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Kenwood Multipro Sense FPM810

Kenwood Multipro Sense FPM810 Questions & Answers

MPNs: 35905406 and FPM810
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On our first use, the machine sounded very rough and the contents sprayed out from under the mixing section. We removed it and cleaned up the mess. I carefully re assembled the machine being very careful to ensure the seal was properly positioned on the base and all was tight. I put water in it and tried it. It sounded much better and did not leak. I removed the water and filled it with smoothie. This mixed ok for about 30 seconds, then the sound changed to the terrible rough sound and again the mixture escaped from the bottom of the unit. This has happened on more than one occasion. Do you think I have a faulty seal? The unit was new.
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Blinder not working
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Have you ensured that the blade is placed in the socket correctly? Before you turn the blender on have you checked if the lid is locked in? Is this a recent purchase? If so, it may be a faulty machine, I suggest you return it back :)

My blender leaks from the base. It seems to loosen when the machine has been on for a short time! Any help?
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Maybe the round rubber seal is not on properly? Or not tight enough??Hi Dawn, Thanks for your question, we are sorry to hear you are experiencing troubles with your Food Processor. If the seal is not sealing properly, the next best thing would be to have the product inspected by your nearest Kenwood Service Centre. If you could please private message us and provide us with your postcode, we would be more than happy to assist you in looking into your nearest solution. Thanks, KenwoodIG87BD

Can I use the multi mill from the fp 980 on my fpm 810 base?
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My multipro food processor bounces around on bench even when the things I have put in it aren’t thick, hard or solid. Can anyone please let me know how to fix this?
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I have same issue return to place of purchase for them to tell me that it is what it is lol I won’t use kenwood again good luck

I can't get the jug to attach to the base properly, that is, I can't turn the jug far enough. It's a new machine. Any suggestions please?
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Make sure it is seated properly and pull it towards you intil it clicks in.Thank you. I was trying to attach the jug to the base correctly but I wasn't using enough force because I was worried about damaging it. I worked it out in the end, gave it a really hard tug, and it is now functioning perfectly.

used the food processor about 5/6 time. First time was goo, second time it jumps all over the bench. Wont cut dried app, date, coconut flacked. Anyone got some ideas
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Mine did the same, jumping and needing to be physically restrained. Sadly we went from bench bouncing to burning smell. I'm scared it will blow up, so won't use it anymore.I have not had bench walking, it jumped up and smashed the bottom of the lid, which Kenwood will not sort.

could any one tell me if they have had a problem with the mixing bowl ? drive sharft assembely (drive gear, washes and C clip ) falling apart strangely enough being a male the C clip needs a special tool to attach and to deattac it came apart during use .the bits are a metal rectangle witha hole a star washer a red washer a grey washer and the C clip thanks james
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My drive assembly was not stable enough to stop the blade jumping up tand smashing the bottom of the bowl lid while in operation. I have tried to buy a new one and Kenwood/De Longhi are not interested. We're buying another brand and just uing it as a blender.

Scale keeps coming up with Err when turned on and won't reset. How do you fix it or is it a manufacturing fault?
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I've had the same with mine from day one.never worried about it too much as everything else works fine...

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