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Best Sunglasses I've owned

I'm onto my third pair now (still have the first two) and swap between all of them. They're great, the after sales service and support is brilliant. When I dropped one of my pairs, I managed to put a nice scratch on the one lense, Maui Jim replaced both lenses (which I paid for) but while it was there they also replaced one of the arms which they said was faulty. I thought it was fine and replaced the two nose grippy things for free.
The Polarised lenses make a big difference and they're well built and super comfy.

Product Quality
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Great Product and Service

I have two pairs of MJ sunnies, a pair of Mavericks and a pair of Wiki Wiki. I have found they are the most comfortable to wear being light weight and the quality is about as good as it gets. I had an issue with the lens of the mavericks and they were replaced without question. The only other company I have found to have similar customer service in Australia is Bose Audio.

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The best glasses & support bar none!

I've owned my Mauis now for eight years and recently broke the arm off them, getting them out of my jacket. I took them to a Maui Jim dealer, who sent them back to Maui Jim for repair at NO COST. Dropped them off Monday, they were back Wednesday with two new arms in a new hard case. A fantastic experience from a brilliant company. We will never buy anything else.

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Over Them - Lenses consistently pop out!

Owned 2 pairs of these and both are going back for the 3rd time for lenses popping out. I too was asked do you wear them on your head ? Of course I do they are sunglasses. Expensive and unreliable !

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Awesome Service

After accidentally breaking a lens of my prized Maui Jim sunglasses I sent them for repair on the 6th May from NZ, today 15th May I received them back from Frenchs Forest Road in Australia complete with new lens. Not only that but they also included the other lens from the new pair PLUS did not charge me for the service itself as goodwill. Fantastic exceptional service thank you so much!!!

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Great customer support and loyalty

I was given a pair of MJ 407-02 sunglasses for Xmas, I dropped them and in attempting to catch them snapped them in half when I grabbed them. Loving the sunglasses I sent them in to get repaired, I received a call to say that since they were in great condition, they would fix them under an act of good will...great customer service, with friendly staff

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Not what they used to be!

I've Worked out I've spent $3,353 on Maui Jims in the last 15 years and have had nothing but good things to say about them until recently. The reason I've always bought Maui's and spent the extra money is that if I ever had a problem they would stand by their product and fix it free of charge. It's no longer the case, they charged me because they believed that the sunglasses were damaged on my part by, get this... wearing them on my head! This must be a common excuse because I hadn't even told them if I'd worn them on my head but I found it surprising to know that you can't do it or they'll break, awsome selling point. Seems like the product quality, the service or both have taken a major drop. Can't believe a company can treat their loyal customers with so little care, really disappointed and won't be buying them again. Spent thousands with them and felt they had to charge me $140 because THEY sold me defective glasses. Doesn't get any worse!

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An unexpected gesture of goodwill...

I received a pair of 'Hot Sands' Maui Jim sunglasses for Christmas in 2016. They were a great gift and I looked really cool in them (well... I thought so, at least). However, I must have used a grubby or gritty cloth to clean the lenses at one point, because I put my glasses on one day and everything looked smudged and hazy, as if there were fingerprints all over the lenses. Basically, they were no good anymore. So finally I decided to send them to the Maui Jim Frenchs Forest repair centre on January 14 this year (2019) to have the lenses replaced for $130, as stated on their website. I was unaware that this is their busy period for minor repairs, etc, so after three weeks of not hearing from anybody I sent a somewhat grumpy email asking what was happening with the glasses and why I hadn't been notified that they'd been received and "blah, blah, blah", etc. Immediately Todd (one of the repair technicians) and Renee (a customer service officer) replied to apologise for not having previously contacted me, stating that my glasses had in fact been overlooked due to the busy period, and that they were working with a new upgraded phone system, which was causing chaos in their office. To my surprise however, due to the delay and for keeping me in suspense for so long, Todd offered to replace the lenses free of charge. I was blown away by that generosity, and even more so when they were returned immediately and now seem even better than before! I probably look even cooler now too!! To cut a long story short, apart from their sunnies being of first class quality and amazing to see the world through, the Maui Jim repair team and the customer service staff all deserve 5 stars (at least when they remember where they put your glasses). Top marks!!!!

Product Quality

Nice lenses, fantastic customer service !!!

