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Kumho Road Venture MT51

Kumho Road Venture MT51

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Got to 48,000 but couldn’t handle the noise

So today I’ve swapped over to some new tyres replacing my MT51s. Pros - great off road with great traction. Cons - so noisey and loud!

They were great at the start but as they started to wear down, the noise and vibrations became worse to the point of being unbearable. This is with regular balancing and rotation. I’ve changed over at 48,000km with tread remaining. Could probably have gotten another 20,000km out of them.

I guess that’s the downside to being a muddy.

Have now moved across to some BFG KO2s

CarJeep Grand Cherokee WK2

25k old and not much tread left

I have done just over 25,000kms on my Kumho MT51s and i am very disappointed.
As others have stated they wear very strangely. They were rotated at 5000kms, 10,000kms and then at 20,000kms. There was a very bad wobble in front end when they were rotated at 20,000kms. An alignment and having them rotated sorted the wobble out.
I have had to lash out and buy another set of tyres for an up coming trip as i do not believe the Kumhos will do the job with how little tread they have left.
At the current stage they are very skatey on gravel and have spun up fairly easily on asphalt without trying to.

Car2004 toyota landcruiser ute

On the fence between OK and good call it 3.5 stars

I've done about 25,000km on these MT51, I've driven across Australia once, I have done 3 trips on the worst rocks imaginable in the Flinders Ranges and driven on wet roads of course as well. They have taken some minor damage in the tread from the Flinders trips, not significant. Being 18 inch they have taken cuts to the side wall when deflated to around 20Psi for off-road use, I'm no tyre expert but the cuts look superficial only and that country can slice a tyre like a knife through butter. Road noise is not bad given the aggressive tread pattern, they do let go a bit when the road is wet as people do seem to remark but my vehicle has traction control so that is taken care of quickly. I have had them rotated regularly and overall wear is even. No flats at all. I would be confident saying even with my level of hard off-road activity on rocks I would get another 20-25K km out of them at very least. I've had some different brands of tyre including Goodyear Dura-trac ($$$) and to be honest I would probably choose these over those again. If you don't off-road much buy a more road bias tyre, but these are pretty good if you take it off road once in a while, they're pretty tough.

CarJeep Grand Cherokeee 2013

Great value for mony

I got mine on special in 33x12.5r15, did 3500 kms over a few weeks up and around the Pilbara and back to Perth towing a camper trailer.
Did lots of gravel work, lots of beach, and even more on the blacktop in a 90 model GQ patrol, tyres were 2/3rds quiter than the old muddies I had on there, and used a bit less diesel. Good grip in the wet, with the old tank feeling prettt sure footed.
Am buying these tyres again to put on my new Ranger.

Car1990 GQ TD42t Patrol

Great budget tyre 15000km and wearing evenly

I have done 15000km on these tyres so far and very happy with them. Great grip off-road and ok on road. Noise is better than expected for a MT tyre. With about 2000km done off road cannot fault them. They do seam very soft and don't expect a long life out of them but after 2 rotations they are wearing evenly. If I can get over 60000km from them will buy them again.

Car2005 Toyota Prado 120

Tyres are terrible

Tyres are terrible wearing very unusual and uneven, was rotating them and also had wheel alignments. Got 40’000k’s just!
when I purchased them I was told I would get 80’000 no worries at all.

Terrible Tyre will never purchase another kumo Tyre again, do not recommend anyone to purchase these tyres
Very dangerous for incompetent drivers.

Car2016 Ford ranger

Off road great, that's it.

The tyres are currently at 34K and they are not going to reach 50K. My experience off road with these was great. On wet bitumen, hang on! Absolutely terrible on wet bitumen. If I was driving around town with enough water on the road I would occasionally put it in 4WD. My next door neighbour has just done 55K on his Goodyears and they look brilliant. I think if you are only doing dirt driving these would be great.

