using his account, otherwise I would have been without power for almost six weeks. Their service is appalling to say the least

Dishonest Fraudulent Rip Off Merchant

If you can avoid doing business with Jemena then do so at all costs. It is the most dishonest company that I have ever had the misfortune of dealing with. Jemena lies and cheats it’s customers at will by high bill estimations. Jemena gets away with its deceitful conduct because high ranking members of The Energy Ombudsman protect Jemena’s interests.


Bought a house in Jemena's supply area and when I got my first bill from the retailer could not reconcile.
The retailer directed me to Jemena to get the data (that's another story!). Jemena gave me a login to its site so I could download the data for one of the two meters installed at my property, but refused to give me the data for the second meter due to "policy"!
To get the data for my second meter I have to request it in writing from the retailer who then must request from Jemena and 5 days later (actually takes more like 10 days) I can have my data................HOPELESS!

Cow boys

Woken up at 8.30 am on public holiday Sunday.
By three young hipster boys yelling to each other in front of my unit.
Digging and running about with a wheel of cable.
Making a racket.
Seemed very dodgy to me.
They said they were from jemena!!
Not in any uniform.


It took them 6 months to connect power for me, zero care factor & it nearly buried me financially. There was no communication or advice just an SMS that I was not successful. So when ever I called to ask what exactly they needed the person on the phone could not tell me? Finally I got transferred onto the compliance people and they got it wrong every time for 6 months. Every time someone came out there was yet another reason that they had not told me about, some things were so minor that they were not even relevant? but I found that out towards the end. I was so desperate that I asked for an email via their compliance team to advise me of all that they needed from me, which they sent reluctantly as they do not normally do that , the guy on the phone I think felt sorry for me, because at this time it was at about the 6th time they came out to the site & keep in mind it takes ten or so days every time after you lodge with your energy provider for them to come out, no appointment they just turn up & I did everything they asked on that email and the next time they came out it was still unsuccessful? Finally I had to get a booked appointment and I also went to see the ombudsman. I am shocked that I am one of many people who they put through this horrendous experience. I have since spoken to so many others and we believe this needs to be address via the legal system. I intend to make this my business, my research has shown other Power companies make an appointment with you and tell you when they are at your site every thing you need and then in about 2 weeks they connect you. Jemema also charges the highest of everyone else and gives the worst customer service. I wish I had the choice of not being with them, I would leave immediately.

An absolute joke of a company!

Been living in my apartment for 3 years now, always paid my bills on time and they plugged my gas for no reason, didn’t even try to speak or communicate with me, it’s now been 5 days with no gas. An absolute disgrace this company.

Builder: New connections

As a builder I have to make sure that we can finish a project in time, but a new era begins with Jemena. If you want to start a new house, before you start your design make sure you will apply for electricity connection, because only God knows if ever you will be connected with Electricity.
If we would have a government , they would've fix this matter. This is not an issue anymore this is a big problem.
I have applied 8 weeks ago and I been told nobody knows WHEN. Ridiculous....

Only retailer that still charges higher rates the more you use

Disgusting joke of a company. Deplorable money sucking company that is the only distributor that charges higher tariff rates the more you use, every other distributor gets cheaper.

Connecting power

36 hours to turn on the smart meter. WOW. Guy who presses the button must have been on leave. Good luck

Terrible joke

This company does not assist or help its customers. But very happy to take their money. Oh yeah there is no competition. What a joke,

Absolutely disgraceful and disrespectful joke of a company.

These jokers want to come and read gas meters in apartments but refuse to give any indication of when they are coming. They won't even give the day. They expect people to just sit around all day waiting for them. They wanted to change my meter and put a new one and surprisingly they gave me a window of when they were coming. But of course they dont even show up and just waste my morning. Pathetic.

Reported gas leak

Reported a gas leak, technician came out and detected gas, advised will be back in 2 weeks to fix it, 2 months later nothing had happened, reported again to Jemena, no notes on previous job, apparently it's with another team.. Still waiting for gas leak to be fixed!

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Questions & Answers

Whom do we, as customers, complain to, about the appalling service by Jemena. Is there a regulatory authority that oversees Jemena. I have waited from 7am until 7pm on the day they said they will come to read the meter. I rang Jemena, I was asked to ring AGL. When I rang AGL, the supplier about the issue I was asked to contact Jemena. I have wasted a whole day just waiting for the meter to be read.
No answers

I’ve received an unsolicited mail from Jemma about a study for an offer of $30 e-gift card. The letter ask to complete a survey for qualification and then the offer of an upgrade the gas meter but it made no mention of costs. Contact number and website enclosed in the letter. Any one can give me an objective feedback please. Graham
No answers

I dont want to pay for somebody else's electricity..... Jemena installed different meter than what is registered in their system. Our retailer Origin Energy asked me to wait until the meter number is updated. This is the fourth month and meter number still hasn't been updated. Called Jemena today. Jemena said to call the retailer! Going through Jemena or Origin Energy has got me nowhere. Is there a procedure to correct this?
2 answers
You need to call the Electricy Ombudsman ‭1800 500 509‬ On Jemena. This is the only way you can get help. The have a monopoly and don’t care about their customers.Hello J.L. Is there a gas ombudsman because my issues were with gas.

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