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Leader Caravan Gold

Leader Caravan Gold

3.5 from 26 reviews

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Feed back on my new Leader Silver handover

Have just taken ownership of our new Silver Leader van cannot say enough for the professional handover the finish on the van and were given 2nights in a park at Tweed Heads to learn all about our new home.Even a follow up call to see how we went with everything once set up in the park. Great thus and cannot fault the finish on the van very very happy Paul B

Purchased in August 2019 at Capricorn Caravan Centre.

Value for Money
Cleaning & Maintenance
Mileage 200 km
Car ModelMitsubishi Pajero
Exterior Build Quality
Interior Build Quality

Excellent caravan

Purchased our 19.6 in Leader Gold in February 2017 and have now travelled 30,000 kls with no problems.I tow the van with a landcruiser and it tows beautiful. Love the Alko independent suspension.Rides the bumps with ease.Nothing shifts in the van while being towed. I can’t praise this van highly enough. I did notice a couple of tyres showed signs of scuffing so had the van wheel aligned and now all good.Love the DO 35 tow hitch.Makes life easy

Purchased in February 2017 for $66,500.00.

Value for Money
Cleaning & Maintenance
Mileage 30,000 km
Car ModelToyota LandCruiser 100 HDJ100R GXL Automatic
Exterior Build Quality
Interior Build Quality
Off-roading Performance

Very happy with the warranty service

Had to return our van which we are very happy with for a major warranty claim (no fault of theirs) when it was only 8 months old, leader transported my van to melbourne and to their credit and at great cost to them got it right. hats off to a very good outcome and really wanting to make me happy, nice to know that service and a conscience still exist out there, 10/10, Thank you Bruno and the team!

Would love to sell

Poor quality fit an finish,only just reliable ,no caravan not comfortable ,very good to tow,customer service be low average from dealer Nothing more I can say but I have live with it

Credit where credit is due

The finish is great and all cupboards fit and close correctly
The van is very easy to use Very roomy , being new we have not been away yet but have a few dinners and drinks in it very comfortable . Being a retired mechanic I have under it and it is very well done and it tows very well at this point in time very happy with Manufacturing and the Tweed Heads dealership.
Congratulations to All

Floor PlanSemi of road
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The van is at the dealers now having some minor items attended to which we had and by all accounts being done correctly according to Belinda , before we go to a friends 70th who is a long time caravan ( nit picker ) having had several vans and has done several Big Laps

Warranty claim still not approved after 3 months

Not happy with finish. Trim falling off. Floor creaking. Fixed trim myself but lodged warranty claim for the floor . No decision yet 3 months after lodging claim. Since lodging the claim in October we have contacted Supreme 11 times and always got an excuse as to why no decision made. Always too busy. Too much work. Service manager not there. They tried to pass responsibility to flooring provider who sent a rep to Adelaide to physically inspect the floor. No defect in the flooring, just the way it was installed. Report from flooring provider sent to Supreme 17th Jan but still no decision. Same excuse provided service manager not there. Callback request ignored. What is next option? I can't believe that it would take this long to make a decision.

Floor PlanLeader Paladium with slide out bed 23ft van
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In February Supreme decided to repair the van in their workshop Cambellfield. They transported it at their cost. Repairs were completed and we had to collect it after inspecting the work. The repairs rectified the problem. The major criticism is the time & effort it took to finally get the warranty work approved.

Great Service and Experience

Took delivery of our Leader Gold, great experience and great van
The only thing I can complain about is not supplying the d shackles on the chains but apart from that very helpful and accomadating

Fantastic van, we love it!

We are travelling full time in this van with our four kids and it has been awesome. After 15000kms including many unsealed roads we've had no major issues at all and it is everything we hoped for.

Floor Plan25ft Leader Gold 4bunk Explorer

Lemon Caravans & RV Aust

Look at Lemon Caravans & RV Aust on facebook lots of reviews of issues with Leader Caravans.
Have a Leader Gold, latest trip the Solo panel was blown off.Found not screwed down .Only into silicon.

