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Kennards Self Storage

Kennards Self Storage

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Outstanding service and space for over 20 years

I've dealt with Kennards Self Storage in New South Wales and Victoria on and off for 20 years and have found them to be consistently professional, friendly, and with great expertise in what they do. Most recently I've used the service at Miranda, speaking with Cameron and Adam. They really went out of their way to help when a small difficulty suddenly arose, resolving quickly and easily a matter which could have been extended over weeks by a less professional service. I'd most definitely recommend Kennards to anyone seeking a secure, high-quality, flexible storage service.

They treat delivery drivers..... BAD! And I'm not even a delivery driver.

OMG! I just had the worst customer service experience EVER and I'm still shocked after 15 hours so decided to write this.
I'm a business owner and rather than waiting for our private delivery driver I personally went to Kennards Port Melbourne to drop 2 boxes for a client so he gets the boxes on time. Walked into the reception and saw the front desk guy ([name removed]). I had my client's storage unit details etc on the phone so I zoomed in and showed him client's business name, storage unit number etc and said "I have 2 boxed I want to drop for this client" and showed him the phone. You WILL NOT believe what happened next. Without thinking twice [name removed] said in the most arrogant, rude way "CAN'T YOU READ?".
I was SHOCKED! I said 'Sorry?'. He goes again "CAN'T YOU READ?". I said I don't want to get the details wrong so why can't you just read what's on the screen and enter it into the computer. He goes I WON'T READ, YOU READ IT OUT TO ME. Who the hell talks like that to a customer???? Then he keeps going "YOU ARE A DELIVERY DRIVER, WHICH COMPANY YOU FROM?". I said I'm not a delivery driver, I'm just here to drop the boxes. Then he goes again "YOU ARE A DELIVERY DRIVER, WHICH COMPANY YOU FROM?". He thought I'm a delivery driver and because I look indian (even though Im a Sri Lankan) this guy treated me TOTALLY different to how would treat a normal customer.
Here's the best part. I wasn't going to complain about this. My wife was in the car with the baby and she said let it go, maybe he's having a bad day etc. Then I seriously let it go. Just 20 mins after the incident I got a call from my client saying Kennards said the delivery driver was extremely rude to the receptionist. I explained what happened to the client and then both of us realised what [name removed] does. He annoys everyone off and be the first to complain so the delivery driver has no say.

He is an ABSOLUTE racist which I just hate. I wouldn't want myself to be treated like that and I wouldn't want other delivery drivers to be treat like that either. Delivery drivers are hopeless and they can't do anything when situations like arises. They just have to keep their mouth shut or they lose their job. [name removed] showed me how he treats the drivers when no ones around. I already informed the client about this and this is an ABSOLUTE ABSOLUTE disgrace to have such a racist as the face of the business right in the front desk.
Kennards, check the cameras, I visited there between 2-3pm on 7th Dec 2018 and do a good review on how your employees treat others. You might do something or you may not. But I will never forget how I got treated at the reception that day morning. I want [name removed] to apologise for being rude and arrogant in a formal letter. There are things you can accept but you can NEVER ACCEPT a racist. Also please respond to my complaint letter when you receive it. Thanks

Safe, secure, clean storage - friendly customer service

Since 1990 I have been renting storage space on and off from Kennards Self Storage as well as buying boxes and other packing materials from multiple facilities in Ultimo NSW, West End QLD and Murarrie QLD. I have found their facilities safe, secure, clean and convenient. Their staff have been very helpful and friendly. I would recommend using them to store your belongings.

Excellent customer service

I used Kennards in Mona Vale and found Max and Joel always very helpful and friendly. Great customer service!

I use Kennards as a base for my hire company

I have nothing but praise for Kennards Storage in Palmerston North. They have always strived to offer me what I require.

Kennards constant fee increases

Like many others have said Kennards constantly increase my fees by well more than twice inflation and spin the usual nonsense email when they tell you. It sure looks like their business model is to suck you in and then depend on it being too much trouble for you to move.

This particular branch is constructing a massive expansion, which contradicts the standard line they send you................

"Market demands and rising costs affect all businesses including ours. We do continue to source savings and innovations to enhance and add value to your storage experience.They are not in all cases enough to prevent rising costs completely.

"The storage market has limited supply and is experiencing significant customer demand for space.This demand drives the price of storage and is a consideration in assessing your new rental rate.

"We are dedicated to providing long term value to our customers. As an existing customer you are insulated from the more extreme market fluctuations these demands cause to the available pricing. Ultimately though these pressures have now made it necessary to adjust the current monthly rent on your storage space".

Be wary of the terms and conditions

Rented a storage unit, leaking roof damaged my goods. No compensation just pointed to terms and conditions. You hire a unit in good faith it's incredible that Kennards carelessness and lack of attention to building repair. Should turn to be the problem of the customer. Shoddy

Customer service hung up my phone! Hah!

I took my stuffs out from kennard on Anzac Day, I already booked a removalist and found out Kennard was closed on that day.

