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Kellogg's Sultana Bran

Kellogg's Sultana Bran

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Sultana Bran is a life saver. I dont know how I could make it without the unbelievable and death defying cereal. I enjoy eating it for breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner, dessert and supper. Sultana Bran is a life changing product! I wish i had discovered it sooner, as it has made me a more positive, energetic person. I cant put into words how much I appreciate Kellogg’s for their help and how thankful i am to have their brand (and bran. Hahaha) in my life. I envy all who dislike it, as not liking it should be a crime!

Purchased at Woolworths Physical store.

Won’t buy again

I ate it as a kid and liked it. Last week I purchased a box as it was the only cereal on special for our kids. I ate a bowl and it was like eating a bowl of cardboard and hardly any sultanas. The kids who are teens aged 14 - 17 don’t won’t to eat it after the first bowl. Disappointed and won’t purchase again

Purchased at Coles Supermarkets for $5.00.

can i buy shares in the company ?

i love eating a big bowl of sultan bran for breakfast most days. the sugar in it is from fructose which is much better than sucrose or artificial chemical sugars.

i also love the weet bix that contains oats as well as whole grain wheat. theres no cooking needed and to improve the taste (which is good by itself anyway) i add sliced bananas which improve it nutritionally . job well done with this product kellogs

the best time to buy it is when its on half price sale at woolworths. a big 730 gram box for under $4. buy lots of boxes and stock up. it stores for ages. im a happy consumer ....

I love my sultana bran

I Bought a big packet of sultana bran two weeks ago and as I am 21 weeks pregnant I must say I have quite a craving for it, i just love the stuff and so does my baby, she has soo much energy and wiggles around lots, I have no complaints as the sultanas are big and juicy and the bran fills me up. I am almost out and can't wait to go and buy some more.


Personally, this is amazing and healthy to eat.. but I usually spend about 5min picking out the sultanas because eww. I read the box and 25% of the sugar is caused by the sultanas being in there so I have no problemo removing the ewies from my bowl but seriously why not have a box without sultanas because it's a hassle getting the buggers out.
Over all I've been regular with pooping

Good product being ruined with excess sultanas.

I know all these other idiots are complaining about there being too few but it's getting ridiculous. There are times where one spoon has more sultanas than it does bran and makes for a sugary nauseating experience. I eat 1kg of the stuff a week so I know what I'm talking about. I picked 2 cups of sultanas from one large bowl the other day. Please cut back. If need be add the sultanas in a separate pack for the people who want extra.

Start your day right.

I recommend eating sultana bran every morning. Its yummy and keeps you regular. Try it with yoghurt ,and add banana or honey , it tastes great. My gut is healthy . Its not the cheapest cereal, but I have never had a problem with sultanas or the bran flakes.

Well... I love sultana bran!!

Opposed to many of the poor reviews here I actually love Sultana Bran!

A couple of months ago I was getting boxes with hardly any sultanas but Kellogg's probably listened to all the bad reviews because now I get heaps! Probably 2-4 sultanas per mouthful.

It is a great snack for brekkie but also at other times in the day as well

Just ONE sultana in my bowl of Sultana Bran.

I don't normally write reviews but this time I felt compelled to. Few days ago I bought a big box of Sultana Bran from my local woolies and upon pouring myself a generous amount, discovered that there was only one sultana in my bowl! At first I thought maybe it was because the sultanas were all at the bottom of the packet. But today (2nd time eating it) it happened again, just a one single lonely sultana hiding in my big bowl of boring bran. What a waste of money. I can't even use it as a treat for my DOG, not only because there are sultanas (though not many!) but also because eating it would be more like punishment for being naughty.

Where are the juicy, sweet sultanas of old?

Have been a long time fan and buyer of Sultana Bran but no more. Not as many sultanas and they are dry nobs not juicy and sweet as they were in the past.

Find something else to eat

I have been eating sultana bran for years now, but its my first time witnessing this; where are the sultanas?


I have bought Sultana Bran for a long time & am so disappointed with the last box.(the one with Dora spoons) Talk about spot the sultanas! Probably a dozen in the whole box ! They were stale & hard enough to break a tooth. Come on Kellogs there must be other ways to scam your customers or maybe change the name of the product to Bran

Altered for the retailer

There is an ever increasing range of 'Home Brand' products available in our major supermarkets which, in reality, are nothing more than economy versions of a well-known, respected, manufacturers product.

