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I am a business owner. Wasted my time, wasted potential candidates time

I was called by a Peter Sim (Candidate) for a job (I had not advertised and did not have going). Apparently a David Cormier / Corner referred him to me. I have never dealt with this organisation and never expressed that I wanted any employees. Spoke with 4 different people. No one knew what was going on, including the business service manager who mixed up names and had no clue what was going on (she called me). Worked in recruitment for 2 years before becoming a business owner and I'm astounded at the incompetency especially when dealing with kids that are trying to get employment.

Horrible people to deal with at Campbeltown

I was at the Campbelltown office for quite a while - Hi [name removed]! They never helped me gain employment, all they do is send people to these useless courses. Honestly in my opinion they are like fleas on a dog. Parasites that take loads of government money when it could be going to raising the Newstart allowance. I bet they do not live on $40 a day. This whole set up is a disgrace orchestrated by the Liberals who are fond of bashing anyone on welfare that cannot get employment. I guess they will never find themselves in my situation, another bunch of blood sucking parasites.

I am a business owner

I rang Max Employment Thursday afternoon the 15th of August. I was looking for them to provide a candidate for a picking & packing position I have going at the moment. The woman who took my call initially sounded gruff and annoyed that the phone rang until she realised I was an employer not someone looking for work. Her tone changed immediately. She was then quite helpful and said that the Redcliffe office would call me to discuss further. Today is Wednesday the 21st of August and no one has rung me. No wonder max Employment has such poor reviews. I feel sorry for the unemployed who are relying on this company.
Brennan Stark from Sampson Chemical Products.


I've been going for the last 8 months. Haven't helped me at all. Basically each appointment goes like this: so what jobs are you looking for? Me: blablabla, them: okay look in the cbd. Come back in a month google work in the meantime. (like I'm not already looking? I do the 20 jobs apps per month, plus extra, idiots)
my next appointment they want to look for work with me on the computer, waste of time and the whole agency is a joke.

Total frauds

What an abuse of tax-payers money! This agency does absolutely nothing to assist people to find employment and they treat their customers with total disdain and ridicule. I was told that as an older Newstart recipient living in a tiny rural town that they would only start to assist me to find a job after 3 months of me making attempts on my own. One day I was asked by one young staff member why didn't I just return to nursing? I haven't been registered or practised for more than 25 years having worked in an office whilst caring for family. I asked who on earth did they think would want a nearly 60 year old, totally out of practice nurse looking after them? Whenever I tried to change my appointment with them for what I believe genuine reasons (such as my carer responsibilities for my mother with dementia and an elderly brother with cerebral palsy, only weekly public transport from my town to their nearest MAX office 65 kms away etc), their only response was that if I didn't turn up, my Newstart would be cancelled. DSS really needs to take a good look at these totally dodgy service providers who just take and take and deliver nothing except harm to their customers.


They receive up to $85-$110 per person per appointment, plus $5000 for activities they sign people up for. Any wonder they keep making me weekly appointments, despite I'm supposed to only have monthly appointments? Now their making me attend job searching appointments for 1 hour every week until I find a job, or sign up for work for the dole! They claim its apart of their "new policy". Terrible liars! To add to the irony, they've never once mentioned any jobs they have, or any that would be of interest to me...Has any job network actually helped anyone, besides just force people to sign a paper claiming they got the job, even when they had nothing to do with it?? This is what the Mafia looks like funny enough!

Maxx employment suicide encouragement.

Maxx mildura forced me to apply for work i wasnt able to do. When it didnt work they enforced penaltys making me feel hopeless and suicidal. They have no regard for anyones welfare and only care about ordering flowers and smokos for the office!


GLEN waverley office one word hopeless staff would not listen to me offered nothing just stress my advice don't go the there if you need help you won't get it

fraudulent company

Dealing with them as an employer they are terrible, missed the paper work apparently by 2 days, sent forms to complete and they filled them in and then they add information so they didn't have to pay out any money, the system is set up in their favor so they can keep the money. Defiantly not there to assist the unemployed or the businesses, just about taking the Government money and keeping it for themselves. I believe the ombudsman needs to take a look at this company, will be taking this further.

awful soul sucking demons

make me go to stupid appointments twice a week for no reason I have to apply for 20 jobs a month and they all have to be ones they class as a job. they don't have what you have going on in your life they will completely stop your payment if you miss one appointment and they don't actually want you to get a job they want to keep you i their demonic system. f*ck max employment

