Incredible results for allergies

My son suffers from eczema and I suffer from hayfever and an allergy to dust mites. I did some research and decided to try getting our mattresses professionally cleaned. Jeremy was efficient and so easy to deal with and all of our allergies and eczema have noticeably improved. Will put this on my yearly to do list!

Excellent service!

Jeremy is reliable, efficient and provides a cost effective service. He was a pleasure to deal with throughout the whole process. I will certainly call on him again and refer him to all my friends.

Highly recommended! Outstanding service & result

Jeremy solved my bed bug problem in no time. He was very knowledgeable and explained the process. It was a pleasure to deal with him from beginning to end. He also cleaned my daughters bed and since her hay fever and eczema is gone! Can't recommend highly enough.

Can't recommend more highly

Jeremy has cleaned and sanitised our mattress, my daughter's mattress and our sofas - like a miracle my dust-mite allergic daughter is no longer sneezing every morning! He is a lovely guy who explains everything so well and takes great care. The service is efficient, affordable and friendly. Will definitely be using again and recommending to all my friends and family.

Fantastic Service and Advice

A very big thank you to Jon who services the south of Sydney. My mattress was in desperate need of a clean and sanitise after my youngest child wet the bed. Jon did an EXCELLENT job and offered some helpful tips. He even managed to reduce some stains which I was not expecting. I am so thankful that he squeezed me in a few hours after calling him. I think he could sense my desperation. I would definitely recommend Jon and his services.


Jeremy treats the mattress with great professionalism and is enthusiastic about explaining what he is doing and why it is important. He uses heavy duty equipment and hospital grade products to make sure the expected result is achieved.


Jeremy cleaned and sanotised my mattress which was transported from Queensland during the latest cyclone. To my delight the visible stains were removed and also physically observed the dead skin cells etc which were extracted.
Jeremy was very pleasant and informative. Would definitely recommend to my friends and call upon again for his services.

Highly recommend

Highly recommend jon shaw. He arrived on time at my residence in brighton le sands. He was polite, professional and courteous. he cleaned two queen size mattresses for me with no mess and no fuss. He is not just an employee doing a job but a franchisee who clearly cares for his business and customer.

Great Service

Jeremy was very helpful and pleasant to work with. Did a great job cleaning a futon that had unfortunately developed mold and the results were spectacular.

Great bloke (Jeremy), results, price and service.

Those who would winge about suitcase-encased equipment, speed or price have clearly never been self-employed. Maybe it was their opposition. Anyway, for my part, I was very genuinely pleased.


I had two of my mattress cleaned by John - the franchisee from Fremantle Perth - and the service and the work was outstanding. I couldn't believed what came out of the mattress! Once he was finished, my mattresses look had a lighter colours and they smelled so good. Thank you John! France Perth

Pleasant experience

Amazing service, Miro is very thorough and knowledgable, would recommend to everyone without reservation ! Wait until you see what comes out from your mattress! I nearly fainted !
Thank you Miro for your service ! Very satisfied

Absolutely brilliant experience

Extremely satisfied and happy with the service of this company. The gentlemen I spoke to (Miro), was extremely helpful in offering advice on how to combat my situation of stains and urine on the mattress. The price I was quoted for my queen size bed was very reasonable, and a lot cheaper than other companies I had enquired with!

I was told that the stain may not come out the first time round, however to call back and they'll be back out as soon as possible... in which they did (impressed with the honesty)! After speaking to Miro again, I was amazed to see how quickly he arranged a time that suited me, to come back and do the mattress again. The second time worked a gem and all stains were removed.

Incredibly impressed with the services this company has to offer and their professionalism. Would totally recommend to anyone !!

Totally Underwhelmed ….would not recommend

Bloke comes around dragging a suitcase. Took him a grand total of 20 minutes to unpack, set up with what looks like a very dubious vacuum cleaning device, clean, spray, pack up and write an invoice all for $110 on one double bed mattress. The sanitizing was even more ridiculous as it was just a few sprays over the mattress for $20 thank you. Missed a very noticeable stain just at corner of pillow top which I used some white king on and got stain out straight away. Did not do mattress sides on underneath. I sprayed underneath with Glen 20 just to make sure.
Will not use again

+ The bloke was pleasant enough.

