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I had Karndean Looselay Vinyl planks put down with my new build in June 2017.

Had several issues with planks coming up, now the fourth time this last week, so I felt compelled to warn others.

Product is incredibly difficult to clean, and doesn’t look quite as good as I hoped when I purchased it at a huge expense

Why am I NOT surprised to read all of these awful reviews about your rubbish product Karndean!!!

DO NOT BUY KARNDEAN FLOORING!!!! As many other reviewers below have stated, it is RUBBISH!! It is NOT durable, it is NOT hardwearing and it is NOT fit for purpose!!
Our floors began to scratch only weeks after having them laid. Now they are covered in scratches!! We are absolutely gutted as we had our entire house fitted with this flooring from top to bottom and spent over £10,000.00 on what we thought was a premium product. Please don't waste your money.
According to Karndean it is OUR fault that our floors are scratched because we hoover them and use the wrong floor cleaner. At no point were we informed by the retailer that sold us this product or anywhere in Karndean's product information does it tell you that you cannot hoover their floors!!
Yes, their brochure 'recommends' a PH neutral cleaning product, but it does not say that you HAVE to use these products!! However, if you look at previous reviews on this page you will see that customers HAVE used Karndean's own specialist floor cleaners and their floors have STILL scratched!!! So clearly, the floor cleaner has nothing to do with it!!
Also, nowhere does it warn you that if you choose to hoover your floors they will be scratch like hell and look absolutely dreadful after mere months of paying over £10,000.00 for their product.
They will waste your time by sending out a floor technician and sending you a report full of rubbish still basically telling you that it's YOUR fault that their poor quality product looks so dreadful after mere months of being laid.
Do yourselves a favour and just buy a good quality laminate wood flooring product. That is what we had in our previous house and it looked just as good 10 years after laying it as is it did the day we laid it.
We bitterly regret not doing this in the house we are in now.

Hi Gail, I’m sorry to hear that you’re unhappy with your Karndean floor. When it comes to cleaning your Karndean floor, if using a vacuum, we do recommend that the vacuum brushes are in the down position. As with any hard flooring type including laminate, timber and vinyl, the brushes on the vacuum will help avoid scratching from the hard surface contact. Regular and general cleaning with everyday apparatuses including mops, vacuums and brooms should not scratch your Karndean floor. While we do recommend our Karndean cleaning solution as it has been specially formulated to work with our floors, a PH neutral cleaner is also acceptable to use. The cleaning solution needs to be both PH neutral and suitable for vinyl use – we recommend you look for this on the bottle. In other cases you’ve mentioned below where floor cleaning has been identified as an issue, you’ll notice we actively conduct due diligence and investigate the issues to ensure that all factors are considered. Kind regards, Karndean DesignflooringSadly, regular and general cleaning with everyday apparatuses including mops, vacuums and brooms HAS scratched our Karndean flooring. That was the whole point of my review in the first place!! As mentioned in my review, we had a lovely laminate floor installed in our previous house that we lived in and treated no differently to the house we are in now and that laminate floor stayed looking as good as new for the whole 10 years we were there. The quality and durability of your Karndean flooring is nothing compared to the laminate flooring we had in our previous house, which is why we wish we had put the same down in this house and would never buy Karndean flooring ever again!!! We had our floor inspected by a Karndean technician and were basically told the scratching was our fault for hoovering the floors. But we were never told NOT to hoover the floors!! If we had have been we would never have bought Karndean flooring. I cannot believe that Karndean sells a flooring product that cannot be hoovered!!!

Totally disappointing

I wish I had read the Karndean review before we bought our newly-laid vinyl tiles. These ‘Indiana’ tiles have a random pattern which we expected. However when they were laid some looked light and some looked dark so that they appear to be from different batches (even though they came from the same boxes). The dark ones look as if they have dirty grey marks in comparison to the lighter ones. We would complain, but after reading the Karndean reviews we have no confidence that we will receive any satisfaction from Kardean or Carpet Call. We hope that as others have found, 1) they will not fade, 2) they will not scratch or be hard to clean and worst of all, 3), the edges will not lift. These tiles were expensive and it just shows that high cost does not mean a product will be good. It has been enlightening to read the reviews as we now know that we are not the only ones to be ripped off. I will definitely be looking up Product Reviews before buying anything else.

