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Medical Vita Diet Shakes

Medical Vita Diet Shakes

Swiss Chocolate, Strawberry, Iced Coffee, etc...
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EmmaSydney, NSW

  • 4 reviews

So tasty


I have tried all the flavors.
I don't like the coffee one.
Instead of chocolate milk I have one of these shakes with coconut milk and sometimes add gelatin in it.
It's a bit pricey but it works for me.

Purchased in November 2019 at Pharmacy Online.

Additional Physical Activities Cardio
Side Effects
  • None
Weight LostYes
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Bad experience


The worst product I ever tried for weight loss.I didn't lose weight at all infact gained my weight.The taste was okay but the product is so expansive and not worth it.I have no clue why pharmacy's are selling it knowing the results are not good..its a rip off.

Purchased in November 2019 for $75.00.

Additional Physical Activities Sport
Weight LostNo, gained weight

10kg down


Excellent, have followed to the letter and have lost 10kg in a month. The Swiss choch hot is very good. I have a the Swiss choch for breakfast, a miso for morning tea, the allowed vegetables and protein for lunch a shake for dinner and an egg about 8pm. Very achievable.

Purchased in May 2019 for $50.00.

Weight LostYes

RuthieNew Zealand



I tried every flavor and after a month of farting I started to loose control of my bowel. So now I have to take a ibs pill and put all the weight back on. So to me it was a waste of money. There support isn't very good either. Good luck if it works for you Ruth

They make you fart - LOTS!!


After day one I had really bad gas. But I persevered and after my morning shake I was so bloated and literally couldn’t stop farting. Lucky I was at home because I couldn’t have coped with it at work. Worst has of my life !!

Vita diet made me unwell


I found vita diet shakes easy to mix and enjoyed the flavor especially the chocolate. I got the starter pack for $50 so the price of the diet drinks is reasonable. But after the first drink I had bloating and bad gas. By drink number 6 after three days I completely lost control of my bowels. I don't know what the heck is in the drinks but I ended up being quite unwell with stomach problems and headache. I have never had any issues with tolerating milk or milk based products before. My advice is test it out first by purchasing a single sachet. Vita diet is not for me

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Nice tasting but bad digestive upset


I wanted to try these but my guts hates them. I thought the chocolate shake was delicious and also tried the banana which was good too. Impressed at the taste with just water added (instead of milk like some other shakes).
However be warned, I had very bad gastric upset. I perservered but still the same after 4-5 shakes. I do have medically diagnosed lactase deficiency but took Lactase pills with every shake, but despite this still had bad side effects (a dietitian told me probably because of the whey or isomalt ingredients). Bad luck for me.

Cant believe the weight just falls off


I buy a mixed pack and love them although caramel my least favourite. 16 weeks later and have lost 22kgs dropped 2 dress sizes and my health is fantastic so much energy. Love vita diet.



Found chocolate to be my favourite,love the taste, great way to lose weight

Vita Diet really WORKS!!


I have tried a lot of diet programs in the past but have never had the results that I have achieved with Vita Diet. The shakes are delicious and I love that they are gluten free.

Love the Vita Diet range!


I love the taste of all the Vita Diet flavours though Chocolate is my favourite as I can have that as a warm drink.Feel healthy and energetic - terrific products!



I have been on isagenix for a while now but decided to try vitashake as it's cheap. And now I know why it's cheap because it's taste is foul and is too sweet. It also doesn't fill you up late ke isagenix does. It's no wonder you pay big money for isagenix cause it works.



  • 4 reviews

I like the vitamins


The only diet shake that has all the vitamins in it that makes me feel energised and gets me through the morning and then gets me through the afternoon. The strawberry and banana is my favourite and my moms also.


ColWide Bay-Burnett, QLD

  • 3 reviews

It's great


I've been on vita diet since August, lost 15.5 kilo so far, had a break at Xmas n Easter. I drink a lot of water with it, soda water n lemon, don't feel hungry at all



  • 11 reviews

Tastes great but leaves you hungry


Due to the optifast shakes having a new formula that was way too sweet, I purchased the one month starter pack of mixed vita shakes and choc mouse, which was good value. However they just don't work for me. It's just like having a glass of flavoured milk, tastes great but they don't suppress my appetite Or make me feel satisfied. They remind me of the cheap optislim shakes. Maybe the protein content is either too low or of poor quality.



  • 3 reviews

medical vita diet .. not so sickly sweet ..


I been on vita diet shakes for a week and lost so far 1.5 kg.The taste is different to other shakes no sweetness but i dont mind that.Reason why i went from optifast to the vita shakes as optifast has 18 % sugar and vita only 8%.
I dont feel sickly in the stomach or feeling uncomfortable in my stomach any more.I have coffee one every morning and flavour one at lunch.So far all flavours are great only one ihavent tried is banana.Today i will.The longer days the on the shakes I am feeling full and not hungry feeling as much as when i started .Small healthy bit of protien with salad at dinner.Which i am happy with ,get some protien in me still.Plus the price is fantastic.From there site is free postage .

Beware the flavour


I have honestly no idea how Vita Diet stacks up as a weight loss tool as I only bought a wild strawberry one as a stand in when I ran out of Isowhey one day. I have to say that finishing one shake was a struggle as the flavour was reminiscent of old school cherry flavoured cough syrup. I may one day try another flavour but I am a bit put off.

I can say I am used to using a huge array of these VLCD products as a comparison point lost 15 kg using Optifast pre surgery and use a mix of Optifast and Isowhey to maintain weight loss post gastric sleeve surgery (45kg lost so far).



  • Verified purchase

I love these shakes!


Started on the vitadiet shakes, they taste delish! Iced Coffee is my favourite and this is the only one I have now, blended with ice tastes just like an iced coffee frappe. Looking forward to trying the soups and bars.



  • 2 reviews

Great taste & value for money


14 days & 4kgs down using this product. Shakes are tasty (except Iced Coffee) & creamy. I love the variety of flavours & just to change them up I add cinnamon or essences (peppermint, coconut, orange etc) The soups are excellent in this cold weather & really fill you up with their thick texture. I highly recommend MVD for fast safe weight loss.

The perfect shakes in the market is Vita Diet Brand! I can't live without it.,


This product is the best compare to Opti Fast. Vita diet is great and it tastes wonderful. I really don't get sick every time I drink it, like optifast I do. Also Vita diet has a snack bars and meal replacement one's. They have a different flavors in one box and is affordable price. I would like to see more of vita diet brands on other pharmacies and Chemist warehouses. Since I have used the vita diet product I'm still losing every week with no exercises 1kg Or half Kg per week. I really Love "Medical Vita Diet" product.... Therefore I highly recommend to others to try it.

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Makere G.

Makere G.asked

How long can I be on VitaDiet at one time... Some people are saying I should only do it for two weeks but I'm feeling great and want to continue for at least another week... Is that ok to do?

No answers



Can I eat sweet potato on this diet I want t makes a sweet potato and zucchini slice to have this evening g with some chicken

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Val H

Val Hasked

I have been taking 2 shakes per day, meal as recommended in the evening, drinking 2 L water and walking 8,000 to 10,000 steps per day. Losing weight but constipation is a real problem. 3 laxative tabs per day do nothing and eating a 10 prunes works but too many carbs and then nothing until the next purge!! This is not good. Is it the type of fibre in the shakes causing this??

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