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LDV T60 (2018-2024) Questions & Answers

Also referred to as: LDV T60 2023 and LDV T60 2025.
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rob · T60 Pro (2018-2024)

Hello everyone, I have two quick questions number one/ how often should I replace the timing belt on my ldv t60 Pro .
2/ also my dashboard is saying that my fuel filter needs maintenance could somebody tell me where it's located and can I do it myself it's a diesel

Sharyn R.
Sharyn R. · T60 Luxe (2018-2024)

Can someone please explain how to add apps such as maps to the touch screen? For Android.

Geoff H.
Geoff H. · T60 (2018-2024)

Reverse beeping has stopped, reversing image still shows on screen. Any ideas?

Lyndal K.
Lyndal K. · T60 (2018-2024)

Is there any way of adjusting radio settings ? LDV T60

courtnchuck474 · T60 Luxe (2018-2024)

2023 LDV T60 Luxe.
When shutting the engine down there is a clicking sound (3 or 4 loud clicks) and a whirring sound in the rear of the car.
Any idea’s.
Someone said it’s just the muffler cooling down but that’s not an adequate explanation

Megz F.
Megz F. · T60 (2018-2024)

Has anyone had issues with the car not starting due to the anti theft system and car with key flashing light on dash? Wondering how to rectify this, Key has no battery and no spare key.

Charlie K
Charlie K  

Hi Megz

I have not had this issue before but have had many other issues.
Have you tried changing the battery to the remote?
If still under warranty, just take it back to them to diagnose and rectify for you.

Damian K.
Damian K. · T60 (2018-2024)

Hi - just wondering how I turn the radio off so it doesn't come on every time i start the vehicle. I tried checking the manual on the screen but couldn't find anything

Joseph G.
Joseph G.  

You cant thats the crap with the ldv. Waste of money of a vehicle they will tell you system update will fix it and it wont

Richard P.
Richard P. · T60 (2018-2024)

Can anyone tell me how to move the tub sides out on a 23 T60 max

Joanne · T60 (2018-2024)

Hi My rear camera is not working. Will disconnecting the battery reset it?

Joseph G.
Joseph G.  

Its a common problem i would ring ldv headoffice and get them to fix it. Ldv are rubbish vehicled known for defects

Jac M.
Jac M. · T60 (2018-2024)

Does anybody else have problems with the hands free volume and voice command. In every other car when I use voice to text it very easily picks up what I am saying with minimal issues. In this car it doesn't matter how loud I speak it never translates what I say and gives utter gibberish back. Also constantly am told that the person I am speaking too cannot hear me !! Turn the volume up and then when disconnecting from the call nearly deafen myself because the radio comes on sooooo loud !

Jim W.
Jim W. · T60 Luxe (2018-2024)

Own a 2018 LDV T60 lux with 87,000 km.
For a while now the car sometimes jerks while decelerating at low speeds. Took it to the local LDV dealer and they're "technicians" have told me I need a new automatic transmission at a cost of $23,000 dollars - one month out of warranty.

Jason E.
Jason E. · T60 (2018-2024)

Has anyone had issues with shutting bonnet or do all need to be slammed? Was gonna put bonnet protector on my 2023 mega tub to find id prob end up breaking it to shut bonnet. Is this normal

Joseph G.
Joseph G.  

Car is mechanically a dump get it sent back to the dealer trust me

Jules · T60 (2018-2024)

I have a 2022 LDV T60 Max... I have noticed a squeek when I'm stopped and I turn the wheel to the left.... and ideas?


Did you end up finding out what was the issue

Usi K.
Usi K.  

I have noticed that too,( t60 max pro 2021) my guess it’s the turbo timer or some sort that cools it…that’s my two cents

f c.
f c. · T60 (2018-2024)

Hi I've done over 30000 km with my ldv t60 2021 model just have the fuel line fixed from making that loud noise, now I'm losing coolant and sometimes the fan stays on and it smells like it's burning

Shannon W.
Shannon W. · T60 Pro (2018-2024)

Hi, my stereo has suddenly stopped working. I've held home button for over a minute and still nothing. The usb ports down the bottom aren't working either. I've changed fuses, but still nothing

Scott D.
Scott D. · T60 (2018-2024)

My screen isn’t working swooped out for new one and still dosent work

Thomas c.
Thomas c. · T60 (2018-2024)

Check 4wd light came on never used it in 4wd any ideas?

Rob F
Rob F · T60 Luxe (2018-2024)

Has anyone else had a service fix for the gearbox shudder when braking and auto changing from 3rd down to 1st gear.


Yes my T60 Max. LDV are saying it's normal. Crap. It's very noticeable

Scott E.
Scott E. · T60 (2018-2024)

When someone exits t60 the seatbelt warning stays on for about a minute
Any ideas

gabi apa diesel e.
gabi apa diesel e. · T60 (2018-2024)

I have 2 litre bi turbo with 9000 kms has developed an engine noise similar it is a vibration noise , seems to be from passenger side in front of the fire wall. Comes in about 2000 rpm, EGR is in that area has anyone had this if so please let me know.

tony d.
tony d.  

I have the same problem but can't find reason

gabi apa diesel e.
gabi apa diesel e.  

I believe it is the EGR vibration mine go's back on the 6th but they will not tell me what it is if I find out I will post it.

Mohammad B.
Mohammad B.  

I had the similar problem that got fixed at the last service, was told it was the fuel line vibrating against the firewall, yep it got fixed.

f c.
f c.  

I was told it was a loses fuel hose and they just fixed it but it's still a noise ride

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