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False description of goods in catalogue

The description in the catalogue does not relate in any way to the instructions that came with the bath mat I ordered. Catalogue did not state would not suit a textured surface, did not state needed to be rinsed and allowed to dry naturally after each use. The catalogue description said 'it dries immediately' - the next morning the mat was still soaking wet, holding water on the surface. - totally unsatisfactory.

Return Claim MadeNo
Warranty Claim MadeNo

Misleading Advertising

In August 2018, my wife received a letter from the 'Prize Draw Administrator' at Magnamail stating that she was ' a CONFIRMED WINNER in Magnamail's BIGGEST Prize Draw All Year' and that she had 'definitely won a prize'. We ordered an item from the catalogue which was a condition of entry and waited for the draw to take place in early November.
We heard nothing and rang Magnamail on 12th December to find out what prize my wife had won and when she would receive it. Initially, Magnamail denied that she had won a prize but when we challenged them about the letter stating that she was a confirmed prize winner, they said that she would receive a prize in '14 to 21 days'. It is now 13th January and still nothing has been received.
It appears from other reviews that this is a common practice with Magnamail and should be stopped - it is particularly unfair for elderly or vulnerable people.

90 Year Old Mother being Scammed

My mother has been scammed by Magnamail now for numerous years. Always sending her the promise of the big win or that she has won. She has dementia now and just keeps sneaking off posting more and more money to them. The family has tried to stop her but she does not understand. This is causing huge arguments between my 90 year old dad and my mother who is addicted to this crap. They are pensioners who can not afford to be fleeced by these scams. How do we stop this?

A major scam

Same as herb says, they say you are a confirmed winner then all you receive are the items that you pay for not a prize in sight not even the cheapest poor quality of the prizes on offer, this is the second time I've given them a try, there won't be a third!!

Scamming people

Twice now this company has sent mail advising me that I am a confirmed winner of a prize, if I order within 14 days. I considered that everyone is entitled a second chance. Firstly nothing from them to date including no products. I truly believe that this company does not take in to consideration the amount of people they are scamming and this needs to stop. With enough of us complaining maybe they will lift their game. Ha!

My order made on 07/09/18, for 2 NO FATS COOKING pots or pans, has NEVER arrived. When will it be c

We were extremely happy with the products that were sent to us and there were several items we may still purchase BUT we haven't received the NON FATS COOKERS. Thanks Bert

Told me a winner and then saw an item I would like to buy

Usually wouldnt bother with "you have won" and cheap jewellery etc but saw a clock with alarm and temp and just broken mine so went for it. Never buy from this muddled mob again. First off posted off the order form. And that was it never heard from them again so had a look at my credit card and yes they had paid themselves still for the clock. But wondered so phoned - 15 mins on phone with message team busy and dropped out. Tried again next day, same thing. so googled for stie and then sent an email - did ask for order no but since never heard didnt have one and said so. Back came email without order number cant trace.
Scam for sure as didnt even tell me re supposed to have won already etc plus another $20 K up for grabs.
So be wary and now feel even sillier as better alarm temp clocks for less at Kogan's and they are organized always deliver. Silly me.

This is perfect thanking about going on a Holiday

Would like to buy an hose and some walk way pretty lights please, thanks is their another way of paying my order, because I really need my order

Keep it coming. I love to receive your happy books with nice goods to buy.

Easy to read and find goods. I like the wide range. Every product that I have purchased has been of top quality.

Magnamail Always Brightens My Day

Very satisfied with products find there is always a excellent choice to choose from always look forward to receiving current brochure.

Great products and cheap delivered to your mail box

We have been using Magnamail for ever and love the catalogue although we get sick of hearing about others winning the great prizes. We have bought many items from Magnamail with complete satisfaction. Only one or two items we returned for various reasons [wrong size or colour] and we were credited quickly for the costs. We eagerly await the next catalogue, regards Yorkie.

Great company

Satisfied in all categories. Quality of products is always great. Fashion garments and jewellery very tempting. Look forward to the day they arrive.

Incredible company

Always easy to get products and have always been satisfied with what I have ordered.Never have to wait too long for parcel to arrive

Great products

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed magnamail
With their diverse range of products at affordable budget prices.
I’m never going to know what they will offer next but always look forward to the surprise

Great products good quality.

Weed puller and vacuum cleaner are good quality.The clothes I ordered are the wrong size, they are to big..Happy otherwise.

A real boon.

I find the catalogue very easy to flick through and identify the items relevant to me.
There are a wide range of products and I always find something enticing.....too many for my budget on occasions!
Very satisfied...we use them all the time.

This product is poor quality and unusable.

I purchased 2 cheese slicers K1726 along with another two items which I have yet to use. When I tried one of the cheese slicers it proved to be unusable and of poor quality.
I would return them but the cost of postage would be more than the products themselves. I will be extremely wary of purchasing any other items from you again. I would also like to comment that I was confirmed as a winner of a prize which I have not yet received or been notified of what the prize was. Shame on you. Never again.
Order/Advice No. AA*718545.

Has been very helpful to me as I am a full time carer and find it hard to shop

Everything up to now has been very good and I will most like continue buy gifts etc as up to now everyone has enjoyed the gifts.


No problem i have always been more than satisfied with the products that i ordered and look forward to your next catalog to see the latest products.


I am very satified with my purchase and look forward to the next catalogue. Start looking for gift ideas. Thank you

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Questions & Answers

how do you cancel one item ordered twice
2 answers
If the company won't refund your money on return of the item I would suggest you contact the Ombudsman responsible or perhaps a higher authority connected with Magnamail or just tell all them you will advise all your friends not to deal with Magnamail. If you subscribe to Choice Magazine they would help you.have you contacted magna mail & asked them they will give you give you the correct information?

I want to order can I pay online PayPal thanks
1 answer
contact Magnamail & ask them

I have an article that is defective and I wish to return it, I have only had it for 4 days. Customer no. 2285656 please instruct me how.In relation to payment post, I just sat on the phone for 3/4 hour and got no response, r shaw.
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