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Hi Christine, I’m so sorry to hear that you’re unhappy with your Karndean floor. Many of our designs, including Indiana, feature a large colour and pattern variation as you’ve described. Our designs are inspired by things we have seen in the natural world, and as such, with some of our products you will see natural variation when your floor is laid. In the case of Indiana, this tile features grey undertones which are formed by the minerals of real limestone, and are varied throughout the tiles. All of our products are renowned for coping with the daily demands of everyday life including resistance to fading, stains and fine scratches. Also, being a luxury vinyl floor, the cleaning and maintenance regime is simple and straightforward. All our products are also backed with a lifetime residential warranty, so you can rest assured if you have any issues with your Karndean floor, we recommend you contact your flooring retailer or the Karndean Customer Care hotline on 1800 331 170. Kind Regards, Karndean Designflooring

Very disappointing! Will never recommend.

In May 2017 we had our floors laid, must say they looked pretty good however within two months we started noticing blotches, foot prints, scratches! My husband and I were so upset because we took our time trying to pick our floors! We don’t wear shoes in the house so we couldn’t understand how our floors were being so badly damaged! We went back and forth with Kardean for months! It was ridiculous, they came out took a plank and went to get it tested! After a few more back and forth we got told they were a faulty batch or weren’t sealed properly in the warehouse! Eventually we got our floors re-laid. Again same issue after a few months it happened again and we just couldn’t be bothered trying to get our floors done again, but I’ve had enough I’m so sick of seeing our floors the way they are when we take such good care of them, plus we were promised a much much better quality. I have so many friends with similar floors and different company and they don’t look like this! I thought I would come here and see the reviews and I’m not shocked to see that the same this is happening with other people! Now I want these floors fixed or my full money back. if this doesn’t work my next stop is fair trading!

Hi Melissa, I’m so sorry to hear that you’re having issues with your Karndean floor. At your earliest convenience, would you please be able to private message us your details so that we can follow-up with your previous case? Kind Regards, Karndean DesignflooringI’m unable to Private message you! I’m not sure there is much your company is willing to do! This product is no wear sustainable and durable as promised! If you can private message me than I’m happy to give all my detailsHi Melissa, Thanks for the reply. All of our products are backed with a lifetime residential warranty against product wear-out. Alongside this warranty, our products feature a surface protection layer called K Guard+ which helps make our products more durable against foot traffic. If we could find out a bit more information on your particular floor/situation, we’ll be able to access how we can do our best to assist with this issue. If you wouldn’t mind sending through your details to our inbox at customerservice@karndean.com.au, or alternatively send us a direct message on Facebook, we’ll be able to get our Customer Resolution Team to look into it. Thanks, Karndean Designflooring

Karndean flooring absolutely horrible

Had karndean flooring champagne oak put down 18 months ago. Recommended to us by a interior designer. Worst decision ever! After 2 installations later karndean admitted that the 2 batches were faulty. Issues were mottled stains, scuff marks that are impossible to clean. Trusted karndean on 3rd installation that the issues were resolved. Oh no, within 3 weeks stains were back and impossible to clean. Ive used multiple mops, scrubbing, karndean clean to no avail. After much effort a karndean rep came and inspected, took a sample away for testing. Rep could clearly see the new plank was a stand out to our flooring. Receive an email 4 weeks later to advise flooring is not faulty it's a build up of contaminates post-installation. This is an insult! How does this happen after 3 months???? Now we need to save to pull up this crap and start again.
Karndean needs to look at this product seriously and remove it from shelf. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY!!

Hi Nicole, I’m so sorry to hear that you’ve had issues with your Karndean floor. As you’ve mentioned in your comment above, our Customer Resolution Team have been in touch on numerous instances to identify and resolve the issue of staining; the initial cause being as a result of faulty product batches, and the final matter as a result of contaminate build-up on the surface post-installation. With regards to the latter, after consultation, we identified that the product was not faulty given the change in sheen variance on the floor. Further to our continued correspondence, our Customer Resolution Team have sent you an private message on the matter with recommended next steps for cleaning and maintenance. Kind Regards, Karndean DesignflooringIt can't handle any traffic that's the problem with it. I'd like my plank returned to me that was sent back to Melbourne and show me how you have cleaned it. An inferior product that I would never recommend and these reviews all say the same!Hi Nicole, All our products including LooseLay have been tested for Abrasion Resistance under the industry standard EN 660-2. This particular test helps us measure appearance retention of a floor covering and it’s fitness for purpose, including testing the surface to simulate actual footfall. Our products are compliant with the standard and demonstrate excellent wear and abrasion results for commercial heavy duty applications. We do our best to respond to all reviews on Product Review, and in most cases and after further investigation, we have found that the product is usually not at fault but rather the issue may have come about during installation or maintenance. We do take every measure to properly investigate when an issue arises, and if it’s identified as a product specific issue, our warranty ensures that your floor will be replaced. Kind Regards, Karndean Designflooring

