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The Lighting Outlet

The Lighting Outlet

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Terrible customer service

I bought a light and I received it broken, it was a floodlight RGB and the Blue was not working.
I contacted the customer service and they asked me to send a video, after confirming the fault, they assure that they replace it in no time.
after 6 days still I am waiting and every day they talk about the process of replacement.
A person in customer service angrily told me that her boss will call me and hung on me.
I am so upset why I bought the light from them and I don't recommend them for any purchase.

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeYes

Very satisfied

Very happy with the service, Melissa looked after us, she was highly professional and a pleasure to deal with.
She gave us free advice on how many lights we needed to light up the area, I thought it was too many but went with it and I'm very glad I did because she was correct, would definitely use again.

Faulty Led Driver

I purchased a Atom AT9627 Led Driver on 11 April 2018 It stopped working and I contacted the company on 26/09/2018 and after sending several emails and phone calls I was told it would be replaced and even after sending several emails I did not receive any goods.I have just been ignored. The Led Driver is covered by a 3 year warranty.
Do not deal with this company. Sepp

Avoid this company - terrible customer service

I ordered a floor lamp beginning Dec 18 and they informed me it was out of stock. I elected a refund which I didn’t receive. I have now sent 3 emails and spoken to them by phone. Two of my emails weren’t even acknowledged. Today I gave them till cob to email me that they have organised my refund and no surprise, I have heard nothing so will now put a dispute in through Zip money & if necessary the ombudsman. It has been about 5 weeks.

Bad customer service

Purchased 2 chandeliers both started flickering after 1.5 years, got into contact with them but they just kept giving excuses. They ended up sending me two led drivers that don’t work for the specific chandelier and here i am still stuck in a situation where a company doesn’t care a about there product or customer. I spoke to a girl named Erin she seemed nice at the start but obviously she doesn’t care either. By law they should be replacing both chandeliers. I don’t need your money i want my chandeliers fixed. Very very unprofessional and bad service. Sorry its come this far. I would not recommend these guys to anyone.

Sent half order and still waiting for other half 2 months later!!

Ordered downlights and LED, all showing as in stock, ordered and paid in full. Get an email 4 days later advising LED is out of stock but will be in stock 2-3 weeks later. I waited until that date, no updates, emailed and advised another week. Another week passed, no up updates so I followed up again. Told another week for stock to arrive and 3-4 more days to ship. Wait this time again, hear nothing, follow up again and told no stock in, now Christmas and too busy to send and suppliers have shut. Alternative finally offered but no pictures of that sent..... These guys are USELESS so please buy your stuff elsewhere!!!!

Lights online

Most disappointing online service I ever have to deal with. Called the company and spoke with [name removed]. Her customer service was the worst possible. Although I must confess that I was her first customer, as she seems very inexperienced and with limited knowledge of their products. still waiting for them to reply. Very disappointed!

No star - slow service/terrible customer service.

Ordered some lights to my new home. got them 3 weeks later to find out the 7/10 items that they sent me were wrong! Contacted the company to find out that their customer service is even worst. They charged me 15% to return the wrong items they have sent me! I will never ever buy anything from this website. Do not recommend at all!

Fabulous service

The service and delivery were truly excellent. nothing was too much trouble. I ordered the lights on Friday night and had them by Wednesday of the following week. I cannot fault this company!

carnival lights

Absolutely loved carnival lights. Unfortunately a few bulbs were blown in transit. Contacted Company and they sent out new globes straight away . Very happy with follow up !

Missing order

I ordered four items (2 led globes plus 2 wall lights) that were showing as in stock at the time of purchase. I’ve now waited 6 weeks with no idea whether I will receive the lights. I’ve sent two emails. The order still says unfulfilled so I’ve asked for a refund however I still have not gotten a response. Very bad customer service. Looking at the other reviews it seems this store perhaps should not be in business. Be careful because the items I ordered are all still showing as in stock on their website. This store has also been offering rewards for positive reviews

Poor quality LED downlights and terrible after sales service

Purchased a number of Telbix and Domo LED downlights, fair failure rate. Had to get a refund or follow up on warranty claim. Will not do business with again.

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Had another one fail. The Lighting Outlet won't respond nor reply. Not expecting any replacement or refund. Just learned my lesson to never buy from here again.

