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Kellogg’s Crunchy Nut Corn Flakes

Kellogg’s Crunchy Nut Corn Flakes

2.4 from 23 reviews



First time for ages


Extremely sweet and not very nutty, hadn't had them for ages and really fancied some. No more


JPSouth East Queensland, QLD

  • 2 reviews

Crunchy with no nuts


They are basically sugared corn flakes! I can’t taste the nuts anymore.... Very disappointing as they used to taste great. Not it just tastes like corn & sugar. Why do they ruin everything?

Purchased in April 2019.

Bland! :-(


I used to love these they were tasty and it meant that I did not want to snack after I had them. But now they taste so awful and bland, made me want a chocolate bar! I know that cutting out sugar is important but I opt for smaller bowls to do that (meaning that I would get less sugar but all the taste). But alas it was dreadful. sorry Kellogg's maybe revert back to old recipe? Think I will be having toast and butter for my breakfast from now on.

Purchased in March 2019.


KarynSouth East Queensland, QLD

  • 16 reviews

Not what it once was


Purchased a box recently on special as a bit of a treat. Should have bought my regular cereal.
Crunchy - yes. Sweet - yes. Nuts - none.
When I used to buy this it was lovely and indulgent, now it’s just sweet, no real flavour.

They do not taste the same.


So disappointing. Definitely do not taste the same. Bland and stodgy. Won't be buying your brand again. What a shame. They were my favourite.

Keep getting black bits in my Kelloggs Crunchy Nuts cereal, Kelloggs say its burnt cereal


After putting milk on my Kellogg's Crunchy Nuts in the cereal bowl, when eating I often find black bits, the last one being 23mm x 15mm I measured it, Kelloggs says its burnt cereal and offered me a replacement. I refused and will not buy them again, does anyone else get black bits are they burnt mouse bits ? does anyone know ? They are Yucky.

What happened to the nutty taste?


Crunchy nut cornflakes have been my weekend treat for years... The last couple of boxes have just tasted so sweet I can't beat them any longer so will be trying different brands in the hope that theirs might taste as good a Kellogg's used to. Please stop messing with the recipes.



  • 5 reviews

A lot of sugar, but still tastes good


Arguably the best cereal brand on the market. This is really good stuff, albeit really sweet. Not sure I would recommend to kids before school since they would get hyperactive, but this is pretty tasty.

Changed the recipe now it awful!!!


Kelloggs have given into political pressure and now the cereal is tasteless. Won't be buying it again morrisons own brand is now better.

Why O Why change the taste? So disappointing!


I wish I could give it minus 3 stars! I yesterday bought a packet of Crunchy Nut Corn Flakes after a long time, looking forward to the wonderful taste...BUT, I was so disappointed from the second mouthful as it seems they have put some artificial tasting sweetener which tastes horrible! What were you thinking Kellogs?!!! I will never buy this rubbish again.

Not the same


These are amazing!


I am pleased to say that they are amazing and make me feel happy every morning I wake up! I enjoy them thurrely and would reccomend them to anyone that wakes up tired! Yours faithfully, Dylan

I need to know


In crunchy nut good for you dose it give you stronger tummy muscle's. Because I do dance and it all about the tummy muscle's in acro



Use to be awesome! What happened.


I had crunchy nut a couple times a few years ago and they were so good. I bought a box last week and it seems like there lacking on the crunch and the nuts and the honey. What happened, they used to be the best! I think I won't be buying them again.

Where's the nuts?


I bought a box of crunchy nut cornflakes as a treat as i haven't had them in years! (not a healthy breakfast at all as it is loaded with sugar)...my question is where's the nuts? I remember seeing sprinklings of nuts on most of the flakes but i could hardly find any in my bowl this morning. Also i am sure the flakes are way smaller now. Wont be buying them again as i was disappointed.

No nuts, small flakes...not a healthy breakfast.



  • 60 reviews

Very tasty


Crunchy Nut Cornflakes are very high in sugar and so they are not a good choice for a healthy breakfast. They are however very tasty, and sometimes I buy them for a sweet treat. I am not one of those crazy guys you see on the adds, but they are irresistable!
Too much sugar


SadaGreater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC

  • 675 reviews



This is a nutty tasting cereal (with peanuts?) which may suit someone with a sweet tooth. I would not recommend it for daily eating, way too sweet and not healthy.
These are a tasty cereal that I feel aren't too healthy for you. I rarely buy this one unless I really want to eat it. It does have a nice crunchy nut taste to it, but I wonder why peanuts, instead of maybe something healthier like almonds? Maybe they do it for the cost, but peanuts in a cereal is really strange for me.
This cereal is too sweet to eat regularly and I do feel guilty when I eat a medium sized bowl because I can taste the sugar and the sweetness.



  • 110 reviews



I like these and eat them occaisionally. not suitable for every day brekky as I feel they are far too unhealthy. But as an occaisional brekky cereal when you want something really sweet - Crunchy nut cornflakes hit the spot. Just make sure you brush your teeth straight after!
These are more interesting that the usual kelloggs Cornflakes - these have a really Nice taste - very very sweet.
This cereal could be a bit too sweet for some people - feel like you have had a complete sugar hit after you have eaten them - can't be too good for you or your teeth.



  • 78 reviews



This is the adult's version of Coco Pops. t is not a healthy cereal as it is very high in sugar and does not leave you full for long. The first mouthful tastes great but by the end of the bowl this cereal is way too sickly sweet. For sweet tooths, I would recommend a healthier alternative in All Bran's Wheat Flakes with Honey and Almond - it is similar in taste but not nearly as high in sugar nor as sickly sweet.
Good taste (initially, at least), crunchy texture
High in sugar, sweet taste quickly becomes sickly, expensive, doesn't fill you up


TracyJW.A., 6077

  • 62 reviews



I love the taste,and the texture, how-ever I try not to eat to much as they are loaded with sugar, and the price is quite high for what you get.But you just have to have them every now and again!!!
Ooh these are my favourites! but then I have a very sweet tooth! nice and sweet and crunchy-Mmm I think I want a bowl now!!easily available at all supermarkets and very often on special. different sized packs available
Quite expensive, and you tend to put a lot in your bowl.Loads of sugar- not the healthiest of breakfasts. doesn't actaully fill you uop for very long.

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