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Latex Bedding Company
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Finally found a comfortable bed

Third time lucky .. I have tried a inner spring , then a “composite” bed , and for years was just a waking up from being uncomfortable. Thought it was old age and tired bones.
A friend suggested Latex , and I found Dave on a trip to Sydney.
Dave was informed and so helpful, and talked me through why latex was so much better.
So far almost 9 months of the best sleep in literally years. As I told Dave it simply works for my wife and I.
So many thanks Dave

All the best
Bruce and Mary

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Bought 3 beds from them!

The latex beds are just great. Its great for isolating movement from one side of the bed (unlike spring mattresses) and a good level of firmness. We first bought a Queen bed and have owned it for 10yrs now with no issues. Subsequently have bought a single and a cot mattress from them too.
In particular, their cot mattresses are good value for their quality. Alot of the cot mattresses out there are either poor quality or overpriced. The cot mattress has been used for 5 yrs now and still going stong!

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Store LocationCrows Nest
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Hi Mia, Thank you for your support and faith in our products - much appreciated. Cliff

Very Happy Ultimate Package

I did a lot of research online. Had an innerspring from another retailer who advertises extensively on tv. After 10 yrs, mattress was very saggy. Decided latex was way to go. Phoned and spoke to Dave who answered all my questions. Was a little nervous about ordering from Sydney, we live in Brisbane, but transport was arranged for very reasonable price. Told would be delivered today, Monday (10 days after order placed, coming from Sydney) and it arrived this afternoon as advised.
Delivery made efficiently, all excess packaging taken away. I am very happy, I am certain that I have made a wonderful choice, it is already so much more comfy than our old bed.
Thank you

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Hi Vivienne, Thank you for your kind words and faith in our product and advice - much appreciated that you share your experience with us publicly. Kind regards Dave

Excellent product & customer service

After more than 6 months of research I purchased the Euro package and couldn’t be happier. The customer service over the phone, email and in person was exceptional. Dave answered my endless questions professionally. This product is high quality and affordable. Dave goes out of his way to exceed the customers expectations. I won’t be going back to any other type of mattress and I have tried most of them! I recommend this product to everybody looking for a new bed/mattress.

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Store LocationOnline and Crows Nest shop
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Thank you Kelly, Wishing you many years of contented sleep and pleasant dreams on your mattress. Kind regards Dave

Amazing mattress. Great service.

We have been on the lookout for a mattress that is made of natural materials only and not treated with any chemical agents whatsoever, but that was still comfortable and relatively affordable. Latex bedding co looked like it might fit the bill.

We visited the store at Crows Nest and spoke to Dave, who comes across as very knowledgable and sincere. He took the time to listen to our concerns and answer our questions. We made a decision pretty quickly given our time constraints knowing that we could return the mattress if it wasn't right. We purchased the Euro Queen. Delivery was arranged and this took around four days or so.

The Euro mattress is moderately firm (in my opinion), zoned (meaning that parts of the mattress vary in their firmness to support the different parts of your body) and very supportive overall. One side is firmer than the other, and it comes with an extra (soft) layer that can be put on top or on the bottom so you have three options for firmness. I have not found the mattress to be hot to sleep on (and I'm a hot sleeper). It has a cover that can be removed for washing if needed. I found that there is barely any movement on my side of the bed when my spouse moves around. The mattress is 100% natural latex. It doesn't contain any synthetic materials and isn't treated in any way (such as anti microbials, fire retardants, anti fungals, etc).

So far, we are extremely happy with it. It is firm enough to be supportive in the right places (I think the zoning is a good thing) but soft enough that you can really relax. I am especially happy knowing that this is a healthy mattress, it isn't releasing any organic or synthetic compounds that might compromise the health of my family over the long term.

We were given bonus bamboo sheets (these are really lovely and soft... I'm converted) and a couple of latex pillows. The pillows aren't bad, slightly flatter than other latex pillows I have owned but as a tummy sleeper, that's a good thing for me.