Totally Unreasonable

I ordered 3 pendants on-line for pick up. Apparently in stock, at checkout get prompted to by some globes, so I thought why not and added three expensive globes to the order. Paid by credit card. Next day I get an email telling me they do not have the pendants and cannot source them. OK, please refund me in full as I don't need the globes if I cant get the pendants. I'm then told there will be a 15% re-stocking fee for the globes. What! It was a pick up order, I haven't picked anything up, you're kidding right. Apparently not. They refunded less the 15% on the globes even after several fruitless please for sanity to prevail. I was a returning customer, but I want buy from them again. I suggest you avoid this company too.

Genuine product, delivered quickly, all at a good discount

I was a little hesitant with the first order because the product was at a considerable discount from other suppliers. It was a genuine product and delivered promptly to a regional NSW location. More than happy with this transaction and I placed a second order which was also trouble free. Thanks for a good service.

Customer service lacking after being sent a broken product

I received a broken light where there had clearly been an impact and therefore a chunk of my coach light had broken inside the packaging. It was not packaged properly and as soon as I opened it I took photos and sent them in asking for a replacement for refund. They required more photos which I sent the next day and was told after asking for a refund that they would contact the supplier and they would inform me what was going to happen. I didn't hear anything for a week and therefore contacted them. they said they would email me a return label which they did but didn't indicate how to return it. I emailed straight away asking for instructions and hear nothing. When I emailed a complain to the girl Tara who was dealing with my complaint she responded that yes she sent me a return label and obviously the couriers hadn't picked it up so she would arrange another pickup..... I have since emailed as I still have questions. I knew they had sent me a label but had not instructed me what to do other then stick it on the box. I was not aware if it would be picked up and when or if I needed to drop it somewhere. I have still not had anything collected and have asked Tara when they will pick it up and she has ignored my email, I work full time and would like to plan when I should stick it outside the house (if that is what I do) She should not be in customer service if she cannot answer customers simple emails! I am so upset that I have a $270 light that I received broken and have received really poor (Lazy) customer service.I have worked in customer service and always tried to help people and know it is not diificault to send an informative email. I wish I could contact the manager but the emails to the refund address I have sent have not being answered. I don't trust sending the product back now as I feel I probably wouldn't receive the replacement they once promised. I'm wondering if I should just try and fix the light myself but really that is not the point it should have been whole when I received it. I would just like a refund to be honest.
I will never purchase anything from the lighting outlet again! Which is a shame as I am building a house and needing a lot more lighting but will go elsewhere for that now.

Outdoor light HV 311x unsuitable for Australian outdoor conditions

Bought 4 LED outdoor Wall lights 8 months ago. Now totally flaked and corroded. Company unwilling to refund price or use refund to purchase more suitable lights.

LED Dimmer that does what it states it should do

LEDSMART Dimmer from Diginet.
Finally an LED dimmer that is smooth all the way to zero light o/p. Great product. Highly recommend.

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Update on the LEDSMART Dimmer from Diginet. I have found the dimmer works very well with the 'cheap' Aldi LED globes made by Muller/Lightway. I'm talking the larger E27 or Bayonet fitting. They work very well. Very smooth. Not so the MR16 12volt Aldi down light. Definitely will not replace a 50w Halogen. No where as bright and bad flickering on the LEDSMART Dimmer. I purchased at a considerable price increase 4 X Philips Master MR 16 - 7W. Great brightness (suitable as a replacement for a 50w Halogen) but unfortunately, which has really surprised me, does not dim smoothly on the LEDSMART Dimmer. That's very disappointing. Flickering that is really annoying. Is it really that hard to solve??

No problems at all

I have placed several orders with The Lighting Outlet (both directly with the store and via eBay). Each time my order was delivered quickly with no hassles.

Good pricing and range, would be happy to use again

Save yourself the trouble and shop elsewhere!

"Lost" order, no communication until you chase them, and then when order did finally arrive it was damaged. The damage did not look to be from shipping the item actually looked used or made up of other parts. Sent an email detailing and included pics and heard absolutely nothing in reply. There are dozens of lighting retailers online so I advise people to shop elsewhere. A company who cannot answer their phone is cause for worry and this company do not answer their listed phone number and make you try repeatedly to get a reply.

Horrible Customer Service

I ordered a box of 10 bulbs from their website, but was sent only 1 bulb. I called several times seeking to remedy the situation. Initially, I was told I would receive a refund. Later I was told by a manager that I had to smash the single bulb and photograph it in order to receive a refund. This was apparently so that I did not "receive a bulb for free." Very poor customer service!!!

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