Am just gutted. Spent a lot of money on a terrible product

Had Karndean champagne oak put down in March 2017 from Solomons North Geelong. Spent nearly $6000. Was not told at the time that the cleaning procedure was so involved, wasn't until I had the Karndean rep out to look at stains on the vinyl that I was informed that I needed to use a very complicated cleaning procedure that takes hours. The sales man at Solomons hadn't mentioned this at time of purchase. The Rep brought out a 'cleaning kit'that I was to use on the vinyl . It doesn't work !!! The vinyl Scratches really easily and is stained and looks absolutely terrible. I follow the cleaning instructions to the letter to no avail. The rep actually told me that they haven't had any problems with the product and even went as far as saying that he couldn't even see any stains on the vinyl !!!. I really wish I had seen reviews on this product before I purchased it. I would never had bought Karndean vinyl planks if I new how terrible they are. Do you have a solution Karndean!!!

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Hi, I’m sorry to hear that you’re unhappy with your Karndean floor. When it comes to cleaning a Karndean floor, we recommend two ways; one for regular cleaning and the other for the occasional refresh. For regular cleaning, we recommend a general sweep or vacuum of the floor to remove any loose dust and then a mop with clean water and a pH neutral or vinyl cleaner. This is for general maintenance of your floor whenever it requires a surface clean. Over time and in high traffic areas, you may want to treat your floor to some extra care. We suggest every 6 to 12 months as a rough guide for an occasional refresh. If however your home doesn’t receive high levels of wear or if it visibly looks fine, you may not require a refresh within 12 months. The occasional refresh process is longer and requires more work, but it does help remove the wear and creates a protective layer that protects against marks and light scratches. As you’ve mentioned in your comment, it sounds like you had previously organised a technical inspection and currently, your original issues with the floor are still there. We’d be more than happy to follow-up from our previous inspection to access the issue. Would you please be able to PM your contact details at your earliest convenience? Thanks, Karndean Designflooring

Be warned samples aren’t always like product very fake looking!

Had a terrible experience with kardeean.layed flooring in my house spending weeks carefully choosing the right colour! came home at night and thought the colour looked good. But woke up the next morning and couldn’t believe my eyes.there where round sploges on every single plank . Looks terrible in the light looks like my dog has walked all over it with muddy feet. Everyone that opens our front door automatically says omg! What is all over your floor.none of this was in the sample! Contacted kardeean they were not helpful at all . Told us to try laying some samples running the other way with the light. So we ordered two more boxes (got charged for them also) layed them over top and looked just as bad if not worse! We are now ripping up and laying something else. Please save your money very very fake looking! Every plank is exactly the same and with the raised bits looks terrible!!!!i wish I could add some pictures

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Hi Tracy, I’m sorry to hear that you’re unhappy with your Karndean floor. Some of our ranges feature a surface texture intended to replicate the realistic finish of wood flooring. This textured emboss on the planks recreate the linear grains and knots found in real wood, and when paired with the overall colour, offers an authentic wood look finish. We also have other ranges that have a smooth surface texture for a more refined, prefinished look. All our samples are cut from full planks and as with any natural material; the surface texture across our product is random. Thank you, Karndean Designflooring

