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They don't care.

How do I file a complaint about my new job provider person? [name removed] from Matchworks Narre Warren. She is such a fool. Treats everyone like crap and won't listen. My other Matchworks person was treated us better. I have complained to the management of this office and he stuck up for her.
They want me to give up my 2 jobs I have a week. One I have been with for 19 and the other for 2 and half years. Just so she can put me into cleaning or manufacturing jobs. I told her that I had a contract with these jobs and cannot leave the parents I work for without childcare. She then says they need to give you more hours. Even if they have to pull their kids out of a childcare centre. I can't tell my employers this. am not the only one she treats badly.

Consultant on a power trip

Frankston. Was shocked at the attitude of my consultant ‘S’. Even though I was fully compliant and agreed to do a training program on my first and only appointment she was on the attack it seemed. I left feeling like I’d just come out of detention. She second guessed me multiple times that I would send my resume through by the time required as I had to convert formats. She then proceeded to say she’s used to being lied to inferring I’m one of those people when she had met me for 5 mins when I had given no reason for her to believe that. The only positive was she seemed very efficient in getting things done. Never had a problem with any of my consultants prior to this.


Last month, I accompanied my niece to Matchwork Caboolture and I was astounded to see the way they are treating the job seekers. There wasn't any privacy at all. Matchwork management should look into this. No person in their right mind will put all the job seekers in one room. Even myself who was sitting outside waiting, can hear the consultant voice. She was rude and nasty. I doubt it if any of those consultants are qualified to deal with job seekers. SHOCKING!

Great place

Matchworks at modbury .Is a really good job provider .they go out of there way to assist you. They are very helpful and friendly. They treat you like a person and never look down on you .like other job provides. I am extremely happy with matchworks at modbury

Absolutely waste of taxpayers money (1.3 Billion p/year) and a waste of resources for unemployed

After reading these reviews, I've decided to put in my two cents worth . I became unemployed at 54 years, through a long term injury, and was thrown on the scrap heap. Luckily for me in the beginning the service provider was quite sympathetic to my needs, and realized that heavy duty lifting was out, which unfortunately were the only jobs that were available. So I spent three years visiting them, ending up just discussing life in general, and filling in an hour with talking. They finally closed down, and I was now posted to another one. I'm now off to Christie bch to visit the next provider, same thing spent an hour p/wk discussing life in general. That soon closed down and then I was posted to another which unfortunately was run by a sergeant major, a real cow, this one had no time for me, just said three choices, do a course (you could then) look for a job (cold canvass) or volunteer. I decided to do a certificate 2 retail, it went about 3 weeks, some mickey mouse course held in a Seaford pub, got some sort of certificate, which didn't do much for my resume, by this time I'd had enough and found out the place was run by monkeys. Luckily I had enough skills in I.T. which allowed me to volunteer as a Computer tutor. (Even at 60 I found I'm still required to volunteer 15 hours p/w.) I've decided to continue on this path as it will be my last career, and then receive a pension. My partner even though having skilled as an accountant overseas, couldn't find work in this field, had to lower herself to work in another field to get enough money to live, and even worked for someone who paid under the award rate. Thankfully that's finished now, she is required to go to MatchWorks once a week just to change some words in her resume, she found it difficult finding jobs and was reprimanded for applying for jobs, that they thought were not suitable. What a joke their requirements are 20 jobs p/m, now she puts it in another language so they can't read it. Been a few years now for her at MatchWorks and after doing volunteering work for 6 months every year she has now gained a new skill, volunteering as a volunteer in a volunteering organisation involved in some sort of volunteering work, who in general help volunteers, who are finding it difficult to find volunteer work.

Matchworks is Great

Matchworks DES in Corio is great. They helped me get through any mental issues I had and encouraged me to keep taking steps forward. They sent me to a few classes and helped me with anxieties I had when I went to interviews. They were all extremely lovely people and now I’m working and feeling more confident within myself.

Pathetic and Uselss.

Twice in the last month I have had my payments suspended for their failures. Once, they failed in logging in a Job Search sheet I handed them, and the second time they failed to log my attendance at an activity, when I called them during said activity and explicitly told informed them.

They don't help at all and provide nothing of benefit, sending me to useless "Work Ready" courses that teach me nothing. Awful and useless. Whatever they're being paid it's too much.


Mathworks need to be shut down. I have a disability and they treat me like crap, they promise everything and deliver nothing. I am now considering legal action against them for disability discrimination

Used Car Salesmen Are More Ethical

I found out the hard way that MatchWorks 1-star score is fair and accurate. I won't mention which branch was involved for privacy reasons.

MatchWorks did not gather background information on their client - not even a resume.
Cold called new clients to sign-up for training courses unsuitable for the client. Lie about the contents of the course.
When the client notices they have been signed up under false pretences, use sales techniques such as transferring complaining client to management, who then stonewall and attempt the sales process again. Oh, did I mention the course provider has large advertising display in the foyer of the MatchWork's branch? What a coincidence.

The desperation of this particular branch of MatchWorks to sign people up for inappropriate courses with a closely associated trainer, and the extreme stubbornness to reverse that sign-up show that the client came second.

There a lot of jobactive providers and, by the law of averages, you will encounter some bad apples. Avoid one less bad apple by avoiding MatchWorks.

Lazy, no time management , lack presentation , no direction - ZERO STARS EPIC FAIL

I was with Matchwork Cannington for 2 months. I have 3 qualifications a lot of experience, it wasn't until I developed a medical condition and I wasn't able to work for a while that I need the DES provider. MY co Ordinator, in two months asked me how she could help, despite the fact she should know what she should do, I advised reverse marketing , in that time she only reversed marketed me for only one job, despite of many years of trying to re enter the work force, I was stuck with a women who didn't do any work/. I handed everything to her on a platter , including desired places I wanted to work, while I still applied with no success, she did nothing. so Avoid like the plague, do what I did and change to a far superior DES provider


They would say there's lots of jobs for me. But they refused to tell me the jobs, and locations. They altered my resume saying it now looked better. But it didn't make sense, lots of spelling errors, and they put qualifications I didn't have onto the resume. Every week they promised to send my resume for me, and use their special contacts to get me a job.
I had been going there once a week for two years. One day they told me I had a job. I was excited. I went to the job interview, the manager said "your hired" without asking me questions. I was under the assumption it was a permanent position. But at the end of 6 months the manager handed me a form to give to Matchworks. He thanked me for working the 6 months. It turned out Matchworks uses that company to have temporary employees work there. I found out from other people looking for a job, that Matchworks only gets them casual jobs from certain companies.
I was angry, I had wasted my time with them. I wanted a copy of my resume to show Centrelink how bad Matchworks is. I didn't tell Matchworks why I wanted it. But they refused to make me a copy.


I have had no support or marketing done for me on my behalf after consultations with marketers and staff no statistical feedback or kpis on feedback for my marketing people on my behalf to locate work for me. Absolute waste of my time seeing them.

Incompetent and rude

Dealt with “K” at Matchworks Bendigo, she was rude and argumentative over the phone. Made me feel absolutely terrible. Texted me that my Centrelink benefits may be affected and just rude on the phone. Spoke downright nasty.
My case manager “A” treats me like a simpleton. Never listens to my requests and puts my resume into positions without my consent. Whenever ask to be given copies of documents I’m to sign always refuses.
Matchworks Bendigo is a terrible employment agency, they do not care about the individual but of ticking boxes and getting people into stuff to make the agency look competent. They will not support a person looking for work with paying for training, courses or even clothing and footwear to help begin a new job with.
If you find employment by yourself they take credit for it!
Absolutely useless agency with rude and incompetent staff members.

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