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2.4 from 67 reviews

Excellent Content and Coaching at Learn to Trade

I want to give a big shout out to the trading coaches of Learn to Trade, brother-duo especially.
In all my years of learning through various educational institutions, I have not come across coaches that are committed to your journey (at times more than you are) than these guys. They are genuine, no- nonsense, people with a heart of gold, and just as importantly with the trading knowledge and experience of the markets to take you where you need to go. The levels within my trading journey that I have broken through, have been depended on my disciplined input as much as the dedicated encouragement and “know how” from my coaches.
I feel supported every step of the way and well on my way to achieve what I set out to do when I first began this journey.
It hasn’t all been easy, I have had my bad days when I thought “what am I doing here?”...it’s in those moments that with the support I’ve received I’ve broken through and gotten to the next level. Bad days are just that, bad days...not a reason to give up.
Despite what other reviews there are here I can honestly say, I came here for the trading education and support to enable me to trade the FX market and have received both these in bucket loads. I say to anyone, sift through the “sell” and don’t throw out something valuable because you dislike the marketing. Set your own goal for what you want to achieve with your trading journey, find the coach that’s right for you, dedicate yourself and keep going.

Customer Service
Teaching Staff
Learning Material

Seems okay so far... I'm going to try it

I signed up for their Forex Fast Track Program but getting "cold feet" with so many negative reviews. I sent an email to cancel and apparently they would send me a refund as per my phone call today. But instead, I'm going to give it a go.
I just read these 65 reviews and only one of the negative reviews (40 have 1 star) was from someone who actually did some trading (Raj). The 39 other 1 star raters never even tried trading with their program.
Hopefully, in a couple of months, I'll have tried their system and give them 5 stars.

Customer Service

Crooks. They are amazing at selling dreams.

This is the biggest scam of all times, don't fall for it. I have done the 2 day course for 4500 AUD and learnt absolute jack crap, Mr. Truelove our tutor, was only good at making bare jokes the entire time, but the trading experience as such is very minimum and if you want to learn extra please be ready to pay 35k for unlimited wealth course which is presented by they best trader of all times, that miraculously was in the office for 3 days for the duration of the course, if he would be so good at trading, would he be even there. I have another side of untold story, but that's gonna be left for desert, it is shocking.

Don't waste your money

If you read the reviews from both the Sydney (am familiar with this office) and the UK, all the honest reviews ring true. It was a scam and hard sell from the first, with no honest disclosure regarding the requirements for Smart Charts (I specifically asked this question, and was directly lied to during the intro session. You can use your own broker, but not with Smart Charts). Having said this - I also asked the degree of success and backtesting of the "strategies" but received silence / no response. Most of the coaches don't use the Brokerage or SC in their personal accounts - says volumes for their commitment. Only a few offer "trade alerts" and only in demo accounts. As for the canned responses from LTT - I am still awaiting responses to emails sent 2 weeks ago.
SAVE YOUR MONEY - have a look at Forex Mentor -=- honest, transparent, and great teachers

Scammers, rip off, crooks

There was more effort into getting your money than there was on teaching you to trade, they are more interested in teaching you how to be dependent on using their signals and there ultra expensive platform and in house broker to continually extract money from you, rather than as the name suggests, Learn to Trade. There are far cheaper, and far better educators and companies that actually teach you to trade, rather than this rubbish. Don't touch this company with a ten foot pole!!!

Rip off experts

LTT is an ingenious ploy designed to extract the maximum amount of money from you. Do NOT believe in their tales and promises. There is only one winner in this game: the course provider (not YOU). Here is what I have found after losing more than $15,000 to this mob:

1. LTT has a skeleton office in Sydney and is definitely not a trading floor! No trading at all takes place in that office as the 2-3 guys who are there during daylight office hours are only taking calls from students who buy 30 minute slots of their time from the so-called Traders. Outside these hours they take students' calls from their home using Skype.