Premium price for less than average product

Today we moved furniture back into in our kitchen/dining area after an arduous cleaning regime on an 8 month old floor. With the removal and replacement of furniture the process took 9 1/2 hours following instructions to the letter. What a ridiculous set up and god help anyone who hasn't the time or ability to do it themselves. When purchased we were informed that a simple mop over with warm water would be sufficient. How wrong that statement was. After finding that any footprints/drips of anything or spills stained and wouldn't come off so in early May we went back to the supplier. We were then informed that an non alkaline cleaner was needed. 6 cleans later the rep for the supplier came out to look and thought there may a manufacturing problem. Since the he and ourselves have been in contact with Karndean and the response was that our cleaning was sub standard or we had damaged the product. ( an insult ) The Karndean rep has not seen the floor but sent their cleaning kit which could only be demonstrated on an off cut our the supplier would be liable. Why would anyone in their right mind buy this product knowing that this clean/remove/refresh nonsense was necessary every 6 to 12 months. Over time we had 2 lots of simple vinyl laid in this area and both lasted 20 years each with simple cleaning and were only changed for an update.We expected a much better product with this looselay floor with todays technology. At this time we are considering cutting our losses having it removed but not before contacting the Office of Fair Trade and Consumer affairs.

I wish I never would have chosen Kardean plank flooring; I should have spent more time looking at it

The floor was nicely installed and looked very pretty before we started using it. I have only used Kardean floor cleaner and shine products exactly as instructed, and have applied the recommended felt pads to our table and chair legs. We are always careful to remove shoes before walking on it because we want it to look nice, but the floor started showing scuff marks a day or two after applying the shine product, and it no longer looks clean when it's washed. The only way to get the scuff marks off is to use another Kardean product to strip the shine product, and then follow directions to spend 6+ hours getting a new Kardean Shine... which will last a day or two. We have had the floors for 4 months and I hate them! We spent a lot of money and there is no way to keep them nice.

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Hi Eva, I'm so sorry to hear that you're unhappy with your Karndean floor. To get a better idea of the scuff marks you’re experiencing, would it be possible to PM us some photos at your earliest convenience? We’ll be able to review the scuff marks from your photos and can advise on the next steps from there. Thanks, Karndean Designflooring

5mm Karndean Flooring is a waste of money

I spent $12,000 having 5mm Karndean longboard looselay put throughout my home. 6 months later I started to notice cracks (Karndean is not supposed to crack according to everything I read). Now 11 months down the track and there are cracks in everyroom. None of these rooms have direct sunlight (I did read sunlight can warp/shink/fade Karndean boards but not crack. Do not waste your money on Karndean looselay longboards, they are very expensive and not worth it.

Hi Pip, I'm so sorry to hear that you're having issues with your Karndean floor. It is very out of the ordinary for our flooring to ‘crack’. At your earliest convenience, would you please be able to PM your contact details so we look into this issue directly. Thanks, Karndean DesignflooringYou have my email. You contact meHi Pip, Unfortunately we don’t have your email on record. Would you mind PM-ing your details at your at your earliest convenience so we can touch base?

Loose Lay Faded within 6 months

We laid over $7000 of the new loose lay planks in champagne oak look great down however have faded and discoloured terribly. In no stage of the sales, research process were we advised that the product supplied was unsuitable to be used near any sort of windows! Went back to the supplier and they just shook their head and said not covered for fading and said we could just BUY another box and replace - well I will not be buying a box every 6 months - if the product is unsuitable it should not be made available for sale.

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Hi Mel, I’m sorry to hear that you’re having issues with your Karndean floor. I believe our Customer Resolution Team have now been in touch to help look into this issue. If you have any further queries, please don’t hesitate to ask. Thank you, Karndean Designflooring

The old Karndean flooring was good!

We bought Karndean vinyl planks several years ago - the old glue-down ones, not the new loose lay ones - and we haven't had any problems. We laid them ourselves.The flooring we found under the old lino included concrete, timber, yellow tongue flooring, and vinyl that couldn't be removed even with a blow torch (all in the one room), so we leveled it, and put down a masonite underfloor, and glued the Karndean boards with lots and lots of glue. The boards have shrunk a bit over time, but we laid them as close as we could, and the gaps between the boards are quite small. The colour is 'nutmeg', which is a darkish brown. We have had no damage, even though our enthusiastic German Shepherd galumphs around on them. I think the old planks were a lot thicker that the new ones, and I guess from the reviews above that the new product isn't as good. I can't see a product the shrinks with age as being suitable for loose lay, and I couldn't image it standing up to our dog's tendency to skid out when he runs round corners. Pity. The old one was fine.