Very good value van. Leader Explorer Gold

Very good finish. Tows very very well. Very comfortable for we two and has a gravel road capability. Present trip Adelaide Townsville Cooktown Normanton Gregory Downs Barkly Hwy to Darwin and Stuart Hwy home. Full bathroom at 17 feet 6 inches, single axle, easy to use and reverse. All the features of a large van without the extra length and weight. Very happy.

Floor PlanLeader explorer gold. Front bed, centre door, L shape dinette.

Cape York

2017 22ft triple bunk explorer. Just completed 2 month cape York tour to the tip on our way around Australia. This van has exceeded my expectations. Dust , corrugated roads, washouts & creeks, nothing was an issue. Many said tape this do that, but we got more dust in the car. Put it this way we were the only 22ft van on the cape , and we saw many smaller vans on the back of tilt trays. Leader has delivered a van that I have no problem giving a great recommendation. Solid, well made, great value for money and We got what we ordered.

Floor Plan22ft Triple bunk explorer



Cannot recommend Camperagent Adelaide. Our experience with them has been very disappointing. Last Feb we purchased a Goldstream 1760 Panther from Adelaide show. The Panther is the top of the range in their cutaway series & offers serious off road upgrades from base model. At the time we were promised that the van would be detailed to standard of brand new van. 1.5 months later was collection day. Info flow re registration etc for insurance from them was poor & after much chasing I insured the van & confirmed final payment amount at the last minute. On the day it took 6 hours to deliver the van – work that they had 1.5 months to do was not done. Our contract was in joint names however they decided to only register the van in my name – an insult to my partner. Once home I checked out the van properly – the roof was covered with dirt which had built up over many weeks – the van had not been detailed at all from the time at the show.
Worse to come – research of the Panther model via Goldstream plus caravan reviews confirmed that the Panther comes STANDARD with many extras including – 2 x solar panels, 2 x batteries, reversing camera, TV, stone guard to grey water outlet – our van only came with – 1 x solar panel, 1 x battery, no reversing camera, no TV, no grey water guard. Magazine reviews suggested standard batteries were 2 x 105Ah.
Worse to come – on staying in the bush we found that the battery struggled to last past 1 night. Work with a auto electrician found the battery supplied was 1 x 80Ah plus did not comply with regulations for enclosed space (front boot) – the battery was clearly not fit for purpose. I upgraded to 2 x 130Ah plus sorted out the solar power input.
Result re complaints to Camperagent – no apology & no offer of compensation. Also disappointed with Goldstream – why would they let a van leave their factory that did not comply with their advertised standard features & was not fit for purpose. No comment from them at all on our issues.
We do not intend to deal with Camperagent again. Take care if you do as you will need to check everything very carefully to ensure you get what you think you are.

One day old and table falls over and that's just a start

If you like contact glue every where that it shouldn't be you will be happy. Speakers hooked up incorrectly. Water level gauge for tanks looks like they forgot it so it's sits 600 mm off floor. Table broke off floor (held in by 4 small wood screws and tube of silicone). Dealer we bought through (hinterland gold coast) are the worst company I have dealt with. Salesman from leader wouldn't answer any calls after deal signed. I can keep going and going. I'm an electrician that has run my own company for twenty years. If I treated customers like this I would be ashamed. Also took 6 months for delivery when promised 3 to 4.

Floor PlanLeader gold cbt22

What a great caravan

We collected our Leader Gold caravan 19 .5 ft from hinterland caravans at Burleigh Heads on the Gold Coast in February 2017.We purchased the caravan from a caravan show at Maraborough Qld. I could not praise the management and staff enough as they were all excellent to deal with and could not do enough for you. Thank you gang,what a good team.The caravan is exactly what we ordered and what a beautiful caravan to tow. At this stage I am unable to fault the caravan and am extremely pleased with the overall quality of the caravan. We will be heading off on a major trip in a couple of weeks but I doubt that I will find any faults with the van. Great work Hinterland Caravans ,keep up the good work.

Floor PlanLeader Gold 19.6 inches

Weight is the big problem.

We purchased a leader 17 footer. Went over the scales fully loaded and was 200 kg over and there was hardly any in it. Water and gas full. Don't know how to solve it without costing big dollars. On a positive note a very solid van. Nice to tow.

Excellent but ONE major issue.

