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Disappointed There No Longer In Business

We are extremely disappointed that Just Cars Insurance will not longer be insuring vehicles after Feb 2017. Our current policy is still valid for another 7 months which they are honouring, however, the company has decided to cease operations. This was the only car insurance company we have been happy with. When we have had accidents, they have been great to deal with, and our vehicles have been fixed quickly for us to get back on the road.

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A joke of a company. Dodgy agreements with crash repairer.

Loyal customer of 9 years. Made my first claim over a month ago after an accident. Paid my excess in full on the day of the accident. Still no car. I can only use their repairer who flat out told me that they have the green light to repair the car just as long as they quote under the insured value. They don't even need to speak to the Just Cars assessor. The repairs total $8000 on a car that's insured for $8350! Now, over a month later, I still have no car because their repairer is having trouble fixing parts that should be replaced!

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Smooth claim, I don't understand the bad reviews.

I lodged my claim online, then got a call from them during my work day, missed it so I called up. Without too much wait time I got onto a nice lady who patiently put me through the processes. It was all so seemless and too easy (I was expecting the worst after seeing some of these reviews). Their claims team were looking into getting me my excess and I was assured that I'd get it (with the details I had provided). I was told exactly where and when the car was going and who was going to look at it. I didn't have to pay much for the insurance but I got exactly what I needed/wanted in an insurance so...to those looking at the negative reviews...maybe I'm just lucky or maybe the others are emotionally invested in the stresses of the insurance industry and their beloved cars being in bad shape :( but not all reviews are bad! (Keep in mind it's usually the ones with bad experiences that review rather than those who have good experiences, but I thought I'd add to these because I had seen the bad ones first and it really stuck with me, otherwise I wouldn't have gone through the effort) I wonder what'll happen once they fully integrate with AAMI/dissolve.

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Update: JustCar Insurance does not exist anymore. They were bought out.

Ridiculous service (?)

I bought what I thought was a standard NSW Green Slip policy from Just Car. When it wasn't lodged with the NSW Roads Authority after 3 days I called Customer Service. As the purchase was made over a holiday weekend, I wasn't able to contact their 'customer service for 3 days.

When I finally could speak to someone I was told that it wasn't the required 3rd party policy at all but other 'type' of 3rd party policy. I was told that this was on their website which must have been in VERY small print as a subnote. Since the policy wasn't of any use I asked to cancel it. (How I was able to purchase it online without any secondary form 'query' based on my address is suspect.) I was told that I would have to be sent a refund check in about 10 days. (Why couldn't my credit card be refunded?) I have now received a form telling me that I will still be charged the GST for the policy. This was for a policy that never came into effect and which was cancelled within virtually 48 hours of purchase!

Not happy with their so called service at all!

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Do you value your life!

I had an not at fault accident, Just car, took my car to there repair centre. Weeks after i received notice of its whereabouts. Then told to pick the car up from Belmore Rd Padstow repairs centre. The level of the repair was way below standard. I drove the car home went along the M5 100kmh and the car lost all electrial and all power, then surged back, i managed to handbrake the car without killing myself or anyone else. Contacted Just car and they refused to fix it. Went to tribual and finally they agreed to repair it. I refused the car to go back tot he same repair centre as they were the problem. The repair system and checking of cars repaired by Just car are simple. If it looks ok is a pass...........shame on you just car, may you burn in hell

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Their panel beater spray painter drove my vehicle for an extended period. Running up near 600Ks

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Watch out 4 58 BarrierSt
1 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 30, 2016
They take and drive around in customers cars Long drives ; uninsured as they've taken and used for an extended period ; and they are very hard on the interior ' to be blunt they ' destroy it' :: left mine ripped & with cigarette burns:::

If you do notice something doesn't look right: Or you were sure you weren't due for another Service already: & question them on it they Reply confidently we're professionals that's the name of our business in fact
( PROFESSIONAL PAINT AND PANEL). Or [ something to that effect). Oh. The Seemingly VAST INCREASE IN KILOMETRES on your Odometer that's simply just due to a TYPO'. Beware JUST CAR Sends a whole team in to bat for them it's pointless to attempt any remuneration back your only hope is prior to your vehicle being sent there where Professional theft is sure to occur as they have a large company now backing them : they would have a feeling of being untouchable; too be sure.