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Hi Sue, Thank you for your review and glad to hear that your Karndean floor is going well. Our products come in varying thicknesses and the technology to make them durable and long lasting hasn’t changed. Thank you, Karndean Designflooring

vinyl tiles

vinyl tiles developed gaps between many of them. karndean stated that they have a gap tolerance that is acceptable to them. never mind customer Not mentioned of course before bought
Don't trust salesman at Solomons either

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Hi Anne, I’m sorry to hear that you’re having issues with your Karndean floor. Would you know if the products were acclimatized before installation? There should be no gaps if the installation was in accordance with our installation guidelines. Thank you, Karndean Designflooring

Looselay planks

We have recently had vinyl planks installed and I wish I had checked this site first. They have been down about 3 months and have been pulling up in areas since being installed. They were installed directly over timber flooring with none of the recommended sub flooring as per Karndean installation guide.
I’ve had the installer out and he has relaid some and used glue in areas but they have since come back up around edges and you can feel the old flooring underneath along with dips and ridges. Karndean are coming out with the installer and the manager of the flooring company so I’m hoping that something is done, but I’m no worried after reading other reviews that again nothing will be done.
Never will I get loose lay again.

Hi, I'm so sorry to hear that you're unhappy with your Karndean floor. As you've mentioned, we'll be able to get a better idea of the cause and the next steps after the scheduled inspection has taken place. Thank you, Karndean DesignflooringUnfortunately I was right and nothing will be done about floor or the planks that continue to come up around my home a total waste of money. I’m very saddened that the representative took the side of the flooring company however not surprised. I would love to be able to put photos up of floor and a video showing it was not laid on a level floor and did in fact need a subfloor per Karndean laying guide. If anyone would like these I’m happy to send them to you. I will be taking this furtherbe careful when dealing with Karndean they quote British standards not Australian when you have issues.

It is the worst product I ever came across, wished I had never seen it.

If after one week it shows scuff and smudge marks everywhere, & the manufacturer expects you to strip it with a scourer pad, then put polish on 1 way leave for 30 mins then put polish on another way leave 6 hrs do no walk it, in that time at 76 yrs old it is great to tell you to put polish on to slip over I would have never bought it not told by Choices or Karndean that it did that. And at my age I do not need to have to do that every 6-12 mths Choices Thomastown, told me not to look at it and look at the ceiling. Do not go there and do not buy Karndean Looselay planks and ours are glued down unfortunately. Karndean Tech guy only offered to send someone out to go around our furniture strip the planks and put some polish on them one of job and redo yourself in 6-12 mths, no I wished I had never seen or heard of them. Why on earth would anyone want that type of planks and with a husband with cancer, it horrifies me looking at these every day.