2. LTT promotes the use of Smart Charts software which costs about $130 (AUD) or $90 (USD) per month. Attendees of their $5000 course are forced to sign up to this service before attending the 2 day course and that's an extra $1500 per year into the British owner's pocket. It is nearly impossible to cancel subscription to this service and cancelling your credit card will be the only option. So many students discover that trading is not as easy as LTT makes it out to be but keep paying the $1500 per year software subscription. Other competitors provide better trading software for free. At the end of the day they all use the same MQL4 or MQL5 platform. Beware of a broker with vested interest.

3. Do a basic Google search about the founder of LTT and you will also discover that he was caught in the middle of a lewd act in a sports car not so long ago. What a flagrant example of poor ethics does this display! He also brags about trading whilst flying a helicopter above London. Is there really a need for this? He most probably only makes money out of selling courses, software and expensive programs, not by trading whilst flying above London. Do not take the bait of believing that Forex trading will result in luxurious lifestyle! The only people who make money from Forex trading are institutional investors and snake oil merchants spruiking courses and software. Individuals like you (yes the reader) will lose all their savings and max out your credit cards to finance the fat bonus of the LTT spruikers.

4. Here is how the Pyramid is structured: Most victims fall for the free Seminar which is held 4 times a year all around Australia. At these 1 hour seminars they promote their 2-3 day course which costs $5,000. Then during the toilet breaks at the 2-3 day course the big guns of the LTT marketing machine are brought in to sell the $50,000 UWB program. It was clear during the $5K course that the trainer (who claimed to have already made his millions and is only teaching the same thing over and over for pleasure) is bored and uninterested in attendees' success until the time they realise that a handful of attendees have savings and superannuation which are sizeable enough to target. Then this minority bears the full brunt of the heavy marketing and psychological pressure to sign up for the $50K UWB program. They even throw in a bottle of cheap champagne from the local grocery store, a red rose and a Parker pen for those gullible enough to sign up. What I found was that some of the so-called traders and trainers themselves fell for the dream but are still stuck in training rookies! So much to say about living up the promised millionaire lifestyle...

5. Technical Analysis is what LTT should be teaching students. During the 3 days at the Sydney office they did not even cover the various indicators, importance of hedging, leverage and such basics. The fundamentals of Technical Analysis can be learnt for free online, or by reading books. You should also learn about Naked Forex which highlights the innate weakness of Technical Analysis. Anyway you will never be able to foresee market moves even if you master Technical Analysis so after a few years of practice the rookie may risk their savings but only as a hobby. Keep your day job!!!

6. LTT does not allow students to even print the course material that they have bought for $5K. You can only access this online on an obscure folder and it is password protected. So you cannot keep these notes handy for recall. One trainer said that most attendees never even trade after the 3 day course, so why would they bother handing out notes! This is a reflection of the hard reality: to trade successfully will take years of training and years of losing money.

7. Here is what you should do with your money: learn to trade using a Demo account from any of the trusted names. Use the free online tools to learn the basics. Only then start using a very small amount of real money . Always remember that as an individual punter you are playing a rigged game with all odds against you.

Gave Me A Purpose Again

Hello everyone, my grandson has just got me set up on the computer to write my review so here we go:

Learn to Trade has been absolutely superb, they have been patient with me and my not so excellent computer skills, teaching me how to study the foreign exchange markets and place educated trades based on my reading of the foreign exchange markets. The staff there were very helpful, even with items that were not related to the course itself, which gave me a wonderful customer experience. For example, I live in Melbourne and the course was in Sydney, the staff helped me find a hotel to stay in nearby during the course close to the Office with a very short walk so I could get there easily every morning.

The whole experience was wonderful, the training was first class alongside Smart Charts I have no worries trading by myself at home back in Melbourne. What made the experience even better for me was, when we were offered our complimentary One - to - One coaching sessions by the course staff after the event, they set my computer up so I could do it all the way over in Melbourne over the internet which made it much easier for me!

It is so nice to have something to do again, I have been by myself for a long time now and my mind was beginning to loose it's edge - by keeping it up with trading I feel much more alive!

Thank you to everyone in the Learn to Trade Office for making my time with you so truly special and giving me something to keep me going! - Jo

Excellent Course - Excellent Education, Reasonable Price

Just on holiday in the UK, funded by my trading so I thought I should write a review for Learn to Trade as they are the reason I am here right now!