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Claims department

I found the customer service team quite helpful, however, the claims department don't seem to know how to dial an international phone number. I have a witness to my accident who was holidaying here and witnessed the accident and the person supplied me with a US mobile number which diverts to australia. The claims department advised they are unable to phone the US number so its upto me to contact the witness and tell them to call JustCar at their own cost. Very disappointing. Hope i dont lose my claim because of their incompetence!

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What a joke. not recommended

Absolutely shocking customer service, no one cares. Time delays. Had car over a week still not assessed.. no one can assist or help. Every time you call you get different information or attitude. absolutely disgraceful

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I dont get the bad reviews?

These guys get a bad wrap been with them since 2004.... my car got written-off i litterally got payed out in full into my bank account 11 days after the accident. I asked them straight up why the bad reviews they couldnt answer and from that point on i got exceptional serivce. Thank you just car insurance !

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Can't get them to communicate with me.

If 'Customer Service' involves anything in regards to communication with their customers they fail miserably. I get what must be their standard Customer Support Centre report which is; "someone from our claims area will contact you either this afternoon or tomorrow" problem is the calls never come and when you ring back and ask again for an update guess what; "someone from our claims area will contact you either this afternoon or tomorrow" and guess what; the call never comes. I emailed a complaint because "Customer Support' won't put you through to someone you can escalate your concerns with; you just get "someone from our claims area will contact you either this afternoon or tomorrow". They state that replies to email contact will be made within 1 working day and it did come as promised; via email with this exact text.

"We're sorry to hear about your disappointing claims experience. We take our customer complaints very seriously and your complaint has been forwarded to the appropriate claims department. A member of our claims department will be in contact within 2 business days to discuss your concerns in more detail."

No Reply from Just Car - Oh No!. Back to square 1 !!!

The big thing is they towed my car away from Canberra 10 days ago apparent going to Sydney for repairs. At this very point in time no one in just car can tell me where my car is. According to their Online Self Help Claims Manager my car is located "Virtual Hub 15; Canberra ACT 2600".

I'm now drafting an email to the Director for Customer Experience at Suncorp and the Financial Ombudsman. Surely that may get a response.

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Very poor repairs

I got a mitsubishi gto and thought i would go with them because they turn out the cheapest price $74 a month compare to Shannons tho jc are just plain crap i got hit on the side mostly cosmetics damage and a couple of broken internals tho i my 1.5k rims where scrap i had to pay for another set of rims and then i had to chase all the parts up plus it took over 8 months for my car to come back after only 4 months my harmonic balancer suddenly broke into two because of the brang it got damage soo know im back at square bloody one tho repairs are ALOT MORE 10k min for a complete bottom rebuild due to the car wobbles like crazy after a new crank got put on outta my pokect soooo plzzzzz everyone cheap and best plzzzz avoid this company

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Rubbish Company!

Terrible communication and was without my car for weeks! I had to do all the chasing or nothing would have been done!

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Absolute pleasure to deal with

Had my car broken into, window smashed, door damaged, GPS stolen. Phoned them up, they got the car towed to repair company, repair company sent them a quote that day for $3000 repair cost (car only cost me $4000) approved the repairs the next day, got my car back no worries, no stress, got a part refund on my excess (which they told me about as I had no idea I had been over charged) didn't have receipt or box for GPS so just sent them quotes of ones I found similar and the registration details of the GPS as it had lifetime updates and boom phoned us to check bank details for payout. Actually been so stress free :)

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Worst insurance company I've ever dealt with

As soon as theres a claim they are the most unhelpful halfwits my cars been declared a write off the regos been cancelled etc etc and I am still waiting for a payout

Insurance claim madeYes

Very happy with Just Cars prices and customer service.

Have been with Just Car for over 5 years. When I was younger and only had third party, they repaired my car up to $4k damages when I was hit by someone else.
To this day, every year they offer the best price I can find and now I also insure my work ute with them.
They are helpful on the phone and I've never had any problems with them whatsoever.

Insurance claim madeYes

Very happy customer

I hit a kangaroo on Australia Day, lodged an online claim the day after. A customer service rep contacted me the same afternoon to book my car in. Received a complimentary taxi to and from a local panel beater. Car is good as new. Couldn't be happier.

Insurance claim madeYes

Just cars do nothing for you once there is a claim

This company is a joke Movember this company for 3 years and had no service at all when it comes to having your car assessed by Suncorp nothing will be done I was simply told many times after a 5 car pile up that was not my accident that I would be at fault and that I would be paying for damages when we first receive the car back after the pile up just car insurance had only fixed the outside plastic had don't know research on to the damage of the vehicle which Weed and found major damage to the vehicle and it's components still after proving in showing this it took months to be resolved it is still not result 5 months later my car is it still in disrepair with an engine light on I have my complaints to just car insurance on many occasions and every time they tell me there is nothing they can do as Suncorp will not do their job and they are confused as to why I would never recommend this company to anybody this company need to take more responsibility at this stage they just answer the phones take your money and leave you in the mud when the trouble starts.

