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CassGreater Melbourne (Outer), VIC

They've got to be joking!!!!



TenaciousGreater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC

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Bad memory


There is a worker at Broady, and she is nice but her memory is really bad. She asked me to drop off papers..I did on the same day. Then when I called to ask if she had made the appointment needed with those documents she said you need to drop them off first... wth! I did the week earlier! Then we have conversations and she forgets what I have told her within minutes! Something isnt right, and I feel bad for her..but its so frustrating


GregMetropolitan Adelaide, SA

Match works makes one feel like an unbeing as Orwell says in 1984


Been unemployed for too long to mention as in unemployable.matchworks are my 4th employment agency. Everytime I ring up they lie and say mycase manager is busy or in a meeting.went in personally and found d her sitting doing nothing yeah some meeting.whrn I ring I'm out on hold then phone cuts out.turned up to appointments and case manager is off sick but haven't been told. One girl I want mention name when I went to talk to me ared at me like i was crap made a rude sarcastic comment and moved away from me like I was crap.everytime I go in there I feel like killing myself.degrading and humiliating. currently suicidal partly due to my dealings with match works

had to give terrible review as you don't have a racist sexist discrimative option


Ky B.

Ky B.Greater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC

My consultant is rude and nasty


I had a appointment last week with my consultant she had a job for me that I couldnt get to so when I turned it down she started yelling at me saying I have to take anything that comes a long she was so nasty now my anxiety has been sky high since I saw her last

Crap hole


Disgusting behaviour towards clients and haven't had an interview for about 5 months. These people have no clue how to help a jobseeker. It's a disgrace they treat us like crap and think there superior to us because there employed.

Anna B.

Anna B.South East Queensland, QLD

Unprofessional Job Provider


Caboolture Matchworks is one of the worst Job Provider that job seekers should avoid. My sister and I went there three weeks ago, but decided to back out after we heard this rude consultant (If I'm not mistaken on what I heard the rude consultant name is Kim) talking to one job seeker in a very rude manner. Job seeker should be aware that unprofessional conduct of any job provider consultants can be reported. They are being paid to assist the job seekers, not to treat them unprofessionally. I am not saying all job provider are nasty, but based on my own observation and reviews on this site the outcome was really bad and should be look at by Centrelink.

Indian Girl

Indian GirlGreater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC

Thank God s*x trade isn’t legal or they make you do it because you capable


5 appointments in 4 weeks with 2 consultants. I am a Software Engineer and I understand I am supposed to take up relevant jobs, but I am sent for labour and low jobs that require school dropouts.
Even animals are matched to families before adoption, I am looking for a job that suits my skills and experience and I am human, a person, not a horse that you tie to a cart.

I was suggested to see a psychiatrist just because I refused a labour job.


JubiSouth East Queensland, QLD

Terrible client service.


The advisor that I was with, with Matchworks. Disregards my anxiety problems and social phobia. They forced me to an interview that I was told about on the exact same day, that I had to go to as they threatened to suspend my Centrelink allowance if I didn't go. So, I went, finding it was a job not suitable to my mental needs and while in the interview I had a very bad panic attack so I left when the interviewer left the room, not know if they were coming back. In the end, I was told to call them back to apologize for my "disrespectful" behavior, even when I left a note.



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They don't care.


Consultant on a power trip


Frankston. Was shocked at the attitude of my consultant ‘S’. Even though I was fully compliant and agreed to do a training program on my first and only appointment she was on the attack it seemed. I left feeling like I’d just come out of detention. She second guessed me multiple times that I would send my resume through by the time required as I had to convert formats. She then proceeded to say she’s used to being lied to inferring I’m one of those people when she had met me for 5 mins when I had given no reason for her to believe that. The only positive was she seemed very efficient in getting things done. Never had a problem with any of my consultants prior to this.

Austin Galvin

Austin GalvinSouth East Queensland, QLD



Last month, I accompanied my niece to Matchwork Caboolture and I was astounded to see the way they are treating the job seekers. There wasn't any privacy at all. Matchwork management should look into this. No person in their right mind will put all the job seekers in one room. Even myself who was sitting outside waiting, can hear the consultant voice. She was rude and nasty. I doubt it if any of those consultants are qualified to deal with job seekers. SHOCKING!



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Great place


Matchworks at modbury .Is a really good job provider .they go out of there way to assist you. They are very helpful and friendly. They treat you like a person and never look down on you .like other job provides. I am extremely happy with matchworks at modbury


LeeMetropolitan Adelaide, SA

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Absolutely waste of taxpayers money (1.3 Billion p/year) and a waste of resources for unemployed


Matchworks is Great


Matchworks DES in Corio is great. They helped me get through any mental issues I had and encouraged me to keep taking steps forward. They sent me to a few classes and helped me with anxieties I had when I went to interviews. They were all extremely lovely people and now I’m working and feeling more confident within myself.

Pathetic and Uselss.


Twice in the last month I have had my payments suspended for their failures. Once, they failed in logging in a Job Search sheet I handed them, and the second time they failed to log my attendance at an activity, when I called them during said activity and explicitly told informed them.

They don't help at all and provide nothing of benefit, sending me to useless "Work Ready" courses that teach me nothing. Awful and useless. Whatever they're being paid it's too much.


G666Canberra 2600, ACT

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Mathworks need to be shut down. I have a disability and they treat me like crap, they promise everything and deliver nothing. I am now considering legal action against them for disability discrimination

Sammy J

Sammy JSydney

Used Car Salesmen Are More Ethical



BruceTGreater Melbourne (Inner), VIC

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Riff off MONEY from centrelink


2 years ago I was with MatchWorks ( Airport West ) for few months and end up with nothing, they just want people running around ( same as Max employment ) . They all shifty and riff off money from government .


People can transfer to other providers.


TRY this site for complaints......... > https://www.employment.gov.au/jobactive-complaints-compliments-and-suggestions

Lazy, no time management , lack presentation , no direction - ZERO STARS EPIC FAIL


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