- Exceptionally over-priced; suss; very dubious cleaning solution.

Fantastic service!

My experience with Mattresskleen was great. As soon as I spoke to Miro over the phone, he was quick to tell me his recommendations and to organise a time that suited me for him to come out. He was extremely professional and knowledgable.
The mattress was completely cleaned and sanitised and the dust mites in the mattress were removed! I have had this service done a few times now, and after each clean it feels like I'm sleeping on a brand new mattress!
Would definitely recommend this service to friends and family and anyone who is interested in keeping their mattress free from dust mites!
Professionalism, knowledge, flexibility, affordable

Never use these guys

Got them out for urine smell in mattress. They told me they ran out of the right solution and I didn't specify urine was the issue so. "Too bad" I got told by the operator. A rip off!! I cannot believe how they treated me. I've never experienced an operator like this.
Terrible customer service

Smell of cat urine still there- no garantee honored- no money back- beware!!

I got these guys because they said they can remove urine smells from mattresses. A cat had urinated on my bed and i gave them a call. They promised me they would remove the smell or I'd have my money back (On their site they guarantee "professional and genuine service or your money back")

When the mattress was cleaned by the younger guy (a really nice guy) he told me that if there was still a smell, they could come back and do it again. When I called back stating the problem (that the smell was still there) the owner never offered to get the mattress re-cleaned and basically explained that it was bad luck. I then proceeded to tell him that his worker had told me that he'd come back if there were any problems. He Then tried to arrange for this to happen but I just didnt have the time to try again and wait for the smell to come back. If the first time didn't work, why would the second?

He told me this was the first time this had ever happened and that they will now warn people about urine smells... If your mattress has a bad smell.. i don't recommend these guys at all.. but they do get rid of dust and other stuff well. I just can't give them a good review as I don't think it was fair to not have a refund, being a completely unsatisfied customer.
Excellent cleaner, super friendly, really cool dude, nothing bad to say about him.
The treatment did not work. the owner of the company refused to give me a refund.

Simply fantastic! I would definitely recommend MattressKleen

I wanted to share our experience of fantastic service we recieved from [name removed] on 1/03/14. He was very courteous, knowledgable and a thorough professional. He explained everything about the service upfront, set correct expectations, arrived on time, did a jaw dropping demo and then an absolutely fantastic job.

Not only he cleaned and sanitized the mattress (every bloody inch without my having to push him), he gave us peace of mind! I would recommend Mattress Kleen and [name removed] to all Sydney siders.

Thanks again!
Cleaning procedures, technology, professional approach...
May appear little expensive if only one mattress but the service & peace of mind you recieve, I can live with it :-)

This is great!

I have my mattress clean every six months with MattressKleen. Tristan is always polite and always reliable. MattressKleen kills and removes all the yukky stuff from my mattres. It also makes me feel great after Tristan has been its like sleeping on a new bed everytime.
Thakyou so much for such a great product.
Looks like a new mattress everytime. Great price.

Thank God!

I felt the need to review these guys because i was extremely satisfied with their service.

My son has a dust allergy which has only come to surface recently and he started to get puffy eyes in the morning and sneezing a lot and also little tiny red marks/bites on his body.

I got quote from a different company for $264 to clean my son's queen bed which i quickly rejected.

Once i saw what came out of my son's mattress from the free demonstration i immediately decided to do the other 3 beds in my house. The nice young man discounted each mattress for me and even did the pillows for free!!

All up i got 4 beds done for roughly the same price as one queen from the aforementioned company. Great value for money, iv'e put my extended family onto them as well. Will definately use them again!

Now i can sleep easy at night knowing my mattresses are clean. You can't put a price on health.
Friendly, efficient, good value, very professional.

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