In some respects it must be frustrating for quality brand companies having the product they have spent considerable amounts of money developing being cheapened, bastardised and undercut by supermarket chains! Although there is an argument for retailing economy priced products for those on a restricted budget, on a personal level I prefer to buy the original rather than the substitute.
But, not content with underselling quality brands and restricting their market volume the supermarket chains are now actually bastardising the product in the original manufacturers packaging thereby fooling us into thinking we are still buying the genuine article!!
Whilst on a visit to New York a couple of years ago I started having Kelloggs Sultana Bran for breakfast each morning and really enjoyed the ratio of the mix in the packet. Recently on holiday in Sydney I bought a packet of Kelloggs Sultana Bran thinking I would get the same product....after all, it looked exactly the same! The difference was dramatic with very few Sultanas in the mix and the taste was nowhere near as appealing. I studied the box more closely and there on the front was a bold caption 'Exclusive to Coles' and then the penny dropped. I bought another packet from a smaller IGA supermarket that did not have the Coles caption on it and bingo, there was the mix and the same taste I enjoyed overseas.
It is fairly obvious that the major food chains want to control all aspects of food production and distribution and people like me who wish to stay true to a broad based quality production system are a thorn in their side. Not only do Coles and Woolworths and possibly Aldi (although I have had no experience with them) want to find the cheapest way possible to produce something, if they can't increase their market share with their own trashy product they will also trash quality brands to do it!

If you support own brand products, in the end we will all be the losers....quality will disappear for market share!!

Quality Control problems

I have been eating Kellogg's Sultana Bran for many years without problems but this year have returned four packets to Kelloggs. The quality is not as good, not as sweet, and I have been getting tummy troubles and diarrohea as I do when I have sulphites. They say there are no sulphites in the product but somehow I think it is getting in perhaps by being processed on equipment that has been exposed to sulphites. I now eat Aldi's Golden Vale Bran and Sultanas which is excellent.


This is a good cereal with sultanas and the goodness of bran. It doesnt taste like its a healthy cereal, so it tastes just as yummy as an ordinary breakfast cereal. I dont buy it regularly because the bran flakes are to hard for me to chew, so it becomes painful for me to eat it.
I used to buy this cereal on a regular basis because it was healthy and tasty too. It is a great tasting bran cereal which is yummy to eat at any time of day.
It is a bit sweet for me and sometimes I have to chew the bran so much that my jaw hurts, really its true!


I love Sultana Bran. It was the only thing that I could stomach when I was pregnant with morning sickness. I would have it for breakfast and in the middle of the night. Have always liked the taste and the fact that it is healthy. At times I have eaten it without milk as a snack. I like that you can buy it in really big boxes to save money.
Love the combination of the crunchy flakes and the soft sultanas. Tastes great! Healthy so you feel good eating it.
Not as filling as Weetbix or museli so you tend to go through more which can get expensive.

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The sultanas provide just the right amount of sweetness to my taste at least and I don't feel bloated after consuming a bowl with lite white milk at breakfast. It does have high fibre content so you feel healthy as well.


I used to eat Kellogg's Sultana Bran for both breakfast, late supper and occasionally a bowl as a midnight snack. It is more filling than other cereals and 'feels' healthy to eat, although the sugar content rather negates this illusion. I limit my consumption of this product now due purely to the sugar content; it's a pity it contains sugar as it would be a marketable factor in itself if this cereal was purely a sugar/fat free flake with sultanas. It would taste non the less delicious for this sweet omission. The malt and barley content is an attraction for me also, as this is wonderfully healthy, for females in particular. An increase in sultanas would not go astray; I add my own. Frankly Coles own brand version of this cereal is not only cheaper, but contains less sugar, more barley and has more sultanas!
Tastes good. Love the purple packet.
Not quite enough sultanas for my liking. A little too much sugar.

Questions & Answers

I've been eating Kelloggs saltana bran cereal for about aweek or 2 but I haven't seen any difference between if its healthy or anything I have been dieting for 1year and a half so I really need to have healthy breakfast. If you know about if its healthy?please get back to me.
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Hi Sarah, I don't think Kellogg's Sultana Bran is healthy as there is something wrong with the sultanas they are using and I get nausea and diarrohea. The Aldi version called Golden Vale Sultana Flakes are 5 stars for me and I will never go back to Kelloggs.I have no idea but I once heard that Weet-bix was the only cereal that is reasonably healthy. I thought they said Sultana Bran also but don't hold me to that.

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