A word of warning when trying to move the mattress. It has no integrity whatsoever (when you're used to moving a box spring mattress) and will just collapse inside its cover if you try to move it on its side through the house. It's also very heavy. We ended up with bad backs the following day after wrestling with it. Dave informs me that it can be rolled into a tube and secured with straps for easy moving.

Overall, we're happy with the product and experience so far. It's clear that Dave knows his products and the industry very well and that his priority is not to make a sale above all else, but to ensure you find the right product and that you're happy with it. It's a shame there isn't a Dave working at every retail business!


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Store LocationLatex Bedding co, Crows Nest

Great service and amazing products!

Purchased two Madrid mattresses, and couldn’t be happier with them. A shout out to representative Dave who was honest, sincere, knowledgeable, and very accommodating with our request for next day delivery in two locations! Will certainly return for future bedding purchases.

Product Quality
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Store LocationCrows Nest

Fantastic mattress and frame & fantastic service!

Dealing with the Latex Bedding Company was a great experience. They understood exactly what we were looking for and were able to recommend the right mattress and base to meet the significant allergy issue our son is dealing with. Since having the queen bed our son has slept soundly after years of issues with a standard ensemble. The quality of the base and the matress is extremely high. We cannot recommend them highly enough.

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Thanks Teena, warm regards, Cliff

Great mattress, excellent service.

I bought a Euro King Latex mattress from Latex Bedding Company and I'm very happy with the purchase. Having suffered from a bad back, this bed, whilst firm, gives your great support and comfort. I'm now sleeping well and waking up feeling refreshed. My wife agrees and loves the fact there's no movement on her side of the bed when I move (and vice versa). The service at Latex Bedding Company is excellent and I recommend Cliff and his products unreservedly.

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Thanks Chris, regards Cliff


Having slept in hammock meshed wire and soljd timber bunks 1n RAN for 20 years with lumbar spine issues at 18 and 26 have vast problem with relevant information enjoyed the mattress and relief from pain

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Thankyou, regards Cliff

Second home had to have a second brilliant latex mattress!

Bought a second euro queen. I absolutely love the mattress I have at home it eliminated neck and shoulder pain. When setting up a second home, needed another. This time I was able to get a really well priced slatted base as well (previously I had too buy this expensively from a big chain). I had a very tight delivery window and Clive went to a lot of trouble to make an arrangement that worked. Very impressed.

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Thanks Christine, regards.

Great mattress and hate shopping for mattresses

Nothing worst than mattress shopping, went to every bedding store. In the end We went latex (Madrid) after two fairly expensive innerspring sagged within a few years, researching longevity latex was the best. We also tried a bed in the box (sleeping duck) wife’s liked it way too firm for me. Normally we have plush in the innerspring and most latex feels medium to firm compared to a plush innerspring. We are slide sleepers and both on the slim side so everywhere we went suggested plush. We finished up with the Madrid the softest from this company, though we did find one softer latex from a Melbourne company. The Madrid king is really two king singles, as the wife prefers firmer I went for the 100% latex (the softest),wife’s side is also the Madrid but with the zones which I’m sure was 70% natural and sone synthetic making it a bit firmer, in the end we both found the zoned too firm though. Cliff was great to deal with and we swapped the zoned to the 100%natural with no issues. It’s weird latex feels medium firm when you get but in we both sleep really well and wake with no aches so very very happy. It’s only been a few months but hopefully will last. We can’t feel where the singles join, you just have to ensure they connect snugly before zipping up the cover. Delivery was prompt and on time. Overall very happy with mattress and dealing with the company. Partner disturbance nil, 10 out of 10.

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Thankyou, Cliff.

It took a couple of weeks but I now love my mattress!

