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Maytronics Dolphin X30

Maytronics Dolphin X30

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Best Pool Robot I have ever had!

Had a Demo unit supplied to us and it did everything it said it would and more ! Apart from picking up all the debris , we get a lot of dust on the bottom of the pool and the fine mesh basket picks up all of this as well. After a 2 hour clean cycle the pool is sparkling again, Happy Days. Immediately purchased our own X30 and have never looked back. Thank you Maytronics.

Date PurchasedNov 2018

I should have bought this earlier

This robot does what is claimed for it - I just dropped it into my pool, which had a lot of gum leaves and green algae on the bottom, and off it went. Two and a bit hours later my pool was clean. Then I had several days of rain, dumping more gum leaves into the pool. I used the robot each day, freeing up an hour or more each day for me. It's easy to empty out the leaf basket and to dismantle and clean the filters. My pool is an above-ground plastic-liner pool, 11 metres long, 45,000 litres. The second set of filters provided are not mentioned in the instructions, and I was trying to fit them into the basket before realising that they are replacements. Very pleased so far with this cleaner.

Questions & Answers

Hi Maytronics. What does the limited warranty cover on the X30. Bit concerned as most have 2 year warranty. Are all parts replaceable.
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Hi Kehani. The limited warranty covers all parts in the first year and the robot's power supply, the blue cable and the motor in the second year. Please contact us on 1300 693 657 option 2 or at customercareau@maytronics.com for any further enquiries.Thankyou. Was making enquiries before purchase. Have since bought the x30. Works great so far.

Does the X30 have memory of the pool so it covers all area of our pool?
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It seems to map out the pool to start with each time. It covers the entire pool during each cycle, with the exception of the small area behind the steps which it can't get into. It also cleans the walls and the 'tide mark', the latter now non-existent.Hi Sandi. Thank you for your enquiry. The Dolphin X30 has scanning software enabled so that it scans the pool each time it is in use. As this robot has an idea pool length of 12 metres, it will clean the floor, walls and waterline during its cycle.

Are the "S" series cleaners the latest models of the "X" series ones? I only ask as there doesn't seem to be many places selling the "X" series anymore.
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Hi Paul. The Dolphin S series and X Series robots are both current, in market series. The S Series is readily available through the retail network and the X Series is available through certain retailers and also pool builders. Please contact us on 1300 693 657 or at customercareau@maytronics.com for more information.

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