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MPNs: 35904260 and TD-C902H
2.6 from 29 reviews

Poor Quality

I have had my dryer for 7 months with minimal use and it stopped being able to tumble. The service repair man told me the motor had burnt out, which with our extended warranty should come under a major failure and therefore under consumer law should have been replaced. The service repair man said he would be back to collect the dryer once I had removed it out of the laundry and it was by the front door for collection. Two and a bit weeks later it was repaired in our front yard and all they did was replace the capacitor, which we new was useless and a quick fix. It is now 4 weeks on and has failed again and could have burnt the house down. The dryer still being under new warranty and less than 12 months old we feel it should have been replaced. LG Australia give very poor after sales service, are rude and look for the cheapest fix rather than doing the right thing by there customer. We asked for a copy of the repair paperwork and where told as we did not pay for the repairs we would not be getting a copy. Well hang on a minute how do you keep track of what was replaced and when for your warranty. We are now waiting for another service assessment and so it begins again. Buyer beware!!!!!

Date PurchasedSep 2017

Energy efficient, saved my laundry from mould

Ive had this for about a year and so far this is worth every cent and I am in love. Prior to this model, I had a normal dryer - and the hot moist air was constantly causing mould in my laundry. So I looked into another type and found this. It looks beautiful, collects all the water that would normally be pumped into the air into a container that I empty (there is also a hose you can connect to the dryer and place out a window or something). There is no more moisture in the air or mould! I have a normal laundry again. The unit itself it whisper quite - and I even sleep when its going. I could never do this with other units. Theres heaps of added functions; like a rack to dry shoes or other things on, automatic turning off when load done, and you can control it by your smart phone (never used it, really don't understand the point!). The energy efficiency is amazing and at 9 star energy rating this product will pay for its self over a few years in saved energy bills. Its a bit bigger than most unit so not sure it would suit an apartment or small laundry. I paid about 2.4 k I think.....

Date PurchasedApr 2017

For those who whinge

We replaced a Bosch condenser dryer for this and never look back. Big blankets and doona came out dry and crisp. It looks modern and feel modern. We love the led light. Most importantly it’s big!
For those who whinge about this dryer may I ask what dryer have u tried? Do u know how to use it correctly? I bet those who whinge about this dryer will whinge about any dryer. Go get yourself a Miele or any flashy brand u think will be better and I bet u will whinge as well.

Date PurchasedJun 2018

Great dryer

I purchased this dryer in early June 2018. I love how the water is collected in a reservoir so no more wet rooms. I have been using for days due to a week of wet weather and so far it's holding up really well. No issues and it dries the clothes really well. We have an Lg top loader washing machine and it's never missed a beat in 5 years. So far very happy with my purchase and it has 9 star energy rating and was number 1 when tested by choice.

Date PurchasedJun 2018

Lasted 3 Years no warranty !

Had this dryer only 3 years, nearly $3,000 to buy, take ages to dry a load, now has a bearing noise in the motor and LG don't want to know about it.
My LG 70 inch LED tv lasted less than 3 years, again out of warranty, avoid LG appliances at all cost.

Date PurchasedNov 2014

Don't buy LG!!

This dryer was amazing until it started faulting at just 11 months old. The local warranty agent have been amazing in trying to fix the dryer but are limited by LGs complete lack of communication and their 0% care factor. It has been nearly 8 weeks since I called LG support and I am no closer to having this expensive dryer fixed.
Any attempt to contact LG support is a complete waste time.
Don't buy any LG products!!

Date PurchasedApr 2017
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Hi, We're sorry to hear about your experience you've had with us. This is definitely not something we want any of our customers to go through. Please private message us your contact details so that we can address your concerns Thank You LG Customer Care Australia

Very economical dryer

This dryer is an excellent machine. It’s use of heat pump technology along with my ability to set a start time while my solar panels are most likely to be at their peak allows me to dry clothes at next to no cost. There are multiple functions that make this machine versatile as well as cost effective.

Date PurchasedAug 2017

Good except for water container “full” issue

The dryer does a good job of drying and I have no complaints there. However, after just 12 months it started with setting off the “empty water/clean lint” alert during every drying cycle- despite the fact that I have meticulously cleaned the lint filter and emptied the water after every dry cycle all year. Eventually LG sent out a technician who spent 5 hours pulling the machine apart to clean lint which the water had dumped at the bottom of the machine, under the pump. This fixed the issue. However, I asked if this is something we can clean ourselves and the technician said “no” because the whole machine needs to be dismantled to reach the spot and it doesn’t matter how clean we keep everything else. In effect, at least once a year, we will need a technician to come and dismantle the dryer to clean under the pump (at a cost of $130 each time). What a terrible design that is!!!