After a HUGE amount of mattress research and review reading, I discovered the Bedding Co. I have tried a couple of mattress in the box, including the Koala and as much as my friends who have them seem pleased I hated the sinking feel to them. I have slept on latex mattresses in the past and they used to come with a huge price tag but looking around the market, yes, they are more expensive than your typical memory foam mattress in the box, but they are still under $2k.

We visited the Crow’s Nest shop and tried both the Madrid and the Euro mattresses. I preferred a little more firmness in my mattress so opted for the Euro. From ordering to the delivering process, this was very easy, quick and efficient. I had my whole setup ordered and delivered within 5 days. We purchased the bed base, sheets and pillow deal with the mattress. I have been using bamboo sheets for many years and wouldn’t use any others. The latex pillows are not for me, but my partner loves them, and the bed base comes with a latte coloured cover and black bed stands.

My initial thoughts on the bed was how soft it felt, but after a couple of days I was still getting used to the firmness. Now after nearly 2 weeks I really love it! We even stayed in a 5-star hotel on Sat, with an expensive memory foam mattress and we both preferred our latex Euro at home. I have already recommended Bedding Co. to my friends, who are considering getting a new mattress.

The Madrid mattress is the most comfortable mattress around

The Madrid mattress is comfortable and perfectly moulds to our bodies! We are so happy with our purchase! Highly recommended!!

most comfortable mattress

After online research and visit some stores we decided to buy latex mattress, I find Cliff was very friendly and not pushing with great communication skills when we visit the Crows Nest store, highly recommend.

Love our Latex mattress!

Our 30 year old waterbed sprang a leak we couldn't fix so decided to buy a new bed.After lots of looking decided to only look for a latex mattress. Found several places in Sydney but were most impressed by the Latex Bedding Company, both because of the reviews online and our treatment in the store. We love the zones in the mattress and the comfort that they provide. No longer do we know when our partner gets out of bed, which happened regularly with our water bed! Also, despite my concerns about not having a heated bed to get into in winter, the latex mattress did not feel cold, so we did not need to buy an electric blanket.

We love our new bed and base

Great mattress, great service!

Cliff was incredibly helpful and genuine. A breath of fresh air after dealing with the bigger conventional mattress stores. It's our first latex purchase and have been sleeping beautifully on it. So good to know that it's all natural.
We bought the Euro in king size which amazingly comes split into two, with the topper being seperate too and one organic cover to hold it all together. You'd never know it's two pieces once assembled - such a good feature to help not feel each others movements and also be able to adjust the firmness by one partner having the topper and the other turning theirs around! Very clever.

Buying a Bed Online used to be hard

Firstly, THANKYOU to all the previous contributors whose comments and notes about this company were fantastically useful. Before I got to this site I began my bed search thinking "This will be simple"
Not so much... lol

There was a massive array of types of beds, at all price points and some brand names clearly weren't to be trusted. As I knew I would have to purchase online, as I live a couple hours from the city, I ended up in desperation simply searching/selecting (from this product review site) "Highest rated" manufacturer - or something similar - hoping to find a manufacturer that at least provided a quality product and then planned to hope they wouldn't charge the earth. Up popped the Latex Bedding company. Bingo!

Then I began my research in earnest. Compared Suppliers. Compared Inner Spring vs Latex. All the different types of Latex. All the combinations of spring and latex. All the different types of pillow top, removable top, latex top only, discovered that a number of well known manufacturers will sell you latex with odours - which I learnt indicates its not natural latex and you will get hot (possibly stinky) and that would be problematic as I live in Queensland. I looked into the price points, the warranty, and the customer service I could expect. Good Grief... It was exhausting.

This site was an absolute gold mine. And again I say Thankyou.
And I hope now my comments also help someone in their bed search.

So we are not small people. I'm about 5'9 1/2 and my husband in 6'4. We weigh 90 - 110 kilos.
We had an innerspring mattress, that cost $2800 in 2005 that we sat in traditional french bed frame. The $5500 bed frame fell apart and the mattress was one of those ones that are not meant to disturb your partner if you roll over. I hate it. I hate it with the passion of a 1000 suns.

