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Excellent phone for bargain price

IMO Luvyourphone is the best online trader to buy new or used phones at a very reasonable price. Brand new Nokia 5 is a really good phone and the price was unbeleivable. I could have given 5 stars, but only reason for 4 stars is the wrong information given to me by Paolo. I asked Paolo whether the 64GB internal storage given in spec sheet is correct and he confirmed it's correct. But phone has only 16GB storage. It's better to check the details before confirmation I guess,

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo

A cheap product

On Tuesday 12th June 2018 I purchased Norton Mobile Security For 3 Devices 2 Years Subscription for $19.99 so I could protect my iPhone and my iPad from hackers and virus. The staff were kind to me and the service was amazing.

Product Quality
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A wonderful company to deal with, very happy.

The store is well presented and easy to search. A full and comprehensive range of new and used products.
The item I bought was a perfect example of the quality on offer

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Phone Deals Us Oldies can Trust.

luvyourphone has treated this (somewhat confused Oldie) with respect and with no lie. They kept their word, and also were very helpful, always replied to emails, I made a mistake in the model i ordered and received an immediate refund to repurchase with luvyourphone or another supplier.
Nothing else needs to be said.
bob b

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo
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Product PurchasedApple iPhone 5c 16GB

Excellent experience!!!

I bought a near new note 8 from luvyourphone and I was suprised on how fast the phone turned up and the quality of the phone! I have told my mates about luvmyphone as I can't fault the experience I have had with them. Will buy from again 100%

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Product PurchasedSamsung Galaxy Note 8

Great service and fast delivery

My phone was posted promptly and got to me quickly. It was in the condition as described and came with all the original packaging. My phone also look and performs great!

User name: auemil.526chkl

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Fast delivery and excellent communication!

Well packaged and delivered on the estimated postage date! Included all parts and the phone itself (Sony Xperia XA) was in brilliant condition. I was quickly emailed postage details and invoicing from the seller.

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo
Warranty Claim MadeNo
Product PurchasedSony Xperia XA

Totally surprised, excellent delivery within 24 hrs, perfect ... thanks for your aaaa service . Tony

Accurately described, the best price, delivery in 24 hrs, I am very happy thanks for making it happen so quickly. Your company definitely sets a new standard .. Luv your Phone is obviously working hard to make this happen !!!. Thanks

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo
Warranty Claim MadeNo
Product PurchasedApple iPhone SE

Just like brand new except not in original box

Easy to find products very happy with the range provided and quality AAA.
The packaging was excellent, and came two days before the delivery which was fantastic.
My son was over the moon when he saw the present.

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo
Warranty Claim MadeNo
Product PurchasedApple iPad Air 2


Product is exactly what I ordered and in the condition advertised.
Purchase was simple and straightforward.
Product was delivered to the correct location.
Safe and secure.
Definitely use luv your phone again.

Return Claim MadeNo
Warranty Claim MadeNo
Product PurchasedApple iPad (5th Generation) Wi-Fi

Great phone and condition better than I expected.

I am more than happy with my Samsung note 9 that was in better condition than I expected and was delivered way before it's due date, I looked at quite a few phones through other sellers and ended up with the best deal and price from luvyourphone.com.au and would highly recommend dealings with this seller and would use them again without hesitation. Well done you are an asset and thank you very much. Keep up the good work.

Return Claim MadeNo
Warranty Claim MadeNo
Product PurchasedSamsung Galaxy Note 9

Amazing Service

I can’t believe how quickly I received my Netgear Nighthawk M1.
The modem is also an awesome product which delivers more than I expected.
It is unlocked and was so easy to setup with my provider.
Communications were also great.
Thanks for your service it is simply extraordinary.


I am very happy with product and it is very quick service, I received product quicker then ETA date.

Great service

I was very satisfied with the device and the speedy delivery. The product arrived in excellent condition and was a great price.

Life proof case

Good product, good price, heaps of contact on order status and shipping...

Huawei Modem

After a very disappointing receipt of the wrong/unsuitable item I cannot now rate luvyour phone highly enough. They have been exceptional with communication quick to respond & resolve the situation. I now have to rate them & especially Kate & Paolo 11 out of 10 & give them all 6stars in every field. Would certainly recommend & would not consider going anywhere else in future.

Beware!!!! Refurbished phone sold as Brand New. Confirmed by Apple Support.

Order Brand New iphone 7,256GB model but ended up getting a refurbished iphone 7 in a white generic box. The apple support verified the serial number and confirmed its refurbished phone but the seller denies it. They even challenge apple support even after providing all required evidence. They state that it comes with one year warranty which is for refurbished phones and brand new phones comes with two year apple warranty.
I ended up returning because I have been mislead and seller is in constant denial. Even ebay support team stated that all brand new items should come in original sealed apple iphone box and not with any generic white box.
Please be aware of what you are getting for the price what you pay. If its a gift, please do not purchase from these seller since I made this terrible mistake.

Hi Jai, We do our best to put all the necessary information in our listing to give proper expectation to our customers. We are an honest seller and we do not mislead our customers. We are sorry you encountered issues with your transaction. We are always here to helpA brand new phone means it should be in its original packaging and not a white box. When Apple confirmed that its a refurbished phone still luvyourphone was challenging that and still kept on denying it. EBay support as well agreed that brand new phone should be in its original packaging. Either there is flaw in your process or it's the team who is not aware on what products bring sold. Either way, honest is a misleading word to use based on my personal experience with luvyourphone.

very good service 5 stars

very easy to navigate product in excellent condition very happy with the service provided would recommend to family and friends.

Just great

Finding what was needed was easy so many was difficult picking the right one, many products to choose from, quality of my product is very good

exactly as

i phone 8 is near new and in excellent condition - no scratches at all. works well - good price quick delivery 2 days

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Is a brand new Samsung S6 , $249 or is it pre owned?
No answers

Why am I not getting any response about a warranty claim. I would dearly love to get a telephone number for this company to allow me to ring them but cannot find them.
3 answers
Well it's now rapidly approaching February 2018. I did get an answer and it was a request for me to send the phone to them. I did this within a couple of days on the 2nd of December. Since then nothing despite many follow up emails and I even tried Messenger which just referred me back to their web page which says they will respond within 2 hours on a business day. Now I can't even get the email link to work on their support page. I'm really beginning to think that Luvyourphone are not very honest.Well finally they did the right thing and via "Messenger" messages contacted me and got on with the job of checking the phone I sent back and ultimately sending a replacement, which was sent via Express Parcel Service. I t has arrived and my granddaughter is very happy to have a phone again. So ultimately Luv your phone came good, but I have to say that their website says you will get a response within two hours on a normal business day. The do not seem capable of responding that quickly through the support link on their website, whats more the actual link they had up didn't do anything. Whilst I do think they could have done a lot better they have at least met their obligations. So we are reasonably happy. Hopefully there will be no more problems with the phone.I've not had any problems with their email communications. Even at late hours they have promptly replied to my emails Regards, Ron

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