We Had Karndean Lemon Spotted Gum planks put down when we went to see them at Karndean showroom in Wantirna what we saw looked lovely , and all smooth looking we were told how easy they were to look after just wipe them over with a damp mop nothing else , also at Choices Thomastown how they are such a good easy board to look after , some boards are sitting higher than others colours not sorted very well when put down , and the scuff marks and blotchy looking marks are over all the boards straight after laying that do not come off , not to mention some boards mainly in one room have got lots of grooves in and are really noticeable especially when next to smooth ones . Very upsetting when you have been told they are supposed to be good , and so easy to look after you just can’t look at them when you wake up every morning and say how did we end up with these boards with all these scuff marks . And we have been wearing slippers & socks ,haven’t even worn shoes in from outside . .It is important if anyone is getting this sort of job done to make sure all your complete job is of the same Batch No if not can be different textures and colours .When we complained about scuff marks Karndean sent us a Welcome Pack , that contains a wash , a bottle of Remove along with a scouring pad to strip the vinyl boards , and a bottle of Refresh with a pad to put 2 coats of polish on 1 coat one way leave 30 mins then put on another coat different way and leave for 6 hours , you cannot even walk on them for that time or overnight , what are you to do fly around the rooms and god help people who have children , brand new boards & do that every 6-12 mths had we know what sort of nightmare this was going to be looking at this mess and we weren’t told by Karndean showroom or Choices who on earth would choose planks that you would have to do that to , when you are well in your 70s , and if we had been told that , we would have never chose to go with them , we would have put carpet down instead as we are elderly and have lots of health issues , both not well .and cannot put polish on as I am very unsteady on my feet and can’t afford to slip over . Have talked to lots of other people since ours different brands no scuff marks or other problems , they cannot get over ours and what we are supposed to do to it , and it sounds like we are not on our own .Hi Bethenny, I’m sorry to hear you are unhappy with your Karndean floor. As you have already mentioned, the initial marks would have been most likely caused during/post installation. At this time our technical team were able to provide assistance to remove these marks caused during/post installation. Like with most floors, ongoing maintenance is required – from everyday cleaning to the occasional refresh. For everyday cleaning, it is quite straight forward. The refresh takes a bit more care and is a bit of a longer process to complete. However this refresh process is much shorter than traditional wood flooring. This is something you’re local flooring retailer would have advised you on during your purchase. If you have any questions on maintenance, please don’t hesitate to ask your local flooring retailer or get in touch with us directly. Thank you, Karndean DesignflooringHi as I said scuff , scratch , blotchy looking marks from the day it was put down 31/2 mths ago , not Black marks it is as though someone dragged a rubber sole shoe all over ,it and we cannot wear our shoes inside ,and they do not wash off . Yes your tech guy that came out was prepared to send someone out , to move some of our furniture and put Remove on it then Refresh .on it and that was a one of . The Remove/Refresh is a arduous Process you cannot walk on the floor for at least 6 hrs or Preferably overnight as per instructions who has the ability to not walk on your floor , and unless you were able to move all your furniture out , then replace it 6 hrs later to do It properly under everything, it cannot happen , for one we are elderly and not in good health , and this stripping with Remove and then Refresh is a 6 monthly ordeal ongoing , We were not told by Choices when we Looked & purchased this product that we had daily maintenance, and to have to do this Remove/Refresh maintenance forever , only to damp mop it nothing else and not everyday maintenance .Or we would have left our carpet or put new carpet down .And the heartache this has caused We are sorry we have ever put them down . And when we came to your Showroom , in Stud Rd a female staff showed us the boards & told us all we had to do was vacuum or sweep nothing about everyday & then damp mop them easy , nothing else . It was not until after your tech guy came , then we received a Welcome Pack Wash /Remove /Refresh did not know anything about any of this till then & from what I have read , no matter what these marks keep coming back as a friend of mine her daughter told me too late after I had mine put down , that she has the same problem .with her Karndean boards .And from what I have reading in different reviews now we are not on our own . We live in a village & because of this problem , & being elderly we are unable to do this maintenance everyday , & the doing what is required with the Remove & Refresh .And if we have to go into care we can be made to remove all these boards because of the way they look & the ongoing problems that are attached to the maintenance, at our cost ,or worse still our family. Very disappointing to think elderly people can be sold something like this , that scuffs & marks so easy without being told the facts of looking after them . We have other people in the Village that have put down other brands of vinyl boards , & they have never heard of anyone having to do what we are expected to do , they vacuum and damp mop once a week .No scuffing or marks on any of theirs .And theirs are sealed around skirting boards to stop any dampness going to them & swelling them up & ours aren’t .and seems as though that should have been part of laying them . We had solid timber Brushbox at our previous house , it was sealed with a sealer & all we did was vacuum & wash once a week And they always looked good & easy to look after . .

I wouldn't buy this product again in a pink fit

In September 2014 we had Karndean loose lay tiles fitted through our kitchen, dining and entrance. They were installed by an authorised layer employed by the stocking retailer, Simons Carpets Kings Meadows Launceston. We were assured the existing concrete floors were suitable for the installation of the tiles. Within 12 months the tiles especially in the kitchen/dining were starting to lift on the edges and being scuffed on those edges. In mid 2017 Simons Carpets were contacted as by this stage nearly all tiles in the area had lifted on the edges. Cleaning and maintenance of the area was regular and there was no build up of dust/debris that would cause the tiles to lift. The manager inspected the tiles and arranged for a representative from Karndean to visit. It was agreed that there was a problem with the tiles and Kardean authorised for the tiles to be replaced with assurances that the tiles had been improved and insisted that the problem would not occur again especially as the tiles would be relaid using pressure sensitive glue. The new tiles were relaid in mid November 2017 again by a tile layer employed by Simons Carpets. We were impressed by the care taken and obvious experience of the layer. By March 2018 the tile edges were starting to lift again so contact was again made with the manager from Simons Carpets who came and inspected the tiles. We were accused of deliberate damage to the edges of the tiles that had lifted. However, the manager then gave us three boxes of replacement tiles that he had brought with him and told us that from this point on that no further responsibility would be accepted by Simons Carpets or Karndean. The fact remains that the new tiles continue to turn up their edges and if I was to replace all those affected I would already have used up more than half the given tiles. We paid top dollar for what we thought was to be a long term suitable floor covering for the area. The only remaining action available to us is Consumer Protection and the Office of Fair Trading. Photos are available.