Via LTT I have traded my account to a sustainable level where I can make a nice income every month, its no means reliable and constant - but it always pays my bills and living costs with change ;) Yes it is $5000, but I made that back in a month or so, if you listen to all the advice they give you properly, take notes and train your brain to their style of thinking you will be laughing!

Smartcharts is great and easy to use, all the staff are wonderful and have a smile on their face and the overall atmosphere is homely to say the least. Don't let reviews put you off, if I did I wouldnt be where I am right now and I can promise you that im ten fold better off now compared to 6 months ago!

It's 00:09 as I write this in the UK and I am severely jet lagged, but It is nice to recognise LTT for the genuinely amazing education they provide.

Value for Money - A Great Asset!

I just want to start by saying genuinely how amazing the coaches have been supporting me massively throughout my journey from novice with no experience, to a consistent profitable trader who is confident in my ability to continue consistently trading without the coaches support!
I used a mixture of the onsite and remote training as I travel for work and was worried that I might not have got the best training whilst I was travelling, how wrong I was. I can say from the bottom of my heart that Learn to Trade has genuinely changed my life and allowed my to create a second income stream which has began to allow me financial freedom - I'm no millionaire but I enjoy life much more now since money has began to not be such a worry.

Lastly it has been so nice creating a group where we started our journey together and have helped each other along the way - we are so tight nit now it feels like a second family! I want to say a massive thank you to LTT for everything they have done to me and wish anyone who takes the same journey as myself and the others who have been through LTT the best they can achieve! If I managed to do it, so can you!

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Sorry it took so long to upload my proof of purchase x

Attended the Course and Wouldn't Look Back

Recently I attended the 3 day course that has been amazing for me. I was concerned to begin with after reading all the other reviews on here that my $5k had just been wasted on a 'Scam Course' - thank god I stuck with my guts and attended the course!
I love SmartCharts, the trading platform we use with Learn to Trade, it does look a bit old and outdated but the software outperforms anything I have ever used. The risk management they build into smartcharts is amazing, I know for a fact that I can never loose more than 2% of my account, which gives me an excellent safety net and helps me personally to keep my cool even if I entered a loosing trade, it is only a 2% loss, whereas before it could have been 30% of the account riding on one trade.
Currently I am in profit and loving the extra income from trading forex, which is a lovely bonus on top of the trading knowledge I learnt over the 3 days!

An amazing journey - The Learn to Trade model is sound

I am at the end of 2 years with Learn To Trade. What a journey it has been.
I am so very grateful for all of the learning and inspiration from all of the coaches. Thank you. The Learn To Trade model is sound.
I was able to attend remotely and on site. The material is available for both. I did the course whilst living in Melbourne and this was no hindrance to the quality of training I received.
Learn To Trade has helped me to get one step closer to trading as a career.
The coaches are dedicated in passing on the knowledge and supporting me through the downtimes. Which we all have. The encouragement I have received to keep going has paid off.
The only requirement is to turn up (remotely or in person) to all events and give it 100%.
The psychology of trading is a huge factor and Learn to Trade had that covered with the Money Story Success Program. I found this to be paramount to my success as a trader.
I have approached my 2 years with the same dedication as a University Degree.
I have no hesitation in recommending the Unlimited Wealth Program.

From novice to trader

I signed up to LTT almost 2 years ago. Being a complete novice at trading, the in house courses, webinars and coaching has been a valuable resource in teaching me how to analyse a trading chart and how to look at different strategies to find the one that suited me and my trading style.

Having coaches who drill in to you to manage your trade risk and place stop losses was invaluable in ensuring I didn’t blow my whole account while learning.

A nice little side bonus is the friendships that have been forged with the coaches and other traders so we could share our journeys and celebrate our successes.

If you are serious about learning to trade currencies I would recommend LTT.

Absolutely Fantastic Company

I started with LTT 2 years ago and have had an amazing experience every step of the way. The coaches have been awesome and I have learnt so much from them. This is not a get rich quick scheme, you actually have to put in the work to achieve the results. I have now been able to quit my job and am travelling Australia as a trader.

