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Kenwood Patissier

Kenwood Patissier

MX320 Series, KM270 Series and MX310 Series
2.8 from 70 reviews

Best kitchen appliance ever

I love baking (Thursday nights are my baking night...cakes, cookies, pies etc.) and my husband purchased a Kenwood Patissier for my birthday 7years ago (It was on sale and I chose the colour and unit myself). As I did not want to spend the extra money on a Kitchen Aid I was happy with the basic attachments (whisk, paddle and hook) that came with the unit. I did experience from the first day of using it that when I changed the speed settings it sounded like the motor was slowing down then speeding up. At the time I thought it was normal for it to do this as the speed numbering went 0-2-4-6-8-10-12. I presumed it was because of jumping the numbers, but reading some of the other reviews I now know that this was not normal, but it never bothered me anyway.

I was alone at home about 3 years ago and was mixing bread dough and had to go to the loo, and thought it would be ok but the unit fell off the kitchen counter within a minute and when I got back I picked the unit up (with all the dough still in the bowl and the whole thing still in tact) and continued mixing. The motor was ok but I could hear it was under a bit on strain as a result of the fall. It's probably time for me to replace it but it's still going and doing a good job with my sponge cake batter (the mixing bowl capacity is awesome for this recipe), and when you look at the unit it still looks brand new without a scratch or a dent (from the fall) on it. Today, the motor still "groans" when I mix anything in it but I love my Kenwood Patissier so much that I don't want to let it go.

Date PurchasedJul 2010

Excellent value and unkillable

I purchased my patissier two house renovations ago, and have found it to be exceptionally good at mixing- everything from bread dough to grout to paint and back to egg whites!! It's worked hard for its place on the bench, and whilst I've long coveted the very very expensive kitchenaid I just can't justify replacing this really excellent machine. I've run it until the motor smoked and after a cool down it's started up again with no hassles. It's never been serviced, or given the slightest problem in terms of function. My only complaint is that the beater is not dishwasher safe, And sheds grey material if you do put it through the washer.
I bought mine on sale for $199 about 5-6 years ago, and it's transformed me from someone who had never opened the over to someone who bakes every week. It's even got my husband sold! In addition to house renovation products it also does hot jam for jam making, cheese making, omelettes .... essentially it's made itself an everyday workhorse in our kitchen. Couldn't do without it!!
And whilst I'm sure the extra $500 for the kitchen aid is reflected in its bowl scraping ability, it's an awful lot of difference- and I'm not sure I'd flog it the same way knowing what it cost- diminishing its utility.
In summary, the patissier is a cheap and cheery mixer with a robust motor and gearbox, that will serve the average home cook well... and may even help fulfill a few diy fantasies.

Date PurchasedJan 2012

I'm glad it was on sale

I purchased the Kenwood Patisseri MX310 from a discount website about 6 months ago. I enjoy baking and thought I would treat myself to something better than my $10 handheld mixer from Kmart. I bought the mixer in red, it looks great in my kitchen. I like that it came with a variety of attachments. I really like the stainless steal mixing bowl as well.
Although it has many bonuses it still has some issues. I find if I am making regular to small dessert it's not worth using it. The mixture gets pushed out to the sides of the bowl and I have to stand by and continuously scrap down the bowl, this defeats one of the reason for purchasing the mixer. I wanted to be able to walk away while it was mixing. I have noticed that even though it's only a few months old there are black specs that come off the part where you attach your tools. I was making a cream based pie filling last Saturday and when I attached the whisk a slight shower of specs contaminated the light coloured mixture. Furthermore the speed is unpredictable, when switched on to low speed sometimes it starts with great speed. If I had a do over, I would have shelled out for a more expensive model or perhaps a Kitchenaid.

Date PurchasedNov 2016

Terrible mixer - the MX311

I just bought the Patissier MX311 3 days ago. The surges (uncontrollable speed) happens from first use until now. regardless of speed settings. I should've checked the reviews before buying - but should've, could've. Seems this happens a lot basing on other comments written here.

Has anyone managed to rectify the problem? the Service representative here in Malaysia is not helpful at all! seems no one is manning the customer service counter at De'longhi Group Customer Service Centre located in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.

I've just lost my trust in Kenwood products. Should've saved up and bought Kitchen Aid instead.

Date PurchasedJan 2017

Bad design

Poorly designed either beater attachment is in the wrong position in relation to the bowl. Brought as a sunbeam disaster replacement. The distributor as good as admitted that was the fault, no help was given. In my humble opion the original sunbeam mixer was the only way to go check out e/bay I did.
N.B. as a tradesman I repaired several old sunbeams they were far superior to what is on the market today.