Hi Phil, unfortunately it sounds like the original issue is still reoccurring even after replacement. We recommend getting in touch with your local flooring retailer again to arrange another site inspection by Karndean. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us directly. Thank you, Karndean DesignflooringThankyou for your response. If it is at all possible we would rather deal direct with a representative from Karndean. We have found the manager at Simons Carpets where we bought the tiles to be a diificult person to deal with. As stated in my review he accused us of deliberate damage to the edges of tiles that have lifted as described. He also told my wife to "be quiet, and listen" when she tried to explain on the phone what was happening with the second lot of tiles. We would rather not have this man in our home. He does not listen, talks at you rather than with you, appears unwilling to engage, and presented with a preconceived solution (the three boxes of tiles) and pressed hard that I should agree that this was a suitable solution to the situation. I did give a reluctant and tentative agreeance as I felt intimidated by the whole interaction.Regards Phil Jones.Hi Phil, At your earliest convenience, would you please be able to PM your contact details so that we can further discuss in detail. Thank you, Karndean Designflooring

Terrible treatment by Karndean Australia

In January 2017 we had our old linoleum flooring which was laid on masonite underlay over pine timber flooring removed to have new Karndean Art Select Stone Collection vinyl floor tiles laid. The new flooring was laid on 5.5mm plywood underlay was laid and before a single tile was laid I complained to the Floor Tiler and about 2 hours later to the flooring manager himself, that the underlay was making a crackling sound when walked on. I was told it should settle. After continually being denied a refund, for the noisy flooring, we eventually went to Fair Trading and an NCAT Tribunal hearing in December 2017.
I contacted Karndean’s Senior Technical Coordinator with a series of questions so that I could present Karndeans technical answers to the tribunal. Some of the questions are listed below.
1. What is the Australian Standard that Karndean Art Select Vinyl Floor Tiles are to be laid to, is it AS1884-2012?
2. Does Karndean impose additional requirements above the Australian Standard which is as is stated in the standard as a minimum standard of construction?
3. On the Karndean Website there is a reference to wooden subfloors that states :
Wooden subfloors – Karndean do not endorse/approve any plywood product and so take no responsibility for the performance of any plywood selected. However, we recommend the use of a minimum 6 mm flooring grade plywood meeting the requirements of the CFA Guidance Note:-Plywood for Overlaying Suspended Floors, (soon to be included as Annex C in BS 8203) as acceptable for use with Karndean products. It is incumbent upon the installer to verify this compliance through either independent certification or other means. It’s important to remember that plywood joints should be smoothed over using skim coat or a full coat of fibre reinforced smoothing compound.
Karndean refused to answer any of my questions and when I verbally spoke to two of Karndean’s Technical Coordinators and expressed concerns with the underlay making crackling noises they both told me that they were not concerned with the type of underlay that the Karndean Floor Tiles were laid on. My question to Karndean is why state information about underlay on your website if you are not seriously concerned?
Due to this dispute I have thoroughly read AS1884-2012 and noted a number of irregularities on the Karndean Website. I also noted that the wooden subfloor statement on the Australian Karndean website refers to British Standard not Australian Standard. Two weeks ago I wrote to Karndean’s CEO with some of my concerns but, as with the Karndean’s Technical Coordinator, I am still waiting for answers to my questions. If Karndean Technical Services had provided answers to my questions I am sure that the full removal and replacement of the flooring would have been awarded at the tribunal hearing and we would have been thankful to Karndean for their honesty which is all that we have ever asked from by all parties involved.
Every day we walk on the floor we are reminded of the people and companies that have affected and changed our lives Unfortunately my perception of people and businesses as generally being honest has changed to one of suspicion due to the way we have been treated in this instance.
What should have been a joyful home renovation experience has turned into an experience that no honest person should have to endure. For a multinational company, service to the paying public is extremely poor.

