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Kellogg's Froot Loops

Kellogg's Froot Loops

2.2 from 24 reviews

Don't fix it if it's not broken!!!

Froot Loops were one of the best cereals until recently. They don't taste or look the same as they used to. They are covered in so much sugar it leaves a hard white coating that's near impossible to chew, let alone swallow. Regardless of how long they soak in milk for, it still feels like you are chewing on the occasional piece of gravel. Disappointing guys...

Purchased in March 2019 at Woolworths Online store for $5.00.

Terribly sweet

So sweet none of my kids including liked it. I tasted it as well and agree to it. Sad I cannot get a refund as well as they say the packet is opened.

Purchased in February 2019 at Woolworths.


This is terrible they are not the same, not what exactly is wrong but they are smaller and brittle and don’t quite taste the same. Texture is average , you can tell that some serious cost cutting has gone into the recipe. Massive thumbs down


Just had some froot loops and they just dont taste the same. Ultra hard and crunchy even after been sat in milk. Not happy, go back to the old recipe please!!!

What happened bro

I hate the new froot loops like what happened to all the fun colours and the great taste. Now they leave a horrible after taste and they look so bland. Not impressed #bringbacktheoldfrootloops

The only cereal I ever ate and now I have nothing!

I'm so upset with this "new" taste! Bring back the unhealthy yummy cereal, please!!!!. The new taste is horrible and I will never buy froot loops again!

Why did they had change...

Fruit loops, honey comb, and couple others cearls changed colors and taste and quality. We won't eat them any more me and my son.


Like some other comments here I too have eaten FROOT LOOPS my whole life, a while back I stopped buying them as the shape & taste was terrible. I even complained to Kelloggs & was told that is just the way it is now. Today I got a box for the kids & to my surprise they are now back to the old shape & the taste is great!!!!

Why they change the colors?

Since kellogs decided to change the color, i have deciced not to buy this product anymore, the new taste is waful, and the colors look faded, they says it's for the good but i'm sure it's a way to save money.

what did u do too my cereal

ive been eating froot loops as long as i can remember.i dont know what you did but i am so dissapointed in them now. they taste nothing like im use to and dont even have the aroma as they us too.i think they taste like colored plain cheerios now witch are not nice.i have dicided to no longer purchase this produce. they look faded and no more fruity aroma when you open the box
please note because of this you have lost a valued costomer

Best Cereal Ever Created

Shout-out Toucan Sam! One of the Realist since Tupac. Would definitely recommend to a bro or close acquaintance. Amen haa

Good for a treat

Like most people I believe you can have most things in moderation. I wouldn't eat these for breakfast daily, but for a special occasion they are fun and a nice treat. I actually eat them dry, more like lollies, because I like the crunch and the flavour. Not an everyday food, not a health food, but an extra treat in an otherwise good diet.

Fruit loops was ok, until they added marshmallows.

Yuck! Do not try this. It is terrible cereal. Fruit loop alone is unhealthy for us and our kids. With Marshmallows, its worst!

TASTE DISGUSTING but great for craft

Fantastic for olympic themed craft stuck onto gold card, and making necklaces. But I would never give it to my kids.
You just need to have a sniff of the packet to know that they are full of colouring and sugar. Taste completely fake and I wouldn't call it a cereal.
TERRIBLE would not buy them unless you are using it for craft.

I love fruitloops

This cereal is amazing!! I eat it later on in the day. It is delicious, and fortified with iron, unlike some other cereals

terrible. so fake i wouldn't would feed it to my dog

at 38% sugar, equivalent to 2 pieces of chocolate cake, I cannot justify even looking at it in the stores because it is utter rubbish. no 'food' at all. should be taken off the shelves never to return, ever.

Nice but problems

there nice fruity shapes as a healthy but mmildly sweet lunch but the problem is for someone with sensitive gums only the outside softens were the center is hard and damages gums shame as there quite nice but colourful too

Where did the flavour go

Food colouring and sugar is all this product is. It used to have flavour. Different colours had different flavours, now it's all the same ,Shame on you Kelloggs. This web site wants me to spell flavour as flavor and colour as color, but I write and speak in English not American, look it up.
Not Much
Bland Flavour, noy fruity

High in the bad stuff

I remember eating Froot Loops as a child and enjoying them, I would never eat them now though. I think they are rediculously high in sugar and artificial colours and therefore they aren't a good choice as a breakfast cereal, especially for children. They are however good to thread on hat elastic and wear as a necklace, little girls enjoy this.

Unhealthy breakfast choice


I would never allow anyone in my family to eat this stuff. Why not just give them a bag of sugar and a some food colour and let them eat that for breakfast! It would be a lot cheaper thats for sure. While they may taste good and the bright colours might attract children, in the long term this 'cereal' (if you can even call it that) is doing more harm than good. Maybe once in a while children can eat this, but I really wouldn't bother giving it to them since there are plenty of other cereals on the market that taste nice and provide some sort of nutritional content for children.
Colourful cereal. Colourful bright packaging.
Huge amounts of sugar and low levels of nutrition in every box. Quite expensive when you are basically paying for overprocessed coloured sugar.

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