Broke immediately

Bad purchase .Used only twice, gears sheared or broke while using the dough hook making grinding noises which continued even without a load. Returned for full refund - avoid buying just for the sake of appearances. I will be looking for a cheaper model of other brand. Maybe jut unlucky but a costly item should not have failed so soon

Great for mixing cakes and pavlovas

I have other machines to mix heavy things like bread, and just wanted something pretty to mix cake mixes and pavlovas. I have machines such as the Thermomix for the heavier items, but I must say this mixer makes my cake mixes way more fluffy and lovely. It mixes quickly, and really well. A nice heavy machine, that looks really lovely on my bench.
I do agree, that it doesn't mix to the bottom of the bowl, and this seems to be worse when you are only mixing a tiny amount. If there is a fix such as changing a screw, then they should put the instructions clearly with the machine when you buy it, as I haven't worked it out!
But other than having to scrape down the bowl, I think it is a great machine. I do have some ideas for improvement, but as a customer I think this will be a great sturdy machine that will last our family many many years so am very happy with it.

A very Good Mixer

I read all the reviews on this machine . I must say Kenwood have addressed the complaints well, the new model has a 600w motor as well as a splash guard and a scraper paddle that is excellent I find it runs rings around other brands scraper paddles. I took a number of weeks to make a decision and had the sales person run all the mixers that I was looking at in the store to check noise levels and beater actions as well ( i think people tend to not do this before buying a product ) . I love the sturdiness of this mixer and it has very little plastic parts as well. I would highly recommend this product. I could have bought any mixer on the market but a lot are not good value for the $ at all but this one is .

Another Kenwood disappointment

This cake mixer would probably be great if the attachments were calibrated to meet the bowl at the right height. There is far too much space between the bowl and the attachment meaning that a simple procedure such as creaming butter and sugar requires a large quantity and frequent scraping down of the bowl to work at all. Even with some attempts to modify this, it is still a very poor product. When did Kenwood stop being a top of the line brand where design was paramount?
As this was a wedding gift, we have been unable to return it to the store for a refund. Have contacted Kenwood directly about this major flaw with no response at all.
Disappointing stuff.

Major Design Flaw

While I rate this mixer as quite good, it does have one major flaw and a few other minor problems. To insert a mixing tool, you have to push the tool onto the head and twist. That is ok, but to remove it you have to do the reverse. In practical terms, this means holding onto a greasy head and trying to twist. Not only do you get messy hands, but it is slippery and hard to twist. There should be a quick release button. Also when using sugar, it flies around the room - you end up with sugar everywhere. The included splashguard is a must and even then quite a bit of sugar gets out. Plus when the splashguard is on, the mixing head can't be raised easily as the tool gets caught on the guard and the sides of the bowl can't be scraped easily. Both actions require removing the sticky splash guard, and then reattaching it if you are still mixing - not easy when the tool is still attached.
It does whisk eggs and cream very very well. The 400w motor seems to cream butter and sugar easily.
Needs a quick release tool button. The exposed springs on the head are difficult to clean and could be a potential breakage point. The splashguard is tricky to remove.

Dont buy one

Too slow, beater doesnt pick up quite abit of mixture, cant use it for small amounts, throws mix out of the bowl, if it wasnt a gift I would have taken it back. Now stuck with It. It seems to be going slower and slower... High speed is too slow for some baking.
Stainless bowl with handle
Too slow and doesnt mix properly

Lasted only as long as the warranty, never mixed well

The Patissier seemed like a good buy within our budget. It felt like it should last well with the nice heavy cast iron body, but it only made it 2 weeks past the warranty period then stripped a gear or something. Now it sounds like a spoon in a garbage disposal, and mixing is no longer a function. In retrospect, it never worked all that well, although if we had adjusted the working height of the attachments so it reached the bottom of the bowl, it may have been better. We only found out about that after it died. We made a few cakes, but always had to scrape the bowl during mixing. We made 6 and a half loaves of bread, but always needed to knead the dough by hand after 'mixing'. And then it mixed itself to bits. It didnt get a lot of work, and now we are back using my grandmas crusty old sunbeam from 1970 which is still ticking along. Quality is a thing of the past.
Matched our kitchen
Didnt mix well and was perfectly engineered to destroy itself when the warranty expired

Grey residue on the bowl!! Yuck.