CarD Max

Must rotate

Extremely impressed with these tyres off road! The side walls are very strong, they bag very well and grip tremendously well on rock climbing . They are an off road tyre primarily so no point dwelling on on road performance but if you drive accordingly they are very good. They must be rotated every 5k FL-RR FR-RL RR-FR RL-FL ! Well worth doing this and they wear brilliantly.

Car76 series landcruiser

Very very soft 25,000 and wont get 30,000km

Work great off road very poor stopping power on britherment but over all if i got better life from them i wont buy 2nd set. Rep offer new set of kl71s for $92 a peice so pretty happy with that. But that did take bit of a fright to get but. Btw 285 75 r16

Car1990 hzj 80 cruiser.

Odd and shocking wear

These tyres are great on road, in fact the best off road tyre i have had all round....except for the excessive wear!! Like a few other people who have these tyres, i have had some very strange wear patterns and very quick wear and that. Have had the Kumho people tell me it was everything from bad wheel alignments, to the tyre pressure, to the geometry of my car not agreeing with the tyres, right down to the so called Kumho engineer telling me i was carrying too much weight in the back. That weight is a 90kg toolbox i might add.
crap wear! poor back up. Dumb engineers!
If you have the money to pay for rotations and wheel alignments every 5000lm or new tyres after 30000 km then they are a great tyre. If you want a value for money from a tyre from a company that backs their product up then i recommend you look elsewhere.

CarPX Ford Ranger

Great tyres so far. 10000 ks in.

The tyres have handled lots of dirt and low psi driving really well. It has a very soft compound which will likley wear quickly. But I would rather a safe tire than one that lasts ages and chips and slides all over the place. I'm surprised there are not more of these on 4wds... As they are a great 50/50 tyre or an agresive all terrain.

CarPrado 150
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I have just come back from driving around Australia with these tyres. I have done every type of surface while towing a caravan. I cannot fault these tyres one bit. They have really impressed me. Not one flat tyre either even where others were getting flats from sharp rocks.

Tyres Waring unusually

I purchased 5 x MT51 Kumho Road Ventures and was told I would get 80,000km. I travelled around Australia last year 2018 July to October via NSW, QLD, NT around WA from Queanbeyan NSW and discovered that the front tyres were wearing weirdly, never seen this before, the front of the nobs were up and the rears down and slanted. swapped front to rears every 10,000 but then the unusually wearing tyres transferred to the rear made a lot of noise until worn even again. Again yesterday 3 April 18, tyres are now at 30,000km and easily more than half worn. I was told to drop my tyre pressures down to 32 psi as side walls are very hard on these tyres, problem not rear only front and I usually put 36psi in the rear for towing a 2 ton caravan. I travelled some of the most harshest roads 4x4 and caravaning around Australia and never ever got a flat tyre, so performance in handling hard and sharp stone, corrugation, 45 degree temps and sand good. This unusual warring of the front tyres is wearing them out quicker and will not make their guaranteed 80,000 km that's for sure.
Would I buy them again? If I can't identify why I am constantly getting this unusually warring on my Nissan Patrol GU (doesn't seem to be wheel alignments) and I expect I will only get 50,000km out of the tyres, probably not.

CarNissan Patrol GU

12 months old at fitting :(

Previously Tyre were road venture KL 51 w 80,000km warranty. The KL51 went hard before the km warranty was reached because they were almost 2 years old at time of fitting, I don’t spend a lot of time on the road so thought this was a great option, but when I started sliding out (at 4th year of fitment and at least another 10,000km remaining tread) at rounds about i realised something was wrong and was told they had reached the end of their life span??? I enquired about new Kumho’s Road venture HT51 thinking the last batch were bad luck but no the new tyres are 14 months old.
Great tyres good price but seem to only supply old

Car2005 Ford territory

Perfect fit

From my precious experiences, this has been the most durable tyre fitted to my car. It gives a good grip on rainy days on and smooth ride as well. Manage to run it close to 80,000 km before replacing with the same type. One of the cheapest Japanese tyres with quality that matters.