Date PurchasedApr 2017


Really wish I saw these reviews BEFORE I brought this model. Not only does it take 4-5 hours to dry sheets if im lucky \ (which really doesn't save power in the long run due to how long it takes to dry stuff) but now it has a horrible squeak which I will be dealing with the warranty people with on Monday. DO NOT BUY!!

Date PurchasedMay 2017

Life savier!

I love t so much i dont understand why it has so many negative reviews. Iwas a little hesitant before purchasing after reading so many negative teviews but thought i will give it ago as i never had any problems with this particular brand. And of course i love it so much now! It works perfectly for us. Never too noisy and saves heaps of my time. You definitely need one if you have a little ine during winter. I highly recommend!

Date PurchasedMar 2017

Lots of cleaning required

Chose LG over other brand name dryers due to a cash back promotion and am happy with the decision. This dryer is easy to use and operates quietly with many modes for different types of fabric. Love that I can choose for clothes to be cupboard dry or not. A fair bit of maintenance required cleaning out the lint filter and emptying the water tank but a great product for the price.

Date PurchasedSep 2017

Worst dryer on earth

This dryer is horrendous. Takes hours to dry anything. Towels up to 4 hours. Sheets forget it. The machine spins them into a ball so they don’t dry unless you constantly pull them out. Shake them open and return to dryer. I have to do this every ten minutes. It’s slow. And useless. I bought it bc I thought it would be good to save energy bill. But I’m spending more bc it takes so long to dry ANYTHING. And everything comes out so crumpled. My old cheaper one was quick dried clothes well so often if I got them out immediately I wouldn’t need to iron them. This is rubbish. It’s brand new and already I want to get rid of it. I’ll never buy another LG product. Go for a cheap 2 star rated dryer and you’ll probably really happy.

Date PurchasedDec 2017

Worst dryer I ever had. Worst decision I ever made.

Clothes come out looking like they have been through an old fashioned wringer and often tangled. Broke down within warranty time and LG along with Good Guys (concierge program - waste of time and money) are “making a decison”. Unsure what that means but we’ve been without s dryer for 4 weeks while they decide what to do with this useless lemon. Don’t buy this dryer. Don’t buy LG and don’t buy through Good Guys.

Date PurchasedNov 2016

I like it, but the auto time settings are bad

Our laundry has bad ventilation, so we bought this dryer to stop the problem of steaming out the room. It works well - no more wet laundry! It's relatively quiet too, but it takes a long time to dry everything (much longer than our previous dryer did - maybe an hour longer?). It's easy to remove lint from, and emptying the water collection tray is effortless.

I don't mind the longer time frame, but my problem with this dryer is if I use the auto settings (cotton, bulky item, mixed fabric, etc), I pretty much have to run everything twice for the clothes to be dry. I'm not sure if the fixed time they've set for these settings are completely inaccurate, or if the auto-detection isn't way off....but it's really annoying to open the dryer and have everything still quite damp. I would have much preferred the more simple "warm, low" and set the time myself, than the fancy settings that don't work.

Date PurchasedMar 2017

Good Unit - no issue with bulky items

We were worried after buying this dryer & the bad reviews on drying sheets. Took the advice of another review & read the instructions.
We have had no issues with sheets using the ‘bulky item’ setting.
Yes it’s a slower dryer & yes the items seem damp when removed but those things aren’t a problem if you were advised correctly at purchase. We wanted the energy saving as our first priority.
If you want a ‘crisp’ dry & faster dryer then stick to the standard less efficient & cheaper dryers.

Date PurchasedNov 2017

huge convenience

When i read some reviews in here i thought Gee maybe i should reconsider. But i tell you know READ the manual and it will deliver.
It is quiet. Well designed and efficient. You can dry loads after loads if you choose the right setting. I plumbed it to the sink so no maintenance for water at all. You need to clean the filter which is normal. But it works like a dream. As i said you need to choose the right options for it which can be more difficult for an average iq. but if you get it right it will work perfectly.

Date PurchasedSep 2017

A little slow, but does the job

I bought this dryer to stack on top of my LG washer, and have had no issues so far.
Sheets & towels twisted into a tight, wet ball the first time I dried them (using the 'Cotton' cycle), but when using the 'Bulky Items' cycle the machine reverses every few minutes to avoid tangling. Haven't had a problem since - the machine is pretty slow to run on Eco mode, but everything comes out completely dry at the end of the cycle.
Hopefully this machine lasts a long time & I avoid the sensor issues others have experienced.

Date PurchasedJun 2017

Doesnt dry sheets properly and slow.