A joke

Keep being put forward for jobs that I'm not qualified to do. When the Max Employment agents call me to discuss the position further, they have no idea about the position. Received the below email this morning. Can't believe whoever wrote this template (and the person who signed it off) are getting paid... and I'm not (my contact ended weeks before this was sent out) ***Brownie Points for spotting the errors*** #attentiontodetail

Great customer service! Highly recommend Maria K she was lovely to deal with, very professional

Maria helped me with my resume, interview skills, how I present myself and to get me job ready, she was a great help to me I appreciate her time she spent with me

absolute disgrace

They are not interested in getting people jobs they are after people on their books, they will cut someones money off in error and not give a damn, terrible service for people who really need help, its all about their money not the unemployed person

Nothing more than exploitation

They don’t know Social Security legislation, don’t understand the Centrelink system and are only interested in ticking boxes so that they came claim a payment from our government for having you on their books. They impede, rather than help people find work. By the way, they’re a US global company, so all their profits go offshore. Go elsewhere.

Perfect Agency

I’ve been with Max employment Narre Warren for 1 year.
The representative have given me the upmost support leading me to many avenues.
I’d like to conclude by thanking them and if anyone is thinking which agency to go through, give them a shot, you won’t be disappointed!

Disgusting waste of taxpayer funds

Kids are sat in front of a computer & told to look for jobs. After two hours they are told time is up. The people in the organisation say they are overwhelmed with volume & are unfortunately unable to provide further assistance. After attending numerous times over the 6 months we were told that time was up for the service, and to return to Centrelink. It's be turned into another money grabbing industry that adds no value to the community & no future for your kids.


Forever sitting around waiting for them to show up to the appointment which they have made for you at certain time throughout the day.
And if you're a few minutes late to an appointment, they send you back out the front doors.

Offering as little as possible in Kippa Ring

Twice I have been through this organisation and twice have found employment on my own. Basically just a watch dog for Centrelink now, these agencies offer little in the way of timely and effective communication, often notifying me after the event of supposedly scheduled requirements I was supposed to fulfill. Only really interested in ticking boxes rather than offering legitimate assistance.

Max Employment Frankston

If they can inconvience someone enough to extend their lunchbreak they will, hope you all meet a very untimely end and sooner than later would be preferable, what a waste of time and tax payer money


Woman in Gosford told me they had to give me 6 days notice for an appointment which is NOT TRUE!!! I am currently homeless and was calling them to make sure I was in the area for my first appointment, as i am currently applying for rentals and am very stressed due to living in my car until I find a place. After reading these reviews after speaking to them I phoned the National customer service line where I was informed that is untrue, they are only required to give 48 hours notice for an appointment. As I am currently in the process of moving to be closer to family and support due to my current predicament, I have been trying to get an appointment a week from today so that I can have all my things stored.
As it stands if I was told today that I had an appointment in two days I could not make it. And they would cut my payments because of it. They would cut a homeless persons payments. Let that sink in.
I’ve transferred now so happy I don’t have to deal with their nonsense.

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Questions & Answers

Hi I'm threw max employment and would like could they.help with for my gla
1 answer
what is a gla???

How many jobs per fortnight do i have to report, i am 64
5 answers
none. no job search for anyone over 60 if Max empolyment tells you any different which they may so they get the commission off the Govt check with centrelink They cant force anyone over 60 to do job search its the law. but knowing Max they will try to force you. plus appointments can be either in person or by phone once a month.again max will tell you different check with center link or check center links web site all the correct information is on thereno job search requirements for any one over 60 No work for the dole requirements for anyone over 60. its the law the job active agency cant force anyone to do it. so the answer is 0 jobs per fortnightZero jobs per fortnight for anybody over 60 If you are going thru Max employment they will try to force you to do job search & threaten to cut off your payments if you dont do it. Its the law they cant force anybody over 60 to do job search or WFTD. Max only does it so can get their commission off the Govt. They really need to be reported & shut down.

Who can I go to to make a complaint about Max Employment and how incompetent they are ???
5 answers
Right here: https://www.jobaccess.gov.au/complaints. Also, avoid these employment agencies: The O.R.S. Group Limited employment agency, Olympus Solutions Limited, and Ability Options. The last two employment agencies are conjoined together. O:-|Go to your local federal member of parliment ^& complain to him/her in writing. there has been so many complaints about Max to the job access complaints & nothing gets done so take the next step. or contact a current affair they need to be shut down.Iam waiting for the day that somebody ACTUALLY reports them a lot of whinging on here but nobody has the balls to actually report them. jobaccess/complaints.gov.au or your local memberof parliment

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