My biggest takes from trading are:
Get your mindset right
Do your coaching regularly and do the work consistently
Do the webinars and courses
Don't be afraid to ask questions
Don't worry about anyone elses results, this is your journey not theirs.

I would definately recommend LTT to anyone that is serious about trading and understands it takes time and consistent work to achieve results.


So, here it goes. Before i say anything i will present what the company is and will let you judge yourself. I shan’t give my opinion until the very end.
I signed up to learn to trade a year back. One "free session" was more like a sales pitch for their course which costs around £2500 which is basically them telling you learn from us and you will become uber rich and big lifestyle? They show you videos of some people that have "made it" because of their course. A few videos from Greg himself and then ask you to “take a risk” and sign up. They explain how it’s a £5000 course but because we are so special they are wavering the fees, Being a young naïve man with some money to spend I signed up paid the amount and signed up to the course. You soon realise that the trading platform is also owned by Learntotrade, They tell you the software means nothing if you we don’t sign up to a subscription which is around £80 a month. Upon signing it’s a 3 day course, telling you about how the stocks work and pips and what not. All this information and more is accessible online for free. Then we are told we need to put in a minimum of £2000 in our trading accounts or what we learn is pointless. The trainer who came to teach us, showed us his house, cars, bikes and other things and made us feel what we could achieve. So far at this point we are all plugged in the idea and lashed out as much money as we could. A few have different speakers come in and tell us how they lost all their money and had nothing and now they own properties in London and have the most relaxing life.
To anyone being fed information as such over 3 days will make you lash out more and more money. Anyways during day 2, one of the gent comes in and tells us how he has a world exclusive plan and people in that plan are making over 6-7 figures a year working only a few hours a day. This plan comes with one to one trading and access to it from anywhere in the world and you are gives company trading money to trade with and a pen and a champagne, oh yeah it cost £15,000. So I couldn’t afford that. A day training left and the trainer was getting annoyed at us for asking too many questions. To a point where we were afraid of asking questions, outside the class he wasn’t a very approachable person. They bring you in to “talk further” they said just because how “enthusiastic and good” I am they cut down the cost of the advanced course for me and can offer me that for £10000. They offered me interest free payment and I took the offer.
Less than a week later, and losing the initial £2000 I had put in to trade with. I realise trading wasn’t for me as it made me really anxious and just stressful. So I left it and thought I’ll pick it up in a few months when I have more money to learn. Before I could get to that I had a serious family medical emergency, Life threatening. I sent them the doctors note, my families flights details, proof of me leaving my job. Sent them all, they still wouldn’t return my £5000. Their reply was they “don’t think the situation was serious enough”. £5000 of someone’s hard earned money, to a point where they won’t answer my emails or let me flat around the telephone for hours before answering. £2500 + £2000 +£5000, all this money and i have not made a single penny off trading neither have they assisted in any way as a company to change that. So my verdict of LearnToTrade is that the company is a sham, it only runs by taking money from people and not from trading. Please don’t fall into the same trap I did. Learn from me. £5000 to learn what a company and its people are made of in its core. They didn’t consider my situation and decided not to return the money. STAY AWAY FROM LEARNTOTRADE, Get a book, it’ll be cheaper and probably teach you a lot more. All the positive reviews you read are not of real people and are fake profiles. Please look for yourself.

Unprofessional Hard to reach or contact

Signed up on the 23/1 paid $500 deposit because I couldnt afford the $4999 but agreed to make payments, so I was told that I couldnt start course until paid in full.

Then two days later work laid me off and I was off a couple of weeks. But tried contacting them for a resolution as I really wanted to do course but had no income so I asked for refund as Family needed money and that I will join later, they said they can delay course when im ready.

I then found a local trading institute 2 weeks later when I started working again and offered to train me which was much more convenient than going to sydney as I was located in Melb.

But contacting them was hard no one answered calls, emails had no numbers or any contacts to get in touch so it made me worried as I had read some really bad reviews. I didnt believe it.

