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Kellogg's Special K

Kellogg's Special K

3.3 from 26 reviews



26 reviews

Blander than cardboard


Special K was Special, it was delicious.
Now... well don't eats eat cardboard? Maybe they'd like it, na probably not.
Bring back the original recipe, why the .... change something after 30 odd years?

Purchased in May 2020 at Woolworths for A$9.00.

Trish McDonald

Trish McDonaldSouth East Queensland, QLD

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Ridiculously hard


I regularly eat special k and I recently bought a new packet tried it and could t believe how hard and tasteless it was I had to check the packet to see if I had the right brand
What have you done to this product?
I almost broke my teeth on it and no amount of milk would soften it
I likened the texture and taste to eating uncooked rice or pasta. There is no excuse for this poor quality I would like to know how many others had this same bad experience and cracked their teeth eating it

Purchased in December 2019 at Coles.

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Trish McDonald
Trish McDonald

Won’t be buying this product again.

Isiah V.

Isiah V.South East Queensland, QLD

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Very bland


To be honest these cereals are not very good, they are very bland.

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sarahGreater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC

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Crunchy and tasty and healthy


I just love this cereal and can't believe it is healthy yet so tasty and crunchy. I sometimes use it as a cereal base and then add muesli or other cereals. It is low in fat and sugar yet high in fibre. It's crunchy but I love it when you leave it in milk for a while and then it goes sort of chewy and delicious. It's a bit pricey but if you buy it on special it's very good value. It also goes well with yogurt or a crunchy topping for ice cream. it's nice to know that something so tasty is actually not bad for you intact quite the opposite.
I think it is better than all the other Special K cereal varieties which all seem to have extra sugar added and are too sweet.

Purchased in June 2019 at Coles Supermarkets for A$5.00.

Farting Kangaroo

Farting KangarooGreater Melbourne (Inner), VIC

  • 6 reviews

Rather have oatmeal


I don’t understand all the hype with this cereal and why anyone would eat this to lose weight. Hardly any nutritional content and is sugary. Sure it has fibre, but that doesn’t justify its health benefits. Bland, not much nutritional value and leaves nothing to the imagination. Overly dry, processed and low in protein. How can anyone feel empowered and manly with low protein?
Just like Clive Palmer and Fraser Annning shouldn’t be considered an Australian icon, this cereal shouldn’t be considered a model Australian breakfast.

Boring and unhealthy. Your almost better of sticking to oatmeal’s and almonds, coconut coconut and goji berries instead.

Purchased in April 2018 for A$5.00.

What did Kellogg’s do to your Special K?


I’m from US in Australia for 2 weeks. Wanted some simple comfort food in my hotel room. Picked up Special K “original”. Wow. So very bad. US version is lighter and crisper with better mouth feel and taste. Cloying after taste and cardboardy mouth feel. I believe US version is rice and wheat only—no oats. Mostly rice with wheat gluten added, less sugar, more salt. This stuff is like Wheaties mixed into Special K that was left in back of pantry for 10 years. Kellogg’s nailed the taste of depression.



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Gave Kellogg's a chance, but didn't live up to expectations




Long time Special K customer. Re-thinking that status. The flakes are now thinner and turn to "mush" after milk has been added. no longer crunchy and thick. VERY disappointed



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Crunchy and delicious


Crunchy and delicious especially the cranberry and almonds Special K. It is best with cold milk but I sometimes add a little bit of sweetened condensed milk to give it that creamy sweetness. I love its texture and great for breakfasts. Just don't dip it to long in milk as it becomes soggy after a while.

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kellogg's Nourish with Apples, Raspberries & Almonds.


I bought the NEW! "Special K nourish" and really question the necessity to have flakes that turn into rubber within 4 minutes of applying milk. All of the items in the list were chopped up so finely, it made it impossible to distinguish one item from the next and just turned into slop in my mouth. I wonder if the ingredients are just leftovers from some other process and tossed in as an afterthought. Flakes were not flaky but had an unappealing texture before I was even half way through my bowl. Not very nice.

Michelle Pulleine

Michelle PulleineMetropolitan Adelaide, SA

  • 10 reviews

Gluten free Special K is very tasty


I am trying the new gluten free Special K today. Yum!! Great, authentic flavour and texture. Definitely one of the better gluten free cereals, and it has the Special K taste I have missed for the past few years.

amazing taste!


Have tried to like special K over the span of 27 years, always try different ones when they come out. I am finally in LOVE with Special K, the Nurish with coconut, cranberry and almonds is a winner for me, hope this combination will be around at 27 years. Thank you!

Special K Advantage - Why So Much Sugar?


I was so disappointed with this product as it is just too sweet. TinToy's comment was spot on. I feel mislead by the packaging and the "Health Star Rating" of 4.5 - how is it possible that something that is almost 20% SUGAR gets a 4.5 star health rating??

To put it in to perspective, imagine that you are eating bran and every 5th mouthful you replace with a spoon of pure sugar - THAT is how much sugar you would be eating by consuming this product!

Will be avoiding this one from now on!



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The best tasting cereals!


Always included in my breakfast and aftie snacks !I eating it either with milk, chocolate drink or none at all, munching it just like a snack :) so crispy and makes me full ..


TinToyMetropolitan Adelaide, SA

  • 9 reviews

Special K Advantage: so much sugar!

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twink118Metropolitan Adelaide, SA

  • 240 reviews



Great product I love the taste of special k and I really enjoy eating it. It keeps you full and leaves you feeling satisfied after you eat it so you are not likely to pick all morning and it will keep you full till lunch time. I think that this cereal does help with weight loss as it’s nutritionally balanced and has a lot of the vitamins that you need to be eating everyday in the cereal. Great taste and packaging and I know that this cereal is aimed at women my husband regularly enjoys a bowl too.
Great taste, helps maintain weight loss and also helps to aid weightloss.
None i really like this product and would recomend to anyone.



  • 60 reviews

Great tasting cereal


I love Special K any time of the day. I like the crisp flakes that aren't too thin, so they don't go mushy straght away like some other cereals. They are very tasty and I have never thought of adding anything to it other than some low fat milk. Price is reasonable, often get it on a good special.



for breakfast kellogs special k is a nice filler with all the essential nutrients... it deserves the price but it should be well consumed by many people if its price is somewhat less than present
i like the contents of the special k as well as taste.
no major complaints


EileenGarrawayVic, 3178

  • 113 reviews



A tasty, crisp flake that does not make you you a heavy feeling and seems to keep you going right up until lunch. This cereal does not need any suger on top as the flavour is perfect. I would recommend this cereal to others as it has a healty side especially for people with diabetes, this cereal is on their recommendation list. A healthy good tasting breakfast cereal and the cost is not too bad as well. It deserves a good rating.
Special K is now my preferred breakfast as it is a very tasty and substanial morning filler.
Nothing to complain about.


doublecurlSydney, NSW

  • 163 reviews



This is probably one of my favourite breakfast cereals. Although it is pretty plain it does have a great taste to it. Haven't read the nutrition label like the other reviewer but i will do so next time. I like having this with soy milk and bananas. It really does fill you up and keeps you full until lunchtime. I don't think i have ever really lost weight on it but it is a nice way to start the day non the less.
For plain cereal it is pretty tasty and you can add all sorts of things on it. I like it with bananas
Can be expensive, buy it on sale!

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Trish McDonald

Trish McDonaldasked

Have you recently changed the recipe for special k cereal ? If so why? The new product is too hard and tasteless.

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