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The sales manager is not returning my calls

Paid $300 for my light, did not receive an invoice or shipping information and now [name removed] the sales manager is not returning my calls. I've spent 3 days calling them and now it goes straight to voice mail. Do not use this company!

Never received lamps or refund. Untrustworthy

I ordered two lamps online to the value of $200. They never arrived. When I contacted them, I was told they did arrive and it is out of their hands. No refund, no re-shipping. No lamps. They stole my $200. I'm taking them to VCAT.

Don't buy from them

outdoor lights

Great service and price, highly recommend this company! Huge range of products and specifications, makes buying really easy. thanks very much!

Excellent experience highly recommended

This was the first time I bought lighting online and was quite worried about it. I was very lucky because I had a wonderful exprience, staff really easy to deal with and helpful, and products came exactly as advertised. What a relief!


We ordered a pendant light and six oyster lights. The Pendant light arrived two days later, but after waiting for two weeks for the oyster lights I sent them an email to follow up on it. I would have preferred to call but they don't have a contact number. I received a response via email a day later and was informed it would be shipped that afternoon and will arrive tomorrow. Still hasn't arrived and went to the address on the customer service email and the address doesn't exist. I will not be using them again.

Pendant Lights

thanks for the great service and great range. Goods arrived on time. I am very happy with my pendant light purchase.

Perfect service

I cannot understand the poor reviews I have read here. The order I lodged was received in three days which amazed me. The product was as described and the packaging was unbelievable. I think it was so well padded that would not be damaged if dropped from a great height. I have no hesitation in totally recommending this Company.

TERRIBLE service and incorrect description

Be very careful - I purchased 4 Antique Brass fans from this company and when they arrived from 2 different locations I opened one to show my husband to find that the housing unit was chrome (brushed silver) and the cover that sits flush to the ceiling is gold in colour. I contacted Lighting Style immediately and explained what I'd found and asked to return them for a refund. I was asked to send photo's which I did to then be told too bad, we don't refund for colour variance and we think they look fine as described. I again implored them to reconsider as I don't have anything in my home that is chrome and as these are an expensive purchase and not a small decoration I can't hide them from sight. Again I was told tough, we won't refund it's our policy.Well, Policies aren't set in stone, can't you make an exception in this case considering they're 2 different colours that are also not brass...
What kind of company takes peoples hard earned money and sells them multi coloured products without even considering a replacement? which has also been refused. I understand there are times where there can be colour variances but not with metal???? and not 2 different colours on the one item. Be very careful when buying online from this company they are shonky and nasty! I am now stuck with 4 fans that i can't put in my home because they will look ridiculous. Why bother asking for photo's when they had absolutely no intention of considering a refund?

Communication is a massive issue with this bunch

I purchased lights at $250 1 week ago.

No reply to any of my emails.

No contact number.

After further investigation other people have had their orders “canceled” by Lighting Style.


I have finally been contacted and the lights have arrived 1 week past due date.


Bad customer service

Bad customer service email to change the lights but they refused didn’t have any option bad service so plz don’t buy

Great Selection of Lights and Fittings

This place has a terrific selection of light fittings, fans and bulbs for all needs and great quality and price for delivery. I ordered some hollywood lights and an outdoor sensor double light. Both are great now installed.

Prompt delivery, good variety

I purchased 6 fans and 3 x 3 in 1 bathroom fan/heater/lights online. Website was easy to navigate, the company were prompt to answer my queries and to dispatch the order to Sydney. Would definitely deal with them again.

Questions & Answers

I have ordered a fan (order number: 14886) since 11-10-2017 and it didn't delivered yet. Can you pls follow up? Regards Yahya
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Was your problem resolved? I’m going through the same issue.

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