Insurance claim madeYes

Great value great service

Have 3rd party insurance and was involved in an accident were I was NOT at fault. The driver was not insured however Just Car still honoured my claim despite having only 3rd party. Very happy!!!

Had a pretty poor experience.

Had my car insured with Just Car.

I called them two weeks before my policy ended to renew but as there was a massive bush fire near my house at the time they wouldn't take my money. I called them a week after that and they took my renewal money. Two days later my house got broken into, stole a bunch of my *property*, found spare keys and stole my car, so i called the police people, then the insurance people. The police found my car (write off) and identified the guy who stole it and chased him all night but couldn't catch him, forensics people came to my house, got finger prints, talked to neighbors.

Next week, a guy from suncorp's "GI Fraud and Intelligence" department calls me up, tells me I've got to provide him with 6 months of bank records, 6 months of credit card statements, A receipt from when I purchased the car to make sure i hadn't stolen it... 12 days of mobile call history, and "All phone records are to be itemised including sms and data usage."... So obviously i was like, you've got to be joking, Data usage...? Really? okay 10KB Email advertising manhood enlargement supplements, 7 KB the time wasting email you just sent me... sometimes i make 10 calls a day at work to clients on my personal mobile phone, there's a weeks worth of work in that, so i sent them all my personal information, but didn't itemize any of it.

They then call me up and tell me i have to either drive 100Km to the yard where they're holding my wrecked car (how? i have no car) or express overnight registered post my key to them....

Next thing I ask to get my money back for the next period, which hadn't started yet, I was still 5 days from the end of the first current period, they argued, then decided that it was okay so long as they could charge me a big old administrative fee. I told them they were joking and i'd see what the ombudsman had to say, they promptly refunded me.

It was now 3 and a bit weeks after my car was stolen, good job i had a work car because if i had been waiting for capital to get a new car i'd have lost my job by now. So i call them up and ask what's the big hold up, still waiting on the results of the fraud investigation... Right... I tell them they have a binding legal contract with me, and to satisfy the terms of the contract they need to pay up, or i'll once again be referring them to the ombudsman. Next thing i have the supervisor on the line saying i'd be getting the agreed amount within the next few days and that he's sending an email as we speak. No worries, Thanks...

I'm reading this email, thinking, hmm, this is strange, Agreed amount $9,700... - $400 dollars because i will get that when i apply for the unexpired amount of the road tax to be refunded to me... Hell no that wasn't in the PDS. So i call them back up, the agreed amount for the period that my car was stolen in was $11,400 Not $9,700, that was the agreed amount for the period after, "So sorry we've made a mistake ahahah"... Rigggght, No you don't get to keep $400 of my money because I'll get it from the RTA, "that's standard practice" he tells me, so i tell them it wasn't in the product disclosure statement which I've just fished out of my filing cabinet. I can hear the "I've been had" note in the guy's voice as he tells me he'll send through the revised notice of payment.

So in the end, I got my money after perhaps 10 hours on the phone, a few hours of reading documentation, reading up on what insurance companies can and can't do and what an ombudsman does, a few threats, multiple tedious emails, and far more stress than was really necessary for a guy who just had his car stolen and house broken into.

tldr: I think if i had been 29 instead of 19 they wouldn't have tried to bone me in so many ways and so many times. They paid up in the end, but they sure are sneaky morons and if you let your guard down for a minute it'll be months later and you'll be thousands worse off.

Aftermath: I removed all my savings from suncorp, changed banks, shelved my suncorp mortgage application, shelved planned suncorp house and contents, and am now looking for another superannuation provider.

Insurance claim madeYes

Never had a problem with them

I have third party property insurance with them, and have made a total of 2 claims with them over the last 10 years.

1st claim - I was at fault, process was pretty straight forward, gave them a call, paid the excess and they dealt with the problem.

2nd claim - The other driver was uninsured and at fault. Only a minor accident where my bumper needed to be replaced (no structural damage). Just cars paided for my repairs with no issues.

Not sure how their comprehensive insurance service is like, but i would definitely recommend them for the low priced TTP insurance.

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