CarIsuzu D-max

Good Japanese brand

These are probably the smoothes tyres I've used on my car. Ive used cheap Chinese brands before and you can feel the difference when you're on the freeway. I feel like these tyres are fuel efficient and we have saved a lot of petrol. Less wear and tear on the tread of the tyres


only going to last 45k

My set have spent 85% on the sealed surfaces around Sydney and highway use, the other 15% is Fraser Island, Vic high country, Blue mountains, central coast hinterland. They perform great off-road, on lower pressures side walls don’t bulge but the length of tread increases well, rock or sand they have gripped very well and remove mud and stones.
On sealed surfaces they don’t have great breaking and wet roads hold well no aqua planning but low speeds they do slip a little. Comfort they have been great as stated before sides don’t have a lot of give but the three ply side walls are worth it.
My biggest frustration is I’ll be replacing them at 45k when I expect a minimum of 60k for a LT tyre with the deeper tread

CarHolden Colorado 7

it sok

i replace these tyres and not happy with performance as i was expecting bit more my tires are not very good they changed front wheels but am not happy with the service and cost, they are not cheap as compared to other brand but they r not very good yes..



Excellent tyres had them for my falcon 500
Then my mercedez 300se 1986
And now on my 1987 300 sel Mercedes.
They go for a very long time
I get them at Byford tyres service were you can't go wrong terrific people and fantastic service .
And great affordable prices!

CarFalcon 500 meredez 300 se and mercedez 300 sel

Out standing tire

I had theses tires on my new d-max since new. The car had 10000ks in the clock before I changed to theses. Now the clock on my car is 93000km and 5-6mm tread left. 80% road use 20% sand. Never been bogged, had only 1 flat tire. Supplied by Noels tire shop Wacol. 285/75/16 with a 3" lift. Tires are rotated and balanced as per agreement and had a 60000 km warranty at the time of purchase. once i click over 100000 I will replace them .

CarIsuzu D-max 2015 duel cab 3" lift

1 of the best set a boots ever used

yea I started usin them around 120 k/s ago cause they were recomendeded by a tyre dealer bloke basicly cos of their price compared 2 real 4wd boots which generally r crap 4 reguler road use I cant remember the brand that was on me ole girl origanaly but plurry noisie & rough on normal road use anyhow these things r micky mouse on the road & blo me down they have never let me down in 4wd situations long an short I would highly recommend them ???

Carford courier xl 2.6 not a bad ole jigger long an short its made by mazda

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Questions & Answers

Are the walls on the mt 51 8 ply or 10 ply?
1 answer
They are a modern 3ply same as all LT 4wd tyres. When looking at AT/MT research the ply as you can also get 2 ply (town car tyres) people get these to save some money then complain when the walls blow out

i have bridgestone on my Izusu bakkie at moment they are 9 years old but dont travel that much. I must now replace with new ones not because of thread but because of age. The dealer said Kumho are good tyres it is 245/70 R16 do you think it will be ok?
2 answers
dunno ihave never heard that tyres need replacing cos of their age sides that as far as I know the bridgestones arnte a bad bit a gear but there u go the tyre dealer will only make a quid if he can con u inta new set re the kumho I cant realy remember how long they lasted 4 me I think it was about early 70,s k/s but not realy sure but long an short I think the dealer u r workin with is takin u 4 a ride but if u hafta the kumho,s r a nice bit a rubberI am happy with the Kumho MT51 tyres but since they have an aggressive tread pattern , I wouldn't consider them unless you do a reasonable amount of offroading . I have experienced a tyre failure due to age but it was double the age of your tyres and on a trailer .

I was under the impression that the mt51 had the m+s and 3pmsf approval but I can't find the 3pmsf symbol anywhere on the new tyres I have just purchased. Am I jist not looking in the right place or is it likely I have old stock before they put the symbol on?
1 answer
I only have M&S stamped on the tyre maybe contact Kumho Australia for verification, plenty of tyre suppliers state 3PMSF certification too... http://www.kumho.com.au/images/tyre_brochures/KUT136-DL-MT51-Tyre-Guide_LR.PDF

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