Its the only time I have time to move my stuff out. So I call them, and a guy picked up a phone and told me there’s nothing they can do due to public holiday.

I told them the situation and at least what I want to hear is this guy to apologise as a representative of Kennard. But instead, he told me that there’s nothing he can do and hung up the phone! What an attitude!

This is definitely the worst customer service I had in my life. I definitely will not recommend Kennard!

Service is always rubbish

Been with kennards more than 4 years. Staffs are hopeless and not willing to help out ALWAYS. No customer service at all

Outstanding customer service Kennards Castle Hill

The management staff at Kennards Castle Hill are excellent they afforded me outstanding customer service, they could show real estate firms in the Kellyville area how customers deserve to be treated.

Poor customer service at Kennards Fortitude Valley

After having received excellent customer service at other Kennards Storage locations for many years over several moves, this experience at Fortitude Valley was a rude shock to me. Rude, incompetent and unprofessional service by the manager, extremely poor parking and access for trucks as well as for customer cars, old and ill-designed facilities are some problems I faced. While I would still use the facility for convenience of location, I would not use this facility in future if I had a choice nor would I recommend it to anyone else.

Kennards rip off with 300% increase in rates in 2 years

Placed some wine in Kennards Waterloo after being customer for 13 years. Started at reasonable rate but increased by almost 300% in less than 2 years. Had to move all of my wine. Beware - get you in and then bump up the price thinking too much trouble to move. Do not use.

Kennard Browns plains_ Hidden Cost

They charge $66 for security call out fee, just because I open the gate to let the delivery guy get out, and I reopen the unit to put something back. They said this is written on the contract and i request a copy of the contract, I have never received one untill now. I suggest get a storage somewhere else to avoid this. Who knows if they will come up with other reasons to charge you another $66.

Best customer service from start to end at north Melbourne branch!

Suzanne whom I first spoke over the phone had always been very lovely and helpful. I shopped around and ended choosing them over phone service. In store Azam couldn't be more supportive and helpful throughout. Pay a bit more but store with them! Amazing service Kennards Self Storage!

I received all the assistance I needed.

I have used Kennards for approximately a year and a half. It was great to have assistance at all odd hours. The space was clean and I felt that my things well watched over. Access was very easy too. I would definitely use Kennards again.

Kennards Castle Hill

I have been storing with them for about two years, During that time they have nearly doubled my rental rate for a small unit. They claim rising costs in a market where everything else is falling which tells me they either can't control their costs or they believe I am captive and they can up the rates every six months.

They have lost my business

New management have taken over

Since David and his team have been moved on the new management is so poor and difficult to deal with that we are relocating. Their response is that "our customers have been over serviced for years" so don't expect anything more than an overpriced shed and nothing more from now on.

Fee increases

I have stored with kennards for years. I negotiated a low rate to start with. Since then prices seem to increase around 7-20% every year. I have made enquiries into this with "the rates are set by head office and there is nothing I can do about it". I have tried to get onto head office at various times over the years - no luck yet. CPI is around 3% at best in comparison. It appears a customer hostage business model. Disappointing and a little dishonest.

Terrible experience with insuring our goods at kennards storage

We stored our appliances and other goods at kennard storage Rydalmere in NSW as we were building a house recently.

At the time of sign up, we were offered to also sign up for insurance for an additional amount. We decided to insure everything for up to 35k.

Once we took our goods out of the storage facility we realized that a lot of our stuff has moisture and mould on them and no longer can be used. We have attempted to claim this on insurance only for them to tell us it is not covered.

Basically they are offering a product inside their facility that is not fit for purpose. I will not store with kennards again and certainly not purchase any additional products they offer.

Beware of these Fee Sharks

Here is how the Kennards business model works. Firstly attract you with a reasonable monthly rental. I say reasonable - they are not super cheap to start with.

Then, after a passage of time (6 to 12 months), apply an excessive rental increase - anything from 8% to 20%+. And this is justified by their "rising business costs". I can't imagine how poorly they must be running their business if their costs are growing at that rate. Unless "rising costs" = "rising owners' lifestyles".

Do the same again every 6 to 12 months.

They know they have your stuff stored and it is a hassle to move it, so most people will cop the increase.
After a few years of this I got sick of it and went down to the site to challenge them. Turned out I could open a new storage account for half what I was paying. The staff were apologetic - the fee increases were set by "head office".

So I opened a new account - the ridiculous catch was that I had to move it from one storage area to another. But i started off saving more than 50%.

Since then I have been on the fee increase merry go round again. Just got my 2nd fee increase email which ups the rate from 18 months ago by 22%.

Sad business that relies on gouging their long term customers.

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what are storage rates?
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Have you been on their website yet? You can enter your suburb, or postcode, & find 3-5 nearest centres. prices for most popular sizes shown. Also plenty of helpful info, or contact details for every centre, to speak to friendly, informative staff. I found the whole process easy, & professional, despite some whinging reviews, & would highly recommend Kennards personally.

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