3 weeks later after failed attempt 1000 calls and angry emails, someone answers email. I mean im no business but I can reply to peoples emails alot quicker than them not to mention phone calls as well.

3 weeks later I get a hold of a young lady and I asked if I could speak to someone regarding a refund, at first she said I was entitled to it because I called and emailed within 5 days (cooling off period) so they say which was great but then she said that someone will get back to me. That day no one got back to me.

The next day I call again after like 10 calls she answers again (not knowing it was me) saying that im not entitled to a refund (as if the system) changed. And then after a brief call I get frustrated and ask to speak to manager and she puts me through to a guy who shuts me down and says I will call you at 3pm (1pm at this moment) and guess what, again no call so I have called this company around 30 times on the 6/2.

These guys have made me believe all the negative stuff people have had to say about the business they are liars and theives. No value for any customers or respect for their name, how they get some good reviews I dont know, but to me they are not genuine. It is really fustrating to get a hold of these guys as if they know its my number then dont answer on purpose.

They way they treat people is very cruel and sad especially the people that have given their hard earned money to not be able to gey a refund.

I have not used ANYTHING from their busiess, I havent even signed in or created a profile so I dont exsist in their programme yet they hold my money and wont give it back. MY MONEY!


Total scam

- they are hiring professional motivators to make you sign for their course under pressure
- you will be put under pressure to sign and then when you realise that there is no cooling off period you won't get your money back.
- the justice they deserve will come unto them, they cannot escape it - thieves and robbers

Dear Chavi, We are very concerned about this review. Please note that some of our courses do not offer a cooling off period as you receive valuable course material upon sign-up ahead of your course on our trading floor. Terms and conditions are never hidden away and our team were on hand to answer any questions you may have had when you decided to take the course on offer that day. We can assure you that Learn To Trade is not a scam, we have been operating for over 15 years, have trading floors across the world and thousands of successful graduates from our training courses. We would like to look into this more. Please email us at info@learntotrade.com.au, so we can help you. Regards, The Learn to Trade TeamThe material I received relies heavily on further subscription for SmartCharts, which I didn't buy and I haven't benefited from it. I was ready to return your valuable material straight away after the payment. The email I sent you 2 hours later proves that. That was night and surely your claim you started preparing for me doesn't have much sense. You can claim your legal rights because of my stupidity I didn't read your terms before signing late in the evening under the heavy sale pressure from your presenter. The fact is I never went to your course , you probably can claim your legal rights, but you are morally wrong to charge 5000$ for a service I didn't receive and to equate the usb price for the price of the whole 3 days course is just unfair.Please email us at info@learntotrade.com.au, so we can look into this more and find so our team can speak to you about this concern.

SCAMMERS... stay away !!!

Been to their introduction day where they try to sell you the first stage 2-day course for $5000.
I said that I'd like to think about it... after a few phone calls from them, they gave it away for $2500. now I understand that they had nothing to lose even if they gave it for a $100.
The 2 day course was attended by about a 100 people...of course you can't learn anything from such a big forum, and anyway it was mainly used to try and sell you a $20,000 training.
Even if you follow everything they say you will end up with a 50-50 chance of making or losing money. All the guys I've been in touch with had similar results.
This is a complete nonsense scam ...stay away and don't get tempted. These people are professional smooth talking salesmen. The house always wins...and you always lose :)

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Dear L. B. We aim to provide courses that help people gain insight into the Forex market. All trading does come with some risk (alongside the opportunities), that can be better learned through 1-on-1 coaching that we can provide. Also, having coaches that you can ask questions realtime is also a plus. If you have any issues or queries regarding our service (or how we operate) we invite you to talk directly to our dedicated team or better, arrange an appointment to visit our ‘Traders Centre of Excellence’ office located in North Sydney. If you would like to reach out to us we can look further into your trades and advise further. Please email us at info@learntotrade.com.au Regards, The Learn to Trade Team

Liars & thieves

This company is build and designed to rob you hard and solid. Once you hookup you will never see anything good. Then they will subscribe you to a software and will start charging you A$ 100 every month once you graduate the so called course. After they take money from you will find it very hard to get in contact with them. Standard excuse " we are very busy". People be aware of this company.