I'm very happy with the sun Maui Jim glasses, got 3 pairs, yesterday I snap one, Today I went to the shop in Frenchs Forest, they repair the one broken and replace Nose pads and Temples to the second pair for free !!!
Whoooo Thank you for excellent customer service.

Great sun glasses and fantastic service

We love Maui Jim sunglasses. They have polarised lenses and are well made. My girlfriend's Maui Jims had lens damage. I was quoted $130 to replace the lenses. I posted them to their repair centre as requested and they repaired them and sent them back with no charge! The invoice said "Aloha Friday" goodwill. This is fantastic service.

Great Customer/Repair service from Maui Jims

I never write reviews but I had such a good experience with Maui Jims here I am.
My last 3 sets of sunnies have been Maui Jims as you can't go past the quality of the polarised lens. My last pair I'd had for close to 2yrs and had some scratches so I sent them back via the online form, very easy process.
And they returned them FOC with new lenses. Very happy with the service and will continue to buy Maui Jims Sunglasses.
Thank you for great customer service

Used to be a Raving Fan - No more :(

The lens quality has changed. Used to have "PC - BG" Grey Lenses on my Ho'okipa's. When at the shops and replacing, I was told they have changed the lens type to "MP - BG". This means PolyCarbonate is now

The beautiful rich blues that I used to see when looking through the the PC lens are replaced with a nasty green hue. The lens is what made Maui Jim special. Without the PC lens I can no longer recommend the brand - I'm really really disappointed to have to search for a new brand.

I contacted Maui Jim in Feb/March this year and they couldn't track find any of the older style.

Website is faulty! Do not use this online retailer.

Website would not process my online order and kept giving a 'cannot process your transaction at this time' error message, all the while charging my credit card every time I made an attempt. Only discovered this after my account had been charged 5 TIMES. Finally had to place an order over the phone, and was not told one pair of glasses would be on back order until I received an invoice days later. All in all, this was one of the worst customer experiences I have ever had. Do not use this online retailer, go somewhere else to purchase your Maui Jims. Absolutely love their product, but their website and customer service are TERRIBLE!

Efficient and high quality throughout order

The customer service I received throughout the process was of an exceptionally high quality and when the glasses were ready it took less than one business day to ship more than 1000km. Very impressive. Big thanks to the warehouse lead, Michael, who was in charge of my order and kept me well informed along the way. I am very happy with my purchase!

Easiest way to shop ever! Love it!

So stoked to finally have the sunnies I've always wanted. So easy to find and choose a pair to suit. Great service and prices.

Fantastic Service

I've had my Maui's sunny's for about 3 years and the lenses were getting a bit scrached, they are the glass lens type. I sent them back to get new lenses and was fully expecting to be charged for new ones. They came back free of charge. Thank you Maui Jim. This is why it is worth buying quality sunglasses.

What a bloody great company!

Got 2 pairs of Maui Jim; one broken temple and one with scratched lens. I called Maui Jim repair centre, a replacement temple was sent within a few days. I posted the scratched pair to them and received it back just over a week fully repaired. All done with seamless process and without charges - amazing company! This kind of service definitely wins my loyalty.

Exceptional Service

I took a pair of sunnies (MJ Sports Makaha) that I stupidly snapped the arm off this morning, to the service centre to enquire about getting them fixed. The fellow who greeted me, said he'd fix them on the spot. No charge!

I was also wearing my MJ Waterways which had a hairline crack in the frame. I thought I may as well ask how much to fix them whilst I was there... He had a look and said he'd ALSO fix those (replaced the frame!) while he was at it. No charge!!

I also want to buy another pair of sunglasses (Hookipas), and the same fellow very expertly guided me through a couple of options.

Unbelievable service and Customer Care. I would never buy any other brand of sunglasses based on this experience!

Fantastic customer service!

My sunglasses were well over warranty but I needed to have one of the arms repaired. This is the second time I sent them for repairs past the warranty date. Once again, I have received them back within a week, repaired, no cost. In the past I've had a bigger repair done on another pair also out of warranty, for a small cost, very happy.
Excellent customer service, Maui Jim has me for life!

Amazing service

Thank you so much for the great customer service, I am so impressed, nothing was a problem. I had two pairs be repaired through my own negligence they have both been repaired and back to me in a week. They are like brand new glasses. Fantastic service can’t thank you enough.

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