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LED lights

Please do not use this company. They install poor quality lights and transformers which are exclusive to them so when a light stops working you can't get a replacement anywhere. They will not answer emails or provide any help. They are just another "take the money and run" mob.

Bad quality components

Initial down light install was ok. 1st warranty claim was covered promptly, 2nd claim took about a week and on my 3rd claim they just don't want to know me. Phoned up to be told someone would get in touch didn't happen. No response to email so just did it myself. They use/used non standard drivers/lights which makes it a bit confusing to replace. I ended up using the bright orange drivers from Bunnings and lights from the same place.
Edit - They did get back to me via email - possibly because of this post?
Would send a driver via mail for $20 plus $15 postage. Bunnings unit cost under $10.
Lights are around 4 years old and i thought my warranty was 5 years but cannot find paperwork.
Upgraded rating to ok.

Complete joke

They are really bad. Complete scam, first they advertise that they service is for life warranty. Crap. Poor customer service and complete joke.

Dont use Ledified

25 phone calls, no one returns the calls. I needed globes, paid for them and they didn't send them. When they finally sent them, it turned out to be transformers. They said they sent the transformers, which did not arrive!!! Then asked me to pay for a new lot to be sent. This company is just one big scam, to not be able to get customer service over 4 globes or transformers is an absolute joke. Don't use Ledified……..

Don't use this Company

Leds blown after 4 years when ledified sell you the fact average 25 years, i have worked with leds and they should last 15 to 20 years with brightness degradation at 75% after 15 years. They will not come to your house to repair faulty ones and charge $15 per led plus $10 postage...what a joke. $4k to replace our halogen lights and during installation they left dirty finger marks on the ceiling everywhere when i asked for them to clean both installers and ledfied they laughed stated your problem. Don't use this company no customer focus.
If I could give a zero star I would. Spread the word.

Faulty product, DON""T BUY! Lights go off! Lights lose brightness in a few weeks! Shame this is hap

DONT'S USE THIS COMPANY. IT HAS FAULTY PRODUCTS. IT IS A SCAM. They will send numerous people to replace $2 lights which are not worth, and they will stop working. I have had their lights for a few years, now you can say we are living in darkness. They refuse to send anyone to replace their faulty product. The lights have dimmed over time. Many just working. NO REDUCTION IN MY ELECTRICITY BILL, NOT A PENNY LESS, IT DOES NOT WORK. Their installer told me on three different occasions that the product we have installed are faulty and they cannot get it right. They all said, we make numerous service calls just fixing their endless problems. The lights don't work, they are faulty, it is a scam. Stay away or suffer in darkness. LED is said to work for 1,000s of hours, maybe theirs only works for 100 MINUTES. Don't buy, you will be left out of pocket. Their warranty is not worth it, if your light looses brightness and they will dispute it. The lights stop working. It is a terrible terrible product. Can't believe it the Australian Consumer Affairs will not investigate this rot.

Worth the change

Had these guys come and fit 7 new highbays couple months ago, was fed up of changing bulbs over and since they've been in, I should have done it earlier. Energy bill has dropped already but within 6 months I'll have my money back that paid in the first place!
Quick and easy install and was done in under an hour.
Cheers guys

Terrible product and service

I replaced all my halogen bulbs and adapters because LEDified said their product will last more than 10 years. It costed me thousands of dollar. Just after 2 years one by one adapters went faulty. As I still have guarantee, I called them and they said it will take a while to replace my adapters as they have to manufacture them!!! They can not give me any time frame. Really frustrating as I am stuck with these company!!!

Promise the World - Deliver Nothing

Arrogant management, highly dis-organised, pushy sales tactics, overly expensive products, extremely ordinary, in every possible way. Never, ever again. Wouldn't use these guys, even if it was all, for free. Stay Away!!

constant problems since installation, poor quality product

We had them installed almost 3 yrs ago and were also given 3 year warranty, this is our 5th time calling Ledified to get them fixed again as different lights kept playing up, I am sure they have realized they are using faulty LED lights and by giving 3 year warranty is costing them more money than they should.