I would return this dryer if I could. It is by far the worst dryer I have ever owned. The sheets don't dry properly mad end up in a wrinkled ball of a mess. It takes hours to dry even the basic of loads. The true steam makes them far too wet compared to other models I have used. I would avoid this machine and save your money.

Date PurchasedSep 2016

3 hours drying and twists large items

Have machine for two weeks.Takes over three hours to dry 3-6 kg of clothes in a 9 kg dryer. Soon as you put items larger than a T-shirt in the dryer it twists into a ball and only dries the outside. That means towels and shirts, sheets won't dry and get twisted and wrecked. LG would not return my money and suggested I open the machine every 10 minutes and rearrange the clothing!very poor service. Thank goodness Harvey Norman have offered to exchange Drive for another model.

Date PurchasedJun 2017

Frustrating and slow!

I've had this dryer for 15 months now after purchasing it as part of a pigeon pair, and it drives me up the wall.

From a base functionality perspective it dries stuff... albeit at a much slower pace than you'd expect from a new whizz bang piece of appliance kit. My ancient F&P dryer which the LG replaced, did a much better job.

The beef I have with the machine that makes me want to push it off a high cliff, is the ambiguous and completely inflexible settings. For example, if you want to dry sheets and not have them end up in a wet ball, you choose 'Bulk Items' - the problem is, this setting is preset at 2hrs... and can't be changed. So if you've only got two single sheets, you have to remember to stop the machine after 1.5hrs or they come out crispy fried. Similarly, drying a bulky king size duvet cover which needs at least 3hrs, requires a restart after 2hrs and then stopping again manually after an hour unless you want to completely overcook the damned thing.

Another setting issue - there's nowhere in the instructions to inform you what heat each of the individual settings is at. So I've got a new velvet quilt cover which can only be nuked on low heat in a tumble drier as per the label. 'Low heat', what setting is low heat? Delicates? Sports Wear? How hot is the 'Warm Air' setting?? If you take a punt and assume 'Delicates' might be low heat, the preset time for that one is locked in at 45mins?!! Too bad if you only had a couple of smalls which needed 20 mins.

Basically nothing in the drier settings table corresponds to the instructions you get off a fabric label. I'm going to sell it and getting a non-matchy matchy drier. Too bad if they look different, I don't want to deal with this badly designed piece of crap any longer.

Date PurchasedApr 2016

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Questions & Answers

Does the dryer need water to run or can it run without water?
2 answers
The dryer needs water to run. LG supply a double connector to attach to the laundry tap so the dryer and the washing machine can be connected to the same tap. Water also needs to drain from a draining hose that can be drained into a sink or the same drain outlet as the washing machine or if the draining hose isn't used then there is a drawer that needs to be emptied after every drying cycle.I haven't hooked mine up to water and it operates AOK. I also don't use the drain hose so have to manually empty the water tank every week or so. So basically it operates as a stand alone unit with no external connections bar power.

We purchased the td c902h dryer a few days ago but are increasingly concerned that the sensor does not work properly??. Damp clothing in small loads and large loads. Running forever and not stopping, bearing no relationship to listed eco times. Checked all listed causes and can see no problems unfortunately. Any ideas?
5 answers
Hi, I could only stand the problems with this dryer for a week. Luckily Appliances Online were very helpful to helping me upgrade to a Miele. There are heaps of bad reviews when you start looking. I did purchase an LG washer and dryer and had to return both. Miele brands were dearer but well worth it. I have had a lot of LG products but the laundry items ar letting them down. Hope you have a good outcomeWe read the poor reviews but my husband insisted he wanted the lg and now I am not sure????. All the dryers had bad reviews.. Did ok in consumer magazine. I wonder if it is a 'climate,' problem lots of heat but not fully dry and then running for say 4 hours plus just for a, finish off drying medium load off the clothes line?????. Can't be good economy and then I just have to turn it off myself. I think it might run for days if I left it and still be damp????..I've had problems with loads not being fully dry when using the automatic sensor - however, I will say that I have also experienced this with both other inverter dryers and standard dryers. I find that when I set it to "very" dry instead of "cupboard" or "ironing" it gets much closer to fully dry. I generally need to give it another fifteen-twenty minutes after the standard time runs out. This doesn't bother me - perhaps because I've always had this issue no matter the brand of dryer and so don't know any better. It does run for a long time - up to three hours for a load of towels. Again, this doesn't really bother me because the energy rating of the dryer is such that I haven't noticed a difference in the electricity bill since we've had it...and we use it upwards of twenty hours a week.


Price (RRP) $2749
Energy Rating6Stars
Wall MountableYes

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  • MPN: 35904260 and TD-C902H
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