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Dear Lubo, We're very sorry to see the feedback on our course. We aim to provide the best quality of courses, that help people gain insight into the forex market, and the opportunities and risks within it. We would like to look further into the concerns you raise here, please email us at info@learntotrade.com.au Regards, The Learn to Trade Team

They just want MONEY from you 'Stay Away'

I am one of the victims... that cost me $5000 to sign up the course by the brainwashed free workshop. There is NO REFUND for change mind, DANGEROUS, they wont tell you that! They are hiding all the policy and conditions to protect them. Also, opening the acc and other stuff cost you more and more money later, if you RICH, then doesnt matter, Play money with them, we are the innocent work hard people, every dollar works hard to earn, please do not do that to us anymore!!!!!!

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Dear Kt H, We're very sorry to hear your feedback. All our terms and conditions are clearly set out at the point of sale in the paperwork you have signed and received, and would ask you to refer back to them. If you wish to discuss about this more, as we also would like to look further into the concerns you raise here, please email us at info@learntotrade.com.au Regards, The Learn to Trade Team

Real scam

I agree with a lot of people's posts that this company is a real scam. After signing up in the free workshop and paying $5000 I then read the reviews for this company and found so many negative reviews. I regretted and realised that I should have done some research about this company before signing up. Of course I didn't bother attending the 3-day course in Sydney as all the reviews indicate that they will upsell you to buy another more expensive program ranging between $10000-$20000 which I can't afford. I asked them to refund the $5000 and they said they couldn't because they already prepared for the course materials for me to attend the course in Sydney (it is a very lame excuse). I attended many similar wealth creation seminars before and they all happily refunded my money after assessing that I didn't have the financial capacity to continue and suggested that I sign up again at some point in the future. This is an indication of goodwill and a company that really wants to help you to succeed. Learn To Trade have no sympathy for people as they just want to take people's money even though they know you can not afford to do the course or have no money to trade. I strongly recommend people to think twice before signing up. Also, do not believe in their 5 star reviews as they are the people who have been paid to write up the reviews to mislead people.

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Hi HLAM, We’re sorry to hear about your experience. Please note that some of our courses do not offer a cooling off period as you receive valuable course material upon sign-up ahead of your course on our trading floor. Terms and conditions are never hidden away and our team were on hand to answer any questions you may have had when you decided to take the course on offer that day. We can assure you that Learn To Trade is not a scam, we have been operating for over 15 years, have trading floors across the world and thousands of successful graduates from our training courses. We would like to look into this more. Please email us at info@learntotrade.com.au, so we can help you. Regards, The Learn to Trade team"

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Please confirm Greg Secker has a vested interest in either Cardiff Global or their parent brokerage (Capital?) If so, this was never disclosed to anyone attending the classes
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He is definitely the owner of SmartCharts and Cardiff Global. In fact you will note that in his promotional videos Greg brags about how he created SmartCharts especially his brainchild the Trading Ideas. In one such video Greg shows off how he makes 20,000 Great Britain Pounds (GBP) within a couple of hours using his Trend Wave tool. This huge win is only possible because his trading account is in excess of 7,000,000 GBP. Yes 7 Million Pounds.

Please confirm Greg Secker has a vested interest in either Cardiff Global or their parent brokerage. If so, this was never disclosed to anyone attending the classes
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I went to their workshop in Gold Coast last weekend. First, they mentioned the cost, of course, $13000 and at the end, they offered it for $4995 and said it is just for today. Because I am so desperate to make some extra money, I signed up and paid $1000 and was going to pay the rest of the money by end of next week. I tried to get a personal loan, but it was declined. I called them yesterday and spoke to a lady who called herself my account manager. She told me that they will hold the money till I am ready and I can do the course when I pay the full amount. But the problem is I am struggling with the money as it is, and $1000 I paid with my credit card. If they are going to hold it (I don't know for how long), I am paying 21% interest on it. I tried to tell her that it is not going to possible and asked for the refund but wasn't getting anywhere with her. I tried calling them today but nobody answers. I sent them an email but no response.
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