I won't be recommend their product for the poor quality.

Great job.

No problems with lights for over 12 months. Accounts department had some issues with the final bill but that was our fault in the end.

Wow what a difference

From meeting with rep up to day of install it have to say thus company treats it's customers with the best service.
So far I'm wrapped with the product and service. Thanks very much.

Ledified did a great job

I can recommend LEDified, they did a great job and delivered everything on time in were very professional. The only hassle was the quote was a bit vague on the number of lights required and it ended up being more than quoted.

Awsome service

From selecting the right solutions with the sales team, (especially Simon Fiske), to the installers.
Every aspect is totally professional.

As previously explained the level of light is amazing

Our factory has 1600 fittings which equated to approximately 100 watt per fitting. The estimated saving offered by LEDified was around 8k off our electricity bill and the lighting costs have reduced by roughly 1/3. I checked our power factor correction unit prior to the installation which was sitting around 0.96 and it now sits at .99 - 1.0. This has had an effect on our peak demand usage and I am confident this will be reflected on our next electricity invoice.

Lamps don't last long & expensive to replace

We paid for all our halogen down lights to be replaced with LEDs by Ledified in mid 2013. We were told we could expect the lights to last for 5-6 years, but given only a 3 year warranty. However in our experience, many have barely lasted three years, and they are expensive to replace. In fact they seem less reliable than the halogen lamps we had replaced.
By February 2016 two of the (20) lamps stopped working and the drivers & lamps were replaced under the 3-year warranty.
By September 2016 there were 3 that were not working, including one that had been replaced under warranty in February 2016. However, this time we were out of warranty and were told it would cost a call out fee of $88 plus $25 to replace the driver & lamp. The Ledified serviceman previously told me you can’t buy the driver or lamp separately and we could only get them from Ledified. I rang Ledified to check if I could buy the lamps separately myself to replace them, but they never got back to me. So, it could cost $113 to get one bulb replaced!
We decided to call in an electrician instead of going to Ledified. He told me that Ledified used non-standard lamps and drivers (15.5 volts rather than 12 or 24 volts) and he was unable to source them from his usual suppliers, which was consistent with what the Ledified serviceman had told me. So rather than remain at the mercy of Ledified, our electrician changed 3 lights over to standard drivers and 12 volt lamps, which are brighter than Ledified’s. Now at least we can replace the lights ourselves if necessary and we are not forever tied to Ledified’s expensive ongoing business practices.
You might want to ensure you check with another supplier before going with them, and ask whether the lights can be replaced easily and where they can be bought.

High price but very poor quality of their dimmable LED lights

I got all the downlights replaced, some of them were non-dimmable ones, and 10 were dimmable ones. All the 10 dimmable ones went wrong within the warranty period. All of them were replaced. However, the replaced ones went wrong again after the initial warranty period. What poor quality! They agreed to replace two "out of a good will", but not any more. I paid $27 for each bulb when they said the bulbs should work for 15 years.

LED finally

Finally got all my old Halogens changed into LEDs! Very friendly communication and customer service!!! I will definitely recommend this company to my friends!

Loving everything about my new lights

I would absolutely recommend this ppl to anyone. Today they install my new LEDs. My husband and I are so happy with it!

Great after sales service.

I got LEDified LED downlights one and half years ago. Last month, I got a call from LEDified, said they gonna come to my place upgrade the driver. 2 week late they came and replaced the driver, and it's FREE. I really satisfy with the service.

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Our new electrician, while working on our solar, discovered that we have unsafe transformers and faulty LEDs installed by Ledified in 2013. why were we never personally informed of the safety issue and a rectification offered? Now I find I am leaving messages at 03 99751660 but no one is returning my call. My number is 0418288081 if this question/chat could initiate some response. Jennifer
1 answer
HI Jennifer thank you for the review. I hope you are satisfied with the quick response time to rectify the issues you had on the day you contacted us. Please don't hesitate to contact us on 13 5337 (Option 4) if you do have any further questions or enquiries. Kindest Regards,

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