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Shonky Liars!

Ordered henna hair dye & was told delivery was 0 to 9 days. After contacting them they informed me that the order was shipped 12 days after the order was placed. They then stated that the product was out of stock for another week. Eventually got a refund - never again!


Seeing an improvement in my condition as a result of this treatment.

Very happy with site, easy to search and use. I will definitely use again! The product purchased, stinging nettle root tablets is not available in our health food and chemist stores and I also found a huge price advantage on other products.

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Quick and efficient

I needed a particular Product. I had no problem finding it. Emailed questioning approx posting time. Quick response with answer. Ordered on line. Same arrived by expected date. Exactly as ordered. Very happy with quick and efficient service. Thank You. Ann

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Good product.

This is a good product. It helps me to keep kidney infections at bay. There is a better company on the market but I cannot find it anymore. This one does the job just fine.

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Service with a smile

From the initial phone contact with Paul at Mega Vitamins, I was assured that a deal with them was going to proceed. They sent the package express post. Amazing service.

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Thank you mega vitamins!

I started using the megavitamins website when I contracted lyme disease on holiday they were quick and easy to use and one of the only websites to provide a supplement I needed to help with my recovery. Serrapeptase was an integral part of my recovery and it was a great and affordable product through the prices available from megavitamins. Thanks for helping in my recovery.
Joanne M :)

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Great price and easy purchase.

I ordered multiple supplements and everything arrived well within the time frame and in great condition. They even threw in an extra bottle of supplements free of charge. Thumbs up!

Ideal for headache prevention

Fast and easy ordering with super fast delivery. Product availability and quality is excellent never had a problem. I would recommend MegaVitamins to anybody and will continue to support them time and time again.

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Purchase process could be improved but I got what I ordered in a reasonable time for a good price

I completed my purchase before I read the reviews here so I was expecting the worst.

First the good:

- The package arrived in a reasonable time
- It contained everything I ordered
- It was the best price I could find on the internet
- Communication was reasonable - the chat and emails I sent through were responded to in a reasonable time (the chat function was a bit patchy with responses but once I got through they were super helpful)

So there are three ticks hence why I gave 3 stars for my review.

Now the bad:

- There was no email confirmation of my order, I had to chase them up for an order number
- The chat function on the website went unanswered a couple of times, ultimately I was able to get in touch with their people but if you're going to put a live chat on your website you really need to have staff available
- My order was sent to the billing address not the shipping address and I received someone else's Australia Post tracking number in my email which confused me as it said my package was going to a different mail centre PO Box.

All in all I would use them again as in my experience the good outweighs the bad.

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THE WORST! They don't have the stock they say they have and are insulting if you make any inquiries.


This company is the worst. No other site said they had the particular item I wanted in stock. These guys did and said estimated delivery at 9-10 business days. I decided to pay their exorbitant prices and shipping because I would get the product sooner much sooner than any of their competitors 9 days after placing the order, the item still had not been shipped so I emailed and asked if there was an issue with the order. I got a snarky email reply saying that it said 9-10 BUSINESS DAYS (all in capitals) and told me under no circumstances would I get a refund. My complaint was that if it still hadn't shipped, there was no way the item COULD arrive within 9-10 business days. The item did not ship for at least another week and came from a different company to that which I had ordered from.

dont buy from these guys!

these guys tried to rip me off, there was a missing product and they made no attempt to refund the money, then after finally making contact they said they refunded my money but it was a lie and then no contact at all. these guys are stealing money do not buy from them you will lose your money.

Don’t have in stock what they say they do!

Ordered an essential supplement for my son, their website said it was in stock. When it wasn’t sent out I questioned them to find out it wasn’t actually in stock, but they had to order it in from the states, then post it to me! Offered a lower class alternative. Waiting on my refund! Would not recommend or use again!

Scamming Company, collects the money without delivering the goods!

Placed this order - #124877 Oct 14, 2018 Paid Fulfilled $108.00 AUD.
So far I have not seen or heard anything from this company. I have called been on the online chat, sent many emails, still have not heard a word back. The online chat person said she would look for my order and two hours later had not returned!!
Wish I had read the reviews before placing my order and wasting over $100.
If someone from Megavitamins would like to get in touch with me I would appreciate it.

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Megavitamins have called me and refunded my money, so thank you. The biggest problem with this company is lack of communication. The Vitamins I oredered were not in stock, if they had just told me that from the beginning I would not have had to write a bad review!

Haven't received my order.

Really poor experience. Would never buy from this company again. Have had to follow up my order twice and keep being told it will arrive but it hasn't. Never received a confirmation email after purchase and they have refused to give me a tracking number despite advertising on their website that all orders are "track and trace" with Australia Post. Suspect this is a scam business. I really regret using this company.


Advise avoid. Waiting three months for remaining order. Said out of stock but still advertising. Not replying on chat. Not easy to deal with.

Don't shop here

Do not shop here ! I ordered from them and they only send one item I ordered and don't reply to emails.

Surprisingly Pleased

After i read some really awful reviews i wasnt holding on to hope that I'd receive my order on time, let alone, at all.
However my order arrived within a week & there were no issues with what arrived at all. Quite impressed.
Thankyou MegaVitamins! You've outdone my expectations! lets hope my next order is shipped as quickly as this one.

Disgusting Service - Most Dodgy company EVER

I placed my order on the 2/10/2018, Order number HCGEVJUAI I cancelled the Order last Tuesday as it had been days and the progress on the order hadn't changed. I emailed, I called and I did the online chat on the 9th of October and spoke to [name removed] to cancel the order. [name removed] said that she had contacted warehouse and cancelled the order. When I asked about the refund each time the chat was terminated and no answer. I asked again this Tuesday the 16th of October about refund and [name removed] came back and said the order had been shipped on Friday 12th October which is after it was cancelled. I now have the order coming but as I am very unwell I have sourced it from somewhere else that is quicker. I am not picking it up from the post office. Shocking service if I don't get my refund in 7 days I'm going to Consumer Affairs. This company needs to be shut down.

APPALLING business and DISGUSTING customer service

Do not order from these people - I ordered a product (a mixed vitamin for psoriasis) and when I eventually received it in the mail, it was NOT what I ordered. I wrote to them and they advised that the product I ordered was out of stock (it did NOT say this on their website) so they sent me "something similar" which actually cost less (but they didn't return the difference) - are you kidding me?
I advised I wanted what I ordered and they said it would be in stock in a few weeks (they did not at any point request the incorrect order be returned to them). Weeks and weeks go by so I requested a refund instead, and they offered me 'a partial refund' - they are trying to charge me for the product I did not order and CANNOT use.
I said I will only post back if they pay for postage however I expect a FULL refund ASAP irrespective of whether they get the unwanted product sent back. Useless. Absolutely useless. Appalling service.

Very disappointed with service!!

Still no action - lousy supplier, they should be shut down!! They haven’t heard the last of this!

Purchased product on 28/9/18. Progress on account has not changed - 10 days later! Have tried to call three times no answer. Tried online chat multiple times - nothing, Emailed company - no response! Order ID: RYOMOMBND. Very disappointing - unlikely to use this company again unless there is progress soon.

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Are these reliable as a company? Ordered on Sunday and have heard nothing re my order
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hi there, due to holidays season your order will be delivered after Christmas. Paul

Order number #030320 paid on the 7/8/2018 no confirmation of purchase was sent to my email address, tried ringing no response. When will I receive my products?
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Do you have cordyceps capsules in your store?
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