It felt fine in the store. For the 10 min we laid on it. Once we got it home, it would demonically twist you up like a pretzel. Some mornings I could just feel it cackling at me. I hated it.
We also sit up in bed to read, watch a late night movie from time to time. Which probably contributed to why the mattress was uncomfortable. The springs started to go in the ends from the sitting up in bed as we weren't religious bed turner/flippers.

This site helped me answer heaps of other questions early, and once I felt sure enough I rang Cliff who was wonderful and patient with all my questions even down to measuring bed heights (to make sure it would go with my headboard and not be too low or high lol)

We (obviously) ended up purchasing a a King bed from Cliff. We selected the Euro, in the dream package and it is an ABSOLUTE DREAM. Latex Bedding Company sells NATURAL latex, so wholly suitable for Queensland tropical seasons.

The dream package (King) was 2395.00 (its a current package deal they have on) because I also wanted a new King base. And was impressed on researching that Latex Bedding Co's bases are superior in their strength. They make the "slats' (?) inside closer together. Is stronger for the weight of the mattress and I have 3 kids that like to pile on top of us on a Sunday morning, so will easily take that weight. They have a video of the bases on their site where it shows you how they are constructed. And as I was sick of traditional bed frames and wanted to try an ensemble, I got that as well.

The package deal also came with free latex pillows (wonderful!) and free king sheet set which honestly are gorgeous to sleep on.

I got the Euro (and not the Madrid) because I wanted firm (due to our height/weight 90-110kg) as soft would be terrible. Medium would be iffy, but was honestly concerned Firm would be too much. The bed search had officially turned me into a paranoid Goldilocks as I couldn't test them as I was buying online and what if Firm to others felt like sleeping on the floor to me?. On talking with Cliff we agreed the Euro was the the best suited. And figured if too firm, I could order a topper later which would soften it down closer to medium. Cliff even offered to charge me cost for that (!) to ensure I was not disappointed in my choice of bed. That's impressive old fashioned customer service in a day and age when you feel like all a company wants is the sale, your money and for you to then leave.

Transport to QLD from Crows Nest in Sydney was about 399.00. And I got my bed in a WEEK!! A week! The closest Makin' Mattresses to me in Brisbane needed at least that long and they are 2 hours away. And their bed was only innerspring was $200 less (and NOT LATEX let alone natural latex which is heaps better quality - they only had innerspring) and they wanted $200 transport for 2 hours away! Also a Latex bedding company in Brisbane quoted me $7000!!!! and a 8 week wait. So the Dream Package was brilliant value to begin with, the quality of the bed is honestly superior, and the customer service I received was icing on a cupcake that needed none.

The transport company was so very very helpful. Carried my brand new KING sized bed up 17 stairs in the rain without complaint, waited to make sure I was completely satisfied, asked again before leaving if I was happy with it, and then left taking any rubbish with them. The whole process has been super easy.

I love my new bed.
I love how this site led me to Latex Bedding Co - Thankyou Product Review contributors
And I love the quality of product and customer service I received from Cliff to ensure I got the best one for us personally.

Buying a bed is no small thing. Online ? Even harder.
Latex Bedding worked hard and ensured I couldn't go wrong with my purchase.
And I definitely didn't. I won on quality, value, service AND price.


Update 05/12/2017. Well I have had my bed for about just shy of 3 months. Its still as awesome as it was when I first got it. I swear to you, being completely honest, there have been a number of times I have curled up to go to sleep and grinned. I am so relieved with the bed I got. Its as perfect now as it was when I first got it.Update 05/04/2018 - Still sleeping like a baby!!!!Thanks Colette

We love the Euro mattress!