Yes this is a wonderful van with all the bits and bobs you need except for ONE major issue which over shadows the poor quality on finishes in areas that you can not see. The major issue is weight and what you can legally carry in this caravan, the manufacturer builds the caravan with a very limited payload avaloabe. Once you load water and fill both gas bottles you are left with a little over 65kg. You then contact the factory and they say they can change the weight limit but you will need to change the suspension. I then contacted Kings Chassis and they tell me that the chassis can not take the extra 150kg that I want to lift the limit. This to me is very disappointing as how can a manufacturer sell a product that is that close to limit that it is almost unusable and at a RRP of over $60000-00.

All I can say if I am now spending far more than I every wanted to just to be legal on the road. So if you are looking at a new caravan make sure you ask the question about the actual weight you can carry.

Supreme Caravans

I need to just let people know that since my first review on the Leader 17' Gold I have had some repairs done due to HAIL damage. The repairs were done in NSW by Coastal Caravan and RV,well the finish is fantastic and all the orignal issues from factory are now sorted. I contacted the new NSW agent Hinterland to enquire about a cupboard door that I would like to change. The sales person put me in direct contact with Supreme in MELBOURNE. Now this is were it gets very good and a BIG UP to Charity from Supreme. So very efficient and my new door is on its way. Yes the Leader is a fantastic van and my Wife and I have been away in it over the 13 months we have had it 15 times and this includes the 7 weeks it was in for repairs.

Generally very Happy

We purchased our 19ft gold in Dec 14, so far no real issues of importance, the shower door did start to stick but was easily rectified, the use of silicone needs to be addressed, lots of it and we spent a lot of time cleaning if off. The builders need to carry a rag soaked in turps and do it as they go, it was everywhere they must rub it on there hands as skin lotion. I agree that when you look on the roof the finish is a long way away from the high standard of the rest of the van, I guess what you cant see doesn't matter. I doubt that the van is compromised though as we have had no leaks or issues with the build quality or finish at all, in fact apart from the roof its very well made and finished off. Would we buy another? Probably

Screws rolling on floor first trip

First trip away new Leader Caravan.Bathroom door fell off, all the seating area screws fell out and all seats loose and ready to slide around van.Called Leader for help to have repair van as long way from home.once heard our problem said would get back to us.Never returned our calls.We had to to repairs ourselves.Be warned.

Leader i.e. MISleader

Bought a Palladium, big money, Paid for changes, didn't get them, they changed things and said that's how we do it.
Elect appliances cords wont reach power points, also told to use extension cord. Shower drain is the highest point on shower floor so water pools up before it can drain out. They haven't replied to that one. Can't lock main door, frame out of square and door is twisted.

May 20th, 2016 Update: MISleader continued

Remember that door we couldn't lock, well we are still trying to get it fixed. Supreme said they would ship a new door from Melbourne on 13th May. Now they want photos. Delay after delay.

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Questions & Answers

My wife and I own a 19.6 leader gold have had issues with batteries not holding power after one day of road connected extra 120w portable solar panel and pumped up the voltage the batteries hold 12.4vlts and slowly drain during evening to 11.5 then the pump stops working and the lights start flickering, has anybody else had this problem? Already replaced two batteries on warranty. Unfortunately warranty has expired and no return calls from dealer.
No answers

looking at buying a 2016 leader gold 19ft 6 van with alco suspension do35 hitch van looks great inside and out has all the bells and whistles anyone give me an idea what they are truly like. email me please on ryepol@hotmail.com Thanks
2 answers
Hi! We have a different set up but also a Leader Gold. We have been travelling 7 months now with our kids, taken the van off road plenty of times and not had any problems so far I have a leader gold 19 ft 6 inch semi off road caravan fitted with alco off road suspension. I purchased the van new in February 2017 and have travelled 25 ,000kls . I have had no major problems with the van and am extremely happy with it.I find it a dream to tow with my landcruiser.I would have no hesitation in recommending a Leader.

What hieght from the ground up to and including Dometic air con?.
3 answers
3.3m to top of dometic air con . this includes two inch raiser on chassisAre there any low lying bridges around the country?My ac is an air command and the height of the van is 2850mm high

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