Just about to try my new replacement after the old Kenwood beater has a grey residue every time I touch it.

Now I'm excited about the new replacement because it is the newer model. But just as I unpacked it, I wiped the bowl and voila.. a yucky grey residue appear on my paper towel just like when you wipe a bowl full of dust except this is not dust. I'm so so disappointed. last time it was my beater, now it is the bowl.

Make sure if you buy this product, wipe it with clean wet paper towel to make sure it is clean and safe for you before using it.

Think twice

Definitely needs a splash back, should be included. Ever since owning my Patissier it has skipped whilst mixing. I've had the circuit board changed 2/3 times, gave up in the end because I needed to use it. Had to wait ages for the circuit board to be replaced. It does do the job, after I'd discovered that you could adjust the height of the tools. It looks fabulous but I would probably not buy another one.
Simple to use, inexpensive.
Mixing beat skipped now and then.

whipping up yumminess

My first "mommy" gift for myself as all the others seemed too professional and pricey. I have had mine now 6 years and have used it a bajillion times. My kids love to help me cook with it and its even user friendly, yet tough enough for them and they are 6 and 4. I have only one complaint, they should include the splash guard. When this one has mixed it's last I will just get another but change up the colour. I never knew til now about the screw adjust which is a handy little tip.
fun colour choices, reliable, kid friendly, easy to clean.
Necessary accessories like a splash guard are sold seperately.

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Splash guard would be good, it does splash mixture out. Also my Patissier MX320 skips whilst beating product. I sent it back 2/3 times and it still does it. I will keep using it for it does the job and looks great, but I doubt I would buy another one.

Fine After Ajustment

This mixer works great now but it did not initially. it requires undoing of the hex bolt in the middle and adjusting with each of the tools to make sure it reaches the bottom. It is still quite underpowered for me but i only paid $160 for it so not too dissapointed with it's performance
can whip and do most tasks quite easily
under powered. not very good with sticky and thick doughs

Hi, where did you get it for $160?grays online

Run screaming from it

We dont rate it at all. The wisk broke within 12 or so months but that didn't matter it wasn't any good for 1 egg recipes or similar small bake jobs. The machine is fine when working towards max capacity but for small amounts the butter is always left on side of bowl and the egg will not combine so we end constantly turning off and scraping down sides. We are now faced with the spend $45 on a new whisk and suffer with our frustration or start again with a Kitchen Aid which specifically states that it works with one egg sized batches.

Love my Kenwood Pattissier =)

I got this mixer as a gift from my husband i have used it every day making cup cakes, frostings, meringue, even tomato relish!!! i lovee the fact that this mixer is sooo quiet as i have a young family so i can bake when ever one goes to bed!!
Its quiet and cuts prep time

Good but would. Spend the money to get a faster mixer

I bough this mixer 2 yrs ago and still going. As I have never had a mixer before I though that it was quite good for what it was I've been able to do anything that I wanted from bread to sponge to pavlova. But I only use the the flat beater for everything and don't worry about using the wire beater it not that good.
Cheapest one
Slower then the others

Adjust the fitting height otherwise it can be a nightmare

I actually bought this as a birthday present for my partner on his birthday over a year ago, however yesterday was the first time I had actually used it. At first I was really disappointed - Sugar and butter weren't creaming and then when I put in flour etc it just wasn't mixing good enough at all and I had to keep scrapping and mixing by hand. To be honest I was beginning to think that my partner was just being polite in saying it was a great mixer. To me the main problem was that the beater just wasn't touching the bottom of the bowl, hence why everything on the bottom wasn't being mixed in. After trolling on the Kenwood site I realised that you can actually adjust the beater height by moving the screw head just near where the fitting pops in. I have played around with this and it seems to have fixed the problem with the beater now touching the bottom and sides! I am amazed why this isn't correctly fitted like this in the first place? Needless to say it is now doing what it is supposed to do - mix cakes!
Cute retro design. Nice solid unit.
Beater head doesn't come fixed at the correct height and if not adjusted correctly can create a lot of extra hand beating which defeats the purpose of the machine!

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That is so funny to hear, I borrowed my friends mixer for a couple of months. I hated it, it was weak, didn't do well with any small types of liquids or eggs or butter. Had the beater height been adjusted, it would have made a huge difference. Infact today I just went out and bought a Breville Scaper Pro because there was no way I was going near a Pattissier. I agree with you, they should be set correctly from the start.

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No, I sent the item back to the shop

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