Regarding Karndean Art Select Stone Collection, the flooring looks great but the detraction is that the floor scratches very easily when compared to our previous linoleum and requires constant cleaning to retain its looks. The scratches (which are not covered by the company warranty) are not as noticable in dark areas but are most evident in reflected or strong light situations highlighting the scratches. I believe the wearing layer being shiny accentuates the scratches.

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Hi Davo, Further to our continued correspondence, we have sent you a private message on the matter. Thank you, Karndean Designflooring

Absolutely do not consider

Absolutely the worst flooring I have ever had. I have a brand new wood look matte flooring and the smudges and scuff marks do not clean out - no matter what is used.

Wouldn't buy again

We purchased 120m2 of Van Gogh Karndean vinyl planks and had them 'professionally' laid over tiles. If you are considering laying over tiles - don't do it. Yes it can work if you have a skilled professional who specialises in it but most floor layers don't specialise in the prep work. If it is not done 100% properly you will be left with a botched lumpy job, despite going with one of the big floor companies who assured us it would be perfect we were left with a horrid looking floor. The mess of having tiles ground for the prep is another issue that I would not go through again, Im still finding dust 3months later.

Besides the laying issues I find this flooring very artificial looking and cheap looking (despite costing 10k). We also had a issue with a 'bad batch' where the finish on a pack of planks is matte and the rest shiny, so random planks stick out considerably. The up side is they don't scratch too easily but they do still scratch (even when careful with felt pads etc its inevitable something sharp will eventually come in contact inadvertently).

If you are looking to lay in a rental or cheaper / smaller dark house then maybe but if you have a large house with good natural light the sheen finish looks particilarly cheap & nothing like wood look.

We regret our choice, despite a lot of research before making our decision. Hopefully this review spares someone else the heartache.

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Hi, I'm so sorry to hear that you're unhappy with your Karndean floor. At your earliest convenience, would you please be able to PM your contact details so we look to address the ‘installation’ and ‘batch’ issues that you ‘ve specified above. Thanks, Karndean Designflooring

Horrible service from Karndean!

Horrible service getting samples sent out, delayed by a week, then they delayed the shipping of my tiles to WA took two weeks!

Once they came the packages were damaged and then I had to wait 16 weeks for new stock to arrive!

I recommend not buying anything from this supplier, my friend recently purchased a vinyl tile called Allure and this is lovely and ordered months after me and installed weeks before my floor!!

I hope this information is helpful to anyone currently deciding on vinyl flooring.

Questions & Answers

We intended to lay karndean Korlock planks in our new home but after reading the reviews I am very concerned. We have been told that a damp mop is all that is required to keep floor looking good but everyone mentioning scuffs and stains and very complicated cleaning to remove same. Can you confirm how to clean the korlock products. I have seen them laid in a local club and they look good so Im hoping the Korlock products may be different to the loose lay. Please respond asap.
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hi guys - no idea I haven't used them. only the loose lay vinyl planks.

I am thinking of laying korlock warm spotted gum in my new home but after all of these negative responses I now have doubts
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I would never use Karndean ever ever ever again! I’m actually putting through a complaint to fair trading. So my answer to you is look elsewhere!

After reading the negative reviews on the Karndean looselay longboard, I’m so disappointed. Just yesterday, I was at a design store and was so excited about choosing the Champagne Oak looselay longboard for new flooring in my home. Now, I’m scrambling on picking a different brand of luxury vinyl plank flooring or figuring out what other type of flooring to use that is pet friendly. I’m running out of time to make this decision,since my remodeling project will soon be starting. Alesia 2/15/2019
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Hi Alesia, I’m sorry to hear that you’ve been discouraged on using our LooseLay Longboard Champagne Oak. Champagne Oak is actually one of our most popular designs in LooseLay. Unfortunately the reviews above are a few isolated incidences, which have been amplified being on a public forum. You’ll find that for each of these different cases, we inspected the floor and identified that the product was not at fault. As your flooring retailer would’ve mentioned, our products are in fact pet friendly and come with a residential lifetime warranty for product wear-out and manufacturing defects. I would encourage you to continue your conversation with and ask questions from your retailer about LooseLay – particularly their experience and feedback on other projects with Karndean. If you have any other questions on Karndean or any other information that needs clarification, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Kindest regards, Karndean Designflooring