I really wanted to get a latex mattress, however I could only find one store selling latex mattresses here in Brisbane and it was really pricey, so I decided to take a chance and order one online from Latex Bedding Co after reading their reviews, and I can say that my partner and I are both very happy with the mattress. It is firm enough to provide good back support and not sink under your weight, yet still soft enough to make it really comfortable, and we've been sleeping like a baby :)

Regarding the sales process, it all went smoothly in the end, and I really appreciate them delivering all the way to Queensland, however one thing that could be improved upon is to just provide a rough time frame of when one could expect delivery, which is what most online retailers do. Even if it takes 1-2 weeks or longer, that's fine, I would just like to know more or less when I can expect it so that I can plan accordingly.

Great product

After researching on line we went in and met Cliff and lay on the beds. We bought the Madrid mattress.
it is fabulous. it is cool and not overheating and just the right pressure for both myself and my husband. We had a
Sealy posturepedic inner spring mattress for 10 years which was $2000 back then and this mattress cost us $2300.
The delivery company were funny like "Basil Fawlty" from Fawlty Towers.when I rang him he said" I dont deliver on Saturdays so when I suggested a particular Friday or a Monday in which I would for once be home, he said "Ill deliver it on Saturday". The mattress is very heavy and difficult to maneuver as it flops and it has no handles on the sides sewn in so this is my one and only criticism.
Cliff is great and not pushy. He sums up his customers and seems a good judge of people.
Highly recommend.
John & Sushi Manly NSW

Thanks Sushi, sorry about "Basil" might have a word with him.I kinda like Basil he adds to the whole experience. I never did get his name he just answers his phone with a gruff "what" and when he SMS s he never signs his name. He will forever be Basil

King Size Euro Latex Mattress

After being in the market a while for a new bed, my partner and I went to have a look at Latex Bedding Company in Crows Nest. We met Cliff who was really helpful. My partner suffers with a bad back so we wanted to make sure we choose the right bed. We tried a variety and went back a few times before making a final decision. We purchase a King Size Euro Latex mattress and base with pillows and sheet set. Cliff organised a quick delivery as we were moving into a new place. After our first nights sleep we knew we had made the right decision. We have had the bed for 6 months now and I can absolutely say it is the best bed we have ever owned plus my partner has not complained once about his back.

Thanks to Cliff and the Latex Bedding Company for a great service, great product and a good price.

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Questions & Answers

I'm interested in buying one of your mattresses but I'm worried that it might sag after 1-2 years. My previous bed was around $1k and it sagged after a year or so - the bed company would not fix it as they stated sagging a few inches is 'normal' even though I wake up with a sore back/shoulders everyday. So my main concerns are: 1. Will the mattress sag easily? 2. If it does sag, does the warranty cover the mattress sagging a few inches? Please advise, thanks.
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Hi Lydia and thank you for your enquiry. Latex typically loses between 2% and 5% of its density over a ten year period so theoretically these mattresses should last 25 - 30 years, should one of our mattresses in the unlikely event exceed the 5% settling during the ten year warranty the mattress will be exchanged at no cost to the consumer.

Hi, I've been told that some of your mattresses have synthetic materials in them as well as the latex. Can you please tell me which models have this? And what they are? I'm looking at the Euro at the moment. Thanks, Leah
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Hi Leah, thanks for the query, we ONLY do 100% natural certified latex. Warm regards Latexbeddingco

Hi, I'm wondering if you could give a brief description of the differences between the Euro, Madrid and Perfect mattresses. I want to buy one, but living in rural WA I need to choose carefully since delivery will take a while, plus shipping costs. I'm interested in the ultimate dream package because we will need the base and it's the option most within our price range, but I'm not sure if the Euro will be the right one for us, and if you're able to do a similar deal with other mattresses? I will be calling tomorrow to discuss this and other options, but incase I sleep in or forget at least I can have my question answered here :) - Lexi
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Hi Alex, as discussed yesterday on the phone I believe the Madrid would be best for you and your partner after listening to your requirements/preferences, regards Cliff


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